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The Season To PURIFY

Beauty Says: With the change in weather it is a season to purify the skin. Why? Well, the skin will be feeling rather imbalanced this time of year from warmer days to coolers days and back and forth. Oils or extra sebum are generally the main problem that occurs, and hence, clogged pores to follow. Eliminate this problem with a daily habit of now changing your cleanser to a purifying type.


Last month you’ve noticed that I already started using La Roche- Posay’s Effaclar Purifying Gel cleanser and I was ecstatic about how clear my skin looked. This month I’ve dug deeper and found a few more hidden gems, that won’t break the bank, but will leave you in the clear….clear skin that is!



Urban Veda uses cold-pressed pure NEEM and refreshing oils to remove impurities and unclog skin in their Kapha range. It is not stripping and incredibly well-balanced. Take note that this cleanser is gel-like and does not foam up so it’s super gentle. I’ve put it to the test with a few blemishes that suddenly crept up on me during the weather change, and can I tell you does it work fast! There’s also a delightful ‘zing’ that comes with cleansing and toning- the secret being witch hazel. So if your skin has a mind of its own, ask it: What is your dosha? (or state, as the Ayurveda say….and reach for your Urban Veda….) Purifying cleanser £7.99, toner £9.49 at:


Super Facialist By Una Brennan: Tea Flower Deep Clean


This gel is rather light weight and has the added benefits of salicylic acid for those who want be sure that something in their cleanser is keeping blemishes at bay. I love the elderflower smell as its calming, soothing, and keeps the skin in balance. The cleanser lightly foams up, but does not contains SLS, or other harmful agents. It easily removes make-up for end of day as well, and leaves the skin looking healthy, and glowing. Use this to calm skin if it’s feeling irritated! £7.99 at

Weleda Oat Replenishing Treatment


Your hair also needs some extra TLC with the change in season. It can be a bit dry from the hot summer months while you basked on a beach or whilst on holiday. That is why it is the perfect time to feed it and work on strengthening, nourishing and protecting for the cooler climate just ahead. Weleda is a favourite of mine when I’m looking for something to repair skin and hair. This season I recommend their Oat Replenishing Treatment. Use it as you would a hair mask once or twice a week and gentle massage into the scalp and roots ends. My tip is to leave it in a wrap for at least 10 min. The oat is the secret ingredient in this balm- as it sloughs away the rough surface of the hair while giving it super hydration. It does this in the most natural way might I add! Best of all, this formula doesn’t disagree with any colour or treatments you might have put in, and it won’t strip the hair. Rest assured that it is silicone free, and free of synthetics, allowing the most beautiful locks to shine and bounce at the end. A must try this season…I’m addicted to it! £11.50


Ever wished your eyes looked like the super models on the catwalk- all dewy, fresh, and young as a baby's bottom? Well, VICHY has launched IDEALIA EYES an eye contour cream that will target fine lines and crows feet. It softens the eye area in an instant! This is one of the most exciting eye products I have ever used on the market in all my time. With DRM Bright Complex, caffeine and vitamin B3 it not only feeds the skin around the eye area, but transforms the eyes. It can not only reduce dark circles, but also illimiates the shadows. The silicone applicator is one of a kind as it evenly distributes the product. To get optimum efficacy out of this product go over the eye area several times with a drop of the product and applicator. A true innovation product it also contains theraml spa water and is paraben-free. The only thing is that maybe it won't cook your tea tonight, but that's asking too much don't you think? 


A new battery for the eyes even the energiser bunny could get jealous of....£23 15ml at

Eye Spy

The London Fashion Week Follow-Up

Eye Spy: Well it may all be over until next season, but I’ve spied on quite a bit during London Fashion Week from Ada Zanditon’s first Couture Show to other trending highlights. Come with me to see the London Fashion Week follow-up and what’s happening in Fashion now from here to Barcelona to the streets in the most creative way! 

Ada Zanditon- Couture Show at London ME Hotel


Award-winning British designer, Ada Zanditon has unveiled her first Couture Collection, and saying that it is glamorous is an understatement. I’m told that Ada created the collection to reach each woman’s wildest fantasy and persona. The collection can only be best described as- Baroque Warrior Goddess. From soft pearlescent pale pinks, to shimmering metallics- that call feminine tones to the surface, the collection still has Ada’s signature use of monochrome leathers, and silks with machine cut crystal components. These crystal components by PRECIOSA, are an exclusive partner to this exquisite collection. While watching the collection glimmer and glimpse before me I can only describe the experience of this unveiling as something truly sublime. Although not the most practical to wear for the everyday it encapsulates Zandition’s unique and bespoke apparel. Is it a wonder she currently one of Britain’s most celebrated fashion designers?


Catch more of Ada Zanditon at:

Highlights Spotted at LFW AW/14



Well certainly one thing that stuck out in terms of trends this LFW A/W ’14 is the kimono. A well-playful asset to the wardrobe, it screams, 1970s disco but in the most appealing way imaginable. I know of many girls right now sporting this trend and mixing it with everyday dresses for the office and at play. Whether you like yours retro or just get a piece from the high street it is a must-do, must add-on this season.


The best place to get something different but affordable? I’m in love with these, all under £30 in the £20 price range,  from

Maria Francesca Pepe


Spotted at LFW’s shop was these lovely rings and jewellery pieces from Maria Francesca Pepe. This season, Maria has some unique pieces such as the jointed rings which move when you bend your fingers. Super Cool! I love the gems + mini pearl accents which add a girlish charm to any outfit.


 Maria Francesca Pepe is the original British avant-garde jewellery designer with a twist of art deco. The pieces are fun, and sassy. She’s got a huge celebrity fan base including Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, Rihanna, Lily Allen and Rita Ora. If you’re looking for a quirky gift for a friend remember to keep her pieces in mind. They’re incredibly affordable…..check it out:

Head First- Cebado Salon, Barcelona

With over 37 salons in Spain & the USA(they're in NYC), Cebado has been praised & well known around the world for being one of the best places in the world for a cut, blow dry and colouring. I was rather curious about this and done my very own research. Luckily, I've got friends all over the world, and my go-to girl in Barcelona shared these lovely photos of her friend, Paloma, having had her hair done at one of the Cebado salons in Barcelona. 


Paloma had her hair cut a medium long length and then her bangs sculpted with a knife. Her hair was given a touch of glow by only known to sun worshippers as 'Californa Candy'- Love it! 


Wahanda is also in the know and often has promotions. So if you find yourself in NYC or major cities in Spain like Madrid or Barcelona, remember it may inspire you to update your look. 


Check it out here:

NEW! at FENWICKS of Bond Street

During London Fashion Week, I was invited to preview two new collection at Fenwicks: Hacienda Montaecristo Accessories & Coqui Coqui Perfumes


Both these brands were founded on the Yucatan Penisula of Mexico. The whole ethos of these brands is to ‘get lost’ the journey of discovering treasures of Mexico. While summer is now gone, it is lovely to see such a summery brand launch in the Autumn- as if it is a lingering ray of sunshine from summer past or lands afar.


The fragrance was inspired by the residences, and spas of the Coqui Coqui Tulum hotel which stretch on the white sands of the Riviera Maya. The smells allude of signature scents, while honey and the small town sights. There is something eclectic about these fragrances, and can be worn by both men and women being unisex.


I’m most into the fringed scarves and basket weave handbags which can easily add texture and attitude to any basic outfits- adding character. While the style is not everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly adds eccentricity and electricity to any overcoat or winter’s style.


Be sure to check it out, in store, exclusively at FENWICKS of Bond Street.



The Dolly Mix

A New A/W Wardrobe is Just a PIN(trest) Away!

A whole new wardrobe worth £150 could be yours from Trend's just a PIN away when you pin up your choices for the perfect A/W wardrobe.....check out my choices below and my FULL PINTREST page/board from the link here:

Beautys' Secrets

The Question of The Burning Bush: Beauty Visits The Ministry of Waxing

Beauty Says: Despite being a beauty expert and having a rather unhealthy obsession with beauty products, I will confess that I haven’t ever visited a waxing salon to get a bikini wax. To say that I was ‘beating around the bush’ is an understatement. Suddenly I was called upon The Ministry of Waxing to try my first bikini wax. I took up this appointment, only because, I was pretty much given the guarantee that it would not hurt.


Located halfway downSouth Molton Street, The Ministry of Waxing, is not your typical waxing salon. The inner décor reminds me of some places between an industrial factory and the inside of nightclubs past. My beautician ‘Becca’ greeted me with big smiles and was incredibly chatty as she led me downstairs to a labyrinth of rooms.


Becca tells me that their waxes don’t hurt as it is a special formulation, only made for The Ministry of Waxing. She wouldn’t tell me what is in it though (as it’s kind of like the Coca-Cola recipe secret) but says that it is because the wax contains an oil and so the wax sticks to the hair and not the skin and hence, that is why it doesn’t hurt. I can tell you that throughout my treatment I smelled an intense fragrance of chocolate as well. Perhaps the smell of chocolate was another one of their secrets to help create happy endorphins in our systems and feel less anxious thoughout the treatment.


The Ministry of wax has incredibly high standards of hygiene as the beauticians wear gloves and face masks. They wax with precision with just one quick motion and zip so it is pain free. When Becca inspected my ‘uhm bush’ (which is barely there as I am fairly hair free) her first question was: Do you shave the area? My reply was a rather embarrassed….’No, but sometimes I pluck, and that I am generally hair free.’ Her eyebrow then rose when I said this. A voice inside my head then spoke and said: You might as well have told Becca you burned your bush! I then wondered what secrets my burning bush was telling her?!!


With swift motions Becca applied the wax and within 15 min the whole area was finished- pain free! I was not only impressed with the results but did not have any anxiety throughout the treatment. Becca also advised for more hair free types, like myself, a session of IPL would be most beneficial. Hence, I have booked for another appointment for IPL treatment in 6 weeks time…my burning bush adventure continues….


For your high speed, quality and most hygienic experience in the waxing department make your appointment with the Ministry of Wax:

(Areas start from £7 and up to £99)

The Chuan Spa- An Imperial Massage Experience

Beauty Says: There are many times when I am asked for the locations of the ‘best spas’ inLondonand ones that I would recommend for a five star relaxing experience. In the last three years there have been many favourites that have had reviews in the blogzine, including Elemis and various hotels. My most recent find is a gem within the Langham Hotel: The Chuan Spa. 

My experience at The Chuan Spa left me feeling rather imperial. To start, the décor of the spa is as if you had re-entered a royal palace of imperia lChina. The music, throughout the treatment, also reflects this as it is traditional Chinese music that is played. Relaxing to tunes of bamboo flutes I drifted away in, ironically, to a Swedish Massage. Having looked back on it, the inside of the spa reminded me much of the five star hotel- Marco Polo Hotel in Hong Kong.


I would say the treatment is absolutely tailored to each individual as I was asked not once but many times about the pressure, and if there were any areas that need special attention. The advice given was also most helpful, and insightful, by the therapist, as to why I was experiencing so much pain throughout the treatment. Still, having said that I came out of the massage revived but headache free and not too tired nor sore either. (Headaches are a sign that the toxins are leaving the body after massage treatments, but are rather unpleasant if you experience them after a treatment. It may also indicate that too much pressure was used during treatment.) I was served a plate of fresh fruit and a delicately fragrant mini pot of Chinese herbal tea after my treatment in the relaxation area which is always an appreciated final touch to any treatment. There are also full facilities, such as pool, steam room, sauna to use afterwards also if you wish that is included with each treatment booked. 

What truly makes this location five star though is not because it is within the hotel, or its unusual décor, but within the treatment and all its surroundings it does transport your inner soul to another world. You feel as if your inner self was taken on a short holiday, was healed, and then brought back to reality; and that within itself is imperial. One of my top recommendations for places to go for treatment and massage in London, book yourself into Chuan Spa today:

Beautys' Abi Fabi Edit

The Sandman’s Beauty Regime

Beauty Says: It’s not a secret that 8+ hours of sleep contributes to healthy skin, and a glowing complexion, but did you know that the Sandman has his beauty secrets too? He’s got some magic helpers to erase fine lines, firm, plump and deeply hydrate the skin while you sleep. Now don’t worry, no hard work required, but make sure you don’t fall asleep until you get these on the face! 


La Prairie Sleep Mask


If there was dream within a dream in skincare then La Prairie’s Sleep mask would be it. This product combines the restorative properties of a night cream to reverse daily damage to the skin while having the concentrated benefits of a mask. I’ve been using La Prairie’s Caviar range for the best part of 10 years, and at first I was dubious about what kind of added benefits or results I could see with this new product. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised. The first time I applied it I just used my fingers. I would like to point out, at this point, the importance of using the brush that is provided in the box. The brush evenly distributes and allows the formula to work correctly. The reason being is that caviar has the ability to pull up to 800x its own weight. There is a special way to brush it on: upwards motion on the cheeks and forehead but downward on chin and nose areas. I suspect that the formula is like a memory foam mattress and once brushed in one motion will be lifting that area the way you have stroked it.

The texture of this product is not as fluid as the traditional Luxe cream, but is thicker but also more soufflé like. The result? Amazing of course, as you would expect of any of La Prairie’s Caviar products! This is a must try if you’re looking for a super mask that will FEED the skin, and give ultimate results. I LOVE IT! And proud to continue to wear my caviar crown! Talk about good sweet dreams….the next morning wake to years that has disappeared with last night’s sleep. This pot of divine reverie is available at £204

Earcuffs- Autumn’s Rage Accessory

Nothing screams out ‘Look At Me’ this Autumn more than earcuffs. Whether you have your ear pierced or not, they’re the perfect accessory this Autumn as they’re not so punk rock in style as they were in the 80s. This season’s earcuffs are showcasing Swarovski crystals, and beautiful feminine pearl accents, that can turn any everyday outfit all the rage. They’re also incredibly easy to wear as they clip to the side of the ear or are a single earring that extends towards the side of the ear- climbing it rather like a vine. 


My first destination for the widest choice of earcuffs is of course, Monnier Freres. With jewellery aficionados and experts like Helene Zubeldia who makes feminine but provocative pieces, to Joanna Lauren Constantine, who combines artisianship and high fashion into her pieces. I’m rather partial to Joanna Lauren Constantine’s earcuff collection as there are many different leaves that truly reflect all the multi colours of the season….incredibly pretty!


Pick your perfect cuff this season, starts from £90 at:



Westfield’s Talking Points

Westfield has launched their fashion & beauty ‘Talking Points’. Go to the following site and watch the videos to have your say:


My say on the Flats or Heels debate is still that heels can be a bit of hell and flats are sweet and give me much more speed on the pavements of London. I’m so in love with my latest triumph of a find at TKMaxx of these beautiful Bally gold ballerina flats.


And what do you think?


Snob's Yum Yum Edit

London Cocktail Week Oct 6-12

Snob Says: Oct 6-12 is London Cocktail Week. What does this mean? Well for one, we can get delicious cocktails at loads of establishments for £4 for starts. The bars and places were cherry picked from a team who knows their drinks and recognise the art of special signatures from sip to sip. There will be free sampling down the Seven Dials of Covent Gardens, master classes, and wristbands you can purchase to enjoy it again and again all the days that week!


This is an event not to missed! Check out all the details on how to get your wristbands and get prepared to tuck into the most delicious and happy side of London soon….

Cocktails At The Crowne Plaza

In celebration of Cocktail week why not find yourself in one of the most stylish hotels within the square mile? Where? Well the Crowne Plaza of course! They’ve got your calories covered as they’ve made some ‘skinny’ cocktails. If you’re feeling a bit peckish than why not order a few of the mini burgers to go with your drinks? I think it’s a wonderful and most welcome place to have your cocktails-relax in the lounge chairs instead of hanging about at the bar. Crowne Plaza Hotel is at 19 New Bridge London EC4V 6DB. 

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