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ELEMIS QVC TSV ALERT! 7 Piece Luxury Radiance Collection ONLY ON MAY 12, 2013

Beauty Says: Ladies, this weekend only MAY 12th Elemis is having a QVC TSV on a 7 piece Luxury Radiance Collection. The set is worth over £140, and there will be a savings of OVER 50% when the price is finally revealed on the show. Set includes some star stellar Elemis favourites, as well as, some of the newest & hottest additions: Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm + Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm + Pro-Collagen Marine Cream + Pro-Radiance Hand & Nail Cream + Frangipani Monoi Body Oil + Skin Nourishing Shower Cream & Cellular Recovery Capsules. 

WHEN: TUNE INTO QVC(Channels: Sky Digital 640, Virgin TV 740, Free Sat 800, Free View 16) May 12th: 12am, 1am, 1pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, & 11pm as these are the only times you will be able to make this special purchase. DON’T MISS OUT! These are the best products at the most phenomenal price!!!

Power Up and Super Charge your face for the Weekend Ahead

Beauty Says: Are you tired from the week? Stress of the week showing on your face? Well, you wouldn’t go out without a full charge on your iphone, so why would you do that with your face?


Supercharge that face, and power it up with Power Berry Mask Detox Mask from Dirty Works. The mask is packed with Blueberry and Willow Bark to clear, protect and nourish, while the kaolin and green clay detoxifies and leaves skin bright and clear. It’s no cheap thrill….it’s serious intensive-action that you must take immediately to kick start your weekend! Dirty Works Power Berry Detox Mask is available at Sainsbury £4.99/100ml

Weleda Salt Toothpaste: A must for the Beauty Bag

Beauty Says: Pearls perhaps are the ultimate classic accessory, but what about your very own pearly whites? Yes, I’m talking about your teeth and keeping that smile pristine! I’ve recently found a new favourite in teeth whitening toothpastes that is natural, and tastes great, from Weleda. Now, let me warn you to not let the colour of this product put you off, as it reddish brown colour. This toothpaste is all natural and has been formulated with pre plant extracts and mineral substances to gently care for your teeth and gums. The natural essential oils give it a great taste and leave your mouth and breath fresh. The most unique aspect of it is that it is made with sea salt, which is a natural abrasive agent, and helps with tartar build-up, discolouration, and increases natural saliva production-encouraging to keep gums strong and healthy. There’s also myrrh and ratanhia to tighten the gums’ texture, and it’s free from fluorides and surfactants!


Alicia Silverstone loves it and says: “I love how clean and fresh my teeth, gums, and whole mouth feel when I brush with a natural toothpaste—it really makes a big difference. Weleda is one of my favorites because it’s formulated with sea salt to fight plaque and keep your pearlies extra white. This is the healthiest toothpaste out there - like medicine for your teeth!”


£4.50, 75ml tube available at:

At the moment I’m lovin’ these items….and do they make my temperature rise! Check it out!

Lanolips 101 Ointment Mini: Perfect for festival season, or holiday must-have companion, this little tube won’t let you down. It’s a multi-tasking super moisturising lip balm, quick fix for brows, or add sexy sheen to cheekbones and eyelids. With up to 200% ability to hold its own weight in moisture it will be able to take on the heat! I’ve found it perfect for cuticles as well and prevents dry out or peeling in these areas. £7.99/9g .32oz at

Whipped Clean in the Shower: Soap & Glory has made showering a saucy affair with their luxe shower butter cream wash. Tried and tested whilst on holidays in Barcelona, it’s perfect to recondition dry skin from sun exposure. With over 25% moisture oils from macadamia, and shea butters, and vitamin E, it leaves your skin super soft and smelling super delicious! So soft there is no need to moisturise with body butters or creams afterwards. (Tip: As it doesn’t foam up too much by itself, try to create foam by mixing with a bit of water first, before applying to damp skin and continue to rub until it sudsy.) £8, 250ml

Nail Rock’n FLORAL & DOTS: Check out recent floral bloom with these Nail Rock Floral wraps. I’ve jazzed them up too with a coat of silver sparkle, and 3D glue on butterfly accents. And for when I need a brightening up or to add energy to my look I’m loving Polka Dots Nail wraps. My favourite and colour out of 3 choices has to be yellow…giving high fashion fever! £6.65

Ioma Anti-Dryness Mask: I deem this an absolute essential and super drink for summer thirst skin! This luxurious mask is a hydrating bath for the face. Its secret is red algae which help to retain moisture while AHA Madelic Acid goes to restore vitality. Without parabens and without perfumes! 50ml £50, exclusively at

The 5 minute Show Stopping Little Mix Manicure by Elegant Touch

Beauty Says: The genius nail company Elegant Touch has teamed up with Girl Band Little Mix and created some show stopping nail kits. These aren’t just pretty, but you can do them pretty fast as well. Tried and tested by doing a full set on the tube, they’re perfect for a night out, or any special occasion if you’ve forgotten to get your nails done in time. Simply apply press on nails with the sticky tabs provided, for 3D looks or apply nails wraps by wrap and file for quick and colourful. The only hard part is deciding which wonderful design by Jessy, Jade, Leigh-Anne or Perrie to go for….My favourite set has to be the 3D press-ons by Jessy-they have that Burberry Prorsum feel to it with edgy chains and studs…..Set of Press-ons £5.99, all nail wraps £4.99 at


Jovonnista Sizzles for Festival Season

Whether you're going to pair these cute tops and shorts from Jovonnista (sister brand to Jovonna London) with wellies or sandals.....these looks sizzles for Festival Season. I can't resist.....can you? Available now from £40

Jazz up any outfit with Rocket Dog

Eye Spy with my little eye…. the perfect accessible accessory in these Rocket Dog shoes! What could be more uplifting for any outfit than to add the trend of a BURST of Bright Yellow? Or Perhaps add some quirkiness with the monochrome trend on your tootsies? These are perfect, from £29.99-£47.99

WHITEN UP! With French Connection New Capsule Collection


Eye Spy with my little eye….new WHITE Summer collection at French Connection. Need perfect capsule pieces to wear throughout summer? WHITE is flawless when it comes office or holiday? Pair down a white blazer with jeans, or maxi dresses; or match coloured blazers, no matter how bright or whichever colour, with a white dress-you can’t lose with French Connection as there is feminine and edgy details in the laser cut lace detailing. Best yet, white cools you down in Summer Heat…but your look will sizzle….Check it out

The Dolly Mix

Hermēs-Festival Des Métiers-weekend update 27/5/13

This exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in the Duke of York Square is not to be missed, and will run only until Bank Holiday Monday May 27th, 2013. Discover and meet the crafts people behind the extraordinary products of Hermēs- live demonstrations are given from those who make the famous Birkin & Constance handbags, to those who create the scarves, and ties, to those who make the porcelain and time pieces. The exhibition will delight and excite all ages, and is admission is free. Simply: manifique!

21-27 MAY 2013 Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, Kings Road, London SW3 4RY 10:00am-6:00pm Daily (On the 1st floor in Rooms 6&7)

Are you part Bowie? David Bowie Is at the V&A

V&A’s major spring exhibition deems David Bowie to be one of the most iconic figures of our time. One of the most striking features within the curration is the 3D sound experience, created by Sennheiser, making this truly a visual spectacle. From each moment that you move and turn or face a screen you will hear his music, his voice in interview, and be part of his mind and reasoning-making you one with his encounters and experiences. Sennheiser’s international recording applications manager, Gregor Zielinsky says, “My aim for ‘David Bowie is’ has been to turn stereo sound into immersive surround sound…My algorithm for the exhibition analyses a stereo signal and uses the spatial information to create a calculation, thereby converting stereo recordings into 3D sound.”

Whether you are a David Bowie fan or not, you will appreciate the charming story of the formation of this artist, as a young man, thirsty for knowledge, hence his many travels and deep obsession with literature from all over the world. This in part, is what shapes and inspires Bowie, with each song he writes and sings, his performances, and creates such subliminal fluidity of the exhibition itself. Proving his universal appeal I have observed how he mesmerizes anyone despite age or gender on a big screen within one of the halls. Also whether it is through fashion or thought provocation you will be surprised to find a bit of Bowie in yourself towards the end of the experience.

 It is not just a must see, but a fitting tribute to an artist who himself embraced technology. The clever blending of today’s leading tools in sound and vision seemingly ties together the tour itself, but also sums up how Bowie himself deserves that title of being an icon-one who has lead us through androgyny, fashion and artistic experimentation, in film, in song, in lyric or prose, and technology. Summing it up, no matter what you think of David Bowie, you will find his message beautifully simple: that anything is possible for mankind.



 The exhibition is year’s cherry that must be picked in London! David Bowie Is runs at theV&A until July 28, 2013. For more information, tickets or enquiries go to or call 0207 942 2000


Beauty and The Snob says: Still haven’t had enough of David Bowie? Want more Bowie? Here’s more to savour: In May 2013, BBC Two will run a broadcast feature length profile of the legendary David Bowie. Watch out for this as this program will be an in depth journey to reveal this notoriously private artist and his constant reinventions.

A DIY Project: My Pretty Ballerina Top-TREND ALERT!:Diamante Decadence

In the shops right now are loads of tops with diamante decadence on collars, lapels and necklines. I’ve been inspired to make my own, and got onto this creative project of making a pretty ballerina top, on a Sunday afternoon. Best of all, versus the high street, my DIY project cost me £13 in materials + 30 min of time and no one has a duplicate top! I’m going to show you how….


Materials for A Pretty Ballerina Top:

1.      1  Half a metre of ribbon (choose a texture that is not silky so that it is easier to work with)


2.      2 A large button (I’ve used an extra that was given with an old dress)

3.      3 Thread

4.      4 A chain of diamante rhinestones (I got mine at Barnet & Lawsons, you can find them anywhere in established haberdasheries)

5.     5  Needle

6.      6 T-shirt or top of your choice (I’ve got a thin baby pink heat-tech top from Uniqlo for £10)





1.       Start by gathering the ribbon and sewing these waves of ribbon to keep them together.

2.       Follow through by tying the remaining ribbon left at the bottom into a bow.

3.       Sew the button into the middle of this bow and then sew the bow to one side of the top

4.       Do not cut the chain of rhinestones. Directly sew them onto the top, and only cut when you are at the end of covering the neckline. This avoids any misbalances.

5.       You can sew a double row of rhinestones to give the top more depth, or keep it simple and only do one row

 6.  And voila, indeed a very pretty ballerina top! Enjoy xx Beauty

Beautys' Secrets

Some wise words on YOUTH from Ole Henriksen- wkend post 17/5/13

Beauty recently caught up with, youth & feel-good guru, Ole Henriksen, when he came into London from LA to speak about his products and beauty. Ole Heriksen tells Beauty to share with all of you the following fundamental rules on keeping youthful & beautiful:

1.       When it comes to a skincare routine- Keep things SIMPLE

2.       Nothing is instant-Everything is over a Lifetime so…

3.       Stay FIT & Healthy & Do it Faithfully. Remember Beauty is Inside Out!

Beauty Says: A Big Kiss & THANK YOU to Ole Henriksen for sharing his wisdom on the secrets of Youth! You know that indeed there is truth not just in his serums and creams but in his advice. Ole Henriksen has incredible vitality and energy too! (Check out his physique! We want that strength too!)   

My MUST HAVE from Ole Henriksen at the moment are TRUTH  to Go Wipes. The only wipes that gives that squeaky clean and firms at the same time. (£6-£15) Stay tuned for more Ole Henriksen product features coming soon! Ole Henriksen products are available at John Lewis

When it comes to cleansing….say YES! To SENSAI - wkend update 17/5/13

Beauty Says: Nobody knows the art of cleansing like the Japanese-in particular, the art of the double cleansing technique. SENSAI, by Kanebo, is championing this ritual with two products that will not only purify but indeed beautify. You will be so impressed you will bow to SENSAI, in thanks for your new face!  


Step 1 is the Cleansing Balm, a non-drip, balm cleanser, that locks in moisture while removing all oil-based grime & make-up. This cleanser, not only contains almond and orange oil, that makes it smell divine, but Koishimaru silk extract from tiny Koishimaru cocoons to add an exquisite silky texture making it unparallel to any other known cleanser on the market. This particular silk also has super anti-aging strength as it restores hyrulonic acid where it is needed in the skin cells.  


Step 2 is a rich Foam Cleanser that not only has exfoliating and cell renewing abilities, but gives the complexion a most translucent appearance. Its secret weapon is ginseng which not only helps to moisturise but also gives the skin the skin a moist dewy fresh finish.


SENSAI Cleansing Balm & Foam Cleanser are both £40 each and available

Follow SENSEI & Beauty to the Art of Cleansing

Beauty Says: Ladies, this is not an episode of the Karate Kid, so please do not simply waxing on and off these cleansers! Remember, that cleansing is the opening stage of the time honoured ritual of Japanese women. Do this ritual with grace and take time to enjoy it.

 My top tip: is after you have massaged in the Cleansing Balm, to leave it on for a few minutes like a mask-breathe in the lovely aromas, and gently remove with a cleansing cloth or sponge. Follow through with the Foam Cleanser. Massage Foam Cleanser on in quick circular motions. Remove with splashes of warm water. Pat dry, the skin, and follow through with normal skincare regimen. (For best results also follow the art of moisturising, by first using a lotion and then a cream-to first hydrate, and then nourish.)



A true love gives: HerClutterBox- Beauty LOVES this Knight in Shining Armour!

Beauty Says: So you’re a beauty product junkie are you? Where do you stash all the goods? Probably like most girls out there, you’re storing it in make-up bags, old chocolate or gift boxes, shoe boxes…and no doubt loads of bottles and tubes are all over the dresser, the bathroom shelves inside and out. I’m told by numerous gents that it is pet peeve #1 to live with a woman who own too much product and have them all over the place. Well ladies, I’ve just met the brainchild behind ‘Her Clutter Box’….an answer to our beauty product organising prayers….and have our men saying ‘Hallelujah’!

The tale of ‘Her Clutter Box’ (a true story) reads like a love story….and will bring a tear to any beauty junkie's eye:

Once Upon a Time, there was a gent named Colin, who had a girlfriend that loved beauty products. She had so much product there was nowhere to store everything in a neat and tidy manner. Hence, she created a lot of ‘clutter’ around the living space that they shared. Eventually, poor Colin had enough, and was searching on the internet for a solution to his and her clutter woes. He found acrylic make-up boxes in Australia and America but couldn’t get around the expensive shipping costs. Having product design behind him, Colin, decided to take matters in his own hands, and created the first HerClutterBox as a gift to his beloved…and HerClutterBox was born!

The acrylic boxes come in three different sizes: 4 drawer, 5 drawer & 6 drawer. (4 drawer: height 20cm, width: 30cm, depth: 25cm; 5 drawer: h: 33cm, w: 37cm, d: 25cm; 6 drawer: h: 50cm, w: 45cm, d: 30cm) The five drawer and six drawer versions are fantastic for any beauty tools like curling irons or straighteners, and perhaps taller bottles.

When you surf the internet you will find that there are similar versions, but none as sleek, and a complete unit as this one. Most likely, if you search for similar type of storage units, you will find that the number one suggestion on forums or blogs will be MUJI storage boxes. Take note ladies, that the 6 drawer HerClutterBox is the largest acrylic make-up organiser available on the web! (Impressive, and you heard the 411 here first.) Best yet, the company and all the products are designed and handmade in Ireland.  I nominate Colin to be the Beauty World’s HERO (or beauty products’ knight in shining armour!) for creating this more than obvious and needed solution. And of course, the ending to this tale is: ‘Happily Ever After’…beautiful isn’t it? 4,5, & 6 drawer HerClutterBoxes are available NOW from 125 Euros – 189 Euros at


Beauty Says: Nothing beats my all time favourite cult classic beauty product Peel Off Masks. Nostalgic feelings run down my spine as I speak of these masks- they were the first I had ever used at the age of 12. There is something special about waiting for it to dry so that you can finally peel it off to reveal a revitalised and brand new skin. (I think maybe it is because you get to peel them off that you feel they do indeed give bonifide results.) Sadly, peel-offs are now rare, but I’ve managed to dig deep, and found a few of the best brands on the market…..get ready to stay in with these new classic treasures….

Minus -417 Mineral Peel-Off Mask: This mineral peel-off mask from Minus -417 is tingly on the skin as it sets to dry. It’s most potent ingredient comes from the Dead Sea’s Mineral Rich waters which are known to treat skin’s ailments from acne to psoriasis to any redness and irritations. High in magnesium this mask goes to give the skin a hydrating bath and results that are not just glowing but luxuriously luminous! I’ve found this to be a great gentle exfoliating product as well. It’s also great as a follow-up for after sun or on holidays to prevent de-hydration from travelling. I can’t stop touching the skin afterwards! This comes mighty close to treatment products that can give instant fountain of youth! Try it today £25


ENTER: CODE: BEAUTYSHIP at checkout to receive FREE shipping on worldwide orders over £25. (Offer only applies to standard shipping only, and excludes the brand Eccentric Molecules.)


Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Peel & Reveal: I like to call this my pot of strawberry jam-the sweetest treat for the skin! It not only smells delicious, but gives the most fantastic results. The first time I used this, I couldn’t believe the glowing face was mine. It was as if I had just come home from a professional facial! It also doubles up as an exfoliating product as well. My top tip for using this is to use the mini spatula provided and to practice and perfect the layer of mask. If you spread this too thick it will start to drip, but too thin, it will be harder to peel. For gorgeous skin as beautiful as silver screen icons you have to Peel & Reveal…£

Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask: Don’t let this mask fool you to think that it’s a clay mask that doesn’t peel off like the others just because it’s not translucent. This jet black mask doubles up as a deep cleansing mask as it contains French clay. Also containing Syn-ake a peptide from the Temple Viper’s venom, this mask is super to help relax expression lines and bring back a more youthful you. Star product alert! This mask tops most wanted in South East Asia where Snake venom products are HOT! As you peel back the mask you will be surprised to have shed away a tired you, and reveal a bright new you! £68

Beauty gets CC’d In this Spring/Summer 2013 on Colour Correctors

Beauty Says: Last spring saw so many of us jump on the bandwagon of BB (Beauty Balms) creams, and it seems that we’ve not looked back to any better options when it comes to a fast base option with an ALL ‘natural glow’. This season sees BB creams other half, CC creams-or known as Colour Correctors or Colour Control Creams. Now, you’re going to ask, is this product necessary?  BB creams were hailed to be: ‘there’s nothing it can’t do’ in one tube.


CC creams are a bit different as they were developed with more skincare benefits in mind- the key factor here, being that it nourish the skin. They give more effective skin coverage than BB creams, and blend in better than BB’s which sometimes may be a bit white on various skin tones. CC creams also contain a high SPF to protect from UVA & UVB and have a less oily or dewy finishing than BB’s. (Keep in mind that not all of them contain a shade or colour either.) I’ve discovered the magic of using both together, and CC creams underneath various foundations. Come along with me, and get your face CC’d in!


The Benefits:


To receive the benefits from a CC cream, you first have to determine what your concerns are, as there are many CC creams popping up on the market that target different needs. My advice is to take the same approach to them as you would with any skincare product or creams. Some will have the benefits of targeting dark spots or age spots, and redness, while others will give optimum hydration and moisture while also having other anti-aging benefits. I’m introducing some of the newest and best ones on the market (some of which will be available very shortly) to illustrate how they vary to suit different skin types, different skin needs, and different skin tones.


Ole Henriksen:-Perfect Truth CC Crème SPF 30: This CC cream is recommended for those who are looking for a multi-tasking anti-aging product, and particularly one which will target age or sun spots. It contains a broad spectrum of SPF 30 and ferulic acid to protect and prevent radical damage; and like its counterparts in Henriksen’s “Truth” Collection, contains 5 sources of vitamin C-these help in two main ways: to brighten, and to boost collagen production. It also contains Tripeptide5 to target lines and wrinkles and has excellent hydrating properties as it contains sodium hyaluronate and ceramides. I’m now, going to highlight the latter, of ceramides, as it’s one of my all time favourite ingredients to plump out the skin, not to mention that it retains water or moisture. This in turn, tells you that this will keep moisture levels up for long periods or for hours at a time.


I have found this CC cream particular good for day use(I trailed and tested this whilst away on holidays in Barcelona), as it gives more than enough hydration, and moisture. Usually, I layer it underneath my BB cream, but I’ve also found it exceptional underneath a more sheer coverage foundation. It also magically makes any redness on the skin disappear! This has definitely become one of my all time essentials and must haves. And for those who are looking for the equivalent of a corrector for the under eye area, it also has a partnering eye cream: Perfect Truth CC Eye Crème. How’s that for EYE was CC’d in it?? Perfect Truth CC Crème, comes in 2 shades: light & dark £29/30ml, Perfect Truth CC Eye Crème comes in one natural shade for all, 7ml/£20. Available exclusively & launching at the end of May 2013 at John Lewis

Omorovicza-Complexion Corrector SPF 20: For those who are looking for similar anti-aging benefits as Ole Henriksens’s Truth CC Crème, but do not want colour in it, look no further than Hungarian Spa expert: Omorovicza. Their Complexion Corrector SPF20 contains, no colour, as is a white cream that sorts out uneven tone of the skin, redness, and hyper-pigmentation. Containing vitamin c, vitamin B3, and watercress extract these ingredients go to inhibit the production of tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is an enzyme that causes the production of melanin; hence, this is a superior product for age or sun spots. All of Omorovicza’s products are powered by the healing waters of Budapest, and contain skin benefitting copper, zinc, calcium and magnesium. All of these mainly go to protect the skin from UVA & UVB which cause the skin to age. Its secret weapon to keep moisture levels at the top is hyaluronic acid- which reduces moisture loss and provides lasting hydration. Finally, precious ruby crystals are used as an optical diffuser, that give sheen and glow even angels will envy. I recommend this to those who want to gain the benefits of a CC product, but want to use it alongside their regular foundation (mainly due to already achieving true match in colour for their foundation or base). I have tested this even with some heavier foundations, and found it to sit absolutely perfect, with no oily residue or feel. Perfect for day or night, it is the new beacon of light for the face! 30ml/£82 available


Want to order the Omorovicza CC Cream? Click on the banner below to get to the website to order now, and get FREE SHIPPING and FREE SAMPLES with Every order! And now receive 5% discount with code: OM5% at checkout!

Omorovicza Cosmetics - The Art of Mineral Beauty

NIP + FAB- CC Cream SPF 30 & CC Eye Fix: NIP + FAB’s CC cream and CC Eye Fix are incredibly accessible for CC newbies in more ways than one. I would recommend it for those in their 20s-30s and great for dehydrated skin types. With only one application, the moisture it provides can last up to 24 hours! (Great for flights, so those going on holidays or festivals take note.) Their secret power hydrator is soline, an ingredient from wild sunflowers that moisturise and soothe. It also gives the skin an incredible tone, so those who are lazy at the toning step in their cleansing regime will like this. The oat extract in it provides that smoothness, and tone, while light diffusers, softens, brightens, and illuminates the skin. Surprisingly, it also contains hyaluronic acid, to retain moisture levels, and the moisture barrier, and hence, exceptional for its value in price point.


It comes in two great shades, and also has an eye counterpart: CC Eye Fix. For more youthful skin, I would recommend to use this on its own, as it highlights natural youth that is already there. It’s great underneath a BB cream, and most foundations, but my top tip is to try wearing this alone with just a light dusting of powder or bronzer on the top. (Take note, that CC creams are different to BB’s in the sense that the even out any blurs, and are meant to be underneath things. By doing so, you are not interfering with any dewy or natural glow, as it will be enhanced or come through.) NIP these CC products fast to be absolutely FAB-YOU darlings! Light Medium & Dark shades for face and eyes, CC Cream, £14.95, Eye Fix £9.95 available now at


  Pur Minerals- Correcting Primers: Don’t let the name confuse or fool you ladies, as Pur Minerals’ Correcting Primers are very much a CC product in its own right. These are more for those who have problems with visible pores, oily skin types, and trouble of making their make-up look absolutely smooth. It should be considered to be ‘make-up insurance’ as it not only reduces pores, but also firms, brightens, and just sits beautifully under any base you’re already using. The colour coding of them tells you that they’re a bit different, as green is for those who want to reduce redness, peach for those who want to balance out their colour or tone, and neutral for those who want to create a flawless make-up canvass. Ideal for any skin types, but be sure to moisturise or use a base with plenty of hydrating properties. Otherwise, for those who want more hydration within this range, try the hydrate primer which contains pentavitin-an ingredient that can give and hold 72 hrs of hydration or moisture. (It’s a record breaker in this category!) Correcting primers & Hydrating Primer £22.50 available only at your M&S!

ALORÉE Chlorocosmetic-CC Cream Second Life: For those who prefer natural or eco-skincare products, French brand ALORÉE champions in providing super protection in their products. Why? Well, because all their products have one super common denominator: Chlorophyll-which protects the skin from the sun. This CC cream has an SPF 6 PA+ and only comes in one universal nude shade to suit all as it adapts to skin tone. It has super moisture, but for those who are looking for a matte finish this is it! It gives the smoothest matte finish ever, and smells of natural rose, as if it was just plucked from the garden. (Suitable for all skin types & sensitive skin too.) You can only get this in one place at the moment:EXCLUSIVELY at WHOLEFOODS, 40ml got £31.99.


So now you’ve been CC’d in….or maybe if you’re using BB with CC, BCC’d isn’t it time you pass this message along to everyone you know in an e-mail and tell them all?     


The Edit: Reviews & Other Neat Stuff

Beautys' Abi Fabi Edit

Want to Play Laser Tag with Unwanted Hairs? Beauty Investigates: TRIA Beauty’s newest At Home Hair Removal Laser

 Beauty Says: We ladies spend so much time and money trying to get rid of unwanted hairs all over the body. Not to mention, at times, it can get messy or painful! Meet an at home solution in TRIA’s newest at home hair removal laser. It seems that playing laser tag (and erm killing enemy numero uno) has never been more fun. Get ready, hairs, because you’re it!

First of all I’m going to clarify the difference between hair removal lasers and other gadgets such as hotwires (No No! being the most popular). Hotwires basically sear off the hairs, but the hairs do eventually grow back in time. Perhaps you will see slower growth, but nonetheless, they do grow back. The grow-back process also resembles that similar to shaving which means stubble.

 Hair removal lasers are effective in ensuring that the hair does not grow back because they target the hair at its follicle. Now for it to be effective the laser’s heat has to be picked up by the hair. How it does is that the melanin of the hair absorbs this heat. This is why for those who have dark hairs it works, but for those who have blond or light hairs it doesn’t. Another fact is that if the hair’s bulge region is targeted by the laser it is effective and the hair doesn’t grow back. The reason for this is because it is in this bulge region of the hair follicle that growth comes from (containing mainly of stem cells) and if you kill its ability to grow the hair will not come back.

Of course, the downside to laser hair removal is that it is extremely costly-with each treatment costing up to over £100 a session, and numerous sessions are needed. (The treatments are costly because the machines in the clinics cost hundreds of thousands or pounds.) TRIA Beauty has introduced ‘The TRIA Hair Removal Laser 4X’ and claims that it is just as effective as professional treatments in the comfort of your own home. It claims that it can zap away 70% of unwanted hair in just two treatments. Its secret is that it uses the same diode laser technology as professional clinic lasers. This means, that it targets the bulge area to prevent future hair growth from occurring. How it works is that you have to shave the area where you’re going to use the machine on first, zap the area (there is a built in counter to tell you where to zap and to get even coverage), and apply a gel afterwards.

Well the evidence is always in the pudding right? Here are a few pictures of before and after shots of an area of a leg and upper lip after treatments.

LEG: BEFORE(Left) AFTER(Right) using Tria Hair Removal 4X

LIP: BEFORE (Left) AFTER (Right) using Tria Hair Removal 4X

TRIA suggests that suggests that you do the treatments every other week for three months in order to get optimal results. They also state that should any hairs grow back, they will be finer, and lighter. I personally think that it’s a great option for those who no longer want to shave or wax, or are looking for a form of laser treatment in the comfort of their own home. There also seems to be great value in investing in this product as other family members might want to tackle their hairy problems quietly. (Yes, we are referring to our partners with hair backs, necks….wanting to prepare for beach season.) So what is your verdict? Is it worth the investment? I think it’s pretty good and comes to the closest results I’ve seen done from professional hair removal laser sessions. If you’re looking for a more reasonable laser solution, why not look into it and give it a try?

TRIA Hair Removal Laser 4X is available at Harvey Nichols,,, SPAKCE NK, and Selfridges for £375.

Bad Hair Days are Banished with POW! COLOUR WOW!

Beauty Says: We all have bad hair days, whether it is frizzy hair, lank or limp hair, or perhaps your roots are showing, and it’s not quite time to go to the hair dressers just yet for another colouring. Many hair care products claim that they do miracles and that bad hair day is a thing of the past. So if that is true, why do so many of us still have bad hair days? Well I’ve just found a new line that deserves the title of ‘Super Hero’ of hair- punching bad hair days aside.


The products have so much SUPER POWER you will be left jaw-dropped speechless and:  ‘WOW’D!Meet COLOUR WOW, a line of hair care developed from renowned beauty innovator Gail Federici, internationally acclaimed hair dresser, John Freida, and the brilliant cosmetic chemist Dr. Joe Cincotta. Containing Root Cover Up Kits, a Shellac Treatment, Mousse, Colour Security Shampoo & Conditioner- this collection is exceptional, when it comes to performance, because it is a prescriptive solution to hair care.

Root Cover Up Kits: Deemed to be the next hand-held device that will change your life, these root cover up kits cover and refresh grey roots seamlessly. Unlike any other root cover/touch up products on the market, these kits adhere to the hair without being sticky, or dulling-meaning they look natural. This is because they do not contain any waxes or dies. The pigments have reflective properties, are water-resistant, and so easy to use it is fool proof! Just brush on dry hair, and let it set. If you’ve put too much on just shake it off with no mess. Best of all you get 60 applications with one kit (last about 3 months) and solves the problem of going to touch up roots at the hair dresser too often. Even though I’ve got black hair I find it sufficient to use the dark brown and find it much more appealing than black as it looks like I’ve got some highlights put in. Kits come in 4 shades: blonde, light, medium, & dark brown £28.50 and are available at QVC,,, and SPACE NK starting in JULY.

Colour Security Shampoo: This shampoo is the next generation of colour shampoo because they unlike other non-sulphate shampoos they produce the most beautiful rich lather.  Best yet, it has a (LDC) or Low Density Charge which means it keeps the hair cuticle from swelling trapping colour and moisture. I’ve tried and tested this at the swimming pool as well, and it replenishes the driest hair no matter the condition. Texture of the hair is left soft soft soft….£16.50 250ml £9  75ml available at QVC,,, and SPACE NK starting in JULY.

Colour Security Conditioner: The worst thing about conditioners for coloured hair has got to be that they either dull the hair, or darken the colour. Not these ones! It contains two new secret (and trade marked) weapons: Proprietary Sealicon & Aquamino Emulsion Technology. These go to improve the hair’s elasticity and give it that bounce not to mention a weightless binding finish. The perfect pairing to the colour security shampoo! Comes in two variations, one for thicker and one for thinner hair. ….£16.50 250ml £9  75ml available at QVC,,, and SPACE NK starting in JULY.

One minute Transformation & POP & LOCK: I’m most excited to tell you girlies about these two innovative products that could save you time, and a bad hair day for good! Meet One Minute Transformation that is  a light-weight styling cream. You use this literally with bed head, apply it into sections of the hair and with a blow dryer and brush, transform the hair to instant smoothness. It’s that simple! It replaces natural oils to hair, and moisturises without leaving it sticky or with residue. No wax or emulsifiers are in this-I’m surprised they didn’t name it Magic Transformation! £16.50 250ml £9  75ml available at QVC,,, and SPACE NK starting in JULY.

The other miracle product has become one of my favourites and must-haves: POP & LOCK. The first of its kind ever in the hair world, this product is classified as Crystallite Shellac. A coin size application transforms the hair to have the most amazing glass-like finish. Its secret is that it can deeply hydrate and actually infuses the hair with moisture whilst sealing the outside lay cuticle flat. The UV filters in it also protect the hair from colour fade. Genius! £14 55ml available at QVC,,, and SPACE NK starting in JULY.


Don’t be jealous of others with great hair….get some jaws dropping yourself now with COLOUR WOW! EXTRA GOODIES: Order now at and get a 75ml shampoo FREE with order!

Beauty Reviews: Omorovicza Retail Facial @Liberty of London

Omorovicza, the Budapest based, spa brand truly triumphs not only for their products, but also for their facial treatments. If you like deep massages, I suggest their facials, as it not only good for deep cleansing and relaxation, but gives instant and fantastic results for firming and lifting-leaving an exuberant glow like no other. 

I was greeted by Dominika Dracz, education trainer, and residential therapist of Omorovicza. Dominika reviewed and discussed with me my skin’s condition and needs, and guided me through the process that will happen for the treatment. I felt that I was being given the best care, as she reassured me that if at any point in time I felt any discomfort, in temperatures or pressure, I should let her know, and that she would be happy to accommodate. 

The facial treatment is broken down into three main parts: First, cleansing and exfoliation is done with enflourage movements, that is gentle, but stimulating enough to be effective. Then, deep tissue massage is followed through in part two. The cheek muscles feel like they’re having an intensive aerobics workout. As I had relaxed into the couch throughout part one of the facial, I began to be in tune with the piano music in the background. When part two began, the movements on my face quickened and livened up or intensified as if the piano concerto was being played on my face. At first it was a bit shocking (not uncomfortable though) that the muscles were jumping, but I soon got used to it.

There is a so-called intermission or break then when the masque is applied and let to set. A beautiful arm and hand massage was given that made me melt even further, transporting me to subliminal bliss. Finally, the facial is finished off with a tension easing eye massage, and application of serum, face cream, and BB cream to give a natural finish.


I felt no desire or need to reapply any make-up, as I usually do after a treatment, for I was incredibly pleased with the natural radiant face staring back at me. I must point out the incredible value of this treatment, as it is a five-star treatment, like one you would receive at any top hotel’s or spa’s worth over £100 for the hour. The treatment is £85 redeemable against any purchase, and appointments are done regularly each month. This treatment is well worth the investment, and will bring back a youthful vitality like no other. To book call: 0207 734 1234 and ask for Omorovicza in the Beauty Department.


Snob's YUM YUM Edit

CANTEEN brings 1930s Street Food back into style with mobile TFL canteen at Clerkenwell Design Week

Snob Says: Did you know that Transport for London were the ultimate FOOD trendsetters back in the day and had London’s first mobile canteens or street food in the 1930s? Yes, you heard me correctly- I am referring to the TFL!

Fact not Fiction: Under its former name, London Transport once fed thousands of workers, with their mobile canteens that were dotted all over the capital.

 To celebrate their 150th anniversary, the TFL has teamed up with my favourite British family restaurant chain, CANTEEN, to debut the mobile London Transport CANTEEN at Clerkenwell Design Week May 21-23, 10am-9pm, The Farmiloe Building St.John Street.

The team at CANTEEN have been doing their homework, and looked back into old mobile canteens, and recipes that once fed Britain’s workforce. Their vintage mobile canteen will be serving up popular re-workings of classics like pie & mash, as well as offering visitors, a “taste from the past”-serving up food samples from original recipes of the TFL canteen staff. I hear that there’ll be Onion Bacon Pudding to taste, on the day. Very Good & Proper has taken design inspiration from TFL historical stations, buses, and train carriages to create this vintage masterpiece. Are you also loving, the design of the re-worked tube signage + CANTEEN, as much as I am?

Don’t miss this special foodie &design event! To register & get into the Clerkenwell Design Week for FREE go to Clerkenwell Design Week runs May 21-23, 10am-9pm daily at 34 St.John Street, London, EC1M 4AY, closest tubes Farringdon & Barbican.



POPCHIPS: The Next Frontier of Snacking & Beyond….

Snob Says: POPCHIPS is the new snack that has yet again continued the debate of the ‘po-tah-toe’ versus ‘po-ta-toe’ or in this snacky case it’s the debate of ‘crisp’ versus ‘chip’. Creating even more controversy, this snack is not baked, nor fried, but popped like its savoury affiliate: popcorn. Kernels of potato are popped with heat, and voila, hence the name POPCHIPS. They claim they are the ‘intelligent crisp,’ as they are low in fat- giving this traditionally, greasy snack, absolute redemption.

The marketing behind this is brilliantly quirky and fun-using (POP) stars like Katy Perry, for example to endorse the snack as ‘the famous (pop) snack’.  I think these snacks are a MUST TRY for the following reasons:

1.       They taste great! Comes in 5 different flavours: Original, Barbeque, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Pepper, & Sea Salt & Vinegar. My all time favourite has to be the Salt & Pepper-simply sophisticated!

2.       They don’t taste like cardboard!

3.       There are only less than 100 calories in each bag!

4.       Further GUILT FREE reasons include: No cholesterol, & 0 grams of trans fat (very important)

5.       Finally, there are no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and there are NO greasy fingers!

I would best describe them as something between rice cakes and Pringle crisps. For being a healthier option, and having incredible taste, I would say these wee disks, are not alien in format of a snack & truly out of this world! (I personally would like to see more interesting flavours in the future too! Wonder what they would think of a Basil & Lime flavour?

Indeed a new hybrid of snack, but not too alien for our palettes! Join the POPCHIP invasion! Available at Waitrose, Wholefoods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Planet Organic, WHSmith, Costco, CRUSSH, Abokado & Pod Good Food Shops. Or for those who want it to come to you, order online at



OOooo look what the Little Birdie got for you? A chance to WIN a whole MONTH worth of POPCHIPS! Just e-mail me at: and tell me....


POP QUIZ QUESTION: Which famous POP STAR is endorsing POPCHIPS???


Competition closes May 31st. Winner will be notified by e-mail. 


Snob Chomps his way into Bloc Choc-Nothing but 100%

Snob Says: I’ve discovered Bloc Choc confectionary, and it’s an extraordinary brand, whether you like more traditional sweets such as Dolly Mix, Jelly Babies, or Wine Gums or you’ve adventurous and want to try something new like Mini Candy Droplets.


I stumbled upon this brand one day in an aisle at an ASDA supermarket as I spotted a bag of their Baby Jelly Babies. The bag also stated that they were 100% natural, and by looking at the ingredients I was impressed, as it was short and not full of chemicals. More importantly, they were gluten free and made with Halal ingredients. I thought this bag of jelly babies were exceptional as the jelly baby pieces were smaller, and incredibly soft. They were also not too sweet, but gave that lovely fruity aroma within the palette.


When I got home I decided to do a bit more research, and reached Sara in their offices. The candies are all made here in Glasgow, Scotland, and have fans not just here but also in the US & Canada. So far in their vast collection I’ve tried:


Strawberry & Cream Drops: Candy droplets covered in sugar powder. I would describe them as the perfect little uplift for any car ride, or travel companion, as they give you just the right sugar lift without being too much or too sweet.


Jelly Bean Lovehearts: These jelly beans won’t grow Jack’s beanstalk, but they just might grow you some LOVE as their shapes are perfect for sharing. The texture is lovely, and you don’t get too much of that sugar coating as you chew through them.


Really BIG Chocolate Buttons: Massive chocolate buttons-one side milk the other side white! These are of the highest quality melt-in-your-mouth chocolate buttons. Idea: Put them on the chess board as pieces, to get more fun out of them. Remember, you can’t lose if you can eat these buttons!


ABC Gums: These gums will not disappoint, as they are extra chewy and soft, and not in that hardened way. The fruity flavours are delicate and again not too sweet like the jelly babies. How many words can you spell out of your bag? So far I’ve spelled none as I’ve eaten them too quickly to finish any words.


For those who like to bake there are Cooking Chocolate Chips that create the most moorish chocolate chip cookies. I’ve also started to melt some of these and dip strawberries and other fruit pieces in them to create naughty fruit skewers as desert! And there are Milk Bottles, Apple Drops, Orange Bites, Fudge Bites, and Mini Bananas and drinking chocolate in white, milk or dark that are part of the collection too!


I would recommend these for anyone looking for gourmet sweets made with less sugar, high quality natural ingredients, more goodness, but still 100% of the naughtiness and fun. Get them online at ASDA: (£3 for 2 bags, promotion on now) And for more updates join BLOC CHOC on Twitter @BLOCCHOC


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