Get It While It's HOT!!!!!

Movenmber Manicures!

Beauty Says: Movenmber is not just for men ladies! Help show your support this Movember with the Big Money Nail Rock pack....So sweet on the nails you can sport your little moustache too! Available now £6.65 at

Graffitti Beauty

 This season Graffitti beauty has been huge, but does it mean we should paint ourselves like warriors or a 80s wall from the Bronx of NYC? Of course not! Graffitti Beauty is all about that bit of extra edge. Beauty has discovered some Graffitti products that won’t break the bank but helped you get updated- Check it out!


Batiste: Graffitti Dry Shampoo

Urban and edgy Batiste’s NEW Graffitti Dry shampoo smells like a cocktail of Top Notes: Apple, Wild Berry, Grape and citrus infused with Middle notes: of Lily, Jasmine and Iris. Base notes include Musk, Coconut Sandalwood and Cedar. So if you’re looking for a quick refresh between office to party this season, or party to party, be sure to pick up a bottle of Graffitti! This is best used between the days you wash. Simply shake well, and hold the can 30cm away from hair. Give hair a quick light spray and work into roots-follow through with a quick brushing. Gorgeous & Refreshed! £2.99/ 200ml at

Nails Inc: Graffitti Nail Colour

The Graffitti collection includes 4 different shades: Portobello Place (Navy), Hoxton Street (Purple), Brick Lane (Black) and Camden Lock (Rainbow). The effect is truly wicked! Paint first a base colour and then add the Graffitti on the top. It completes your outfit and adds that cool edginess. I like to use Brick Lane (Black) on top of most blues as it gives that decorated jeans look. Think 1980s and faceted jean jackets and jeans with rivets! Camden Lock (Rainbow) is great on top of any shade weather it is light or dark. Wear it with a traditional berry red for that added festive look-perfect in times to deck the halls! All four are available now at £11 each 10ml


Make your Christmas outfit HOT HOT HOT!!!

 These Zebra print boots from Clarks are perfect to make any outfit ultra sexy for the holidays season...Start off with this little pair of beauties as a wee present from you to you....£70 at CLARKS!

Front Cover: Dark Arts-Winter's Glamour Accessory

This is a must for Winter’s Glamour ladies! Front Cover’s Dark Arts Set comes with gem stones, a full kit of tools from orange stick to dotters, to brushes. It also includes 4 gorgeously dark shades of nail varnish, and top coat, as well sophisticated as nail wraps. I’ve designed one here with an orange base with dark red and gold brush strokes.

Always wanting to point one in the right direction, I’ve painted my pointer index finger black and encrusted it with sparkly gems. Sure to jazz up any outfit, it will leave you dazzling for the holidays season. Get yours and get creative now or a great gift for your special friend- £25

The Dolly Mix

What Does Christmas mean to you? What do you think the Christmas Spirit is?

And I'll be posting it up here.....

Beauty And The Snob would like to start a wall here for all of you for the next month to share with our readership what Christmas means to you, or What do you think the Christmas Spirit is?


All you have to do is e-mail your answer to:

"Christmas is a special time of year when we can reflect on the past year's happenings-we try to forgive those who have done us wrong, and are thankful for all the genuinely good people who have come into our lives or have helped us in difficult times. It is a time to go see relatives and friends you've not seen a while and get a chance to catch up while celebrating together. It may be a baby's frist Christmas, or a married couple's first Christmas. No matter how many or if it's just one person you spend it with, it holds something more special-the spirit of Christmas is in the spirit of our humanity."-Beauty, from BeautyAndTheSnob

"The Spirit of Christmas must be in the food....Seriously, there is this old Russian film in the 1970s, where in one of the scenes you see a woman put out smoked salmon,  and caviar on the table. These specialty foods, of the season, represent the simple pleasures in life. We don't really need another i-pad, i-phone or fancy new toy. What we need is to do is find joy in all the simple pleasures of life may it be a hot cocoa, or a gingerbread cookie...."-Snob, from BeautyAndTheSnob

Beautys' Secrets

Decadently Divine: TOUCHE By Flavien

Beauty Says: This is not just another hair range-no, no, no ladies this hair range is rather exquisite and a must have this winter season. Be sure to put this down on your Christmas list be it stocking stuffer or gift to your best friend. ..


World renowned celebrity hair dresser extraordinaire & Senior Art Director of Urban Retreat, Flavien Abbas, has not just styled super models of VOGUE, TATLER & COSMOPOLITAN, but also Marion Cotillard, Catherine Deneuve, and Kimberley Kartel. He has now developed an exceptional range of luxurious hair products not only with the purest ingredients but also the most coveted. Flavien’s secret weapon in his TOUCHE range is “opuntia ficus indica oil”, or also known as prickly pear oil. It is precious as it takes one million seeds and 36 hours to produce one litre of this oil, not to mention also its scarcity and high price point. Being known for its anti-oxidant properties, prickly pear oil is extraordinary due to its cell rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory properties and high moisture content. Did I also mention that all the products within this range was developed in conjunction with a top bio-chemist in Champagne, France, and that 90% of the product contents are from natural ingredients?

If you know me by now, I like to challenge and test all hair products at the pool. My hair is thick and dry for the most part, and the chlorine often strips it of any softness. I tested three products in the TOUCHE range: The Dry Scalp Shampoo, The Volume Up Conditioner and Intensive Nourishing Treatment (Mask) all for one week, having gone down to the pool three times that week. First I would like to point out that you have to use very little of the product, and that there is no residue. The hair looks and feels healthier-I am most amazed at the shine. I haven’t had this kind of shine since I was five years old! (It is known that Chinese children hair shines like waterfalls until you hit puberty.) I was also impressed by the softness. Another helpful hint is if you’ve got dry scalp or an itchy one with slight eczema use this! I had that slight eczema in the scalp during the trial of these products, and found it healed and resolved the problem. The Intensive Nourishing Mask has to be the piece d’resistence in this range. It smells so decadent you could eat it! Best of all it contains argan oil, sesame seed oil & wheat proteins, not to mention goji berry for some anti-aging action! (Move over caviar hair masks…..)


I know that TOUCHE will be on my Christmas Wish List as it is not just deeply delicious, but decadently divine!

Shampoos & Conditioners from Dry to Balance to Oily 250ml/£29-£33; 50ml/£12; Intensive Nourishing Treatment 300ml /£68; 50ml£17 all available at Urban Retreat or online at:


Haven’t been taking your vitamins? Dr. Perricone’s Vitamin C Ester 15 comes to your rescue just in time for the holidays


So you’ve neglected yourself, and haven’t been taking your vitamins. Perhaps your skin is looking a bit dull and drab and you need a quick pick up in time for the Christmas Season. Well first, don’t fret, nor start popping vitamins non-stop. There’s no need as Dr. Perricone comes to your rescue with his newest ingenious product: Vitamin C Ester.

Vitamin C Ester 15 was originally formulated with the highest concentration of Vitamin C Ester available in one product at 15%. Most other products only carry maybe about 5%. Usually called Ascorbyl Palmitate, it is found in dietary sources with an essential fatty acid. Derived from Palm Oil it is a non-acidic vitamin C ester bond that is fat-soluable. What does this mean? It means that it is highly-penetrative, or that it goes deep into the skin to give super anti-aging effects while not generating free radicals into the skin.

There are 4 tubes of 10ml in a box. Upon using it for just the first 7 days, I have to say that the skin felt so smooth it was like a porcelain doll’s skin. It also felt tighter and more toned, like the way when you’ve just finished going to have a facial. My face also looked that bit extra brighter or whiter.

When you use it you have to apply it onto a cleansed face in gentle circular motions. After waiting a moment for absorption you apply a night moisturiser on. This product is to be used at night and not in the day. The first time I used it, it created a warming sensation on the face, but after a few moments it disappeared. It may feel tight for a few moments, but this disappears as you continue to use the product. I have to say that the most impressive thing about this Vitamin C product is that I did not break out what-so-ever. Sometimes with Vitamin C products, they decongest, and are potent. I suspect that there was no break out because the vitamin c ester bond is fat-soluable- Super-Duper!

I love treatment products, and I think this is one of the top treatment products I have used this by far this year! I suggest it to those who are lazy at scrubbing the face, or don’t have time to do masks. Definitely great for those on the go or those who travel! A box of 4 tubes of 10ml each comes in at £99. Available at: or at


What is in a Christmas present? Is it hope? Is it a cheeky chuckle? Will it delight you? Beauty has some gifts that are sure to please big and and all....


What's better than getting into that Christmas cheer with some Christmas smells to get you in the mood? This lovely Winter Garden Candle from Crabtree & Evelyn surely does the trick....£25 

This Lovely Hands Trio Hand Cream set is sure to please anyone who has that green thumb....or make some great stocking stuffers! I'm keeping the Citron hony & coriander for myself! £18 at      

Did someone say SUGAR & Spice....well no one does Sugar quite like FRESH Cosmetics....This is the ultimate gift for that sweetie darling....yummy....£49 at

Eye Spy with my Little Eye something that is so shiny & Sparkly! Make a statement at any party with these EYE ROCK crystals on the eye lids....or give some twinkle to your beloved friends for Christmas...either way, it's fabulous! £6.99 per pack at



Nubo has some delactable luxury gifts for both MEN & WOMEN.


Nubo for Men: Contains full size 30ml of- a Cooling Cell Dynamic After Shave Moisturiser + Cell Dynamic Essence (or serum). Also contains mini set of cooling after shave moisturiser, essence & Cell Dynamic Overnight Recharge/night moisturiser. £250


Nubo for Women: Contains full size 30 ml of- a Cell Dynamic Overnight Recharge + Cell Dynamic Essence + Cell Dynamic Day. ALso contains mini set of the 3 products! It's the ultimate Christmas luxury gift. £380


I think i'll give it to me from me.....


Both Available at Fenwicks of Bond St. or



A Little Treat.... Aromatherapy Associates has the perfect pick-me up, or stocking filler with this little number of Revive Evening Bath & Shower Oil. Don't judge by its's a golden little gift that will make one glow from the inside! £12

Oooo Orla Kiely Candle and Diffuser set is a great gift for any true Orla fan. Classic & perfect to get into the holiday mode-comes in Gerranium & Myrrh or Basil & Mint or Fig.....delicious! £22.95 at


This little box of purse size fragrances are Scentsational from Dirty Works! Three spritzers that make perfect stocking stuffers, or a lovely gift on it's own....£6 at


This little invention by LUSH is kind of like playdough for the bath. It's sure to delight the little 'uns...make animals, shape, and then melt in the bath!I'm going to make penguins & make them go down my water slides! Mwahahaa....


Sure to delight...£5 per bar, comes in a wide selection of colours at all LUSH stores and

NYX Cosmetics little Bronze Smokey Look box packs in loads of golden warmth for the icy winter. Great on eyes,'s a perfect little gift for any girlfriend! £12 at


Champagne & chocolates, how boring! Give Champagne & sparkles Berry Bubbly set from Bliss. Champagne raspberry body butter + Champagne sparkles Body can then call that special someone your TWINKLE TOES......Merry Blissmus! £29 at

A little box of bath truffles for that hard little worker at the office.....Bergamot, Lavender & Ylang Ylang.....a perfect way to say THANK YOU £14 at

Italian Maker of Natural Skincare TWELVE BIO Ideal Rebalancing Level Serum is the perfect gift for anyone with a dry or sensitive skin. It perfectly rebalances the hydro levels of the skin and plumps out any wrinkles & lines. 30ml/£45 available at


Beauty finds Power in her Peel Kit from Ole Henriksen

Beauty Says: Peeling can be a pain in the neck as it is hard to control in the winter months. Do too much, and you risk over stimulating the skin and get breakouts; on the other hand, do too little, and you’re dull and dry and have visible fine lines. What is a girl to do???

L.A.-based skin pioneer, Ole Henriksen, has the ultimate solution to the peeling woes, with an at home professional spa grade microdermabrasion and acid peel system: Power Peel Kit. This kit consists of three products in sachets: almond polish, lemon strip and chamomile comfort mask. To start off the almond peel heats up as you apply it to a damp face after cleansing. I found it to be one of those natural exfoliators, and not too gritty or harsh on the skin. When you wash it off after a minute of buffing or so, it melts away. Note, that the oat kernel flour, and honey it this is exceptionally good to absorb any oils or take away black heads while being non-stripping.

 The second step is the lemon strip that you must apply to a dry face for two minutes. It is incredibly tingly when you first apply it on-this is how you know it is working. It helps to refine, tone, and even firm the skin. Note, if you’ve got fine lines, or any dryness, this is the magical step that will reveal a smooth face!

The third and last step is the chamomile comfort mask. Directly apply this on top of the lemon strip or step two. It neutralizes step two and helps to calm and cool the skin. Leave this on for 20 min or so, before washing it away.

I think that this is an exceptional peel kit, as you get all three key steps or products of a spa facial at home. The most innovative part of this kit has got to be the chamomile comfort mask because it goes to calm the whole process of the peeling. So for those who are looking for an easy 3-step facial at home, or hassle- free peeling with no raw or red skin, try it today. It’s also great to travel with as it all comes in handy sachets, and you have no wastage of the product. Put the power back into your peel! Available at £30 for a box of 6 applications. Also available at Selfridges, John Lewis, and Harvey Nichols.

Snob finds the ultimate job with Nad’s!

No, Snob hasn’t found work with Nad’s (the famous waxing company) nor has he had a nose job-better yet, he’s found out that Nad’s has now invented a Nose Wax! Unsightly nose hair pointing out of the nostrils is definitely not attractive for anyone. Sometimes clippers or scissors can only do so much, and it’s a pain to do again when it grows back so fast.

Snob Says:

Fear not ladies and gents, famous Australian waxing company Nad’s and its inventor, Sue Ismiel, has invented a safe and effective nose wax! At a recent event, Sue told us bloggers that there are some people out there that apparently are so desperate to get rid of their nose hairs they will stick cotton buds with wax up their nostrils among other unsafe ways or mechanisms. The reason it is unsafe, is that often, membrane in our nostrils that we need to breathe and filter, are also removed. So Sue got thinking with her ab fab team at Nad’s and came out with a SAFETIP applicator-this applicator only goes a certain distance so it’s safe while also being effective. The wax is for men and women, and can also be used not just on the inside of the nose but on the outside as well to remove blackheads! This wax is specially formulated with chamomile and aloe extracts to be gentle on your nose inside and out.



It is virtually pain free because when you pull the applicator it happens so fast. I also want to point out that the SAFETIP applicators are not be re-used. You get a bunch of them inside the box for each and every fresh application for both inside and out.

At the event I tested the product on my unsightly blackheads, and boy, can I tell you were it ever effective. When the wax hardened after 30 seconds or so, and I peeled it back, it even removed some of those tiny hairs that I can never remove with anything else. The blackheads were gone from the tip of my nose.

This is the world’s first nose wax, and perhaps one of the most innovative products ever on the waxing market. Be warned not to stick the applicator in your ears though, because it is specifically designed for the nose. Watch this space wax obsessed, as Sue tells me there could be more and different waxing kits on their way from Nad’s! Nad’s nose wax, is now only currently available in the U.K. £17.99 at


 The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible 2012, by Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey, is a complete guide to what works and what doesn’t in terms of Anti-Ageing. Covering from the likes of La Prairie to La Mer, and beyond it gives the REAL 411 and advice on the best in the skincare world. This year, Elemis has picked up 7 awards from this prestigious publication.

In the meantime, why not read about why these top 7 ELEMIS products are so FAB….

Pro-Collagen Lift Quartz Mask: This little wonder of a mask is for the undying fan of the Pro-Collagen series! (Hands up, who’s a fan???, says Beauty) The wonder of this mask is quartz element which allows quicker messages or signal exchange on a cellular level. The Argan Oil found in this number is healing, while the classic Padina Pavonica strengthens and gives the face extra lifting strength! Don’t take my word on it though-94% of those who used it found their skin elasticity and firmness improved by a whopping 57%! (Get your now at £48/50ml )

Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules: There are two types of capsules in a box: The pink ones are for the day, the green are for the evening. Use them as you would a serum underneath your day or evening moisturiser. Making them super effective is the secret weapon of an ingredient Moringa Oil. Moringa Oil has 1700% anti-oxidant power over any other oils. These capsules also help in terms of anti-pollution detox, cellular delivery, and extra cellular restructuring. What does this mean? It means that it has the power to clearing the pathway for the efficacy of other products such as Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, strengthening the skin’s matrix, and transporting deeper, or at a more cellular level. Don’t judge them because they’re little…they’re packed full of Anti-Aging Power!!! (Box of 60 capsules £62)

Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser: This is one serious cleanser! It not only cleanses but is great for hormonal or dry and flaky skin, can relax wrinkles and boost skin radiance, removes and loosens make-up, rich in minerals, vitamins and has anti-oxidant powers. It contains again, the Moringa Oil, superberry or Acai, Great Burdock to balance and high in Vitamin C. For a deep and richer feeling, loosen it up with a bit of water, massage onto skin, and leave on for 1 minute before removing….cleansing could become not just a ritual, but a whole new beauty religion! (150ml/£29

Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream: Leaving your skin plump and refreshed in the morning, it probably wins the award for deep hydration. The famous Padina Pavonica holds the key to this multi-award winner, helping skins improve in elasticity, strength, and well….what else is there to say? A more YOUTHFUL you….(50ml £95 at


Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask: This may described as the perfect pre-party pick me up. I would like to describe it as a little tube of light for the face. Made with strawberries and Kiwi fruit, these natural fruit enzymes go to peel and reveal a glowing face. Now, if we can just convince Snob that Beauty is not a strawberry lolly while she’s doing her treatment….(£28/75ml at

Treat Your Feet Foot Cream: Twinkle toes it is with this lovely foot cream! It not only contains shea butter and jojoba oils to make your soles soft, but aromatic patchouli, eucalyptus, lemon oils to soothe your soul….now if Beauty can just get Snob to rub some in while she watches tv…(£18/75ml

 Pro-Collagen Body Cream: Never ignore the skin on your body….drench yourself in this luxurious body cream that will leave you feeling like you’re wearing the emperor’s new clothes! Its secret to its decadent touch is a combination of Mexican skin tree, amino acids, padina pavonica, as well as babassu-the result? A cohesion and visibly firmer body…..mmm….pass the Christmas pud, I’ve got a secret weapon in the Body department! (£51/200ML at:


So there you have it, ELEMIS’ Magnificant 7 all winning an award from the famous Beauty Bible-remember…..whichever you get or choose, IT WORKS!!!!! No fake promises! YIPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!


BLISS SPA- A Wonderground of Relaxation


If you’re not into spas because you find them too fussy then BLISS SPA in South Kensington might be the spa destination for you. The best way to describe this little mecca of treatments is a WONDERGROUND of Relaxation sans fuss.

The staff are super friendly, and efficient, and the treatments are fun rather than frilly or fru fru. I went to sample some of their treatments from speedy manicure to mini facial, to shoulder and head message. To start, the manicure is not only speedy, but the colour lasts for well over a week. Talk about hard as nails manicure! Choose from a massive wall of ESSIE shades to your heart’s delight.

The facial was well pure BLISS. What do I mean by that? Well not only was it gorgeous, but they use some nifty rather advanced machines.(I was told that they use machines made by CACI-which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!) When I had my facial done, I was given extra oxygenation at the end. Puffs of oxygen went over my skin to help detox, and keep the complexion bright and clear.

My favourite treatment of all time has to be back and shoulder massage. It was the perfect top off to the evening of treatments-making me just that more ready for bedtime by the time I got home. Let me tell you, did I sleep like a baby that night. When I entered the room, though, there were some strange looking shower heads to the side. My therapist told me that BLISS offers body scrub treatments, where you can lie on the bed and be showered! It apparently is not only relaxing, but leaves you the smooth operator! (Well we think BLISS is really…

This is definitely the spa to take your girlfriend, your gay friend, or even well your man. It has a non pretentious and fun atmosphere, where the treatment is the focus! Of course, service is supremo….

Beauty gives her two thumbs up, and a kiss! A voucher for Christmas may be the best gift this season…hint, hint….For a full menu of treatments and to book go to:


Snob's YUM YUM Edit

Snob starts Christmas Feasting Season with Brompton Bar & Grill (Knightsbridge) posted, 12/11

Snob has been arguing with Beauty about what to have to Christmas dinner. There are so much more than feasting on turkey or ham during Christmas! Snob is convincing Beauty to go for something more traditional and special: Wild Game! And Snob has just the little gem in mind to get all of you prepared to cook your own. Check it out…

The award-winning, Brompton Bar & Grill, in Knightsbridge is famous for Whole Roast Grouse, served traditionally with bread sauce, game chips, breadcrumbs and game jus. (Just saying that sentence makes my mouth water!) If you’ve never tasted this traditional British bird, then let this be the first destination of introduction. Owner of the Brompton Bar & Grill, Francois O’Neill’s family has owned Clegan Estate for nearly 200 years. From a young age he has been passionate about the traditions surrounding the serving of game grouse, and he is careful to source responsibly and serve this delectable delight.



Each year during this season the restaurant launches a special event called the BB&G Grill Club. This is the event calling all meat lovers! It’s a night of not just demonstrations on preparations and cooking of wild treats such as partridge & Snipe, Venison or Wild rabbit, but also a night of cocktails, and wine tasting. The bistro itself is not just for eating, but famous for its cocktails and drinks, and live music.

How could Beauty not be convinced by Snob this time? There is no excuse but to learn to cook one of these meaty treats together at the BB&G in Knightsbridge. And you can too! The BB&G has teamed up with Wild Game Co. to launch their Winter Grill Club Season with Venison Special. It’s not just a wonderful meal but demonstrations on how to cook all sorts of venison dishes from venison tartare to the Wild Game Co. famous venison burgers! You will be greeted with a glass of champagne, eat & learn how to do these lovely dishes for your own family this Christmas…and all polished off with coffee & chocolates. Do not miss this special event!:

Where: Brompton Bar & Grill Knightsbridge

When: Nov 19, 2012 7pm

Tickets: £45; To Book: or call 02075898005


Snob’s Christmas Must Do In London 2012

Christmas is Snob’s favourite time of year, as we all know- he’s a bit of glutton! So, what does Snob want for Christmas? Well, he’s waiting for all the festivities to start so he can start eating, and munching….and that magical feeling. I’m not convinced that it’s so much magic that poor little snob will be feeling…more like a stomach ache from that over eating that he will be doing….oh dear….


SouthBank Centre’s Christmas Markets: Dec 16-24


The German wooden huts are returning to Southbank with affordable gifts and delights for all. The Real Food Market(In Southbank’s Centre Square) promises traditional holiday bites such as mulled wine, mince pies, cheeses, chutney and charcuterie. Don’t miss the Real Food Market as it runs from Dec 14-16. Another don’t miss it is the delectable Chocolate Festival Dec 7-9! Not only will you get to sample and buy some of the world’s best chocolate, such as William Curley and Damien Allsop, but you will also get to learn how to and participate in chocolate tutoring sessions. Make sure you lick those spoons! Visit for more information.

Merry Christmas hang-out: B-Soho hits the right spot…eer….right note!

The debate has started in the office, where should we do the Christmas party this year? Well, sometimes it can be hard to get something everyone wants, and everyone can afford. Afterall, we’re not all making the CFO’s salary. Why not bring the gang down to London’s newest pizzeria on 21 Poland Street. Now before you all get snobby, and think you’re not having the Christmas party down at some pizzeria, check it out….B-Soho offers not only think hand-made pizzas cooked in hand built Forno Tradizionale Napolitano brick ovens, but also a long list of cocktails from grappas to more traditional drinks. Better yet, they offer LIVE music by LUCA, lead singer of Eddie & The Robbers- super group found by F1 supermo Eddie Jordan. Still not happy….ok, well then if it’s the right night they also do Karaoke….let the singing of the festive tunes…uhm…begin! To book B-Soho call 0207 287 1661

The Great Ice-skatepades at Sommerset House

With Snob stuffing his face all too frequently over the holidays, Beauty has insisted he do a little exercise. What better way to feel Winter Wonderment, than Ice Skating at Sommerset House? The rink opens on Nov 16-Jan 6, and features Club Nights with music from the hottest UK clubs and record labels. Not only that, but you can enjoy cocktails, and this year they’re launching Sunday Best presents Bestival with Rob da Bank & Friends. November celebrates 7 decades of British Cool, and Vintage Festival hosts three nights Nov 29-30th too.


A range of classes for the kiddies are available too rom NISA (National Ice Skating Association) in the form of Penguin Skate School for children 8 and under. Warm up in the Tom’s Skate lounge with soups and hot chocolate from Michelin Star chef Tom Aiken. Tickets have been selling since Sept so hurry to get some of that Winter spirit for £7.50/ticket


Honky Tonk

Want a bit of NYC atmosphere for Christmas party cheer? Well you don’t have to have to head to Virgin Atlantic for a ticket! HONKY TONK, in the heart of Chelsea, just brought the best of blues, and jazz with a true New York vibe to London. This new venue was brought to us by the owner of the famous Supper Club. Party Rockabilly style to American eats such as ribs, meatballs, and sliders and more than fabulous cocktails. It promises to be not only affordable but a cool alternative for the Christmas gathering with friends or office colleagues. Book now at:



Still not Alpine-like enough for you? Then you have to go to the FREEZE Festival


Not for the faint hearted, nor non-skiers such as Bridget Jones, is The Freeze Festival, located at the Battersea Power Station. Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy a season of winter sport fun-main feature the 17 metre Table Top real snow jump. Season tickets for Adults £65, Children £35; Day Tickets Adults £40, Children £20. Snob’s going to push Beauty right off the edge…..she’s not a skier…just a winter wonderland poser…..For more information and tickets go to:


Beauty & The Snob


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