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Beauty's Bunny Says: What's up Doc? Save another Bossom Bunny from Breast Cancer: BE AWARE! 


Help Bliss raise awareness for the BREAST CANCER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN with PINK Glamour Gloves! Bliss donates to Breast Cancer Awareness for every pair sold! £36.80 at:

New Season NAIL ROCK....keeps it ROCK'N!!!

Beauty has gone WILD with new NAIL ROCK Designs this season. Check out this super cool new Quail Egg design....adds a spalsh of colour to the office and great for any play date! £6.70 at:

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The Dolly Mix

Beauty And The Snob chat up Canadian Songstress: MIRIKA FLEGG


As the blue plates of sushi move around the belt on the sushi bar, Mirika (that’s pronounced Mer-e-ka) exclaims how much she loves fresh sushi, and how rare it is in New Zealand, as most of it out there is pre-made and considered a quick-fix option.  Canadian songstress, Mirika Flegg, has had music in her veins since an early age-winning the 2002 Quebec Canada Songwriter of the Year award, and awarded the Hero’s Medal Medal and nominated for 2011 New Zealander of the Year Awards for establishing Music & Arts Programming for young people. Mirika has already released two independent solo albums, and one with band: Kit&Con. Her music is best described as rhythmic, wordy with a dash of kitsch, and crosses lines between infectious pop and indie chic.

While sipping her miso soup she tells me that the inspiration for her latest and third record:  THE LITTLE GINGER IN ME LOVES THE LITTLE GINGER IN YOU was due to a broken arm that left her unable to play music for the most part of two years.  During that time she was experimental in what instruments she could play with the limited use of her arm (usually she plays the guitar), and found appreciation in instruments such as drums, or the synthesizer.  It was then she began putting together the music and lyrics for this third album.

This album is a melting pot of pop, rock, vaudeville and electro while some of the lyrics for singles such as ‘I love Ginger’ or ‘Legs 4 Africa’ and ‘Miranda’ ( A love song about a girl crush to model Miranda Kerr) hold loads of humour. Some of these tunes have already been so infectious in the UK that Legs 4 Africa has already reached no. 27 of the latest 7 charts in Brighton this summer; and been featured on Steve La Macq’s playlist on the BBC in July.

Mirika tells me that as everyone knows Gingers or ginger-haired people are rare, and in New Zealand, there’s a huge fascination around them. The title of this album represents a lot of this idea, and the music might not only infect you but fascinate you through its beats, tunes, or lyrics.

She will launching this new album Nov 2nd at the Purple Turtle in Camden Town, and tickets are available online soon for £5 (you get the record to take home with you, and an awesome  goodie bag of some of Mirika’s favourite cosmetic treats). Buy tickets and the new album

For more Mirika check out her website:

Waking up from the DALLAS Dream


In the early 1980s, my parents had recently immigrated to Canada and were getting assimilated. As part of the assimilation, my mother watched all the shows on NBC, ABC, and CBS on television. One of her favourites was DALLAS- the story about the struggle between the Ewings, a rich oil family, in Dallas, Texas. My sister at the time was two, and one night while watching DALLAS, in the middle of a love-making scene between two of the characters (it would have likely been that Bobby was in it) she asked my mother what they were doing. My mum answered in a factual tone, telling her: that in Dallas, Texas it is very hot, and that the air conditioning broke, so the two people had to start taking their clothes off!

The 1980s resembles a bit of now-a time of uncertainty, global economic decline but without the prevalent presence of “the global village” or the internet that has made it so.  Series like Dallas on t.v. gave a window of escape from everyday troubles.  It was more interesting to watch the Ewings troubles, and the glamour that transpired from the fashion they wore (let us mention the HUGE shoulder pads here), to the luxury cars they drove up to the driveway of their estate homes. Ironically, this is where all our troubles stem from, having watched shows like this; inherently they had a hand at creating deep-rooted desires for all things tangible and in all sorts of cultures throughout the world.

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that DALLAS was to air their first episode on channel 5 since 1991 when they stopped the series. I watched the first episode to discover that it was a continuation of the story in the third generation of the Ewings. While watching it I noticed a main difference (and no it is not because Jesse Metcalfe was playing new prince-charming Ewing) but that the glamour or message of power + money did not stand out as it once did, nor did the fashion they wear. So much of what you see in the show was no longer exclusive because today we have the internet, and gadgets like the ipad or tablets, and smart phones. No one needs to have to go to an exclusive store such as SAKS Fifth Avenue, in New York City, to purchase some designer dress. We just turn on our digi-toys from our Prada handbags, and log onto Net-a-porter, and see thousands of designer dresses, the sizes, the colours, the measurements, and purchase them for them only to be delivered the next day to our doorstep. Please don’t forget also the designer inspired dresses, shoes, and handbags all readily available (and cheaper than chips, literally) at the next Primark-like some drive through window of fashion.

Our unhappiness today is not based on facing the same troubles our parents did in the 1980s in terms of hardships. The hardships of this generation seems a bit more intangible, and hard to pin-point why young university and college graduates struggle to get jobs-any jobs, or even menial jobs for that matter. We cannot ride out the economic downturns as our parents did because it’s not the same downturn when they lived 2-dimentional and we live 3-dimentional. Young people today don’t believe in buckling down, or hard work, or starting from that dirty word, the bottom. They expect to get jobs because they have a piece of paper that they think is a get out of jail-free card, only to realise that if you turn it over, it’s also good for wiping your own bottom or lining grandmas bird cage. This inherently goes back to the fact that nothing today is exclusive, everything is available….the Ewings are not special when we have seen reality t.v. shows of Paris Hilton or The Kardashians. Perhaps the question to ask is what does this generation truly desire? I know it’s not DALLAS, and I would like to think of the new series more for a bit of nostalgia for people like mum.

Beautys' Secrets

Beauty investigates about Oxygen Skincare:


My opinion is not so much whether oxygen exists in these products. It is more important that if you use this type of product that you see results. And here are a few very good oxygenating products I’ve found where I’ve tried and seen some decent, if not, fabulous results.


So much these days are put into skincare products-from precious metals such as gold and platinum, to peptides, lips and any herb you can and cannot eat, it seems that there’s always another cauldron bubbling to find the next fountain of youth! Perhaps one of the most interesting ingredients put into any skincare product has been oxygen. Sounds like a whole lot of hocus -pocus doesn’t it? Why and how could you possible capture oxygen and feed it directly to the skin? Furthermore, it seems like a money waster since the skin on our face is exposed to free oxygen on a daily basis. Beauty goes skin deep to investigate the truth behind oxygenating skincare.

It is a scientific fact that oxygen cannot be absorbed by the skin. Although your skin is an organ and it needs oxygen it cannot directly absorb it as such. Oxygenating skincare products are not a myth, but more kind of misunderstood. Skincare products that claim to have oxygen in them do not claim that they are putting oxygen to the skin directly, but that it goes to carry substances to the cells to deep cleanse, detoxify, or nutrients to slow down the ageing process.

Swiss-based Karin Herzog was the first to put a form of stabilized oxygen in her skincare, claiming that these oxygenating products help the skin on the basis of being anti-viral, antiseptic, anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, and even anti-cellulite.  In Herzog’s studies, it shows that past the age of 14 we lose our oxygen levels in our skin, and keep losing it as we age.  It does not mean that oxygen is within our organ, the skin, but that it has less ability for the uptake of oxygen.  Smoking for example has always been considered an aging agent of the skin because it takes away oxygen levels from the organ making it age at a faster rate. Herzog’s oxygenating products are world re-nowned for proving that they work and are the original in terms of this technology.

NUBO Plumping Oxygen Boost:  This serum works with a 3D effect. It’s almost like botox in a bottle. Not only does it plump the skin, but it also is a super healer, and creates loads of circulation! The secret in their ‘oxygenating’ ingredient is oxygen plasma. Oxygen plasma is a complex carbon molecule which mimics the blood’s ability to carry oxygen or carry substances to the cells. It is completely natural and organic, and was first found or used in the 1980s for military purposes. You see instant results with this little bottle of wonder. £80/15ml at or exclusively at Fenwick’s of Bond Street in London.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask & Eye Gel: Owner and Developer of Bliss Spa, Marcia Kilgore, is known to be a fan of Herzog…..could she possibly have been inspired by Herzog’s oxygenating skincare here, we think so! My favourite product of all time from Bliss Spa is the Triple Oxygen Eye Masks. I take them whenever I’m travelling, and then follow up with the Triple Oxygen Eye Gel. It cools and refreshes and the effects are like giving an energy drink to the eyes! My top tip for the masks too is to put them into the fridge for 10 min, before you use them for extra cold refreshment. There’s never any mess with these because you the liquid is popped into the other pod where the pads are. All of their oxygenating products have not 1 but 3 active oxygen ingredients. The key one is euk134 which mimics the skin’s natural enzymes and turns toxic compounds in the skin into H2O and O2…pretty cool heh? A box of 4 pads is £35, and eye gel is 15ml is £42. Get some oxygen to the skin with Bliss at

Eye Like It!

Beauty Says: If you’re a smart-phone, tablet addict than beware! Your eyes are put under so much strain during all your tweets and emails all day long. Eye-don’t like this: Your addiction to technology may be putting your face into a fate of sagging skin! Thankfully I’ve found two treats you can counteract this process…digi-toys, this means WAR!  Check out what Eye-Like….instead….

Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment: Exceptionally light-weight in texture this eye serum has natural humectants to keep your eye area well-moisturised! (Humectants attract the moisture from the air onto the skin.) Key amino acids deliver a fresh glow, circulation, and brightness & clarity back to the area. This serum is super strong to also fight fine lines, wrinkles, and creates a barrier against external attack. The secret behind all this is a macro cellular complex which contains moisture retentive mushroom polysaccharides to keep moisture levels up! Don’t worry about any sagging either as it also contains padina pavonica (sea kelp) to firm, lift and smooth. Wear this before you start playing with digi-toys! £39 and available at:

THALGO Hyaluronic Eye-Patch Masks: These are super after a long day on the computers, tablets, & phones as they provide instant relief! They wil not only relieve fatigue around the eye area, but help you relax and wind down from the long day. The secret to their firming success is Matrixyl Synthe’6, a peptide that builds collagen, while Actiflow works hard to erase dark circles. Apply the pads under the eye area for 10 min- a must as aftercare for the digitally obsessed! Best of all they’re paraben -free, contain no propylene glycol, and no animal by-products!  £34 for a box of 8 pairs, available at:

Face Food-Beauty’s PICK of the Season of the Best Natural Skincare

I’m a firm believer in feeding the skin both inside and out-don’t forget your skin is the largest organ of your body so it needs to be taken care of like your heart or any other organ of the body. This season I’ve found a new appreciation for natural skincare. It occurred to me while I was at Whole Foods that if I eat well, why shouldn’t my skin? My skin is not starved by any means, but perhaps it could use a breather from all the high end anti-aging skincare it eats all the time. Instead, perhaps it needs some organic eating so to speak this season. ..


Beauty’s TOP TIP for buying Organic FACE FOOD: Get the best choice, service & advice for buying all your natural and organic skincare and hair care at WholeFoods. It’s a one stop shop! They’ve nearly got all the lines on the market in one section and they have a spa that offers the treatments too! Check it out at: There’s one on High St. Kensington, and a new Wholefoods in Piccadilly now…amazing!

Don’t have time to go out to shop? No worries! My TOP Organic/Natural online website for Skin Food is Cocktail Cosmetics. They got a great selection, and some certified organic ranges so you can shop worry free! Check it out at:

REN: Ren is one of the original brands for organic or natural skincare. It was ahead of its time being one of the first to provide us with skincare that was free from parabens, SLS, Sulfates or any nasty chemical ingredients. Its packaging was also ahead of the game because although it contains no preservatives the product lasts due to an air tight seal and suction-which also means you use every last drop! This season I’m in love with REN’s new Radiance range. This range consists of 4 products: a peel/mask, a serum, a scrub and an AHA concentrate. I highly recommend the Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask. It’s got super strength and the good news? –it’s a bioactive peel mask. Containing papain from papaya, and other fruity acids from pineapple, grape, & passionfruit; the ZING in it is a real pick-me-up. I love to use it first thing in the morning for a glow and to get rid of blackheads. 50ml/£30.00 available at Wholefoods or on REN’s website: Another bonus at the moment is if you buy £30 worth of REN products from Wholefoods, there’s a 30min free facial/purchase £60 and get a 60min facial for you on the day…don’t miss out!

Pur~lisse: This American brand has Chinese roots, as it was developed by Jennifer Yen who wanted to develop something simple but pure and functional. Pur~lisse is the answer to those who want something gentle to use but see smooth glowing results. The secret weapon behind these products is Lupine Peptides that boosts vascular growth and cell oxygenation. Inspired by her roots Jennifer has included Blue Lotus Flower a beauty secret of Chinese women for over 5000 years! The flower detoxifies while boosts radiance. If that’s not enough, there’s also white tea, a powerful antioxidant, and Soy proteins as well as sea silk a French marine plant that protects from environmental damage. At the moment, I’m loving: Pur~moist hydra balance moisturiser. 50ml tube £39.95 available at:

SPROUT: If you’re vegan than do I have a brand you’ll LOVE. Made by real people in Brooklyn, New York, this brand is not just trendy but blends high-potency ingredients and leaves out exotic botanicals and luxury fillers. Psst….Gwyneth Paltrow’s a fan! They make Body scrubs, lip balms, Make-up remover, exfoiliant, moisturising cream, and toner. At first, when I tried the toner, I didn’t think I would like it, because I judged it from the bottle-the fact that it was made with raw apple cider vinegar didn’t turn me on. Then I remembered that nearly a year ago, my beauty therapist had given me a bottle of apple cider vinegar to put in food, and told me about the benefits for the skin. I decided to plunge in, and spray the toner on…..The verdict? You can’t smell the vinegar at all….in fact the toner is great for evening, as you wake up less oily as it neutralizs the pH levels in the skin. SPROUT toner £15/4oz at:


In my last review of their cleansing oil I recommended it as the desert island product of the year…Well, I’ve just found a new favourite in the PREMAE range: Smoothie Serum. I’m so addicted to it, I can’t stop putting it on! The only way to describe it is like putting on a multi-vitamin smoothie drink straight to the skin. It’s not only a lightweight serum + moisturiser, but the skin feel so matte as well, as you can use it a the perfect primer to any foundation.  It comes in 4 of the core ranges for psoriasis, eczema, acne, and mature or skin that has age spots. Although I haven’t got any of these conditions, I’m using the Harmony Smoothie Serum-one for acne. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t have the condition you can’t use it. I love the smell of this one because it’s got fresh lemongrass.  In fact, it’s so good even Snob has taken a liking to it and is pinching it from me sometimes…Treat your skin to that smoothie now £28 50ml at

PREMAE’s NEW SMOOTHIE SERUM: I’ve written about PREMAE before, but let’s do a little refresher…

Premae is a British-based brand, and the world’s first allergen-free brand. This brand truly wipes the floor in terms of being natural, as it is vegan friendly, free of all sulphates, parabens, and free from 8 of the food allergens responsible for 90% of food allergies! It also is free from all sugars, and heals up eczema, psoriasis…so if you know anyone suffering from these conditions, plus acne, recommend PREMAE!

The Edit: Reviews And Other Neat Stuff

Beauty's Abi Fabi Edit

Best Retail Facials in London

Here are some of the BEST Retail facials in London that I’ve tried so far:

When I came back from my holidays, my skin felt a bit uncomfortable and I knew it was time to go and a facial or two done. Regular facials are important because they help to keep the skin at its optimum best. You may consider it a detox or a workout for the skin and muscles of your face.

Retail facials are a good way to get a quick pick-me-up. They are also good value because usually the facial doesn’t cost anything with the purchase of a product or two. So if you already use a regular brand of skincare, you should ask about whether they offer any facials from time to time on counter.

NUBO at Fenwicks of Bond Street: This retail facial is not like any other I’ve had before because the treatment resembles one at the day spa. You get a full shoulder massage, arm and hand massage and head massage along with the facial. If you like products and like to try products you’ll love this treatment because products are put onto the face at every step! The result? The face is so dewy and fresh, it’s like you’ve been reborn! I find this the best value facial. Note, that all of NUBO’s products contain no parabens, SLS, irritants or chemicals! The facial’s booking fee is £40 and redeemable against the purchase of two products on counter. Be sure to invest in a NUBO voile (£40). This little wonder is part treatment and part foundation. It gives you the most beautiful natural glow, and blurs away any imperfections. Perfect to put on any time of day too, as a quick refresher before you leave the office and go out for the night! It is truly one of the most luxurious retail facials I’ve had….and proving to also be popular in Amsterdam, I’ve heard. (Dutch ladies always in the know.) To book call Daniella at NUBO at FENWICKS to find the month’s appointment times on 0207 629 9161. For more information on NUBO products go

Elizabeth Arden at Peter Jones of Sloane Street: This retail facial is again redeemable against the purchase of any two products, one of which has to be skincare. What stands out about this facial is that it is rather a simple and a non-fussy facial. So for those looking just to relax and not worry about what is being put onto your face next then this is the facial for you. The facial massage in this treatment is amazing! Your cheeks feel like they’ve been on a tread mill, and well worked-out-feeling firm and plump afterwards. The therapist, Susan, gave me a top tip as she found that I had tension in my cheeks (I clench my teeth when I get stressed). Susan suggested that I do some light massage on a daily basis while I cleanse the face; and use my knuckles in a circular motion over the area gently. Be sure to invest in some Visible Difference afterwards (this is the range used in the facial), as it is exceptional value. I picked up a Hydration Boost Night Mask at £22/75ml to keep my skin’s healthy glow going and some PREVAGE pieces too. They have regular appointments available each month. Call the Elizabeth Counter at Peter Jones to get your booking for the upcoming facial now: 0207 881 6416.

Chelsea Day Spa (Hollywood Road Branch): The POSH of the city are in the know and go to The Chelsea Day Spa for all their treatments. They do a wide range of treatments from waxing to facials, to massage and nails. They do a wonderful retail facial with a range called HydroPeptide. Either you purchase three products from this range and get the facial for free or the facial retails at £125. HydroPeptide is a multi-award winning range from America. All the products are many comprised of the latest innovations in anti-aging skincare, and use peptides as the tour de force! It not only rejuvenates but is able to rebuild and restore your youth, as peptides are the building blocks of collagen. Make sure to invest in some Anti-Wrinkle Exfoliating Cleanser £26. It keeps all blackheads at bay and is gentle enough to use on a daily basis. I love the smell of it, as it as a zesty aroma of limes.  You might be interested in to know that the range uses 21 of the most effective peptides on the market. I’ve checked them out, and was rather impressed, as most of these are found in high end brands sold at the like of Harrods-Matrixyl 3000, SNAP-8, and Dermaxyl are just to name a few. There is definitely clarity in the face after this facial, and you won’t believe it until you’ve tried it! Call The Chelsea Day Spa, on Hollywood Road for your booking today on 0207 351 4555, and ask to be booked in with Sughar! For any of their other treatments check out the spa on the website at:

Beauty Meets The Real Tooth Fairy

Beauty Says: I should know, and I’m telling all you ladies that your SMILE matters. I was a naughty girl and had neglected my smile for a little while. I recently went to visit and meet the REAL Tooth Fairy, named Flora at the Covent Garden Dental Spa. The experience was just out of this world!


The Covent Garden Dental Spa is located on Neal Street directly across from the Office store. You will be surprised when you arrive to find it more looking like a luxury spa then a dental office. For nervous souls Flora has a private little room with a massage chair, and therapeutic music to keep you calm. Flora is gorgeous, as she tells you in detail about the condition of your smile, what she will do in the procedures, as well as check throughout the procedure that you are enduring NO pain! I had a mini diamond sparkle polish clean & hygiene done. Afterwards, I also went along down to their partners, of this package, Shu Uemura to get my sparkly pearly whites matched with a new lipstick- and got a full-size sample for free!


At Shu Uemura I spent some time with awesome MUA (Make-up Artist) Meinir Rees. Mei matched me with some hot pink, and hot corals lip shades in their newest matte formulations that have just arrived! Mei’s top MUA tip about these lipsticks: Apply straight from the bullet to get an extra smooth and luxurious feel for those luscious lips and gorgeous teeth!



Flora is the REAL Tooth Fairy…..not that terrible character we’ve been told that takes away our old teeth and leave us money….Time is running out! To get your Mini Diamond Sparkle Polish & Lipstick Match at Shu is only £40 for a limited time! Call Flora today at The COVENT GARDEN DENTAL SPA on 02078369107for an appointment today! Or go to:

Look at my pictures girls…..the difference is clear…and so is the choice….


Snob's YUM YUM Edit

Snob's Little Gems from London To Edinburgh

Snob says: Want a really good meal? Something that you will be so will leave you speechless? I've got some little gems from here (London) to Edinburgh! 


BINCHO: LONDON: Old Compton Street


Bincho's is based on traditional Izakayas of Japan. BBQ skewers of meat, seafood, vegetables, are grilled to perfection in more than just terriyaki sauce. There's a selection of specialty japanese wines, and spacious areas for bigger parties too. Dinner for 2 £35-£50. Located on Old Compton Street, and also location in EC1. Check it out at:


Hanedan: Edinburgh


Hanedan is a hidden jewel in Edinburgh. Serving up serious Turkish Delights from Lamb & Chicken shish to salads, to Turkish traditional beef sausage sugek, and all the way to the end of the meal of Turksih coffee & Baklava. If you like a hint of kitsch this tiny restaurant is it...with some quirky decor, promises to be the best meal out in Edinburgh. I love it so much, it justifies the train tickets all the way up north! Meal for 2, 3 courses, £40. Reservation is a must! Always booked FULL!  41st W. Preston St., Edinburgh, EH8 9DY


TigerLily: Edinburgh


TigerLily's is the place to be....and to be seen for after 5 cocktails. Situated at the bottom of the famous George Street, in Edinburgh, this is the crown jewels of cocktail heaven. They even serve up some very posh nosh....Consider this the Buddha bar of Scotland! It's not just a bar though, as upstairs is thier Boutique Hotel.....perfect for that special celebration! One of my all time favourites...Check it out:

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