April 2015

BruZZ Your Nails Into Action

One of the hardest areas to clean is underneath the nails. Underneath the fingernails is notorious for harbouring bacteria and other germs that can spread fast to cause illness and other undesirable siutations. That is why cleaning them is important. 


Traditional nail brushes are hard to clean with and many do not like using them as they jab and hurt underneather the nails. They also cannot be sanitized properly and can splash soap and water into unwated places or all over the place. I'm personally not a fan of cleansing underneath the nails unless I'm at the salon as they have the tools to do it properly. I was ever so glad to have found this new little invention Bruzz. 


Bruzz was developed by a beauty therapist who knew too well the need to make anil cleaning a quicker, easier and more hygienic process. The Bruzz brushes are desinged with super soft bristles that are antibacterial, and clean the nail with one easy simply action. I've used this brush wet and dry and think that it really is the ultimate choice! The bristles are also vanilla scented giving nails that super edge for a refreshed professional feeling! 


Get your nails the Bruzz action £9.99 at www.bruzz.com

Whimsical Accessories To Cheer Your Outfits Up

At the cusp of being in between seasons it is sometimes hard to decide what you need. To not commit impulse buys the best way around it is to get some accessories or pieces that could cheer up the outfits you already have to give it that new or fresh vibrant feeling. Here are some pieces I've spied my little eye on that I think could give you a great start to the new season....


Charlotte Olympia- Frida Kahlo Clutch


Paint your outfits with non other than one of the most eccentric artists of all time-Frida Kahlo. This Charlotte Olympia clutch bag will become your signature this season, making all outfits memorable. Hand crafted, 3D in a perspex- wear it two ways as hand held clutch or with the handle! £985 on Net-A- Porter 

Chica Chica Boom Boom Collection by Bimba & Lola


This collection gives a bit of the exotic livening up to any outfit. The fresh fruits and bamboo accents are a great way to electrify with bright colours and boldness. 


Wear the bamboo necklace with purples, or just with a plain white shirt to give it a pop! £65

I'm rather fond of many pieces here but especially the banana bracelet! £80

For those coming and going sunny days it is now the time to wear some shades, but just in case the sun hides again and its a bit cloudy, be sure to stand out in some pink + sparkles...these glitter cat eyes are perfect! £115

The Candy Monster Collection by N2- Les Nereides Paris


If there was any brand that is well-known for being whimsical and could create smiles just for wearing it, it would have to be N2 by Les Nereides Paris. This season I've spotted some must have items from the Candy Monster Collection that could really give outfits a chuckle....




I'm coveting this lips + teeth necklace..so Georgia May Jagger! ..55 euros

Everybody likes a bit of sweetness...and nothing is more sugar coated that these gummy bear earrings! The bears also come together in another piece-the bracelet if you're looking for a bit more. Brighten up greens, blacks, and navy with this electic pair! 33 euros

Bubble gum is a classic and favourite...but this gives it the ultimate spin. While being incredibly serious this bubble gum dispenser pendant juxtaposes the mood for delight! 55 euros....it comes in a earring design too! 

The Techni-Colours Of Make-up: The New Wave of Wearing Your Technology 

Beauty Says: Beauty products certainly have come a long way from just being about colour, or how it benefits the skin, in order for it to enhance our (ahem) ‘natural beauty’. I’ve been finding some interesting and rather forward developments in the beauty world with ‘digital’ and other ‘technological’ advancements. These next few advancements can make you a bit of a ‘bond girl’…

Models Own It- Bluetooth Colour Polish Change

When it comes to nail polish colour change most of us would do this, on average, on a weekly basis. Of course, if you’ve done it at the nail salon, you want to get your money’s worth out of the polish change too. I personally, find myself changing the colours sometimes mid-week just to get a good match for the next day’s outfit. Finding the time to do the polish change is somewhat of a challenge too with busy schedules. My top peeve is when I change and hurry off to an event-only realising when I’m about to get there that the polish on my hand doesn’t match the outfit I’m wearing.


Well, Models Own It now has the ultimate solution to all your colour woes. Their new Blinstagram.com/p/07L-VKysQX/uetooth Colour Polish Change (click on the name, and play the video on the Facebook page) uses ground-breaking technology to use your phone to change the colour and finish of your nail polish. All you have to do is download the free app for iPhone and Android handsets, and hold your phone in your hand and select the shade from the app!


Now while this is dream come true for most of us girls, it does come with a hefty price tag of £149.99. Having said that, if you pay £10 for a polish change that’s only 14 or 15 polish changes that adds up to the same price. Bluetooth Nail Polish is available at all Models Own stores now!

Magnetic Lash- Santhilea London

A few years ago, magnetic nail polish was all the rage, adding textures and patterns to dress up nails. The magnetic technology has now extended its way into a mascara made by Santhilea London.


If you’re into doing eyelash extensions but you’re tired of the costs and perhaps the damage toll it can have on your lashes you’ll love this magnetic mascara. The theory is simple: There are two tubes- 1 a magnetic mascara and then 1 tube of lash building. The idea is to apply these one after another so that it bonds or attracts each other and that is how it builds your lashes. You start with the magnetic mascara from root to tip, and then apply the lash builder (coating evenly) and then go back to do a second coat of the mascara root to tip. You won’t believe your eyes with the results!


There are some other highlights that I especially like about this product too. One, it does not require any special eye make-up removers. It can be removed with just water, or a wipe. Two, no matter how much you put on, it doesn’t clump or dry in that cruddy way other mascaras do, but instead dry in a feathery soft effect. Finally, it doesn’t budge, move or create panda eyes. So if you want pretty lashes everyday and you love your mascara definitely give this a try….it’s a WINNER! Available at https://www.santhilealondon.com/  and Selfridges £24.99

An Extraordinary Weekend Plan: Time Run- An Escape the Room Adventure

Beauty Does The Washing Up

Every now and again I find myself waking to a Saturday morning and not knowing what to do with myself. Afterall, the ‘free day’ is full of potential. However, after a week of running around to meetings, and interviews I’m not often tempted by any shopping or activities in or around the city. With no plans I often find myself trying to make one, by googling online, for events in London on that weekend. If you’re finding yourself in a similar rut, then you’ll like what I’m about to tell you.


A pervasive live quest meets immersive theatre in an event called Time Run- An Escape Room Adventure. You buy tickets and go with friends or family in groups of 3-5. For 60 minutes you are able to voyage across history, across time-travel and encounter breathtaking time realms, solve testing puzzles and hair-raising challenges. All the teams participating have to work together in order to complete their mission.


The theme is based on Luna Fox, an Edwardian adventurer and inventor and her eccentric robot assistant Babbage. The two characters will give narratives and tasks to the participants engaging them in activity for the full 60 min taking them all over the world. Set in London Fields east London, Time Run will be not only be extraordinary entertainment but nothing you have experienced before. So if that sounds good….make your weekend by booking now!


Website: http://time-run.com/
Facebook: TimeRunLDN


Twitter: timerunldn
Instagram: timerunldn

23rd April-2nd August 2015
Tickets start from £24


Beauty Says: Now you might be wondering why I'm talking about washing up the dishes here. After all, I'm all about beauty....don't fret as this is indeed all about washing up your face with the newest cleansers I'm recommending this Spring for the freshest approach every morning! 

Face Wash Powder by DHC

I've never used a face wash powder before, so I was eager and keen to try this. To be honest I didn't know what to expect, but I immediately took to it the first time I used it. A coin sized amount of the powder is to be mixed with water- it then foams into a cleanser. I was expecting it to be a bit gritty or scrub-like but I was pleasantly surprised as it became the creamiest and most soothing texture. DHC describes the foam as 'micro-fine lather'. Lovely! 


When washed off with water, the skin felt as if I had cleansed with a foam cleanser and not a cream cleanser at all. There was no residue and the skin felt well-balanced and not taut, stripped or dry.


This product naturally exxfoiliates as it contains protease enzymes-bonding to dull lifeless skin. I also think this product is a winner for the summer months ahead as a definite item to take on holiday. It's also only a snip of what you would expect it to be in price at £9.50 for 50ml....http://www.dhcuk.co.uk/face-wash-powder

Tri Active Cleanse by Dermalogica

Those who are actively looking for a brighter tone, and improved texture of the skin should seriously give the Tri Active Cleanse by Dermalogica a try. This formula claims to clarify the skin in triple-action. The Lactic Acid in it lifts dead, dull skin, while the vitamin C helps to brighten up any visible spots/sun damage. Finally the shea butter in it goes to give the skin that intense hydration and moisturised ready and refreshed for the next skin regime step. 


I have trialed this product for well-over a month and I simply love it any time of day. It removes grimy make-up in a snap after a long day while able to give that refreshed feeling as a morning cleanser. Dermalogical does in fact, what it says on the bottle as this cleanser does in fact, prep the skin for other treatments. Over the last weeks I can feel and see a healthy difference in the skin. You don't need a lot of this product so be sure to pump gently to only give half a pump to e mixed with water to foam up. I would describe the texture to be rather neutral-as not too creamy but not like a faom either. (It is somewhere inbetween)


If you are to use one product only this season to give skin a clear out...give this a try! £36.70 http://www.dermalogica.co.uk/uk/html/products/tri-active-cleanse-67.html

Racinne- The Delicare Soothing Cleansing Cream

The key to this cleanser is SQUALENE (comes from olives) that not only naturally protects the skin but also gives super moisturising powers to the mositure barrier of the skin. This cleanser feels and reminds me more of the oil cleansers that turn into milk rather than other cleansing creams. The reaosn being, that although it comes in a cream texture, it goes deep to remove make-up, and has that oily texture. To be clear, it is not greasy though nor does it leave a film on the face. In fact, it leaves the skin rather refreshed and energissed. It also tightens or reduces the look of pores. A fabulous cleanser all around, but also a great recommendation for sensitive skin. 


This cleanser smells of nothing-which is a great indication that it has no perfumes, and nothing to irritate skin. Try this one to be in the CLEAR! 


£ 19.99 Fenwick of Bond Street 

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