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Take a journey with Swarovski: Swarovski launches Fashion inspired online Travel Guide

Beauty Says:Not going on a holiday anytime soon? Or perhaps you’re saving for one, and you’re trying to find some inspiration? Why not look into the new Fashion inspired online Travel Guide from Swarovski. It’s not just a look book of sparkly jewellery (although, we do like some sparkle!). Inspired by, the next destination of the Summer Olympic Games: Rio de Janeiro. The guide is compiled by writers in a destination and covers its sites, tastes (food), and style. Of course, there’s also all the gorgeous pieces of Swarovski jewellery to go with it. There’s also a fashion section straight off the runway and how to pair Swarovski’s pieces to put together a destination’s look. No excuses! You’ll want to get right in there….jet set and go!


My favourite pieces in this first edition has got to be these lovely bracelets and rings. I've been wearing the tosha pink bracelet and have loads of comments already of how FRESH & VIBRANT my new accessory is!

It may just inspire you to a new destination this year for a holiday….and if it doesn’t, perhaps it will inspire you to freshen up and update your look this Spring and Summer 2013. Each month, a new destination from new writers from another city! And each month you can try your chances to WIN the trip to that particular destination!!! How much more fabulous can it get??

To start your journey with Swarovski &

Beauty gets READY for Valentine's Day with Pretty Polly!

Pretty Polly Says:Getting ready for a HOT date? Romantic Evening? Or out with the girls to find some smooching action? Ah, well let me help you get to Love Bird Perfection this Valentine’s Day!

The Chelsea Day Spa’s New York Manicure or New York Pedicure:OOo la la…polished nails & toes definitely says I got ready for this HOT DATE! Let The Chelsea Day Spa do the hard work with JESSICA polishes- and the full works from cuticles to hand massage, it’s easy to get ready! With a wide range of sexy purples, racy reds, blushing pinks with names like Velvet Fantasy, Happy Together, Hot Hot Spell….what kind of night will you end up having? Manicures £17, Pedicures £23, Book now at The Chelsea Day

NUXE Rose Collection & Huile Prodigieuse OR:  Traditionally rose has been the symbol of love and no one understands that better than the French. Get into that LOVIN’ feeling with Nuxe Rose Collection of cleansers & toners. Don’t leave the door without a glowing sheen of the golden body oil, Huile Prodigieuse OR. Top tip, use it in the hair to catch the eye of cupid! Available, £18.50 each, only at your M&S:

The M&S Limited Valentine’s Day Collection:If you’re thinking candy hearts, and want to apply to your look check out the M&S Limited Valentine’s Day Collection! Certainly bashing some candy eyes with this lovely shadow set £8.50, and applying this heart shaped lipstick£5 says: Come and Kiss me! Attract Cupid too with that warm glow with the collection’s heart bronzer,£9…only at your M&

 Nails Inc.: Feathers Polish: Let your finger tips take flight as much as your heart! These nail polishes make your nails look like woven bird feathers. Truly a love bird’s delight! £12 Available at 

Bamford Hay Barn Rose with Lemon And Camomile Bath Oil: Decided to relax at home with your Valentine? Why not do a rub a dub dub in the tub, and make it euphoric with Bamford Hay Barn’s Bath oil in Rose with Lemon And Camomile? These are not just essential oils, but also tone and relax. They bring a serenity that truly says: L-O-V-E….250ml £38 or at Liberty’s of London

Eye Spy

SHOE EYE CANDY! New Spring Styles at DUO!

Beauty’s has spied in the DUO shops this lovely pair of Nila Green sandals for Spring….you too can be a SWEETHEART in a pair of these, £125 at:

Is it Sonia Rykiel? Was it expensive? Where did you get that cute cardi??

Ah.....says EYE SPY....I found this at FOREVER21 on Oxford Street, and got an incredible mid-week treat! Saying that this pink cardi is CUTE as a well an understatement. Details are incredible on this cotton scallopped cardigan sweater: swarovski crystal on floral enamel buttons! And the million pound question: How much? £12.75, comes in pink, yellow, black & incredible spring update to freshen up the wardrobe! Get it now:

The Dolly Mix

Beauty discovers one of London’s Best in Indie Music in James Daniel Best


Looking for some sensational entertainment this Valentines? Look no further and check out the following Indie Music Review and my introduction to James Daniel Best…

Since the tender age of 18, James Daniel Best has been rocking the London Indie Music scene, and this year he’s got a lot to smile about as he is about to debut his first album in 2013. James describes his music to be more heavily lyrical, and Brit Pop(think Oasis)-being influenced by the likes of Paul Weller, Neil Young and John Lennon as a budding musician back in the day.

I’m giving all you Indie fans a bit of an insider on James’ new 2013 album, as it is fully written, but still being recorded at the moment with an independent record label.  The album has provisionally been named: “Perfect Imperfection”.  James tells me that he’s rather inspired by this name, and hopes it inspires those that listen to his music because,”… after all, nothing is perfect, as if it was it would be boring or too clinical. Imperfection on the other hand is a feature of the world we live in, and being so is beautiful.”-James Daniel Best

His tunes are incredibly catchy and his lyrics evoke various emotions while simultaneously picking up your mood as well. I would say they definitely have a feel-good factor to them, while still being edgy. Take his song “Feeding The Fire” (listen to it here)

I also find his lyrics hold a raw honesty that is rather inspirational and surreal. In fact, James tells me that he has two hopes for his music. One, being that guitar-based bands, like his, will shortly come back into fashion, (this, of course has been hinted in a recent NME article); and two, he hopes that his lyrics will bring out a self belief in each individual that listens to his music. I find James unique, as his craft of music writing delivers a core message of each person going through life: one should dedicate themselves to trying through and enjoying life. Furthermore, self belief is important because before anyone can believe in you, you must believe in yourself.

If you think by reading this, and listening to a few of his tunes you’re already deep in love (as I know I’m quite hooked, and keen on the development of this local London artist & band) then you’re in for a treat, as James Daniel Best will be playing a LIVE GIG at Camden Rock: Friday, FEB 22, 2013 at 10pm, with other bands starting to play at 8pm. Buy tickets, £6 by e-mailing:


 For more updates and about James Daniel Best (Vocals & songwriting) & his band (which include on Bass:Tom French, Drums: Mattis Moviken & Guitar: Carlos Thurler) go


Want more INDIE this Valentines? You've got it: MIRIKA

Mirika is having a sweet treat for all you looking for LOVE this Valentines! She's having a GIG on Monday 11th February @ The Quadrant. 12-13 North St. Brighton.She's playing with guests Arther & The Irrational. £5 in advance or slightly more on the door. For tickets:

LIPSTICK & CHICKS....calling all talented ladies....

MIRKA is hosting ‘Lipstick and Picks’, a monthly chick music night at THE BEES MOUTH, Western Rd., Brighton the last Thursday of the month starting FEB 28th, 2013. Any talented ladies interested in playing with MIRIKA in Brighton in 2013 should contact her at or via Facebook!!! Chicks ROCK!!!

Beautys' Secrets

Beauty Tells you a Secret: Victoria’s Secret

2012 saw the Mecca of undergarments, Victoria’s Secret, finally cross over the pond. With two locations in London, a flagship on 111 New Bond Street, and the other within the Westfield in Stratford, it has seen incredible success in a short span of time. Having said that, do you ladies know really what is Victoria’s secret? Or is it because it’s a well-known American name for bras and panties? Beauty investigates and tells you: Victoria’s Secret! (Sshhh…you’ll still have to keep it to yourself.) Having spent most of my childhood summer holidays in Los Angeles I knew of Victoria’s Secret as a brand, although, neither my sister nor I, were ever allowed to buy any of the lingerie- just the fragrances. Its name is huge in the U.S., and Canada. Primarily well known for their couture fashion shows with the most beautiful and sexist super models like Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio it is seen as the ultimate Mecca for lingerie.

During sale season this early January, I found myself in the flagship store on New Bond Street one Saturday, lost within a sea of women grabbing, opening and closing drawers. In a moment of despair and utterly unnerved by the women that have gone gaga for the sale, I made my way to a sales assistant in the corner. I started by asking her if I could be measured for a proper size. Sam was cool and collected and once she measured me with a tape she told me that I was likely to be a 34 D or 34 DD. She took me to a nearby shelf and said that the best thing to do was to try on a basic style just for size. Once that was determined, we could move on from there and then go into styles and colours. She then motioned me towards the fitting rooms but Victoria’s Secret calls the BWC or Bra Wardrobing Centre. Once I joined the queue my name was taken down by girls with microphones on their heads, and invited to sit down on the benches just outside the rooms. Although told by Sam that it should take no more than 10 minutes to be able to get a room, my initial thought while waiting, was that this would take at least 25 minutes, as there were at least 15 women waiting with me. After about 7 minutes, my name was called out and I got a room, and was quickly able to try the two bras. Indeed it was 34D, and I ran back outside to find Sam on the shop floor. Sam then took me to all the areas where there 34 D bras, and introduced all the different styles and colours. She also gave me what they call a “perfect fit card” where all the styles are marked off, so that I have a little record in the future. (This card is great for that lost man in terms of gifting too!)I chose a Incredible Push Up in a hyacinth orange with black lace and black Swarovski crystals, and made my way to the till.


The flagship store on New Bond Street has 3 glorious floors where you will find boudoir-like rooms featuring popular items & fragrances on the ground, key styles and nightwear on the first, and in the basement PINK items. PINK is not only for “the younger crowd”. Sam suggests that everyone and anyone should go downstairs to have a look as they’ve got a great selection of yoga gear and of course, their famous hoodies. Of course, finally is the easy to wear fragrances- that no one can resist! Sam’s suggestions are Body, by Victoria & Victoria’s Angel Gold.

Sam says that Victoria cuts a wider band to give that extra needed support and the wider stronger straps give that incredible lift. For Victoria newbies, Sam suggests her favourites: Everyday Push Up, and Show Stopper Perfect Coverage. I have to say, that it is the first time I’ve ever worn a bra where I’ve felt no pain at the end of day. Another plus, is the straps! They don’t tend to fall down within your tops and you don’t have to dig for where is my bra strap?


Now that you ladies got the 411 on Victoria’s Secret, what are you waiting for?  Get into Victoria’s Secret this Valentines at…

Now I’m going to leave you with one final gem: The $2.5 (£1.5 pound) million dollar bra from Victoria’s Secret was briefly on display at Bond St. in January. I went to capture a glimpse of this incredible work of art! This annual one off is for sale…a classic push-up is adorned with white gold, yellow gold, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds! Talk about some serious jewellery and rocks!- wonder if snob loves me enough to get me one???



Beauty's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Beauty is running after Snob….for a smooch…now catch Cupid’s Fever on the 14th with Beauty’s Top Valentines Gift Guide:

Rococo Chocolates:Who could possibly resist chocolates? And for that matter, Rococo chocolates! Oh My! Just say be my sweetheart with hand-painted baby hearts, £11.95 or lovebirds hand-painted on these lovely chocolate heart & filled with ganaches ,£22.50. Get Rococo love


 eos Pomegranate & Raspberry lip balm: The power of Pomegranate for love?


 You normally wouldn't think of Pomegranates for love would you? It's well known for its powerful anti-oxident and healing properties....and that pretty important when it comes to's also that subtle hint...for can I have a smooch? Only from Evolution of smooth (EOS) £4.95, at


From DUSK 'Til DAWN my sweet.....

If you're thinking of doing massages on each other but don't like the mess of oils, then you're in for a LUSH(ous) treat! LUSH cosmetics has especailly made for Valentine's a massage bar called From Dusk 'Til Dawn. Cone shaped, it's perfect for getting out knots...and made from moisturising ingredients like cocoa, shea butter, moringa oil it's perfect for that sensous massage! It also smells divine, and will give you a kick of vitality with sweet wild orange & lemon oils, ginseng, ginko & guarana seeds! Hubba Hubba! £4.95:


The Indulgent Valentine’s Lovers treat at the ELEMIS Day Spa:The Time for 2 ritual is a 1 hr treatment involving an Exotic Frangipani Nourish Float. Taking Tahitian coconut and frangipani flowers, and producing an oil that is warmed and drizzled on the body,  you are then wrapped in a foil or dry float. The treatment is topped off with a well-being massage from head to toe….are you in love yet? For two to enjoy, £180 book here: 0207 499 4995 Elemis Day Spa

 If neither of you are into massage, but would still like to relax and do a treatment, why not try ELEMIS Day Spa’s  Rasul for two? A mystical treatment from Arabia, the Rasul is where medicinal masks are applied to the face & body whilst gently inhaling pure herb infused steam in a steam room. A truly detoxifying and decadent experience! Book for 2, £80 here: 0207 499 4995 Elemis Day Spa

Miss Patisserie Bath Bakes: Is your Valentine looking good enough to eat? Miss Patisserie’s Bath Bakes (bathbomb cupcakes) are! The sweetest little gift…give something different! £4.50-£14.50 available at:

Tiempe Passate: How do you capture your deep love for your special someone when flowers are not romantic enough? How about a bottle of Tiempe Passate? Originally named after a Neapolitan Love Song written in 1920 by Francesco Scolaro, Anotonia Bellanca’s grandfather. Adored by Hollywood A-listers, the scent of Bergamot, Sage, Cedarwood, Montauk rose, and Clementine for added sparkle! Presented in a box on top of a deep red velvet cushion it is classic that truly says L’amour mon petite…….l’amour….£98, 60ml available at Space NK  (The fragrance is for women- ladies, give that hint to that gent!)


Nourish: Radiance Phyto-Active Body Butter


Want to butter up your darling? Well uhm....perhaps you can NOURISH their soul and thier skin with Radiance Phyto-Active Body Butter. 85% organic, it is truly a pick-me-up in a jar. Packed full of vitamins to help boost collagen and increase the production of fibroblasts in the skin, this little wonder will leave you virtually glowing from head to toe! With Rose Absolute oil to also aid in repairing capillaries it's not just that loving smell that says, I care for you...I love you....£15.95 glass jar now

The Edit: Reviews & Other Neat Stuff

Beautys' Abi Fabi Edit

Beauty And The Beast gets a YOUTH-FULL BOOST at: Edward James London (AVEDA salon)

Beauty says: It’s been 6 weeks since the last salon visit, and THE BEAST, as I commonly refer my hair to, is getting a bit hard to manage and cranky. Well, I’ve managed to make Beastie tame again, thanks to Edward James, Stylist: Hayley, and The Edward James London (AVEDA) salon!





A Tuesday morning comes, and I wake up to an angry Beast (of a Barnet) with some long fly away and pieces that want to lash out and bite! I give Beastie, a quick brush and tie him down into a pony, and tell him that he’s on his way down to The Edward James London salon in South Clapham to get tamed!


It’s been years since I last stepped into an AVEDA salon, and upon arrival I was greeted with a warm smile and handshake by my stylist: Hayley. After a consultation about my past glossing and colourings of Beast, she motions for Sophie to come over to start the treatment with a head and shoulder massage. Breathing in samples of three different oils, I choose no.2, ironically, the one to beautify, and receive a most soothing neck, shoulder, and scalp massage. Please note each treatment at the salon comes with this complimentary service. It truly melts away any tension, and certainly melted away my former bad night’s rest.   I then get led to the back where Hayley starts to section my hair and apply the glossing at the washing basin. I have to mention now, that the chair adds to the mix of wonder that is happening the whole time as it gently massages your back. (In Heaven, is an understatement!!!) While the gloss sets for 10 minutes, Joanna makes her way to me and I’m given a hand and arm massage-not to mention we have a rather girlie chat to go along with it! Finally, Hayley sits me back into the chair, after a wash, and applies some CONFIXOR, an amazing liquid gel that makes the hair smooth and shiny, and blow dries Beastie to sexy perfection. Upon finishing and looking in the mirror, I swear Beastie looked longer, as if extensions were put in. I was impressed as this salon has done what I thought in hair land was undoable-natural hair extensions? Beastie’s colouring looked so vibrant and fresh, I swore he purred back at me.





Here’s a TOP INSIDER’S TIP from EDWARD JAMES: For those looking to revive and get a youthful appearance, why not try glossing instead of a colour

change? It’s like a face-lift for the hair! Add to any of your treatments! 


I recommend this salon as the experience is 5 star and luxurious without being snobby. Another plus, is that it follows a holistic approach which is a key feature of all AVEDA salons and services. Did I already mention also the choice of herbal teas? To completely be in that AVEDA zone I recommend going for a cuppa of that famous AVEDA tea….to get you to that pure and tantric state of HAIR OHHM…..careful….Beastie might get so tame and relaxed, he won’t want to go home! To book call 0207 223 6225 or



 Now Beauty & Edward have a treat/gift for all of you: To welcome all you beauties Edward is giving all of you £20 OFF your first visit. Simply quote: BEAUTY & THE BEAST when you book!   

Beauty discovers product wonders at YOUR M&S Beauty Hall

Beauty Says: I recently walked into the Oxford Circus M&S and discovered the Beauty section revamped. In fact, it’s so fabulous it now has turned into a full Beauty Hall! With a delectable selection of products all over Europe,(serious skincare & make-up might I add) I’ve got to tell all you ladies of its best highlights….and of course ONLY at YOUR M&S!




The NEW M&S Beauty Hall has seemingly changed the way we shop for beauty products. Although sleek in its white appearance and counters, it by no means is intimidating at all. All the products are placed on shelves at eye-level and are simply labelled with enough but not too much information. There are also sales consultants on stand-by that can assist and answer any questions. The consultants are by no means pushy and are incredibly well-informed about the brands and give fantastic advice on any product you need. In fact, when I had gone in there, to top up my Phillip Kingsley shampoo, the consultant who served me pointed out, that there was a special offer on that product where if I purchased it, I could get a free gift of a half size elasticizer!


The Hall also has a station called the “Virtual Make-over Counter” where you can go and try on the products and at your leisure with the guided advice of a computer system! Pretty high tech huh? Flagging M&S own brands such as Limited and Autograph there are also premium European & American brands such as Filorga, H20+, NUXE, Phillip Kingsley, Pur Mineral…fragrances from Fragonard…and many more! 

I’m going to jump start you to get down there to check it out by giving you a few highlights of a couple of hero products I’ve recently discovered within YOUR M&S Beauty Hall:


H20+ Oasis 24HR Hydrating Booster: Originally from Chicago, H20+ has been a favourite of South Asian ladies for supplying pure water and hydration to the skin. Famous for their Face Oasis gel cream, a face cream that provides the face with nothing put 100% hydration it is superior in this category is an understatement. What’s their secret? Marine based ingredients of course!  I’m in love with the Oasis 24HR Hydrating Booster, as it gives a surge and balances out the skin (especially during that time of month when the skin can be a bit off). I would recommend to this to those frequent flyers too! It’s an oil-free product, and rich in omega acids, and hydration is slowly time-released through phosopholipid microspheres. Its purpose is to give your moisturiser optimization-think of it as a battery extender for your moisturiser! The feel is non-greasy, and it literally feels like your face is drinking H20 from a straw all day! Try it today, £25


NUXE Crème Fraiche de Beaute Light: Parisien Spa brand NUXE is renowned for its simple but effective skincare. Have you ever wondered if anyone actually makes a deep hydrating moisturiser but also mattifies? Is that possible? Well, if it’s possible with NUXE. This Crème Fraiche Light is lightweight but keeps giving hydration to the skin over 24 hours. It also provides relief from discomfort and sensitivity or irritations. With Aloe Vera sap, Almond, Orange White flowers it soothes while the rice powder in it absorbs the excess oil or sebum from the skin. I find this moisturiser fantastic for long days as it keeps your skin fresh and shin-free all day long. Don’t have to touch up with this one! Get fraiche with NUXE! £25,



So where are you going next to get Beautified??? YOUR M&S of course! This year sees over 126 Beauty Halls opening within M&S stores across the country! Check it out, Beauty gives it her KISS OF APPROVAL!


Snob's Yum Yum Edit

Snob introduces some HUBS of LOVE for Valentine’s Day

Snob Says: Whether you’re single, going with a group of friends or that special someone…I’ve got some great HUBS for you to hang out this Valentine’s Day! Check it out!

For singles, or those who want a REAL party: Bed Hopping at The SUPPER CLUB


It doesn’t get better than this for some va-va-vroom, this Valentine’s Day than some bed hopping at the Supper Club. Sounds saucy? Well, if you show up as a couple, you won’t be let in, as the evening is strictly for singles ONLY! I heard, cupid will be gagged and tied down to the DJ booth, so he’s in for a rough ride! Diners will be taken to bed and fed aphrodisiac food and drink, including a special love potion, for singles to find THE ONE. Get flirting with a Twitter analogue system if you spy your little eye on a hottie….that may respond to your tweet! There’s also a kissing booth to do some smoochies…and dirty dancing to follow after the meal! Now, just you remember: What happens in bed stays in bed…only at the Supper Club! For tickets, £49, starts at 7 Feb 14th, at


For those who want sophisticated L’amour: Archer Street Guerlain Cocktails



Whether you’re with some girlfriends, wanting a sophisticated girlie Valentine’s Night out, or with that special someone…no one does L’amour quite like the French. Look no further than Archer Street who has partnered up with Guerlain for some fresh and flirty cocktails! Inspired by Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire fragrance, Archer Street has created a limited edition cocktail in homage of this sexy fragrance. Furthermore, Archer Street staff will be serenading guests with love ballads, and songs that will make their hearts sing too! Don’t miss this fantastic event FEB 14-17 at Archer Street:

Beauty & The Snob


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