Get It While IT'S HOT!!!!

In the Heat of the Moment with Dove Spa

Beauty Says: You know what I mean when I say when you’re in the heat of the moment…but what about your skin? Heat helps the skin open up the pores, and essentially deep cleaning impurities. Dove Spa has one incredibly cool product: Heat of the Moment, Self Warming Cleanser that instantly heats up as you put it on. It’s got Kaolin clay in it to help unclog pores, and leaves the skin purified and incredibly soft. Do this little treat once a week-by far the best non-fuss treatment product around. I’m betting it’s going to be a winner this Christmas a top stocking filler too! Leave it on for a few extra minutes, before you take it off and it doubles up as a mask! Experience the full spa in a tube with this product. Hands off mine…get your own! £19.50 at or at selected Boots locations. 

The Greatest Brush-Off! Deliciously Clean Teeth with Dawood & Tanner

Beauty Says: Renowned, Specialist Dentist, Dr. Susan Tanner has some super new toothpaste that gives the greatest brush off ever for the most sparkling teeth and healthy gums. The new ‘Delicious’ range has a blend of essential oils in mouth-watering flavours: Garden Mint, English Peppermint, Brazilian Lime & Sicilian Lemon. My favourite has got to be the Brazilian Lime, reminding me of childhood sorbet candies that explode in my mouth when they melt and release fizz. The Sicilian Lemon is equally as good with a rich creamy texture. Garden Mint gives a twist on normal mint toothpaste, as it tastes like someone crushed fresh mint into it today, while English Peppermint has an icy cool sensation as you get when you suck on the candy drop versions. More importantly, they all contain Fluoride which helps to strengthen tooth enamel, and Xylitol to prevent cavities and plaque formation. There’s also Sodium Bicarbonate to restore natural whiteness to the teeth and maintain pH levels in the mouth. I’ve bitten into them, and I’m absolutely smitten! To get a tutorial on how to ‘Brush Off’ properly watch this video with Dr. Tanner!

£5.25, 100ml pump bottles at

Solid-ly Charming: Le Soft Perfume Wins Beauty Over

That is indeed good news for Le Soft Perfume, solid fragrances then isn’t it?


Beauty is not won over because it comes in a solid form and easy to carry in the handbag, but that these 9 distinctive scents also nourish the skin and contain no alcohol and no parabens. With shea, mango and monoi butters, your skin will literally eat them and be well nourished! Creator and co-founder of Sephora, Isabelle Masson Mandonnaud wanted to harness the tradition of creating the original form of fragrance (solid) while offering something that would repair stressed skin. Take note, this fragrance is suitable for sensitive skins to wear too. The scents are a bit unusual and quirky, or as Mandonnaud put it: a bit ‘petit fous’ (a little crazy). My favourites are ‘Emballe Moi’ which is a bit sensual- full of florals and hints of raspberry and amber; And Umabel which is comforting and relaxing with hints of peach and patchchouli. The top tip from the experts at Le Soft is to apply the fragrance behind the knees, between the breasts, or around the navel. The packaging is also sweet in paper twist tubes with the designs such as feathers, angels and rainbow ribbons. I think it makes the sweetest birthday gift….Now exclusively at Cult Beauty, each £19


Well you all know what Beauty is like…she won’t be won over by anything unless it is a solid winner.


The Beach Kit Every Babe Needs: ELEMIS Beach Beautiful Suggestions

Beauty Says: Ooo lah lah…Every Beach Babe needs a kit to keep them intact at the seaside-no one knows this more than Elemis. This kit has got to have everything you need to keep the skin protected, super hydrated, and looking lush! The Skin Nourishing Body Scrub and Shower Cream keeps skin smooth and well moisturised, as does the lovely Lavender Toner to keep the skin refreshed and pH balanced after a sun bathe. Tan Accelerator gets your tan going fast if you’re a slow burner, while the Body Sculpting System gets rid of unsightly cellulite. The piece d’resistance has got to be the Papaya Enzyme Peel which is a super quick treatment to help you look your very brightest and best again…all over again for tomorrow! Each piece sold separately, and can be found starts at £21-£62 at

The ‘Go To Range’ for Ultimate Lips + Eyes: Lord & Berry

Beauty Says: Oh my! Make-up must have Lord & Berry have launched their ‘go to range’ for lips & eyes. For those unfamiliar with the brand, it is a globally recognised brand used by makeup experts. They’re famous for their hero product the black smudgeproof eyeliner (yes it does exist, hallelujah-no panda eyes!). Their inspiration for this new eyes and lips range is because they believe that both the eyes and lips are symbols of modern communication (Beauty loves where this is going, and agrees!). I suggest the AQUA smudgeproof eyeliner as it adds striking attention to eyes and can help open up small eyes. Their Shining lipstick comes in a crayon form, and none is more fitting than a true red: 20100-goes with anything, but let’s everyone know you’re in the room! Also worthy of notation is their SCUBA Extreme Mascara which contains nylon fibres to protect lashes from smudges and pollutants- with a waterproof barrier. The fish shaped wand brush gives ever lash the coat it needs to be high definition HD.

All Lord & Berry Lips + Eyes + Mascara-£7.50-£12 are available from &


Let’s Go Lashes!

Beauty thinks there’s nothing like a pair of false eyelashes to boost confidence, or get some attention. Of course, not any pair of false lashes will do. If you’ve not tried Let’s Go Lashes strip lashes, you’re seriously missing out, on the easiest to put on lashes that look the most genuine and natural. Don’t take my word for it though, as celebrity fans include Amanda Holden, Pussy Cat Doll-Kimberly Wyatt, and The Sugarbabes. Kim Cattrall has been sporting them every night at the Old Vic in Sweet Bird of Youth, and she looks simply divine!

 In fact, they’re the most coveted lashes nationwide! They come in four fabulous ranges to suit your look and only cost £8.95 a pair…common! What are you waiting for ladies? Get some WOW into your pre-A/W ’13 look…and Let’s Go Lashes!



Don’t Lose Your Head-AW coolest Accessories are here with ELKIN

Eye Spy Says: 



 The most coveted and original ‘mini skulls’ friendship bracelet was created by an ingenious Stylist, by the name of Eliisa and is known as Elkin. Eliisa created the first bracelet while styling and between a fashion shoot- weaving a golden skull bracelet, to pass the free time. It was her colleagues that were so enchanted by it, and that it was featured in the Evening Standard, that landed her creations as an instant hit and success. Eliisa tells me that she wove the bracelet because she saw some similar types of bracelets down at Liberty and was inspired to create something original for herself. 

The ‘Don’t Lose Your Head’, Keep it on Your Wrist (Skull bracelets) come with just one or three skulls, and range in a variety of colours, at £35-£45. I got one in lilac which is equally as SWEET as WICKED. The cutest feature is that the closure/clasp for the bracelet looks like a noose around the skull. All the pieces are brass, with crystal accents. 

 The enchantment of Elkin this season could have you spell bound though, as there’s also insect necklaces, bracelets, celtic charms, cupid’s arrows of love and the most elegant evil eyes! Eye Spy thinks that it is seriously one of the top accessible fashion jewellery lines with the golden edge…Get some ELKIN now a


I’m so ‘Fawn’ over Sugarhill Boutique’s newest A/W Collection & Prints


Eye Spy has got his little eye on Sugarhill Boutique. For those not in the know, Sugarhill Boutique is well known for their cute prints. Every season they do the prints a dress version or a top for those who like be a bit more playful. Eye’m digging the A/W collection which has vintage silhouettes with the most whimsical prints including circus ponies, gramophones, hot air balloons, and the Eiffel Tower. I’m especially ‘fawnd’ of the mint coloured dress which is not just oh, so sweet, but feminine too. Do take not of the sleeves!


 Best of all, Sugarhill Boutique pieces are incredibly accessible from £30-£50. I’ve gone into the showroom to see and feel it for myself, and let me tell you, it gives other high street retailers a real run for their money.

The shapes are flattering, and on trend, while also being able to update your wardrobe for the next season. Get some magic happening to your pre-fall/A/W wardrobe now. Pieces of the images you see here are available soon, mid-August! I will be updating this report with more amazing pieces in their collection besides prints for London Fashion Week. In the meantime, watch out for the upcoming prints, at


The Dolly Mix

Charlotte Du Jour gives FACE to the NUXE GIRLS

Renowned French cartoonist, Charlotte Du Jour gives Nuxe the freshest face appeal, by having created the Nuxe girls. For each line of NUXE skincare products, Charlottte has created a story and a girl capturing the essence of that range or line of products.

The girls are all drawn to be at a well-known London location or scene from Trafalgar Square to Hyde park to their holiday destination: The French Riviera. My favourite has got to be the girlie in the lawn chair at Hyde Park, enjoying the sun, and well protected with her Huile Prodigiuse, Nuxellence serum & Crème Fraiche. She’s accompanied with cheeky Mr. Squirrel & a lovely Mrs. Swan too!

Are you loving the new look & Faces that Charlotte Du Jour has given to the NUXE brand as much as I am? Check out Charlotte’s blog for more of her latest cartoons too at:


Best Awareness for Breast Cancer-Breast Cancer Awareness month upcoming October

It is fast approaching us once again, breast cancer awareness month in October.

Did you know that 55,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer a year? And did you know that 400 of these are also men? The risk is also higher in older women, as 1 in 13 up to the age of 69 get breast cancer. And the lifetime risk of developing breast cancer for women is 1 in 8.

This is why, everyone should have awareness of this cancer, how to stop it in its tracks, and together try to stop it completely. We all like to look beautiful, but why not have beauty within, by helping a bosom buddy, and raise funds for breast cancer research, and awareness leading up to October? 


Nails Inc wants you to paint your pinkie pink with their ‘pinkie pink’ nail polish. Every £1 of the sales of this polish goes to be donated to the Breast Cancer Campaign.  With any creative ways you can think of painting your nails with this pot you can tweet and spread the word @nailsinc @BCCampaign #pinkiepink. Get yours £11 at

STILA  has a positively pink cheek palette that you can share the glow with as each $1 from each sale goes towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The palette also comes with a matching lipglaze for some extra love. For super girl power, and all the positives to cheer those with breast cancer to keep fighting on…..wear this dynamic duo. £13 at

Beautys' Secrets

Beauty Reviews: Best SPA-AH-HALIDAY….is a Holiday for your Skin, Mind & Soul

Beauty Says: So you’ve been away this summer for your holidays, and you’ve also gone down to the beach on several occasions. Weekends, sunbathing in the park with a picnic too perhaps? Well, your skin needs a holiday too and a pampering before the new season comes, and is in much need of a replenishment. After all, you should refresh its battery, as much as you have refreshed yours from stressful work days. Your skin is: stressed out from all the sunbathing, jetting for the holidays, and needs a lift! I’ve got just the solution for that….a spa, and the best spa and treatments up to the moment in London. Treat your skin to a SPA-AH-Haliday!


Adamina Spa of Kensington

 This ‘Boutique’ Spa is luxurious without being snobby and exhumes elegance at its best. It has bonus features such as a steam room (which you can use for free if you arrive 30 min before your appointment), a relaxation room with magazines, and complimentary drinks, and changing room with lockers, & showers (including all amenities). I recommend Adamina because at the moment they are doing fantastic introductory prices in an array of treatments head to toe for newbies too. Their rooms remind me of spas, in boutique hotels, in countryside estates such as the Cotswolds or Bath- with wooden flooring, and loads of natural light that is allowed into the room through its windows.

On my first visit I got a combination facial: Hydramemory + Glorious Skin and a Full Body Deep Tissue Massage. The facial was more than lovely, as when I checked the skin in the dressing rooms, it was well hydrated and not gucked up or greased up with too much product. The skin felt incredibly soft, and replenished, not to mention also well lifted and toned. It was as if I was given an injection of botox. Heaven is an understatement for their Full Body Deep Tissue massage, as it is so relaxing, I feel asleep. It is worthy to note, that following this treatment my body was well detoxed and after a day or two felt absolutely regenerated with energy.

Adamina is one of the few spas that also offer medi-spa treatments such as laser teeth whitening, IPL Permanent Hair Reduction, acupuncture and stress relief, tanning, pilates, brows & lashes, and nails. They also do maternity treatments for mothers-to-be (take note, as it makes a great gift at a baby shower), and use Comfort Zone products. Comfort Zone, for those not in the know, is an Italian skincare line that is exclusive to the Ritz hotel! I’ve been using the Hydramemory (hydration) and Absolute Pearl (whitening) products for several weeks now and the skin is being up kept to that just out of spa level. The products are a must try, as they are not heavily fragranced, and are high performance at accessible price points.  

Service is impeccable and truly can be considered a winning ‘champion’ in spa and well-being. Any advice given is honest, and in the interest of the client. A haven for stressed out people, and gloriously indulgent for those with great ex-spa-tations! Don’t miss out!

To view their menu/ enquire or book call: 0207 751 1611 or to to



Mandara Spa at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge

  If you’ve enjoyed spa-ing as much as I do at the lovely Elemis Spa in Mayfair and Bliss Spa on Sloane Street, then you will love the Mandara Spa. Situated deep inside the lower levels of the Park Plaza hotel at Westminster Bridge this spa is a hidden sanctuary amidst the buzz of the heart of London. It features all that a hotel spa has to offer: steam room, sauna, showers, lockers, changing rooms the works! The relaxation and waiting area is deliciously decadent too, as you can help yourself to little refreshments such as chocolate truffles, dried fruits, juices and water.

Mandara, as a brand, comes from the spiritual island of Bali, and so their treatments relect the healing art of Balinese traditions. I recommend this spa and its treatment for those who like something milder, but equally relaxing, comforting, and luxurious. Note, that there were no adverse effects after this treatment such as headaches, or detox.

On my visit, I got a chance to try their new Tropical Bloom treatment which involves lime and rice seed scrub followed by a hot stone massage. This treatment is a great reliever to those seeking to release tension gently. The aromas are truly beautiful, and their therapists are highly knowledgeable.

Take note that the Tropical Bloom Treatment truly makes a wonderful gift for whatever the occasion- anyone would enjoy it! £85, 50 min book or call:0207 620 7300



Blink at Fenwicks of Bond Street

 Did you know that Blink also offers Spa Room treatments and not only brow and lash treatments? Yes, Blink offers Ayurveda which is based on a combination of 3 doshas. They believe that when doshas are thrown out of balance it affects every aspect of our lives. That’s why they offer three special massages that are derived from the oldest healing principles of Ayurvedic massage-to restore your well being. There is body massage, facial massage and neck, and shoulder massage.

I’ve been to the beautiful facial massage or ‘Rose Express Facial’. This speedy, gentle massage involves a quick exfoliate and moisturise. Don’t judge it for just being a quick touch up though, as Ayurvedic techniques are used for 20 min and the face is left refreshed, and glowing. I would say it’s just as effective as an hour’s facial at any salon. It’s done on the shop floor in one of their chair though, so make sure you’re not shy- a great pick-me-up at lunch times or whilst out shopping. They also do an Ayurvedic Eye Soother, or Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage for those not into facials, all at £20 for 20 min. To book at FENWICKS of New Bond Street call: 0207 408 0689.


Chantecaille Healing Spa at Fenwicks of Bond Street

 A best kept secret of those in the know is that Chantecaille has a healing spa upstairs tucked away from all the hustle and bustle of West London. Chantecaille offers a wide menu of facials, detox, and de-stress treatments. They do a quick 35 min lunch break de-stress treatments (customised for your needs) which involve an Instant Lifting Facial or Energy Lift Facial or a quick Body Anti-Cellulite Lymphatic Drainage to firm and tone. For those who prefer something more decadent and a lengthier treatment, there’s the Nano Gold Energizing Facial, Detox Facial or Flower Facial. If you however prefer Body Treatments, then be sure to ask for the Lymphatic Drainage and Toning Body Treatment that is done by a machine which helps to eliminate water retention, toxins and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

I suggest the Flower Facial, an hour’s treatment at £85, for those who have never experience Chantecaille before. Note that Chantecaille’s treatments are different because they use deep acupressure massage and soothing Botanicals, and they do steaming and extraction as needed too. I just adore the rose petals that are applied to the skin to get it refreshed and radiant! Seriously, they put rose petals to the skin so that it will absorb the natural oils-the rosy glow you get from this facial is all 100% genuine, and indeed, well ‘rosy’! Oh, did I mention that the room is swathed in white fabric so it resembles a soothing cocoon….incredibly exquisite and a most unique experience! To book call: 0207 409 9870.



The Edit & Other Neat Stuff: Beauty's Abi Fabi Edit & Snob's YUM YUM Edit

Racinne Leaves Skin Supple Soft & ready for Autumn/Winter

There’s a lot of hype surrounding east asian/oriental skincare as of late. I have reported on brands recently such as the highly esteemed Astalift, among others. Racinne is another from Korea that has taken this market by storm with their technology and impressive products at a most reasonable and accessible price point.

The science behind the brand is that it is based on biotechnology and the regenerative power of plants. They extract the regenerative properties of the plants and incorporate this into their skincare. Perhaps at this point, you will ask, ‘Who hasn’t these days?’ Well their claim is that they have combined the highest concentration of active ingredients with potent callus or plant extracts. Their claim is to have achieved the best luminosity, suppleness and skin regeneration. 


Well I’ve put some of the products to the test, and found that they do in fact leave this luminous glow on the skin, and deeply hydrates. The textures are light and water-based with very little oils. The smells are clean and fresh with the right balances and not overpowering. I highly recommend the Ultimate Hydra Perfection Essentialift Supplement Serum. Any skin type can use this as it is so light and after a week or so of use, you will see the effects of a more toned and lifted skin. At £38, this serum is exceptional and worth trying and seeing the results for yourself. As summer’s high heat has had my skin oily on the top but rather parched underneath, I have found a decent solution to my problem in the Optimal Fortifying Emulsion-also in the Ultimate Hydra range. The lightweight gel-like formula sinks into the skin instantly, and leaves the skin with the brightest glow I’ve ever seen. Truly at £30 it also gives top anti-aging lines a run for their money. I was also surprised by the suppleness and softness of the skin too. It seems that this range is a good option for that weather change that happens between the end of August and the beginning of September. I have no doubt that it will also withstand the central heating as well in the winter, and maintain good hydration levels throughout this season in the skin. Exceptional in every way from results to incredible value for money- and puts the 3 S skin needs: Suppleness, Soft & Super gorgeous!  Get some Racinne now at

Skin Sips on Stunning Cocktail

Beauty Says: Your skin is as thirsty as you are while on holidays roaming streets shopping or by the beach at play. Thank goodness, Caribbean Essentials has a stunning cocktail to quench your skin’s thirst in the heat! This facial mist contains neroli to improve elasticity, witch hazel to refresh, carrot seed oil to protect from harmful sunny rays, and sweet orange to uplift your mood and keep you going. It deeply hydrates! I suggest keeping it in the bag for days out and spraying it on the face to get an instant freshening up. Let your skin drink and not be parched in Summer’s High Heat! £18/100ml

Recharge your Skin with the most Nuxellence product!

Beauty Says: Did you know that your skin cells need recharging? Your skin cells behave rather like a mobile phone battery, and de-charge themselves, and in order to function properly they need to recharge to produce the essentials for the skin like collagen and elastin. To get the energy they need we first need to understand the making of those skin cells. At the heart of each cell is what is known as mitochondria. Nuxe has discovered 3 essential flower extracts that can re-charge the mitochondrial DNA of each cell-repairing them and giving them extraordinary energy-which means, keeping your skin to its optimal condition!

In part, the skin ‘ages’ because the mitochondria of each cell are suffering from a de-charge. This is what we know as a lessening of lipids, collagen, and elastin. Or in other words, all the things that make the skin lift, plump, and youthful. On the surface these cells have receptors, and if stimulated can be repaired or charged up. The 3 essential flower extracts used in NUXE’s Nuxellence range are: passion flower, poppy & anchusa. The combination of these three have shown that they can repair +43% of mitochondrial DNA of the skin cells. Also in this formula is of course, hyaluronic acid (a natural form from wheat & beetroot), calendula petals for the prevention of wrinkles and repair of loss of elasticity, as well as araucaria seeds to protect each cell from cellular stress (note, this is a NUXE patent!). Maca root helps with microcirculation while coca cells acts as a super anti-oxidant agent. The smartest thing about the formula has got to be optical corrective pigments-reflective pigments that absorb the UV rays and emit and diffuse-making lines softer and all imperfections concealed.

I’m mighty impressed by this line by NUXE as the ingredients are natural, but have super strength in the anti-aging department. Of course, for those who are concerned about nasties, never worry with NUXE as it is paraben free, and comedogenic while being effective. I suggest incorporating Nuxellence into your skincare regime by using the serum. You can use it day or night with any of your regular creams…give it a go….it is more than excellent…it’s Nuxellence! Get your Nuxellence serum £46 at


In Flight treat for your skin: Eve Lom’s Moisture Mask

If you hate the way a flight leaves your skin parched and tight then reach for Eve Lom’s Moisture Mask. I recommend massaging a bit of this on and having a sleep on the plane. By time you arrive you will be glowing, and look fresh as a daisy. I love it as it works fast and gives instant relief. You feel as if water was injected into your cheeks and feel the drench deep within. No fine lines here, just plump and perfect. If you want to be a ROCK STAR than you have to fly like one….They really don’t walk off planes looking like that….buried deep in their Hermes Birkin must be a product like this. And no one knows star status like Eve Lom. £65, Moisture Mask at

Porters English Restaurant Celebrates Birth of Prince George with Great Scotch Eggs

Quintessentially British, Porters English Restaurant is just stoked for William & Kate and the birth of Prince George. To celebrate the egg-citement, they’re adding a new range of scotch eggs to the menu.


The Scotch Egg, known to be one of the most patriotic snack of all time, dates back to 1738. Most loved for its crispy exterior and runny egg centre and sausage meat filling in between.  Porters will be serving delight your taste budes by offering venison, black pudding, and smoked haddock versions to tantalise your taste buds. For vegetarians, there will be a spicy vegetable lentil option. If that weren’t enough, there’s also a generous side of Porters acclaimed homemade piccalilli as an extra treat! 

Celebrate with Porters with welcoming his royal egg-cellency and eggsplore these new twists to a British Traditional Classic.  To book call 0207 836 6466, 17 Henrrietta Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 8QH



OH MY! Look What’s Popped Up-The Popchips Update

A couple of issues ago, I was raving about Popchips and had an awesome competition for a one month free supply. Well, since then, I’ve tasted ‘Katy’s Kettle Corn’-and I liked it! This version is a bit different from the potato version, as it has a nuttier texture more like corn chips. The flavour is just the right balance of sweet and salt. The only way to describe it is moorish! If you’re a person who can’t decide whether to eat salt or sweet popcorn while watching films, this might be that solution. 

Another tasty ‘Summer’ suggestion/way to eat Katy’s Kettle Corn Popchips is to use them as mini scoops for bite-fuls of caramel ice cream. This idea was inspired by Heston’s recent salted caramel popcorn ice cream at Waitrose. Perhaps the newest snack & keep the peace with savory & sweet snackers. Try them today, found at Boots, Waitrose, Sainsbury, Starbucks, 69p for 23g bags, and £1.99 for 85g bags:

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