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Brace Winter With These Skin Saviors

The weather is finally cold enough, and that can only mean one thing- Winter is here and so is Winter Skin. Skin might feel itchy due to dryness of cenral heating or be sore due to the extreme cold it meets outside. I've just discovered a few SOS items that can help with this to help soothe and brace these problems. They're easy to do too, so don't fret about time, and super accessible or affordable! 




First up is Dove's Nourishing Care Shower Oil. I've seen adverts flitter across the tv screen on various evenings and have always wanted to try out this product. I was super excited when I was asked to review this and send a bottle of it along with a nourishing body wash and an argan cream bar soap. 


I would describe the use of it rather similar to cleansing oils for the face. Apply onto dry skin and massage in and then step into the hot shower to rinse off. It instantly turns milky as it rinses off. I love it because for those who are like me and don't like to use too much body moisturisers this is great. The moisture of the skin lasts. In fact, I only use the oil for the shower every other day or every two days and the skin is able to keep its moisture for that long. I think for £4 a bottle at Boots you really can't argue that this is one of the best things to use for the winter and a fast solution. It also contains moroccan argan oil which is incredibly healing for stubborn dry winter skin. 


I also suggest the new Dove Exfoliating Argan Cream Bar at £2.65. This is a little miracle as it not only is moisturising like th eregular Dove bars, but it also is exfoliating. It helps to remove all the dead skin first while retaining the moisture in one single product. I like to use this between on days when I'm not using the shower oil. The fastest solution for soft cashmere skin this Winter! Available at BOOTS or Superdrug



I'm super excited to tell you about this next product: Glacial Snow Algae & HA Bio Cellulose mask by TT Beauty Masks. 


As many of you now know korean or japanese sheets masks are the thing of the moment. Many of you would have seen them in boxes or on the rails at shops like TKMAXX, but for those who have never used a particular brand it can get confusing to what is truly beneficial to your skin. This Glacial Algae & HA Bio Cellulose mask seems a bit pricey at £7.90 a pop or 338.50 for a box of 5 sheets, but don't judge it by its price. 


Glacial Snow Algae might sound like some hocus pocus but its not as it is a hardy plant that is found in the flacial snows of Switzerland. It is in fact, the extreme winter conditions that give this plant its strength and hence give your skin the strength also to fight back the big bad winter! Sensitive skin types will be happy to know that it is also super gentle and give uber hydration. After a business trip to Italy, I got off the plane and popped this mask on to trial it. It not only re-hydrated my face beautifully but protected it from the few harsh days I had to brace there in extreme cold. Not once after I used the mask did I feel my skin pull while exposing it outside to the cold harshness. 


A top tip I've learned about these masks is that you can pop it in the fridge if you like it super cold to relax with or even warm it up to give some extra TLC. Simply pop it in a bowl of hot water for a few min to warm it up! Also don't waste the liquid that is left over in the pack. I usually save it by popping a clip over the bag for the next night and massage the liquid over the skin again as a sleep on mask for a few nights.


The truth of Winter Skin is truly in this little bag...grab yours now at 


Your Christmas Treat....Lucky You....TTMasks is now giving 20% off all their masks and mask boxes until the end of January. Simply enter CODE 'winterbeauty20' when checking out! 

Melariche A Site for Ethnic Beauties

Ethnic girls will be giving a huge horray as beauty website Melariche has launched online this season. The site is one of the first to cater for coloured skin in skincare as well as cosmetic colour. I personally think this is absolutely superb, as I come across many people who ask me for suggestions of where to go for ethnic skin tones. Not just carrying the usual suspect of 'IMAN' (although yes, of course they are carrying it) Melariche also sees exciting new emerging brands such as Swedish cosmetic brand-Marena Beaute. Developed by Diarry Marena, originaly from Senegal, it boasts of being the perfect match to darker skin types and bears witness to the African orgins of its founder. 


Hyperpigmentation is a huge concern among darker skin types. Meet Biolissime which makes skincare which regulate hyperpigmentation while increasing defense towards UVA & UVB. They make masks, serums and day creams to help you look your very best without fuss or worry. 


Although the list of brands seems rather short at this point do not be disappointed as all these brands were picked specifically to be real gems on the market. Check it out here:



Tokyo's Wild Street Style Hits Nails This Autumn-The Quickest Update w/ Essie


A girl should not 'fish' for compliments this Autumn. The quickest (and cheapest) way, of course, in order to update instantly from summer to fall, is with a quick (nail) polish change! Essie has this beauty area covered with their newest Autumn Nail Collection straight off Tokyo's Wild Street Style.


The collection introduces 5 of fall's hottest colours for nails- a red, a grey, a soft pink, a pale blue and an electic orange/brown. 

First up is a bright berry red: maki me berry. Although rich in a berry colour it doesn't boast of that traditional vampire dark red you too often see this time of year. I like it as I think it makes a great addition to updating denim looks and adding a bit of glamour to the everyday.


Now and Zen is a timeless grey. My suggestion is to take a traditional nail technique like 'frenching' and instead of using white use this to easily update your look 360 degrees.


Go Go Geisha is a soft pink and Udon Know me is a pale baby blue. These two can be used in a variety of ways to get instant Japanese street style. Why not make polka dots with them or stripes for that candied girly look?



The last colour in the collection is my definite favourite and highly recommended. It is called 'playing koi' and resembles a rusty/orange brown. I like this colour the most because it's rather different from reds or oranges and looks great with blue toned clothing. 


The polishes are all super shiny on its own. My top tip is to add a final layer of gel top coat to really make it pop.


So get to grips with this season's quickest update with Essie now. £7.99 per bottle at Boots! 

Serve Thirsty Summer Hair Philip Kingsley's Elderflower & Rhubarb Elasticizer



It certainly has been a long while since I last wrote about hair it seems and that is why there is no better time than now (summer) to share my trade secret for super health locks. My secret weapon comes in the form of a product called the Elasticizer by Philip Kingsley. I had written about this product once upon a time, but this summer the product has had an incredibly transformation and a lift that won't just make a difference to the hair but your mood too. 


The Elasticizer has launched this summer as a limited edition in a tube...wait for it....with added Elderflower and Rhubarb fragrance. The smell is so scrumptious it reminds you of biting into a fruity sherbet candy piece. With added floral notes and green tea the combination is remarkably sparkling!


For those who still have not yet discovered the Elasticizer yet, it is the world's first pre-shampoo conditioning treatment (or hair mask if you like). The formula was first created for Audrey Hepburn and gives the hair an intensive, super-conditioning like no other. It's great on all hair textures and delivers instant moisture to the hair cuticle- leaving it stronger with less breakage, more lustrous and manageable. If your hair was thirsty and wanted a summer cocktail- serve it this- as it can be thought of as the summer cocktail treatment for hair! 


I'm loving how the limited edition scent has been by British summers- think: lazy afternoons with English gardens in full bloom! Let's take a moment though to consider a few things about summer + hair. In this season where moisture is scarce hair can be drier than usual and harder to manage. For those who have an oilier scalp, balmy summer weather can leave the hair also lank and limp. The Elasticizer is great for both conditions as it revives the hair giving it the moisture boost it needs, and hence, re-balancing and giving it 'oomph'. It's a great treatment to take for post-beach days whilst on holidays or a weekly (weekend) ritual at the end of the week to fight city pollution. I often had used this product after swims at the pool as it recalibrated my hair after the chlorine. (Oh, and to prevent the chlorine from damaging your hair also check our Philip Kingsley's Swim Cap product which I have also previously reported about). 


Look out for the pinkish floral sketch on the tube to get yours today. £19 (75ml) at Feelunique, Look Fantastic and





For your head's full well-being I also suggest The Moisture Balancing range of Shampoos and Conditioners. I'm currently hooed on the Moisture Balance Shampoo as I have a natural wavy textured hair. This shampoo is great as it contains no SLS or parabens. It keeps the hair manageable and incredibly smooth afterwards! £18 at


Finally to match and give the full rebalance you'll be glad to know that this act finishes with the Moisture Rebalancing Conditioner. It's a light-weight conditioner that leaves no residue, and leaves the hair tangle free and lustrous. I swear by this as it makes that shiny difference in the hair that other brands can't quite match. £21 at


Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Hangover Mask Fights Evil Blackheads




This week I've hung up a sign quite few times on my I've been having some quiet time with a new obsession from Rodial- A bottle of their Super Acides X-treme Hangover Mask. 


Now while I am not a drinker at all, I cannot make claims whether this will make a difference to skin that is hung-over from pulling a party all-nighter. At first when I received this in the post I was rather dubious whether my skin needed this mask at all. Once I had settled into reading more about it I realised it was several things and did several actions: 


1. It was an exfoliating clay mask

2. It claimed to do this through fruid acids


This mask does truly deserve the title of being 'SUPER'. Why? Well I've never used anything quite like it before. The first point of difference I noticed versus any other clay mask I've used in the past is that it definitely clears away blackheads. Since a young age I've been in constant battle with the blackheads on my nose. No amount of extractions or anything else can quite clear it, and while other masks do a decent job of clearing it- it doesn't last long before the blackheads come back. To clarify this point further- blackheads is when the pores of your skin are blocked by sebum or oil, and plus pollution or dirt the light reflection of the skin makes it look like there is something black stuck inside your pores.


The unique point of this x-treme hangover mask is that it utilizes the ingredient of Pronalen Fruit Acid to exfoliate and eliminate dead cells while encouraging cell renewal. In fact, what is happening here is that the fruit acids are buffing the dead cells away on a deep level. When you use this mask you will find that it dries like a clay mask, but when you remove it you simply rub it off.

When being removed the mask comes off (while you rub) in pills. If there is any residue simply remove with a damp cloth.


Unlike other clay masks this does not leave the skin parched or dry. In fact, the skin feels like it was moisturised by oils. The mask also contains other active features such as Biotilys-which mattifies shine and improves skin hydration levels for optimum radiance, and contains LaraCare- for retaining hydration and reducing water loss. It even has an anti-ageing aspect to it with Argireline- helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


I would definitely suggest this if you are looking for a mask or clarifying product that will do multiple tasks- effectively and gently! At £45/ 75ml bottle it is this year's SUPER HERO product that fights polluted skin hard and brings it to Lois Lane loves Superman levels....



Kurt Geiger Ltd.

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