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The Sweetest Ice Lollies posted 13/7

Look what Snob found this week in the frozen foods isle at ASDA: PEPPA THE PIG ICE LOLLIES! These Peppa lollies are soft strawberry ice cream. They also have George lollies, in raspberry flavour. A box of 6 is £1.50......really cheers you up from the terrible weather we've been having.


If you've got little''ve got to get these.....SUPER!

Love the head massage you get at the salon? Get it at home with Denman!

Washing your hair can be a real task or nightmare-especially if you have long hair! I’ve found the DENMAN Shower Brush to be a great tool to use to apply shampoos, conditioners and hair mask evening through my thick long hair. The bristles on the end give the most divine massage too, although for longer hair length it might get a bit tangled. I’ve been using mine at the pool in the showers, as it makes the task of showering after the swim so fast and easy. There is no product left in the hair, and it helps to clean all the chlorine out, pronto! Their available for £4 at John Lewis, Boots, Superdrug,

Beauty discovers TONI & GUY’s Royal Ascot Creations:

Beauty Says:Gone are the days of hat hair especially at such ‘FAB’ events like the Royal Ascot. Check out the award winning Avant Garde Collection from Indira Schauweker, TONI&GUY International Artistic Director. Inspired by an increasing trend in millnery hair styles, which is using hair to create hat-like structures, hair has just gone to new heights and horizons. Made popular in mainstream by artists such as Lady Gaga, and style icons such as Isabella Blow, gone are the days of fascinators and hats. (The stakes, just got that little bi higher ladies, to dress and style your tresses for the Royal Ascot.)

Check out the Royal Ascot uber hairstyles by TONI&GUY of 2012: 

POM: It’s not just juice- it’s nature’s most wicked cocktail

Beauty and Snob are contently quiet and happy together when they’re sipping their wee bottles of POM. POM is 100% pomegranate and blueberry juice with no added preservatives, colours and several nutrients. The pomegranates are grown in central California’s sunny San Joaquin Valley, and handpicked and then crushed.

Here are the reasons why Beauty loves it so much:


Pomegranate juice is a super anti-oxidant! This means ladies it’s great for anti-ageing and skin. No wrinkles!


Pomegranate juice can improve blood flow, and may stop plaque from building in blood vessels and keep cholesterol from forming. Think slim-line figures girls!


And finally, it can slow prostate cancer growth, and is known to prevent and repair DNA damage that can lead to cancer. Don’t tell your gent it’s good for him, just serve him a cup a morning, and tell him it’s a cup of L-O-V-E!

Snob loves POM because:


Blueberries are good for your brain. Common, don’t be a dummy! Blueberries have two protective enzymes: catalase & superoxide dismutase- they keep neurons from being ‘deactivated’ and keep your brain going strong!

And me? I’m loving the taste. It’s slightly tart but velvety and exquisite. POM is available at selected Waitrose stores nationwide and Ocado on-line priced at £3.70 (710ml bottle). For further customer information visit

Why not try some of these delicious alternative ways to enjoy POM has well? Check out these fun recipes!


Blue POMarita

30ml                      POM Wonderful Pomegranate and Blueberry 100% Juice

28ml                      Tequila

28ml                      Cointreau

21ml                      Lime juice

21ml                Simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water dissolved together in cold water)

Salt and lime for garnish


Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker over ice. Shake well and strain into a martini glass. Salted rim is optional.




And here’s something for the kids...


Ice Lollies

   Simply pour the brightly coloured juice into lolly moulds and place in the freezer!



The Dolly Mix

Priceless Wonderground: Boom Boom Club PRESENTS: Prospero’s Tavern

The Boom Boom Club is renowned to be cabaret’s most creative company. They return to London this July to present Prospero’s Tavern, at the spiegel tent, at London’t South Bank. The show is loosely inspired by Shakespeare’s Tempest. The dark tale is set at the end of the world in Davy Jones’ Locker-in, and lost souls gather at Prospero’s tavern to tell tales far and wide of times gone by. The show is guaranteed to entertain with magnificent circus acts, song and dance, magic, and burlesque. 

I’ve had a sneaky chat with Vicky Butterfly, the magnificent costume designer of the show, to talk about her creations for this spectacle. As she sits before me, she gives me the impression that she envelopes the essence that is her art. Not surprising then that I find out she is not only the costume designer for the production company, but also a cabaret performer and will open the show. Trained in costume design at St. Martins, she tells me that Prospero’s Tavern, is the production company’s most challenging show to produce to date.


As we sit in a gazebo on the Udderbelly pastures, she tells me that one of her biggest challenges in designing, and making of the costumes has been time-Vicky travels frequently doing cabaret shows all over the world. Although time has been one of the main factors, two other entities are equally, if not, more important to her: one is the practicality of the costume; and two, is the detailing. As cabaret performances can have a small number in audience it is essential that the performer can move in the costume freely, and that the detailing is sturdy, for the numerous amount of shows. I will definitely be paying attention during this show as Vicky gives me a sneak preview on her phone of some of the costumes: a 1920s titanic themed dress and a suit padded with euro and pound notes. Some of her sea-inspired themes for the lost souls have been pirate inspired such as belts that hang off shoulders or across chests, of crabs, sea creatures and shells. As the synergy of the team is so strong, Vicky has pulled much inspiration for her creations, in being closely involved with each performer and the production company for many years. The secret behind the success of the Boom Boom Club has been their overall unity. Therefore, their show flows, from once act to another and sits well together. (For those who have never seen cabaret, it was once thought to be unpopular as it resembles that of a variety show. Not until burlesque burst onto being in the mainstream with artists such as Ditta Von Teese, did Cabaret break this stigma. )


What I found from my interview with Vicky that was most astounding is that from the opening to the end, this show promises to be theatrical, and that the team is always ambitious technically-from the live music to each act. I cannot wait to see this show and Vicky to open it with an aquatic serpentine dance. Can you?

Watch the trailer video for this show here by clicking onto the VIMEO button



 The show has only opened, and press night is on July 19th. I’ll be reporting with a full-review of this show as I did for Cantina at a later date. Until then, here are the details of the show and how to book your tickets ahead:



Venue:                   Priceless London Wonderground
                               Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX
Dates:                    Sat 16th, Sat 30th June, Fri 13th, Thurs 19th (press night), Sat 28th July - Sat 4th Aug
Show Time!          Sunday-Wednesday Shows
                               Doors 8.45pm / Show 9.15pm (75 mins) no interval
                               Thurs-Saturday Shows
                              Doors 8.45pm / Show 9.15pm (75 mins) / Interval / Aftershow Party (120 mins)
Tickets:                  Standard £20 / Standard + aftershow £25
                               VIP £40 (access to VIP bar, aftershow and free glass of bubbly on arrival)
                               Aftershow £5 - Thurs-Saturday shows (available in person only)
Booking:                0844 545 8282 /

Luxury fashion is here for pooches and pets- And Absolutely Adorable! is the fastest growing pet accessories online shopping destination. You can check out the week’s cutest pets on this website, or find some cute outfits for your pooch or fury pal. Beauty and The Snob had a good chuckle and oogle at the bunnies on the site.

There are some toys that are sure to make you chuckle. I know if I had a little dog I would definitely buy it the Chewy Vuitton handbag. Beats it chewing on my authentic collection! Or how about a lovely chewy Alexander MuttQueen shoe to chew on my pet?

Rosie Fortescue and her made in Chelsea poochie are fans, and in the know. Check out her dachshund in this adorable thick knit sweater-perfect for the walk in the park during the fall.

For more decadence and a bit more bling, think: Paris Hilton and her poochies, check out this diamante collar.

Beautys' Secrets

Summer Beauty Essentials to keep you GOING! posted 13/7

Summer is a tricky season for beauty or a beauty regime because either:


-Why bother putting bother putting it on, when it’s just going to melt, drip, or shift?

-Your skin won’t calm down due to it being allergy season

-With travelling situations we all want to carry less


Thankfully, there are some fantastic beauty essentials that will help solve some of these problems, and just let us enjoy our longer evenings out and about instead.

Aromatherapy Associates-Support Breathe Essence


Although summer may be pretty in full bloom, it can be unkind to those who suffer from allergies and hay fever. Feeling plugged up, tired, and sneezing in a tissue for most of the day can have its toll, not to mention, that you may be afraid to leave the house. Thankfully, Aromatherapy Associates has a rescue solution for that! So listen up if you plan to go to that festival, and brave the high pollen count! I, myself am a sufferer, and found Support Breathe Essence (By Aromatherapy Associates) oil to help especially with the pressure in the sinuses. The oils are natural and help boost the immune system, so it also, helps keep germs and any unwanted viruses away, when used regularly. Key oils include: eucalyptus for anti-bacterial, pine and tea tree as an anti-septic and clearing agent, peppermint to refresh all your senses. You can use this oil in a burner and leave in any room. I like to use it more directly and getting an instant lifting effect, by warming a towel in hot water, and after ringing it out directly put a few drops onto the towel and doing some deep inhalation. I find that this helps either after a long day out and there has been a high pollen count, or just before I go out to keep things at bay. It also is incredibly economical, and lasts forever. I would say the 10ml bottle could go on for several months when used a few times a week. Support Breathe Essence, is available online for £16.50/10ml at:


Melvita- Eau Florale de Rose


Melvita is France’s largest certified organic beauty brand of ECOCERT. All of Melvita’s ingredients are carefully and responsibly picked to protect and preserve nature. For those who suffer from allergies, it may be difficult sometimes to cleanse the skin, as the skin may become raw or sensitive. Melvita’s solution is Eau Floral de Rose. The rose water was distilled from organic Rosa damascene petals. These petals are naturally rich in active principles. It leaves an incredibly refreshed, hydrated, feeling on the skin, and is oh, so gentle! The best part is that it is so easy to use, as it comes in a spray bottle. I found it fantastic, when sitting in front of the computer all day long, or when my skin starts to feel tight and uncomfortable when I’m out and about. Just simply give the face two light sprays, and then let it evaporate from the skin. The skin will feel instant relief! Melvita suggests using it as a toner as well. Eau Florale de Rose is available for £14.50/200ml at:,8,1,4944,4848.htm


Melvita Huile d’Argan


This is a fantastic product for sensitive skin, and those on the go, or who want to find a no fuss solution to keeping the skin moisturised and healthy looking. Argan oil has been a beauty secret of Berber women for many years, and is only found from Argan trees off the coast of Morocco. It was traditional used for hair, nails and joints, but is also known to deeply repair and nourish the skin. I love this little roll-on as it comes in handy on airplanes (it’s a 10ml size) and can not only moisturise the face, but also the lips, and any other areas that needs attention or care. The 100% pure Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids and sterols so it’s a great restorative treatment. If you’ve got a bit of redness going on due to allergy season, try this, as this might help the skin repair. I’ve used a bit on the septum of nose as it had become raw with blowing the nose frequently as of recent late. It helped to repair and soothe that sore area. I’m not the only one talking about it as it had been featured on the Lorraine show too!

Huile d’Argan 10ml is available for £9 at:,8,1,4949,36993.htm

Elemis- fresh skin make-up away cleansing wipes



 I’m not usually a fan of make-up cleansing wipes, as I’ve told many over the years to avoid using them because they ingredients that can do more harm than good the skin. Having said that, Elemis, has developed my ideal cleansing wipe in their fresh skin series. These wipes are enriched with camomile and elderflower extracts and soften while conditioning the skin. I like the fact that it is free of SLS, Parabens, SLES, DEA, Mineral Oils, and artificial colours and silicones. Even sensitive skin can use these wipes. These are great when you’ve come back from a good evening out whilst on holidays, or on a weekend. Simply remove the make-up with one of these before bed. They’re also handy and good to refresh when you’re out and about where there’s no water (think festival situation girls!). They are available for £ 6 (25wipes)

No Sticky Situations, No Non-sense- Summer Make-up Essentials posted 13/7

If you’re going away to a hot destination on holidays (of course you are, the summer has ceased to exist this year in the UK) then beauty suggests some stellar no non-sense summer make-up essentials. With heat, make-up tends to start melting, or can get grimy on the face. Get these useful and practical make-up essentials so you won’t be caught in any sticky situations whilst on holiday.

Beauty Says:Always look cool as a cucumber with my top suggestions to NO SLICK make-up solutions!

Urban Decay’s Make-up Setting Sprays: DEW ME, Moisturizing Make-up Setting Spray and De SLICK Oil Control Make-up Setting Spray come in handy to avoid a melt-down! I have been addicted to DEW ME all summer now, as it keeps skin super hydrated, and the make-up on-full stop. This product surpassed my expectations- especially at the end of the day when there’s a sauna going on in the tube carriage. My foundation not only stayed on, but kept going for more than 12 hours, from morning to night. The secret to this formula is that there is an encapsulated cooling technology that lowers the surface temperature of the make-up by 20 degrees. The other bonus is that it keeps the make-up from settling into any fine lines, and it does not feel tight or cakey. All you have to do is apply your make-up (yes everything) and then just mist the entire face a couple of times. De SLICK is for oil-control or an oiler skin-type that helps control shine and also absorbs excess sebum. The bonus with De SLICK is that it also disperses particles that deflect shine. The result is matte fresh looking skin….perfect! Also good to know is that these sprays are paraben free! Available at House of Fraser Stores & Debenhams Stores Nationwide for £19/118ml. Go to check for store locations.

Paul & Joe Beaute’- Oil Blotting Papers:Oil blotters or oil blotting papers are rather an old fashioned way of keeping the make-up free of oil, or slick when temperatures rises. My verdict on them is that they are fantastic because they are easy to carry in your handbag, or pocket, and do the job of controlling shine quickly. Paul & Joe Beaute’ do miniature packs that are perfect for this. I was told by Craig Ryan French, the Creative Director of the brand, as to why Paul & Joe’s one works so well- hanif, a fibre that the Egyptians used in mummification to absorb oil is also used in the papers. The extraordinary thing about Paul & Joe’s oil blotting papers is that it leaves your skin a beautiful glow after it removes the shine. Available for £ 4 for a pack, at FENWICKS of Bond Street and Harrods.      

Champion Liquid Eye Liners: Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

With heat, you might want to cool down, say at the pool? Here’s where using waterproof eye make-up is essential. I’ve just discovered 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners from Urban Decay in Eldorado, Bobby Dazzle, and Smog (Gold, Silver & Bronze). These three colours are beautiful for the summer, and could catapult your summer make-up to WINNER! The brush on these are so thin, and great if you want to draw cat flicks or just accent any of your normal liners. I’ve used Eldorado (Gold) just over my normal brown, liner, to give it a lift. The benefit with using these is of course, they don’t budge, and you can have fun at the pool without worrying about whether your eye make-up is running away! £14 each available at House of Fraser Stores & Debenhams Stores Nationwide for £19/118ml. Go to check for store locations.

The Natural Pout


 Beauty Says: In terms of summer make-up you don’t want to fuss with lip liners, lipstick or lip glosses whilst on the beach somewhere. Just make sure you protect your lips….check out these fantastic lip balms that will give you that gorgeous natural pout!

Fresh-Sugar Lip Polish and Coral Sugar Lip Treatment

Fresh cosmetics give you the most gorgeous pair of natural lips this summer. Start with their Sugar Lip Polish, to exfoliate and condition. The natural sugar granules help to gently exfoliate and the natural humectants from the sugar crystals help prevent moisture loss- while shea butter and jojoba oil nourish and condition making the lips soft and smooth. I recommend this exfoilator because you don’t get any granules left on the lips. What I’m even more in love with is the new Coral Sugar Lip Treatment. It’s in line with the 1960s peachy matte pout look of the season. I warn you though using this lip product can be highly addictive! The texture is very soft, and glides on easily as it has Meadowfoam seed oil, Blackcurrent seed oil, Passionflower seed oil, Avocado oil-all fatty acids to maintain super moisture. It also has vitamin A, C & E and has a protective SPF15. The colour is so natural. I would describe it as kind of Mid-Summer Nights dream, or cherub look. Sugar Lip Polish £16.50 and Coral Sugar Lip Treatment £16.50 at FRESH:92 Marylebone High Street, W1U 4RD, 0207 486 4100

Elemis- fresh skin loving lips quenching lip balm

This is a rather refreshing lip balm to use as it has passionflower, sweet almond oil, peppermint and vitamin E. I’ve found this one from Elemis really helps to diminish any fine lines giving you a YOUTHFUL pout.... £8 at

Snob Says: Now a couple that boys can use too! We don’t want to kiss them when they have dry lips do we?

 Anatomicals:tanatomicals-the stick it where the sun does shine stick spf 30 lip protector

This lip balm also has jojoba and shea butter and beeswax to keep the moisture in the lips while adding moisture as well. This is a great one for the winter too for activities like skiing, as the SPF in it is high at factor 30. Also fantastic value it comes in at £3. And if he gives you any trouble that he’s no lady and doesn’t want to wear some kind of lip stick…well you can always tell him where to stick it, couldn’t you? Get him one now at

 L’occitane VERDON lip care for Men


Well the first thing to say about this lip balm is that the packaging is masculine, and it does say FOR MEN. This is a huge encouragement for men to use a product, giving them permission as such, that it is ok to use it and that it’s not feminine-not at all! The inspiration of the VERDON series has come from the Verdon Valley, a place refreshing, and pure energy. This lip balm is also a bit minty with peppermint oils, although it does not have any SPF. Get him one today for £4 at:,83,1,29979,272612.htm


Jet Sets: Beauty Capsules

Beauty has been planning her holiday, and she hates carrying too much. Still, she needs to look fabulous and can’t risk looking like the dog’s dinner just because she’s miles away from home. Beauty would like to share some of the best jet sets she knows of. Jet sets should be considered capsules of going away for beauty as fashion has capsules for seasons or travelling. Pack light, and look great!

Beauty Says: Jet sets that have been pre-packaged from any brand are great because they’ve done all the hard work for you. (The brands know what goes together, so if there’s face wash, there must be cream and toner.) All jet sets may smaller, so try to gage if the size of the bottles is right for your time away. For example, 30ml sizes are perfect for a week away. You will completely finish them and then not bring them home. The worst is when you have to bring back just that little bit and there is not enough for your next holiday. If you’re going away a fortnight or longer, then size does matter! Try to find something in half sizes so that you have enough.

The Perfect Hair Capsule


Phillip Kingsley Jet Sets:The Soft and Shiny set or any of the Jet Sets from Phillip Kingsley are great for a fortnight away- decent in size, but not full size. This Set is great because it not only has Moisture Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner, but also an Elasticizer (or hair mask). Moisture is important for hair, especially if you’re planning to go to hot destinations. If it’s humid there like Hong Kong, no problem, this set gives you va-va-room volume. One of the secret ingredients in the shampoo is lanolin-making it extra soft and manageable. The set is ideal for medium textured or wavy hair. Each bottle is 75ml and costs £22. Choose from 8 different sets to suit your need from volume, smoothing, moisture. There’s even sets for flaky itchy scalps and silver, grey, or brassy blond hair. It’s a must! Go

The Holiday QUICK FIX

Batiste Dry Shampoo:Ok, we can’t spend all our holiday washing our hair can we? So a great alternative to have in the bag is dry shampoo-especially when it’s muggy, you can freshen up on the spot! Batiste does original (fresh and lemony), blush (a floral and flirty fragrance), and tropical (a exotic hypnotic coconut) in 50ml sizes. Perfect to take on the plane! To get optimum results: Shake well, spray 30cm from hair, and brush with a natural bristle brush. £1.55 each Also found at Boots & Superdrug.

Soothing Skincare Capsules


ESPA: When it comes to skincare it’s all about saving face! I mean it! Sometimes while you’re away, your skin can react to a different climate, and you may be left blotchy, itchy or not looking your best. Espa’s: The Great British Weekend Away sets were made with comfort in mind whether you’re going away for the weekend, or a week. It contains: Hydrating Cleansing Milk 60ml, Hydrating Floral Spa Fresh toner 60ml, and a 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser 15ml. The cleanser contains marshmallow, rose, geranium, chamomile, and sweet almond oil. It’s not only gentle and calming, but has the power to take off all make-up.The Spa Fresh toner’s key ingredient is neroli which helps to soften and replenish after a full-day of fun. Finish off with the 24 hour replenishing moisturizer which is rich in vitamin E. The peach kernel oil in this helps to fight off ageing as well. This kit is great because it’s gentle and soothing, so what-ever you may face on holiday it’s sure to be a lifesaver. It’s available at: for £28. There’s also a body set with Smooth and Firming Body Butter, the iconic pink Hair Scalp Mud and Energising Shower Gel for £35.


Elemis:Elemis does a super jet set for the long haul holiday. The value is fantastic, as if you don’t finish it on one trip it certainly will last for a couple of holidays a year. The Revitalising Skincare Collection contains a 125ml Melting Cleansing Gel, a 200ml Soothing Apricot Toner (comes in a spray so it’s extra handy and easy to use), a 50ml Papaya Enzyme Peel, and a 20ml Maximum Moisture Day Cream. The melting cleansing gel is fantastic because it transform into a rich milk format. It contains argan oil which is a great anti-ager. The moringa peptides in this also help with anti-pollution. (This is a must, if you’re going to NYC girlies!) The Soothing Apricot Toner can be used as a facial spritzer during the day as well to refresh. Containing no alcohol, it makes the complexion radiant with apricot, Sweet Betty Flower, and Quillaja Wood. The best part in this set has to be the moisturiser, as it adjusts and adapts to the skin’s individual needs while providing lasting hydration all day long. As for the Papaya Enzyme Peel, well, we can all use a bit of pampering or extra glow if we plan to go out in the evenings. This super duper jet set is available now for £45. The bag it comes in is also a bonus as there’s plenty more room for make-up and other essentials! Abi-Fabi….

Combination Sets: A bit of Everything Capsules


BLISS:Bliss does a fantastic six-pack set that combines all the essentials into one. Always the multitasker, you can always depend on Bliss! I love this set so much, because the flavour is lemon+sage=FRESH! It contains 30ml bottles of: supershine shampoo, conditioning rinse, body butter, soapy suds for the bath or shower, a soap, and fabulous foaming face wash. What’s also great about this set is that it is also unisex. So if you’re going away with a partner both of you can use it. The shampoo and conditioner have anti-static and tangle-taming properties, while the body products are incredibly hydrating. Sure it doesn’t come with moisturiser for the face (doesn’t stop you from bringing some BLISS one you’re using at home in a smaller pot) but the cleanser is a 2-in-1: a cleanser and a non-granule exfoliator. How’s that for FABULOUS? (in foaming face wash?) It is available at: £20.50  

Malin + Goetz:This essential kit is another great unisex kit that two people can use whilst on holiday together. It includes Grapefruit facial cleanser, Vitamin E moisturiser, Bergamo Body Wash, Vitamin B5 Moisturiser, Peppermint Shampoo and Cilantro Conditioner (all minis 29ml). The great thing about this brand is that they’re paraben-free. I would say there is a good general mix of facial, hair and body products here. The Essential Kit from Malin + Goetz is available for £18 each.

A Capsule for Men


COWSHED:No Bullocks! It’s Pocket Cow Bullocks for men to travel lightly with no-nonsense. This set includes 20ml minis of: Bullocks Bracing Body Wash, Bullocks Refining Facial Scrub, Bullocks Smooth Shaving Cream, and Bullocks Soothing Moisturiser. The body wash purifies and tones, while the facial products maintain moisture without grease-while keeping it smooth and soft! The secret ingredient in the facial products is hemp seed oil….grab a shaver and he’s ready to go, go, go…. Get it now for him at £18.50 at: 

A Time Machine that will give you your YOUTH back: CACI at the Four Seasons Park Lane

I generally don’t believe in mechanical facials, but recently was pleasantly surprised by the results of CACI, at the Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane. The CACI system has been re-owned for providing non-surgical face lift facial treatments for twenty-years. A British-based brand, it dedicates itself to research, and gives effective long-lasting result with no scalpels, no scarring, and no pain. The late Princess Diana was a fan, and surprise, Madonna and Naomi Cambell own their own CACI machines.

Originally developed for the rehabilitation of Bells Palsy and post-stroke patients, CACI sends minute electrical currents to the facial muscles without shocking them. The idea is that it re-trains the muscles-like that when you train body muscles with exercise at the gym. The currents go deep into the muscle, re-educating them, and the result is a firmer, lifted face. The treatments are progressive so you will see excellent results after a series of treatments. However, having said that, CACI, is so efficient, you can see a difference just with 10 minutes of treatment. There are several different kinds of CACI machines available on the global market. The ULTIMATE, offers loads of treatments from facial toning, to wrinkles, microdermabrasion, acne, skin peeling, neck, cellulite, slimming, hand treatments and stretch marks.

After a 90 minute treatment at the Four Seasons Hotel SPA on Park Lane, I was more than impressed. In fact, I am addicted, and would highly recommend this to anyone. I started the session by relaxing for about 20 min within the facilities of the hotel’s spa (sauna & steam room). Then I was escorted to the treatment room, and my therapist, Lucia, talked me through the treatment and gave me a skin analysis. During the treatment, Lucia only concentrated on firming and lifting on my face, as I requested this, and also she could not see any lines. Parts of the facial are like that of other facials, with cleansing, toning, masks-except the machine is applied between all the steps.

When the machine is applied to the face it feels slightly tingly. You can taste a slight metal taste in your mouth as it is working. There are different instruments for different steps of the facial. Mainly with the lifting it is a two-prong instrument that is applied. Firming and lifting serum comes out of the ends and works alongside the machine.

I will admit that it is not as relaxing as other hand done facials, but the results truly speak for themselves. You can feel no pain what-so-ever. After my treatment, I would say that I looked at least 5-7 years younger. The main difference I saw was in the lines around my mouth- they completely disappeared! I am so impressed I plan to buy a series of these treatments from the Four Seasons soon! Put this on your Christmas or Birthday list this year! It is one time machine that will warp your face back!

Roller Ball attachment for the hydrating mask step. The mask is so cool and comforting. It has lots of aloe to drench the skin with moisture.

 Four Season Hotel-Park Lane:

90 min CACI Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial- £150

60 min CACI Non-Surgical Facelift-£105

20min CACI Wrinkle Revolution-£45

(Buy any 4 as a series of these treatments and get the 5th free!)

To book now at the Four Season, Park Lane call: 020 7319 5480 or go to

Beauty is LOVING 3D Nail Art this summer

Whenever beauty finds herself with spare time, and a bit bored, she’s usually found painting her nails, or getting them done somewhere. She hates doing the dreaded pedicure herself because she has to stretch or curl up to reach her tootsies! She’s discovered a Caviar 3-D manicure you can do at home and a little nail bar that in London that makes 3D nail art truly affordable luxury.

With the weather sunny and nights longer, there are bound to be parties, weddings and all sorts of wonderful functions to go to. Whatever your occasion 3D nail art is a wonderful accessory to lift any outfit.

Ciate’ Caviar Manicure

Ciate is the first of its kind to launch an at home 3D nail kit. Created by, Charlotte Knight, Creative Director of Ciate’, this kit has microbeads that resemble that of caviar pearls. The kits come in three choices of colours: Black, White and Multicoloured. I’m finding that black and white are actually the most luxurious looking.

I was surprised that it was so easy to do and be able to create a luxurious professional nail look like this at home. The kit includes everything you need: A bottle of the beads, a bottle of polish, a miniature funnel, and a tray. It takes a bit longer to dry, and do you have to patient, but the result is absolutely fantastic! You have to do each finger at a time. All you have to do is paint a layer of the polish and let it dry. Then paint another layer, and before it dries, sprinkle and cover the nail with the beads. Push gently to ensure they’re on and secure and let it dry for 20 minutes. The beads are all caught by the tray underneath, and then you can pour it back into the bottle with the funnel. There is absolutely no wastage, and so I’m finding this kit incredibly good value as well! The sets are £18 or 20 Euros and are available online

Truly luxurious and fun....accent any outfit and make it extra sweet with Ciate's Caviar Manicure!

 Nice Nails Baby-How can you not afford to do this?


Nice Nails Baby

I was invited to a little event not too long ago to get her nails done. To my surprise, they were doing 3D nail art on the evening. I had my nails painted in a beautiful coral orange, and then my ring fingers were decorated with pens. On one side a leopard print was done, and on the other with gold and yellow stripes. The little cherry on the top was the adorable little pearl bow that was added to the one nail. The jewel was stuck on with some nail glue. The nail glue I am told is gentle and is generally used when putting on false nails. I was surprised by the durability of the bow. It’s been 3 days, and it has still not come away. The only thing that is a bit inconvenient is that I have to wear a glove on that hand when I’m washing my hair. Otherwise, my hair will be caught on the jewel. My suggestion is that if you’re planning to wear sandals all week get the jewel on a big toe or something to dazzle up your sandals!

After my manicure, I had a little interview with owner, Michelle Duberry. Michelle tells us that her mantra is to provide everyone with great looking nails, at a reasonable and affordable price. You really cannot afford not to do this manicure, as the manicure I had that evening, would only have been £12 in their shops. You get a file, a paint, and a 3D jewel put on. Michelle has some big plans so watch this space! In the meantime, why not go to Nice Nails Baby and add some dimension to your manicure? They also do some affordable waxing, eye lash tinting, and also offer acrylic, gel and shellac nails (the 2 week manicure that looks like gel but can last 2 weeks). Nice Nails Baby is at:

Inside LA Fitness Salon-Portland House, Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5BH (Victoria) 0207 976 6696

Or inside the Tanning Shop at Kings Cross on 8 York Way, Kings Cross, N1 9AA 020 3286 7882

You can also book corporate events, parties, or even get the girls around the office, and they will come and do the nails in the office for you. For more information go

 Another design on the other ring finger.....if you love it baby....put a design on it!

Beauty is loving it...and put stripes on it....

The Edit: Reviews and Other Neat Stuff

Beautys' Abi Fabi Edit

Light as a Feather: Dr. Sebagh does it again with his super Lightweight Facial

A few weeks ago I was invited to my first facial for Dr. Sebagh at Liberty’s of London. This facial has to be the lightest weight facial I have ever had bar none! I have had many anti-ageing facials, but when I come out of them usually my face feels plump or firm and taught. (Not all the time, but sometimes too much cream is put on at the end. This is the part which I hate. What is worse is when the therapist asks me how I feel and tells me there is a glow. There is always a glow because too much cream was put on.) This however, was an incredibly different experience as when I had come out to put my make-up back on my face was deep cleansed and matte.

I have written about Dr. Sebagh’s products before-introducing his deep exfoliating mask and the beautifully delicate Rose de Vie face serum. The therapist, Tine, first asked me a series of questions about health and diet as well as how my skin felt. Her expertise and knowledge was phenomenal. She began with first cleansing my face with a gentle cream cleanser. This cleanser differs from others as it acts as a protective film on the skin against harmful environmental factors. Following this step the deep exfoliating mask was put on. You can feel this working deep into the skin as it tingles. As I had mentioned, in a previous article, the secret to the success of this mask is the combination of azalaic and lactic acid. It gets rid of the dead skin instantly and increases cell turnover. The radiance and natural glow as a result is amazing! Next a purifying mask for anti-pollution was left on the face for several minutes.

While the mask was left to rest, and doing deep cleansing, Tine started to ask me smell some aromatherapy oils. I could smell reviving bergamot, and a combination of relaxing floral scents such as ylang ylang, and lavender. The oil was also applied a little to my temples and base of the neck and a light massage started on the shoulders. By this step I was already rather quite relaxed and could feel the mask being removed with the warm towels. Apparently serum was then applied as a next step. I was pretty sure, with my experience of having facials that perhaps my session was coming to a close when the therapist told me that something cold was coming to the face. A cool jelly like- mask was then left on the face for another 10 min while my arms were being massaged! I’m told that the jelly mask can be re-used, and that I would be able to get another six times out of it at home using it in conjunction with serums and creams. (The jelly mask is not a Dr. Sebagh product, but an extra goody that the therapist put into the protocol to give the Dr. Sebagh products extra efficacy.)

Finally my facial was finished off with a light layer of Eye Expert and a light dusting of the Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream. This finishing touch (Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream) has to be the star wonder of the facial! On contact with the skin it melts into a liquid. Take note: in most skincare with vitamin c, 85% of its potency is lost within one hour of opening the cream. Dr. Sebagh has mastered in preserving and delivering the highest and purest form of vitamin c-helping not only to revitalize the skin, but help with any pigmentation or spots and giving the skin incredibly energy and glow. I’m already waiting for the next event to get some of this vitamin c powder. It’s great to keep aside even as a boost to your normal skincare regime.

This facial is also incredibly good value as you book it with a £35 booking fee and redeem it against any two products of your choice after the treatment. If you’re looking to do that facial to look great on holiday, or for any occasion, but don’t want to break out afterwards, this is it!

Beauty gives it her two thumbs up and a wink!

Don’t miss the next Dr. Sebagh Facial Event Dates:

JULY 19, 20, & 21

45 min facial; booking fee of £35 applies

To book call: Vivian at Liberty of London on Dr. Sebagh at: 020 7734 1234 ext 2190

Melt Away pounds with Body Boutique Clinics’ Lipo Light Treatment

We all know that when it comes to getting the pounds down, or slimming, the old adage of ‘no pain, no gain’ comes into play. I am a regular jogger of at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes, so when I heard about Body Boutique’s Lipo Light treatment I was not dissuaded that I had to do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular for it efficacy of the treatment.

Body Boutique Clinics is the UK’s fastest growing cosmetics company at the moment. It offers the latest technology in light to help you achieve your idea body (sculpting) with no surgery, no chemicals, and no painful recovery periods. The result is well, a more sculpted body. Too good to be true? Well I checked it out at one of their locations on the embankment and here’s my experience:

I was measured by the therapist, Kristina, before the treatment. She took three separate measurements of around my middle. Kristina, advised that the treatment is more effective if you only do one section of the body per treatment, otherwise, the body gets confused, and the results are not as efficient. I then lay on the bed for about 25 minutes, and had six pads attached to my middle and between my legs where the lymph nodes are located. The pads have holes in them, and that is where the LED-light comes out of. The LED-light does not penetrate the deep. Instead it targets the fat cell. It is slightly warm and feels like a hot water bottle.

Kristina explains to me that our fat cells in our body become enlarged when we consume high amounts of sugars, and fats. The laser in this treatment helps to reduce the size of the fat cells by putting a small hole in each cell, and making it smaller by draining: water, fatty acides, and glycerol (sugars). These three drain out of the cell as a liquid and is left around the cell. It leaves the body in the form of detoxification: sweat or urine. That is why you have to do the cardiovascular after the treatment, to help everything drain out of your system.

After the treatment, Kristina measured me again, and told me that I had lost 4cm all around the middle. That’s pretty good going for a girl who’s a size 10, and in her thirties. I was amazed that only after 25 minutes of this treatment that you could get such a significant result. I don’t doubt that if a series of treatments were done on a regular basis, anyone could see decent results from this treatment. This is a treatment to consider if you are trying to lose that 1 last dress size. The clinic also offers acne treatments, hair removal, and anti-ageing facial treatments with LED Light Therapy.

The Lipo Light treatments cost £100 per session, or £600 for a package of 8 sessions. For maintenance it is £79 per month with a commitment of 12 months. To book or enquire go to:


Book Review: the Vintage Tea Party book

Angel Adoree, for those who don’t know her, is a re-owned image consultant and brain child and owner of t-shirt patisserie. T-shirt patisserie is a shop that sells customized American Apparel t-shirts that are wrapped up like cupcakes, accompanied by a decadent edible version. In 2011 Adoree published a book dedicated to a love she’s had since she was a little girl: vintage and everything to do with it.

The book is divided into five sections: Introduction, Brunch, Afternoon, Evening, & Style. Every section has some tempting and scrumptious recipes and DIY projects from making fascinators to aprons, and how to dress with vintage pieces for both men and women.


 There are plenty of fun and usual recipes that may be a talking point for your party. For example, in the afternoon section there are instructions on how to make your own edible flowers. This of course, is followed by a recipe of rose petal sandwiches. Not only are the cocktails for the early evening divine, but Angel teaches you to make fancy ice cubes such as her mango and mini ice cubes for bellinis. 

 Check out these delicate and beautiful rose petal open sandwiches....a floral touch to your tea party!

My opinion is this book is not only good for entertaining, but great for injecting something new into Sunday brunch. Why not make a surprise for your partner or family of egg-stuffed tomatoes?-cooking it all right inside the beefsteak tomato. There are tons of easy to do recipes that add a decadent touch.

Snob is in love with these little canapés of tomato mozzarella balls on the kebab sticks. I can see these being made for a Valentine’s party!

Mmmm...Pannacotta, Beauty's favourite.....and look, not only is it ROSE flavoured but also has these lovely rose transfers on top! Divine!

Another one of my favourite sections is the step by step drawings of how to do vintage hair styles-like victory rolls and the classic set. I would say it’s a great and resourceful book to have at hand in the kitchen. What I also like about it is that all the ideas and recipes are economical as well. I give this book the thumbs up, and would definitely buy it and give it as a house warming gift or for anyone in general that likes to play a bit of hosting.

Snob's Yum Yum Edit

sCreAMinG for ICE CREAM (PART 2)

A Cool Formula: Chin-Chin Labs: A Nitro Ice-Cream Parlour

Snob has stuck his little snout into this ice-cream parlour and cannot free himself. He’s so in love with it, he wants to tell the whole world!

As far as entrepreneurs go, Ahrash Akbari-Kalhur, has to be one of the coolest. His business ‘Chin-Chin Labs’ is Europe’s first nitro ice-cream parlour. Akbari-Kalhur says that his method of making ice-cream is actually a well-known old fashioned method. Putting on some gloves, he takes the liquid nitrogen from the tank. Then, he takes the cream base or yogurt base and pours in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees. It is then blended in a cake mixer for a minute or so. He tells me that with this method there are no ice crystals, and the result is the smoothest creamiest ice-cream possible.

 He pours the liquid nitrogen from the tanks to shortly add it to the cream bases in the mixers....

Watch the video of Akbari-Kalhur of Chin Chin Labs making my ice creams here. Click onto the YOUTUBE button!

Not only is his method unique but also are his flavours. Valrhona Chocolate and Madagascan Vanilla are always available alongside a flavour of the week. Another classic that is often featured is the green grass frozen yogurt. Once made, each ice cream can be topped with one topping of your choice: salted caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce, nuts, chocolate dipped chips, green tea peanut brittle, or popping candy.

 Is there any caramel more luxurious than SALTED CARAMEL??? My oh could get into a lot of trouble at Chin Chin Labs....Don't say No...say Yes....mmmm....

I had a cup of the green grass frozen yogurt and it was phenomenal! It has the gentle hint of fresh cut grass, but is also almost lemony. It is incredibly refreshing, and with the popping candy, there was an explosion of flavours with this refreshing treat in my mouth.

Ice Creams at Chin Chin Labs are £3.95 per serving, and found at 49-50 Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF from Tue-Sun

Beauty and the Snob join a snacking craze:

Beauty does not have the luxury of snacking often, as she’s watching her waistline. Snob loves winding her up like a toy and munches as often as he can in her face. Recently, I’ve found a solution for the both of them to be happy together when it comes to this heated issue between them: First though, Beauty’s take on snacking.

Beauty’s Take on Snacking:

Snacking can actually be enemy number one, and add calories, and weight. However, if you snack between meals lightly, there can be good benefits. Such benefits would be:

-curbing overeating on your next meal

-maintaining blood sugar levels (this is important if you feel ups and downs during the day)

- and if you snack on low calorie snacks such as fruit and vegetables instead of candy and crisps it can help you feel fuller for longer

There is also the issue of savvy snacking. There bad habits that most of us don’t think about. Such would be taking the entire package to the sofa and television, and before you know it, have finished the entire contents of the snacks. It is best if we limit our snacking to small portions and once our small plates are finished we do not go back for more.

Snob finds Graze by accident: was started in 2007 and is owned by the same people of It is a company that apparently takes pride in marrying food and technology. The idea is simple: there are over 100 nutritious snack combinations that are packed in little punnets. Four punnets are in each recycled paper box and come to your door through the post. The boxes are £3.49 each and may be sent to your workplace or home via Royal Mail.

I first came across through an offer with my magazine goodies to try a free box. At first when the nibble box arrived I didn’t think it was special. What was so special about dry fruit, nuts, or olives? I also questioned whether it was cheaper to buy these things in bulk at Holland and Barretts or the supermarket. My first box contained: BBQ pistachios, dried apple with a toffee dip, a corn nuts mix, and a piece of cedar and red onion focaccia bread.

To my surprise the snacks were incredibly fresh, and the flavour combinations were sensational. Take for example the dried apple and toffee dip. Most would probably not choose dried apple as a snack of choice, but when you add a bit of toffee it suddenly becomes moorish. Upon finishing my first box I looked into how I could choose the snacks in the box, as I did not enjoy the focaccia bread as much as the others. Graze has a ‘rate or slate’ your box system that allows you to tell them what you thought. If you didn’t like something, they will never send it to you again. You can rate your box with: Bin, Try, Like, Love, and Send Soon. There are also 11 category of snacks and 100 combinations in total to choose from. For example there are 13 different snacks of dips and dippers, 20 kinds of crackers, or 31 natural treats. The combinations are endless! Graze considers their snacks to be nutrition boxes or part of an Eat Well/Energy Plan. That is why they also tell you the health benefits. Labels are added besides the snack choices to tell you if they are:

-1 of 5 a day (fruit and veg)

-under 130 calories

-a good source of vitamin and minerals

- a good source of fibre

-and if it is a top 10 health stars

I’ve now had quite a few Graze boxes come to my door. Some of my favourites and ones that I recommend are Tropical Daiquiri, this one has a bit of a lift and wow factor because the sultanas in it are lime flavoured; Toffee Apple, incredibly moorish; and Korai Chutney, dipping these little rice crackers in the sweet chilli chutney is sensational. At the moment I’m interested in the new Cookies & Cream combination as it sounds interesting. This combination comes with: mini chocolate cookies + roasted hazelnuts+ milk chocolate buttons + sunflower seeds. My opinion is that Graze is FABULOUS! It makes a great gift as well to all your foodie friends. Some of my friends would definitely be getting some of this for their birthday or Christmas.

Now, I would like all of you to try and it tell me what you think! Get your first free Graze box off me! Just click any of the pictures in this article, or the Graze icon, and it will lead you to a code and the instructions on how to get your free box.(Otherwise you can use this link: Enjoy! Write back to me at: to let me know what do you think? Have you now also become a grazer? Beauty a fan now and she’s less grumpy with better blood sugar levels. At least she’s not chewing Snob out and chewing on her snacks…



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