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Beauty Says: This month I've found these absolutely deLIGHTful! 

Beauty Lab Relax Neuropeptide Serum:


If your skin is in need of a bit of lift or jolt, then look no further than this little bottle of serum. It contains might hexapeptide 8 & 1, and vitamin E. One key ingredient is retionol A which helps anyone with sunspots or those afraid of sunspots. With liposome C and hyaluron it goes to lift and hydrate in the most radical way possible.


I saw instant results with this bottle and found it irradicated the tiny lines on my forehead. For those of you out there who are weary of chemicals in anti-aging products, use this with ease as it is paraben-free, alcohol-free and doesn't contain perfumes, or artificial colourings! 


Best of all, it is oh so affordable and doesn't break the bank at £45 a bottle. In my opinion one of the best kept beauty secrets ever! Well....not anymore....Get yours at or Harvey Nichols!

Paul & Joe's Summer 2014 Collection-Nail Polish: These 25 colours are show stopping this summer. So many of the colours are absolutely fabulous for tanned coloured skin tones (with the sunshine on the way and summer holidays). The enamel or polish paints with ease and is sheer. It is important that you paint 2 even coats. It dries rather glossy, almost like the other gel polishes on the market at the moment. 


There are many colours that are more interesting than other lines out there; and in irrisistable shades like the chocolate brown, a figgy purple, saffron yellow and blue hues that can match any pair of jeans in the cupboard. Watch out for the debut of this awesome collection coming 

QC Crackling Gel: This little bottle is a must have item in the handbag! A handsantiser that comes out icy cold, and crackling, it is also delightful to use as it is non-sticky! The smell is rather pleasing in a fresh melon flavour.


It makes a great invigorator in the hot summer months ahead and take note, that it's not only anti-bacterial, but also deordorises, and strengthens nails and protects skin. £6, 50ml available

Crabtree & Evelyn's Carribbean Island Wild Flowers Hand Wash:


Now in terms of handwashes, I'm rather picky- picky about the smell of them. I find most of them on the market over fragranced. The ones that have anticeptic smell also turn me off. 


Crabtree & Evelyn's recent launch of the Carribbean Island Wild Flowers range has a fab hand wash that has the right balance of delicate spider lily, wild island flowers and jasmine. The wash is incredibly moisturising, and doesn't leave the hands parched or dry. It also has a rather tranquilising and relaxing effect. 


In my opinion, the best handwash to use this season. Get your right balance back £16 at

Breast Cancer Awareness- Lipbalm at M&S:


Buy this lipbalm to say you care and support anyone out there with breast cancer! Why? Because it's FASHIONABLE!  It's only available at your M&S! £3



A Coat That Will Make Boats Float- ‘The Great Spring Coat Hunt’

 Eye Spy says


This Easter I found myself hunting something else other than eggs and the Easter bunny, but a much needed piece in the wardrobe: The Spring Coat. I had been looking for more than 6-8 weeks since I saw the first glimpse of sunshine. My desire ran deep into my blood to shed the heavy weight of the winter coat, and the depression of the navy colour. I wanted something also not everyone was wearing or had gravitated to buy at first instance-such as a COS number.  

I thought perhaps I would have found the coat whilst I was in L.A. or Las Vegas back in March, but even the Kate Spade, nor JCrew shops out there could tantalise me with anything. So back to online searching it was a fortnight ago. Upon actively searching for ‘spring coat’ I found the needle in the haystack in the TKMaxx website. It was a Clements Ribeiro (from their diffusion line-Portobello) spring overcoat in white with blue palm-like print and a jewel encrusted collar. The coat was originally £162 selling for £50 and was this seasons’ stock. Of course, my story doesn’t end here, in terms of the search, as with all things at retailers like TKMaxx, sizes are limited and I was deluded to think that I could squeeze into a size 8 (I’m an actual 10). With pouting lips I returned my treasure and got a refund, but still not completely deterred from continuing to search for the coat that could float my boat.


I turned to recent editorial in Marie Claire for some more inspiration, and had tried to track down a few styles that deemed check the boxes of being cocoon shaped, wide sleeved, and pretty pastel in colour. In my search I noticed that the owl motif or print was popular as was also monochromes of black and white. There’s a new nifty way to find what you want with sketchy searches such as my spring coat idea from Westfields called #EditMe ( #EditMe is program in collaboration with Snap Fashion. The online program basically recognises certain silhouettes, colours and styles from photographs or images (be it if you’ve loaded them from your mobile, Facebook page, or camera. It then translates and finds the similarities of the colours, styles, or silhouettes and translate them to be updated for the current season. Not only will it find the items, but you are able to reserve, or directly order to pick up at the Westfields too, and be able to control the search to certain brands, shops and the price you want to pay. Take note of this most useful tool! 

 I tried doing this to find my coat only to discover that there were not many selections to choose from. However, it did give me a brilliant new search word for the current season: Kimono. Once I started to research it with ‘kimono’ many more doors of options opened up and soon I found myself on the H&M website looking at this Jacquard Weave Coat in a Kimono style. Now this coat really floats my boat because reminded me of parts of recent fashion lecture I had attended at the Garden Museum in London.

In conjunction with Flowers in Fashion-very Spring indeed! Furthermore the Kimono style is inspired by the 70s (think Bianca Jagger) my most beloved decade of fashion. At £69.99 it wasn’t breaking the bank, but at checkout point I noticed the box ‘voucher codes’. I went that extra bit further and searched for the voucher code and saved myself a whopping 25% on

How’s that for an egg-cellent Easter? The bunny couldn’t do any better himself, even if he did lay jelly bean eggs…

Paul & Joe Sister's Sweltering Prints for Summer

Eye Spy Says: Having taken a page out of Beauty's book I was inspired by Paul & Joe. Looking into Sophie Abou's diffussion line Paul & Joe Sister, on ASOS, I found some sweltering printed dresses for the summer!


Nothing says spring quite like Bambi does it? And of course not without his pal thumper....this t-shirt indeed gives the seal of approval: YES DEER!


The dresses all have different themes in the print from Alice in Wonderland, to nature with lots of florals and greenery. A bit pricey, but worth saving for! I'm getting mine


Lacoste's New Collection Hits Centre Point!

Eye Spy says: I've recently been to press day at Lacoste and they have more than just white tennis shoes! Coming in a fresh exhuberating palette of colours for men, women and children, this collection hits more than a few points with me. 


Take note of their LIVE collection which is more urban, and edgy. They've also branched out with other styles such as wedges, and taken their classic croc further in printed croc patterns with wild graffitti like themes. Of course, in line with the tradition of the brand, the shoes promise super comfort, and are all super light! I wouldn't mind packing an extra pair of shoes for the long as they're as light as a pair of Lacoste! 


Styles available at




Dolly Mix

Beauty's Secrets

Spread Spring Fever

Beauty Says: Spring and Summer are seasons where moods lift and happiness suddenly returns to so many of us….all due to a bit of sunshine. How often, though, do we spread that ‘good’ feeling to those we know? This season, why not spread a bit of ‘Spring Fever’ to those you know? Fashion retailer, Oasis has a digital: Good Deed Generator, where, when you spin it- good deeds will roll out for you to do small gestures for your work colleagues, friends, or family. Why not do something for a colleague you’ve wanted to get to know better? Or how about that friend you haven't had a recent laugh with? 


 The whole idea is to spread the love, and an infectious smile to celebrate the beautiful weather. Go to: to get started! Give it a twirl… won’t regret it! 


Watch the Youtube video below to find out more about it! It will brighten up both your worlds! 

Making Scents Of It All: Beauty’s Journey in Making Her Own Signature Fragrance

Beauty Says: When it comes to all things to do with beauty products I am indeed the expert. Having said that, there is always something even someone like me can learn. One journey I haven’t been on was to make my own fragrance/perfume. Fragrance for me is a product that sometimes does not make sense. Why? Well, maybe because it seems that most perfumes smell too much like each other; and perfumes are now too commercialized- it has become all too confusing for me, (in terms of when someone asks me in a shop: "What smells do you like?") and enough to make me dizzy.


I used to be attracted to fragrances that were a bit more unusual and less marketed such as Diptique’s: L’Eau de Taracco (smelling of breezy orange & summer), L’ombre dans L’Eau (smelling of basil) or the signature 34 which has notes of woods and balms. For more feminine touches I liked powdery scents such as Penhaligon’s Artemesia. Now it seems that massive brands such as Tom Ford, or niche brands such as Le Soft Perfumes have too produced similar smells.


As with everything I write about I like to go back into the history and backbone of the subject. Perfumes have existed as far back as 1000B.C. and were thought to have been invented by the Egyptians. The word ‘perfume’ comes from latin: ‘per fume’, meaning ‘through smoke’. Now doesn’t that change everything, when most people think that perfumes were invented by the French in the 16th century and for the mere reason that they lacked water and hence, were trying to hide their body odour due to not being able to bathe? During the French Revolution ladies and lords visited perfumers or perfume houses to have fragrance consultations or profiling and have fragrances made especially for them. These consultations or fragrance profiling are rather different to the ones we now have at shops- only to determine what we like and what to buy. Instead, the intent was to invent or make something only to be worn by that one individual, so that indeed it was a signature of that person.


Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could bring that precise bespoke aspect into fragrance? Well, SCENT/london, is doing just that and more. SCENT/london is not only a business that makes bespoke fragrances for individuals or artistic projects for the Royal Opera, & the Royal Ballet.(They make perfumes based on what for example Juliet in Romeo and Juliet would smell like as a child to the day of her wedding to death- in all the different acts of the play.) It is also a school of perfume and offers 16 module master classes. Consisting of 16 couture perfumers, SCENTLondonis taking fragrance to the next level while taking us back into the historical essence that is indeed fragrance: something that is bespoke and attuned to each individual’s taste.


It is important to note that the sense of scent is one of the most advanced of the five senses of the human being, but because we have not used it to its full capacity, this sense has been underdeveloped. I’m told by head of SCENT London, Anastasia Brozler that scent had lost its language when during Victorian times the language of scent was distorted due to commercialised products viewed as being socially acceptable. Another interesting fact about scent is that it is strongest in children between the age of 5-18 years. This is because at a younger age, children have not acquired tastes or prejudice for commercialised smells and at the centre of their choice of smells is based on emotion. Of course, as imagination is also ‘boundless’ in children or the young, what they can develop can be more sophisticated and complex than what an adult can do. That is why, perfumers are finding the next generation of perfumers in children that have this potential. SCENT/london contributes to this, as their objective is also to build perfumery schools globally and to branch out perfumery as a discipline and one that everyone can enjoy- be it that you want to build a business, or do it as a hobby for enjoyment. Perfumery in the eyes of SCENT/ london can be like anything else such as music, dance, or sports.


I witnessed and took part in a SCENT/london master class with five children ranging from the age of 5-15 years. The introductory master class consists of explaining the triangle or three layers of fragrance: the top notes, the middle notes and the base notes. From here the participants are asked to draw on their emotions and smells they gravitate to in order to produce something that would go in combination. I drew on childhood memories of spring: cherry blossoms, greenery, and woody base notes. I was also too aware of the fact that somewhere I was biased between Guerlain’s cherry blossom fragrance and my favourites by Diptique. Three vials are given to mix the top, middle and base notes, and two others for the different proportions of the three to produce the final result. I have to say that although what I produced was to my own taste and liking, it lacked a je ne said quoi to that of what the children on the next table produced. One of the 15 year olds took me away as she produced something that was rather sultry and like a Tahitian summer in a bottle. The smell was so authentic; I had to admit that my sense of smell was indeed numb and not as clear as hers, and suddenly….it all made scents to me.


Each participant of the master class was able to take their vials home, and alcohol were added to the vials of the fragrances. It takes a week for the products to mature, and only after this time can it be worn. SCENT/london also has course to teach you how to make your own creams and cosmetics, candles and talent sources. What I think their concept has is truly something special as it incorporates education and discipline in a subject that all too many think is just something ‘pretty’. What is extraordianary is that this is not just mixing a few oils together, but where individuals are able to make a perfume that is unique and that will not be mass produced on the market. Of course, if you choose to, you can make more of what you create, but no one would have the recipe but you. With thousands of oils, which have come from international corners of the world, the combinations are simply is up to one of what they can create. I've heard that brides have also gone to Scent/london for a wedding scent to be created so that their guests can forever more remember their special day too! 


To book your own master class (£250 per person + tea & refreshments- 3 Hour session or £650 per person + tea & refreshments- Full Day) call 0207 495 5538 or visit







For A Little Bit of Dah-ling Fabulous It Must Be KATE SPADE

 For a little bit of true ‘sweetie dahling’ look no further than Kate SpadeNew York. Kate Spade has been one of my favourite brands of all time since I was 16 and living inNorth America. The brand landed over onto our shores a few years back with first a pop-up shop in Covent Garden, and then tookLondon by storm with shops in Covent Garden & Pavilion Road, just off of Sloane Street & Kings Road.


Having started as just a handbag shop in 1993, the brand has extended into stationary, accessories, fashion, and beauty products. Kate’s style is always lady-like with a whimsical twist. Colours in her palette are always popping and silhouettes are always on trend- for example coats this season have the kimono and cocoon shapes. Her signature are bows, stripes, and embellishments (think pretty diamante studs & pearls!) 



On my recent trip back to L.A., I revisited my un-dying love for Kate Spade, and treated myself to numerous items from accessories: earrings, sunglasses, a handbag, and of course, a classic embellished cardigan sweater. This season’s collection has special featured pieces that are clearly inspired from holidays in Greece & Italy-think seaside andsicilywith lemon prints, and fresh yellow. Nothing says it quite like this bracelet & pendent necklace. Simply divine!



Kate’s handbags are classical shapes that have plenty of room too so although they’re pretty they are indeed practical. Here are a few styles that I’ve had my eyes on:


Ever whimsical, she always designs some bags that are just fun. Perhaps not as practical, but could make you the star of the conversation or party! This season’s piece is this cute beattle car in wicker basket material. Beep! Beep! Katie’s brigade is coming thorugh…..

To block the sun out there is a fabulous selection of sunglasses to choose from. This season I’m matching my pair with this hat with the sunglasses printed on them as it is so sassy.



Now although Kate Spade pieces may be on the pricey end it is well-worth the investment. Be sure to put it on your wish list if you’ve got a birthday coming up….as if there ever was a statement brand…..Kate Spade is it….it’s a bit of fabulous dahling we can’t live without!


To oogle at Kate Spade’s collection this season go to


Eeek! Get Excited About Tieks by Gavrieli

Beauty Says:  I’ve recently spotted the best brand and collections of fold-away ballet flats. Purely by accident, I had scrolled down on my Face book page updates, to find a competition to win $100 worth of vouchers to put towards a pair of Tieks. I then dug deeper into to investigate and found that the brand was based out in L.A. Started by the Gavrieli siblings: Kfir (CEO), Elram (Director of Chain & Supply), and (Dikla Head of Design), Tieks has not only taken women of L.A.(such as Oprah Winfrey) by storm but pretty much globally. Although on the off-set it looks to be only a regular pair of ballet flats the Gavrieli’s have actually reinvented these iconic shoes in a foldable, compact format and made them super comfortable. How? Well they are made to be so flexible it moulds to the shape of the foot and it takes 150 steps, 3 days, and hand stitching of Italian leather to make each pair.   


Dikla Gavrieli believes that TIEKS shoes are in fact, the only ballet flats that exist who have the intersection of being affordable, comfortable, and durable while still being stylish. I’m a self-admitting addict of ballet flats, as pounding the streets of London is no easy feat-needless to say not easy on the feet either! I’m in love with the aspect that there is so much choice in terms of colours and styles. The shoes come in varieties of patent leather, snake prints, floral prints, and all in eye popping colours too like lemon yellow, hot tamale red, and even on trend colours of the season such as cobalt blue. There is a small collection for girls who don’t wear leather called the ‘Vegan Collection’- this collection is made with fabric. Ranging from $165-$295 which is within the range of £98-£175 a pair they are sure to delight fashionistas both sides of the Atlantic. They do send orders globally, but be sure to see which shipping option is the best for you before you order. I think this will be one of the best companions of travel this summer ahead….Eeeek! for Tieks! 


To get your own pair of Tieks go to:

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Beauty's Abi Fabi Edit

Skin That is White & Bright as Winter’s Snow This Summer With Racinne’s Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series

Beauty Says: While some of us prefer a gorgeous healthy tan as it gets warmer, there are some of us who shun the light, as we like to keep our skin bright and white. There are also some of us (who are aging, yes it will happen to you too spring chickens) who are weary of the sun spots caused by the raging light of summer. Fear not, my pretties, one of my most coveted skincare brands, Racinne, has come to the rescue with the launch of their Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series or Whitening range. 

I recommend using these products well in advance of those summer days, as prevention is key- or for the lack of the better expression: better do it early than feel sorry later. It only makes sense to lighten and keep the skin bright so it will be less dark. Let’s not forget those dark spots that could possibly appear! The secret to this series of products is that it uses two main ingredients: snow lotus extract-which is renowned to inhibit melanin and sebum production. It also has niacinamide in it which helps any present pigmentation and helps to prevent signs of it in the future. 


I’ve tried and tested a few of the products in the series-The Ultimate Aqua Blanc Cream & Tonic. The tonic is in the most ideal packaging because it comes in a spray bottle. It evenly distributes the tonic over the face with just two sprays. I like to give the skin a light and gentle pat, and then apply the cream on top immediately. There is an instant surge of hydration you can feel with this toner as it contains aloe vera. I would also use it after the sun to cool and give the skin a drink.

  The cream gives the skin the most beautiful instant luminosity as it contains liquid pearl. I found the consistency a bit thick and tacky in the beginning when I began using it. The secret to using it is to warm it between the fingers to loosen it up a bit and apply it after a hydrating product like the toner.




I’ve used these two products in the Aqua Blanc series in conjunction with my other Racinne Youth Power products, but if you prefer the Aqua Blanc series also has a masque, a gel cream, and a concentrate/serum. This has become one of my must buys and can’t live without it products this season!




Winter’s Snow White skin can be yours as it is so affordable (Tonic £24, Cream £38, Masque £29, Gel Cream £38, & Serum £42) at


or at


Festival Inspirations Are Here: FEEL THE RAINBOW!

Beauty Says: The sun is currently coming and going, but this is surely a sign that it will soon be 7 days a week...and soon many of you will be heading down to the wonders that are the music festivals across the country! 


Make sure you've got the's a little taste of that rainbow....



For that true festival vibe with kimono-like tops, dresses that are throw on worry free and skirts that give the right wiggle look no further than Textile Federation. Fab for that tie-dye look, and festival authenticity!

Cadenzza is the STOP for the headband! Whether you wear it Tiger Lily style, or Princess this is for sure: IT WILL ROCK! Get yours at:

Finally Hoochie Mama has some stellar essential accessories to keep it all going. Loads of change of clothes is not jazz it all up and keep it fresh with accessories. These should get you some attention!


Snob's Yum Yum Edit

Honky Tonk Chelsea Has Flower Power

Honky Tonk Chelsea Has Flower Power


It’s that lovely time again when flowers are in full bloom and around the corner is Chelsea Flower Show. To celebrate this iconic event, Honky Tonk Chelsea has released floral delights-including floral cocktails such as the Madison Square Garden. This cocktail features bulldog gin, elderflower martini & edible flowers. Diners can also tuck into all-American dishes such as beef or Pork Ribs, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, as well as crab cakes, chicken wings and Cobb salad. There’s loads of new things to discover here, and full of lovely surprises constantly popping up! Why not join Honky Tonk this year for your Spring in Bloom? Remember at Honky Tonk it’s American Flavour but with British behaviour!


20th-24th May 2014

Honky Tonk Chelsea
6 Hollywood Road,
SW10 9HY
Tel: 0207 351 1588
Twitter: @honkytonklondon

Love Jazz Music? Barts hosts month long Jazz Jam

Snob Says: How many times has a friend or someone asked you where are there good jazz venues in London? Perhaps why people look for jazz venues is because jazz music gives such an infectious good feeling, and certainly allows good times to roll! Lucky for all of you, I’ve discovered that starting this Sunday 18 May, Barts, on Sloane Avenue, will be hosting a month long series of swinging Sundays. That’s right, for four consecutive Sundays Barts will be running top-secret evening parties with live jazz performances from top acts!

Jazz Jam will be running for 4 weeks and the acts will be as follows:

Sunday 18th May - Aurelius Sciuka & Antonio Campbell
Sunday 25th May - BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND - John Cervantes Duo 
Sunday 1st June - Will Butterworth and Jac Jones duo
Sunday 8th June - Aurelius Sciuka & Antonio Campbell


And for those who are looking forward to the 2nd Bank Holiday Weekend, Sunday 25thMay promises performance by the infamous London based, Jazz pianist, composer & band leader, John Cervantes who will also host a Sunday sing-along! Cervantes has led his groups all over London, Northern Ireland, and festivals across Europe to play in Jazz clubs. His performances always guarantee a good time.


Save the date, and make your date to come along to Jazz Jamm’n sessions at Barts!


SUNDAY 18th MAY - SUNDAY 8th JUNE 2014
 020 7581 3355
: @BartsLondon

Opening Hours: Sunday – Tuesday: 6pm-12am 
Wednesday - Saturday: 6pm-1am

What To Do May 5th Bank Holiday Weekend?: Feed Your Ears @ Bodo’s Schloss

What is there to do on the Bank Holiday weekend? Well, on Sunday night you could go down to Bodos Schloss for an evening of dancing, cocktails, and disco! If you’ve never been to Bodo’s Schloss it is quite the experience, after all, where else in London could you find that glamourous après ski feeling-where the staff are attired in traditional dirndls and lederhosen….it has that incredible 1920s vintage ski lodge feel.


Bodo’s bar serves the cheekiest cocktails along other signature drinks. There’s even a sharing drink served in Ski Boot-made with a heady blend of white, golder, dark, Anejo and Overproof rums and fruit juice. Sounds like the ideal party spot doesn’t it? Take note of it, as this summer they will also be showing the World Cup 2014 on HD screens and can create the full package for guests who want it all in a luxurious setting with canapes, beer and full waiter service.

Bodo's Schloss
2a Kensington High St, London, W8 4PT
T 020 7937 5506 M

Follow the adventures of Bodo and his goat, on Facebook:

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