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THIS WORKS! FADE OUT Rejuvenating Anti Wrinkle Cream

FADE OUT Rejuvenating Anti Wrinkle Cream from Boots will not break the bank at £9.18; and it works and does the job of other more well-known brands on the market. Fade out does a host of creams that help with anti-aging from a day cream, night cream and brightening eye cream. This one, the Rejuvenating Anti Wrinkle Cream also helps fade pigmentation marks, age spots and freckles. (Yes, freckles!)

Pigmentation is a brown pigment in the skin that is produced by melanocytes. The transfer of the darkness or brown spots goes to the upper layers of the skin when exposed to the sun or certain hormones. It is often, that with change of life, or menopause, some women experience more brown spots appearing on their skin. Fade Out contains active naturals to help prevent the melanin from reaching the upper layers of the skin. It contains Niacinamide, which is a water-soluble vitamin, part of the vitamin B group. This key ingredient helps to calm the skin (especially in cases of acne). In cases of cancer it has shown to repair or restore DNA strand breaks. It also contains macadamia nut oil which makes 22% of omega-7-giving a cushiony texture or plumpness to the skin.

I will admit that I have no spots or age marks up to this point. However, using the cream for several weeks I can see the skin tone clearer and brighter. The cream is thick and rich, and I would say comparable to many famous makes on the market priced at well over £100 for 50ml. I also found the skin to be feeling softer as I found out that the cream also contains pathenol. Pathenol not only softens the skin but also strengthens it from within. It is also the one of the few that I have seen on the market, where you would wear in the day, and does not require you to wear SPF. Although, I would recommend wearing an SPF either in your make-up or on top of the cream just to be sure to prevent those age spots! My verdict, is that it’s a steal and worth the try. At £9.18 it’s one of the best value products I’ve seen in a while. For more information go or get it at


The Dolly Mix

Live Art Window: Swarovski Regent Street

Today (Tues August 31, 2012) marks the second ‘LIVE Art’ window for Swarovski on Regent Street. Good Wives & Warriors Illustrative Collaborators has teamed up with Swarovski to create these unique window displays based on tweets from their fans and customers, of iconic landmarks, or icons of London.

The first window display seen in these pictures have brought illustrations of Big Ben, London Buses, phone booths and London beats or club scene to the mix. If you’re on my Twitter page or Facebook page you would have seen me tweet about it and asked you to tweet to Swarovski to get your icons into the second ‘LIVE ART’ creation. Watch this Youtube video to see the first window being created. It truly is a work of art besides also getting everyone involved in what they do as a brand. (Very cool!)

We shall see what the second windows illustrations bring-as I will be updating this particular posting to show you the latest second window soon….

Review Boom Boom Club’s-Prospero’s Tavern at Priceless Wonderground-Southbank

Cabaret has always been thought to be unpopular as they tend to give a sense of being like variety shows. Today’s cabaret is much more exciting and incorporates improvisation as Boom Boom Club proves with their new spectacular: Prospero’s Tavern. The club consistently reinvents itself with each new spectacle it produces and is known to like to challenge cabaret to new heights and take it out of the box. As a parody to Shakespeare’s Tempest, Prospero is a flirtatious character that likes to dress in drag. You quickly catch on that it is meant to be a like a pub setting or as they suggest, Davy Jones’ Lock-in. At times you might miss the humour or the jokes if you are not up to speed, but you will be delighted with each act as all of them keep you truly entertained and elevated.

Some of the highlights of the show:

-A pair of arguing sailors who start an acrobatic fight and stunts

- Kitty Bang Bang as Properos pet cat who lashes out in a saucy sensuous burlesque show

- Up and Over it as a pair of lovers from a Titanic theme that breaks out in a competition with each other tapping on the tables, floors-in hand-tapping and foot-tapping dance

- watch out also for a rather silent Ariel (Propero’s slave-like daughter) that metamorphs into something daring and tantalizes you with an act literally from top to bottom of the Spiegeltent!

The music is exceptional, and makes the performance truly lively, as Uberkaboom, a London Rock-band, plays a live soundtrack with a double bass, an electric guitar, drums and a saxophone. The show opens with the lovely Vicky Butterfly (as I interviewed last month) in a trance-like dance that will take you to the depths of the seas and towards the island where this tavern is set. The incredible detailing of some of the costumes do indeed, live up to Vicky’s visions…

   The Boom Boom Club not only promises that you will be delighted, but perhaps mesmerized…it will change the way you think of Cabaret forever. For those whom a cabaret show is a first, make this your first experience!


 Also before or after the show be sure to explore the Udderbelly Wonderground, full of amusements! It truly reminds me Coney Island in NYC....

Or how about enjoying your drinks in the shade of this garden area, on these carved out mushroom seats and mini tables....magical!

And for those who really like a screaming time...check out the rides at the back! This one goes to great heights, and there's a roller coaster too!

Venue:                   Priceless London Wonderground
                               Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX
Dates:                    Sat 16th, Sat 30th June, Fri 13th, Thurs 19th (press night), Sat 28th July - Sat 4th Aug
Show Time!          Sunday-Wednesday Shows
                               Doors 8.45pm / Show 9.15pm (75 mins) no interval
                               Thurs-Saturday Shows
                              Doors 8.45pm / Show 9.15pm (75 mins) / Interval / Aftershow Party (120 mins)
Tickets:                  Standard £20 / Standard + aftershow £25
                               VIP £40 (access to VIP bar, aftershow and free glass of bubbly on arrival)
                               Aftershow £5 - Thurs-Saturday shows (available in person only)
Booking:                0844 545 8282 /

Beauty's Secrets

John Frieda shows Beauty how to do High Fashion Styles at Home!

Jake Davis & Giles Robinson, Senior Stylists at the John Frieda Academy are Celebrity hair stylists. They show through thier easy to follow videos how to high fashion styles such as the 1960s Beehive and Top Knot.


Us girls always get the blues when we it's the day after we've gone to see the hair stylists, because we just can't blow dry the same as him/her when we've done the first wash. Well no more!- Jake Davis shows us how to maximize the normal blow dry to give us uber volume!


Beauty says: What I really like about the video is that the stylists do not just do the model's hair alone. He engages the model to do it for herself, so you know that you can manage it if she can. It really is a step by step realistic guide. You can do it!

Giles Robinson of John Frieda shows how to do the Full Body Blow Dry

Jake Robinson of ohn Frieda shows how to do the Top Knot (Do this one for London Fashion Week!)

Giles Robinson of Joh Frieda shows how to do 1960s Beehive (Perfect for any event!)

Make-up by Mood and Emotion- LUSH Cosmetics’ New Launch: Emotional Brilliance

The theory behind colour and make-up are varied-while many make-up artists will say that certain tones will go with certain skin and hair colour, others will say always to wear opposite colours that can help enhance your natural beauty. Colour is also known to have the power to elevate our mood and emotions.

Not too long ago I was invited to a mysterious new product launch event by LUSH Cosmetics on Kings Road. As we stood outside waiting eagerly and trying to figure out what would be presented to us, the girls, only added to the mystery and tease when they created oversized bubbling champagne glasses at the doors.

When we were let in, we were all told to make it at the back and enter the garden. We were greeted by two treats: One was of course, a glass of fizzy, while the other was a more special treat-music played by Simon Emerson. If you can re-call in my article about LUSH SPA all the music was developed by Simon. As we relaxed and chatted away to each other, we all noticed that there was a spinning wheel on one of the tables with coloured circles. Each time any of us asked, we were told that we would soon find out. Shortly after, we were then all led back to the main shop floor and stood in front of a shelf that was covered. Although most of us knew that the new range had something to do with make-up, the unveiling certainly didn’t prepare us for what we saw next. The shelf was covered with numerous tiny coloured bottles.


It was then, Melanie, the Manager who was doing the presentation, told us that she was pleased to unveil to us the new make-up range (like no other of course) by Rowena Bird called Emotional Brilliance. Rowena is one of the co-founders of LUSH and apparently had been working on this new range for roughly eight years!

Emotional Brilliance is a range of cosmetics that is not only good for your skin, and natural as possible, but also about connecting you to yourself. To choose your colours you have to play the game on the wheel where you think of nothing or a blank canvas. As you open your eyes the wheel spins before you and you pick the first three colours you see. The first colour you choose is to represent your STRENGTH OR WEAKNESS, the second your SUBCONCIOUS NEED, and the third your TALENT. It is then that the LUSH consultant will explain to you what those colours could mean for you or do for you emotionally. This make-up consultation is like no other, because they do not tell you how to wear it. You can choose and play with how you feel like wearing it. I would describe it as almost a like a make-up reading.




The range was developed with strategic behavioural therapist, Lady Kennedy, who specializes in changing people’s behaviour and attitudes through a list of words. These words can alter and change perceptions and behaviours and is a form mind care. Emotional Brilliance is make-up that has brought this type of mind therapy straight to the high street.

Some of the colours are to be used on the eyes as liners or shadows, while others can be used on the cheeks and lips. However, all the colours can be used in any way you wish, as they are safe to use on all areas. I found one of the colours, for example, the green (Healthy) can be used on the lips. Green is the opposite colour to red, so when this is mixed with clear lip gloss and put onto the lips it actually enhances the natural lip colour. Hmm….making your lips look healthy looking indeed! The first colour I chose off the wheel was a bright intense purple called Feeling Secure. I was told by Melanie that in my case it is not because I am weak and need strength but that perhaps that if I wear this I could get an extra boost. It was true for me in that sense, as the next day I had a big launch for a client I had been working on to attend to. I also found that some of the more intense colours in blue or green or metallics made great alternative mascara options. (Just stick a wand in it and away you go!)

As I wore the purple liner the next day, I received numerous compliments. The funny thing is how reassured I felt wearing such a bright colour I normally wouldn’t wear. I have to say, that by wearing this small accent as well for my event, it made a difference to me, and got me through what would have been an extra stressful day. So for the new season coming up, why not try adding this to your make-up palette; and instead of having someone telling that you need it, and how to wear it, let your emotion guide you and wear it the way you want to- indeed, Emotional Brilliance, or should I say: Brilliant!

Emotional Brilliance is available nationwide in LUSH COSMETICS boutiques. Choose from 30 colours at £14.50 each or go to (You can play the colour spinning wheel game now online too! )


The Edit: Reviews and other Neat Stuff

Beautys' Abi Fabi Edit

OH MY GOSH! Looking Beautiful with GOSH Cosmetics from Denmark

Beauty loves the vibe and beat of Scandinavian countries-she loves how they’re avant-garde. She’s just discovered GOSH Cosmetics from Denmark, and she’s in LOVE! This brand of cosmetics is available at Superdrug nationwide, and despite being sold at the chemist, it goes beyond any expectations. The quality of the products is amazing and the pigments in the colours pop. All the colours for eyes, lips, and nails are bang on trend.

Beauty has selected some of her favourite pieces to recommend and share with you…check it out!

Long Lasting Lip Marker 002-Pink:These are great to use as a base for any of your lipsticks as they don’t budge. So even if your gloss or lippy get lost on napkins, or simply because it’s worn off, you’ve always got a bit of colour on the lip area. They’re also great to use as a lip liner. For those who don’t like the stickiness of anything on their lips, I would recommend this as it gives you that natural stained look. £6.99 each, comes in 4 fabulous colours: pink, berry, chocolate & red.

Volume Lipshine:These are extremely brilliant in colour, and the gloss is super glossy when put on. This one in red especially makes the lip stand out, and gives any lipstick punch! £6.99 each.

Brow Kit:These brow kits are fantastic because they also include a wax cream to help shape the brows. It comes with a step by step guide inside showing you how to use the brush with the colours and the wax cream. I would recommend this to anyone, as brows are a bit tricky and often we can pluck too much or draw them too dark. The brow kits are incredibly reasonable in price as well at £8.49.

Eye Shadow Palettes:At the moment I’m rather in love with this green palette as it really brightens up my face. What’s really lovely about it is that it has this gold iridescence that runs through it. I find it extremely easy to wear as I don’t often use shadows. The other kits are smokey eye palettes. All the colours are numbered, and there is a guide to which area of the eye to apply them. These are perfect for the first time user, or inexperienced! Everything you need is there, and under £10-at £8.49 each.

Beauty says: Once you’re hooked on this range it really is: Oh My GOSH!


All Available at Superdrug:

Need Smooth heels fast? Call Doctor Fish at Coco NailBar

Ever since the fish pedicure became main stream I've always wanted to try it. Like most, I've heard mixed reviews and, of course, all the false facts about it. It seemed a bit gross for little fish to eat the skin from your feet, no? It freaks Snob out each time he passes any salon that has it.


Snob says: Look at those little things eating skin from feet! Would they like their skin dry or medium dry? I prefer my fish in a Japanese restaurant!

I wanted to set the record straight and have come to one of London's Best and original Nail Spas: Coco Nail Bar on the Portobello Road to investigate the truth behind the fish pedicure. 

The fish pedicure is where you leave your feet in a tank and allow the tiny fish to groom them. Apparently this practice or treatment originated in Turkey. The fish are called Garu Rufa (or known commonly as Doctor fish) and are mainly found in Turkey, Iran and Syria. They seem to eat the rough skin from your feet-in fact, they do not do this. One of the myths attached to the fish is that they eat the skin, and once they are full they stop. Hence, all the long line-ups or long waiting time for these treatments because the fish cannot eat anymore is also false. The Garu Rufa actually produces saliva that acts as an enzyme that melts away the dead skin. Garu Rufas were originally found to effectively treat psoriasis and eczema patients.

Check out all these ladies in the salon enjoying their cocktails, in these cushy massage chairs, getting their luxurious pedicures done!

When I arrived I was greeted by the therapist, Myriam, who gently washed my feet in a basin with warm water. She also carefully checked both my feet to ensure that I had no cuts or wounds. If any of these were found, I would have not been allowed to have the treatment. This is extremely important as it ensures that I do not catch any viruses or diseases nor if I had any that I spread them to others.


She then took me to one of the tanks, and asked me to put my feet in. I am extremely ticklish. So when I first put them in I squealed with laughter. It felt like a bunch of little needles were slightly poking the soles of my feet. After a moment though it settles and it feels rather relaxing-like gentle vibrations. Now since the weather heated up I've been wearing my sandals so the skin on my heels has been a bit rough. After 30 min in the tank, with the Garu Rufas, they were smooth- as if they were exfoliated with tools in a regular pedicure. The difference is that it is much gentler. You can have 20 minutes for £15, 30minutes for £25 or 65 minutes with a quickie pedicure at the end for £50.

I have to say that I actually prefer a fish pedicure any day to a regular pedicure because the whole experience is less evasive. Plus, Coco Nail Bar has incredible service! They have a full bar with champagne, alcoholic and non-alcoholic Cocktails, and wines. If it's cold outside or raining they have teas and coffees.

Now Snob will like this next part... ( since he's not keen on the fish pedi like us) they also serve sushi and you can have lunch while you pedicure is being done. You can choose the sushi from their menu and they have it delivered and made fresh from a restaurant down the road.


Other treatments include Nail art, glitzy lips (infallible foil that is applied to the lips) threading of the brows, manicure and pedicure packaged treatments too!

Coco Nail bar is at 267 Portobello Road, London, W11 1LR. Call 02072431113 to make an appointment or see their website for full treatment menu at:

I rate this treatment to be a true and must try 5 star experience!  

Snob's YUM YUM Edit

London’s HOT NEW Venue on the Portobello Road: Acklam Village Market, W10

Listen up boys and girls, London, has a HOT NEW venue on the Portobello Road. Underneath the westway, or bridge at the top of Portobello lies a little gem called Acklam Village Market. A few months ago I wrote about the street food revolution and some of the best street food in London. One of them was this particular market, then, known as Portobello Fine Foods Market. Little did I know, that Mr. Cadogan had big plans for this, and now has turned this into a venue with a covered area bar, live music and entertainment every weekend, and a place where local artists can showcase their art. The interesting thing about this market is that it is a project for redevelopment of the area, and in partnership with the Westway Trust.

I’ve been working on this project as well doing the Press and Marketing. Over the last few weeks I’ve gotten to know all the vendors well and there are some new ones that I would like to introduce to you. In the recent fortnight Acklam Village Market had their launch party weekend, and it all started with a BANG with fantastic local musicians such as Et Tu Bruce’ and Kristina Lao. Kristina is a folk singer that writes her own music. I took this video of her singing STUCK ON YOU at the launch party for all of you. (She will be playing again, so watch out for updates when she appears again!)

There have been some new and interesting vendors on the scene-check them out!!!

The Italian Deli:Mama Mia is right, when it comes to the Italian Deli. They serve up not just pasta or lasagnes…but rice balls, beautiful sauces made with duck, fresh bruchettas and much more! Their mini tortellinis are scrumptious, and could make your mouth sing. If you’re feeling like an Italian….stop here.

Pistachio Rose:Rekha Mehr does Indian-inspired baking. She uses heritage flavour combinations from Indian sweets to make traditional English sweets such as chocolate tarts, delicate sponges, and chocolate nann bread. What I really like about what Rekha does is that she takes the sugar out, so it’s got fewer calories, and she only uses 100% authentic cocoa. Her naan breads with chocolate or almonds are to die for, and the perfect combination in the morning with a proper coffee. Check her out at:

Queens of Sheba:This team of three Ethiopian ladies cook up a feast of vegetarian and vegan options every weekend. They make a whole host of things from tasty lentils to salads, and a traditional crepe-like bread called injera. Finish off one of their meals with their traditional coffee that is made fresh, and served in this tiny cup. It’s not only for vegetarians and vegans, as if you’re looking away from sausages- it’s a great and healthy option.

Guasacaca:Guasacaca is the name of a typical Venezuelan avocado-based sauce that is famous for being staggeringly flavourful. The Guasacaca stall serves Arepa which is a traditional Venezuelan meal of a corn-meal patty filled with various fillings: choose from plantain, meats, beans, cheeses, salads and more. If you’re looking for a something significantly different, then you must try this!

B-Tempted:These miniature cakes are from Australia, and are gluten-free. Don’t be fooled by their size, as they punch an incredible flavour sensation in your mouth! My favourite is the naughty itty bitty chocolate brownie flavour… can you not b-tempted? 

Silmar Taste-Portuguese Gourmet: This is authentic Portugal cuisine. They make a wide spread of delicious handmade savory snacks and cakes. My favourite is the Portuguese custard tart-Pastel de Nata. They do some excellent fish cakes with Portuguese cod, and a snack version of the piri-piri chicken. This one will really give Nandos a run for their money!


Dippy Fruit: This sweet treat is actually good for you. Made with organic fruit, it is naughtily covered in swirls of white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. Be greedy, and top it with some marshmallows and nuts. They also make Eton Mess with cream. The perfect street sweet!

 Transylvanian Chimney Cakes:Aside from being famous for the legend of Count Dracular, Transylvania also has another claim to fame: Chimney Cakes. The dough is wrapped around pins, and cooks in a steam oven -rotating until it caramelizes. The pins are then taken to trays of toppings such as coconut, cinnamon and sugar, nuts or just sugar. When the pin is pushed out of the cake a tunnel of steam rushes out-hence, chimney cakes. If you’ve ever had cinnamon buns and thought they were good, then you have to try this, as when it comes out hot, it’s crispy and truly to die for.

Pyes Farm:These Essex home- made pies are also sold at Harrods! What I really like about these is that pies are not just about pork. They make incredible mouth-watering combinations such as duck and orange, or lamb & leek pasties with mint, and vegetarian options too like spinach. They also do pie and mash, that you can have at the market- piping hot! Pyes Farm will prove to uber popular in the winter and is the perfect accompaniment to any of the micro-beers or ales at the bar!

King Churros:These churros are Brazilian, and really could make your visit to the market. These are made on the spot, and are light and crispy with delicious fillings like chocolate inside. I say, you cannot say you’ve had a market experience until you eat a churro as they are the authentic street market eat!

So there you have it, all the new vendors and eats that have been added to the market. Are you hungry? Tempted?


Tell all your friends and come down! The lounge are bar has plenty of space and free live music every weekend. There is also a movie theatre that will be show-casing some new film projects in London. Come and experience this new market venue….it will surely surprise you with the space, tasty street eats, and drinks. Watch this space…more events to come…


Live music every weekend, and Fuller's Bar with micro-beers & specialty ales. Market & Bar open SAT & SUN every week 11am-7pm.


To check what's on the weekend for entertainment and events go to: 

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