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At the Moment I’m addicted To….

ARGAN+ Super CreamyBodyWash


I’m into the idea of using a shower cream that will moisturise so well there is no need afterwards to put on any lotions or creams. If you’re a bit lazy like me in this department, you’ll love ARGAN+ Super Creamy BodyWash.It smells delicious too like a yummy cupcake. Containing prized Argan Oil which prevents any moisture loss, Kukui oil that intensely hydrates, Baobab & Moringa oil to prevent aging & future damage of the skin. This is the ultimate treat after a long day and it may have you singing in the shower like a wee bird that just started the day! Oh, did I also miss to mention that they do other fabulous products for the bath, and hair….oh this could get indo quite an addiction! 


£4.95 at or

Cute!-icle Kits from Ciate

Adorable is an understatement! I was scrolling through Facebook updates one evening, and saw a post from Ciate about their Cuticle Tattoos- little tattoo transfers you can put on your cuticle. I’m loving the bows to decorate any shade of pink or pastel nails this season, do give that girly-lady-like effect. I recommend this set of decorations to anyone who is not good at decorating the nails but want to achieve some WOW factor…so easy to do. A set is £10 exclusively at

DHC: Discover The Beauty Secrets of Japan

Beauty Says: Renowned for their technology Japanese beauty products have global fame when it comes to products that are: advance- with the finest ingredients, and proven efficacy on the skin. Of course not all of us have that privilege to have visited that far out east. There has always been a deep desire of the west to unlock the secrets of the east when it comes to the fountain of youth. Afterall, how do the women in Japan do it? Well aside from diet, they do have in fact, products that give them a little help from a well-known brand called DHC: Daigaku Honyaku Center. Come on a journey with me to discover the beauty secrets of DHC and Japanese skincare….


My first encounter with a DHC product was in a pack of Revitalizing Moisture Strips for the eyes or eye masks. Late night writing this blog and sorting out e-mails had given me puffy eyes as of recent late. I vaguely remember seeing something from the information that was sent out with these eye masks that Steven Tyler was a fan of these DHC eye masks. Years, ago during my days with the flagship counters, I had the privilege of meeting and serving Mr. Tyler. I thought: Well if Steven Tyler likes these and says they work, then they must-as well into his years he’s still rocking!

What impresses me most about these masks is that there is nothing fussy or messy about them. You just stick them on, leave them for 20 minutes and find refreshed eyes. My top tip is to put them into the fridge and have them on cold before bed or first thing in the morning. They firm the eye area as they contain soy, refresh with aloe, and hydrate with olive leaf extract and amino acids. Olive oil or olive derivatives are a key ingredient that runs through DHC’s products. Even more fabulous is the fair price point for a pack of 6 pairs of these masks at only £6.95 versus other brands on the market charging up to £30.

Years ago the tradition of the art of ‘cleansing’ the skin of the Japanese was discovered by the west. In fact, triple cleansing, and starting with an oil cleanser to pre-cleanse was all the rage at one point. For those who are indebted to their famous Japanese ‘oil cleanser’ from Shu Uemura will be impressed by DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil. The main component of this oil is, you’ve guessed it, olive oil. I myself, have used Shu’s oil for years, and now, prefer DHC’s- mainly because it moisturises my skin much better, has no fragrance, and makes the skin softer. It removes every drop of make-up, even water-proof mascara, and rinses as Shu’s-rinses like a milk. Now ladies, you’re going to fall off the chair when I tell you how much it is for a 200ml bottle: £21.50! It also comes in smaller sizes for travelling or the gym bag: 70ml at £11, and 30ml at £4.50. It can’t get more brilliant than this, can it?

Finally, another little wonder I’ve just discovered from them is the ‘eyelash tonic’. This is a must for those who love using mascara, as prolong use, weakens the lashes. Primarily, it is the application and removal on a daily basis that can cause breakage to the lashes. This little tonic helps to strengthen and nourish the lashes with a concoction of botanicals- ginseng, aloe,  & swertica japonica to protect. It is applied as you do, with a mascara wand (part of the product). The most simple way to use it is to use it as a mascara base. It doesn’t disturb or affect the efficacy of any mascara, but you will find you will lose less lashes. £10.50 a 6.5 tube.


I recommend this brand’s products as it checks a few boxes: 1. being a brand with all the essentials; 2. money hasn’t gone into the packaging so there is  no need to tag it onto the price tag( truly an affordable product); 3. and finally, the quality is amazing, and no full of chemicals or nasties. Within the DHC family of products there are hair care products, other nifty facial products and essentials such as oil blotting paper,  & whitening sheet masks, just to name a few. This brand will exclusively launch soon at one of top picks for beauty exclusives FENWICKS of Bond Street. In the meantime to unlock the wisdom of Japanese beauty to your skin go


This Month I'm Addicted To....

Beauty Says: Look my darlings what Models Own has hatched in the nail polish department: Speckled Egg Polish! Perfect for Easter- adding that ‘oh so adorable’ touch to any outfit. My favourite shade has got to be 'swan' a mauve purple with dark blue flecks. In fact, why not get them all, and go for different shades of pink, yellow, blue, and mint green to create a 'mini' eggs effect ? 


 One of the coolest polishes yet, this season I think, and complimentary to all the pastel pieces now in shops and on trend. Not available just yet though, as these little eggs will be ready to come out March 8th online and at Models Own Bottle stores. £5 each at:



Pastels That Will Make You BLUSH from SHOPCADE.COM

Beauty Says: SHOPCADE.COM will help you find the perfect shade of pastel to suit your colouring. I've found some pieces on SHOPCADE that have surely made me B-LUSH.....from high end to high street, look no further....The site is a search engine and tells you what brand the piece, how much and where to get it.

This piece from Antipodium is so sweet it reminds me of those candied pieces that once graced the catwalks of CHANEL AW'13. £165 it is being sold at Urban Outfitters. 

 Brighten up your days with this lovely daisy embossed jacket from YUMI. The perfect lift to any dresses, and not to mention your spirit! £18 at YUMI Direct


One of my all time favourites brands, danish Malene Birger truly hits all the right notes from florals to pastels, making you feel o-so-feminine in this lovely number. And oh, did I mention that it is also o-so affordable! £65 at Wish Want Wear.....

3D Florals are Fabulous

Eye Spy Says: We all know that florals are huge for Spring, but how about some flowers that truly POP- get them on your jacket in 3D! I've spotted the 'Lili' jacket at French Connection that fulfills this trend just right. This jacket is rather neutral in its base colour, but consists of a variety of pastels, in the 3D flowers to match any outfit. Dress it down with jeans, and dress it up with a pair of jacquard trousers, and heels. A piece worthy of investment this season....get yours at




Cut These Fresh Pieces From French Connection

You can see that this month I've been spying on French Connection and their new collection for Spring. I've also been in their garden of inspiration for unusal styles & pastels. These pieces could brighten up any wardrobe as fresh cut flowers do to a room. The coolest style this season is to mix an edgy style- biker jacket + soft colour-pastel pink. My Top Tip: Invest in a pastel jacket, or top and be sure to mix and wear with white or cream for super girly effect and bringing that breath of fresh air! 


Get these pieces at



The Dolly Mix

Is Maddie Bower ‘Damaged’?- New Emerging London Vocalist (Review)

 Last year, I had some coverage of emerging Indie artists in London & Brighton- in particular, James Daniel Best, with his debut album “Perfect Imperfection”. I recently caught up with James, and he tells me he has turned to producing, and has found new female talent in Maddie Bower. James wrote the single ‘Damaged’, that has been recorded by Maddie, after being inspired having read an article in a woman’s magazine about relationship abuse/control that is non physical.     


Studying at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, Maddie Bower, only recently tuned into her talent of singing. Formally a professional dancer she felt something was missing and was taken over by the adrenaline that gives her the confirmation that perhaps she is meant to be in vocals. 18 year old Maddie has big ambitions as she tells me she would like to one day write her own songs or songs for her own band too.


The song ‘Damaged’ has some revelries of Adele’s soulful subject matter within the lyrics, and the tune is rather catchy with an indie beat you can definitely dig. Maddie Bower’s voice is clear, and not weak, but somehow misses the conviction/ angst/anger of being ‘damaged’; or someone that is unable to find herself back in her abusive relationship. With so many unknown relationships in London, perhaps this song is rather fitting and would appeal to the likes of young women finding ‘LOVE’ in a city like London.


Maddie Bower releases second single: ‘Is The Sun Going Down’ later this year.


You can listen to ‘Damaged’ for your own verdict at:   


Love her music? Follow Maddie Bower at:


Facebook music page:


Damaged on iTunes:


Beautys' Secrets

MUM.COM- Mum's The Word- Remember HER on Mother's Day March 30th!

Beauty Says: Mum's the word on Sunday March 30th! Remember her, and make her smile with some of these absolutely scrumptious goodies! She'll feel extra special, and last minute suggestions, in the beauty- bath & skincare department give that snuggle factor! X

Her hands have been working since the day you were her that you know how hard her hands work by giving her this fabulous set of hand creams from Crabtree & Evelyn. For hands, they are the very best, and mum is the very best isn't she? £18,

Want to give something to mum that will make her feel absolutely gorgeous? Perhpas you live away from her, and want to send her something that resembles a hug? Well then, look no further in this absolutely decadent bottle of Jasmine & Rose Milk Bath from Elemis. This bath is so silky and leaves the skin super soft. It can only be described as scumptious, and luxury at it's very best. She's been there through all the scrapes and tears...give her something back to let her know that you appreciate it....this is it! £42,

This oh so cute bath & body minatures + face cloth imprinted with Orla's signature stem print will make mum know her cheeky monkey was thinking of her! This gift may be small, but big in thoughfulness! £12 at

Perhaps Mum is in much need of something BRIGHT & Beautiful....or if your mum is BOLD give her something that let's her be well, her. Elizabeth Arden has just come out with their fabulous Limited Summer Collection-Summer Escape Collection. I'm loving the chubby gloss sticks, and the bronzers! £13.60-£22.40....why not go for a make-over with her too and make it a mother-daughter day out event? Find it at


The Mother & Daughter team at Gazelli knows what that special bond means. Nothing says it quite like their Gazelli White Oil products. My top suggestion for making mum feel absolutely gorgeous, and sublime is with their White Oil Mask. Super nourishing, it leaves the skin so soft, and with the most youthful glow. You could give mum the sparkle back on the day with this! £40 at

Golden Obsessions: Golden Night Drops from Omorovicza

Beauty Says: As many of you know I have two main obsessions when it comes to my skincare: one are serums, and the other are treatment products, namely masks or peels. Gold serums have been at the top of my list of must have products for years. Although, it can put a serious dent into your monthly wage, it is worth its weight, and well worth the investment. However, when looking for a gold serum, one must not just look and buy because it contains the benefits of the one key ingredient. My recent discovery of Omorovicza’s ‘Golden Night Drops’ have me shouting on the roof tops about the other treasures that can be gained in this pot of gold!



 If you have damaged skin or an inflamed skin, this is a fantastic product to use as it goes to heal accumulated micro damage and strengthens skin. This is in fact, what the gold ferment in the product does. It also contains omega 6 ceramides to help restore and replenish the skin’s softness. As many of you know, from me talking about the wonders of ceramides, this is key, as it gives that re-plumping benefit to the skin. Sometimes gold serums can feel a bit drying on the skin, but the gold night drops you feel as if the skin was given a deep drink because it contains sodium hualuronate-this gives prolong hydration. 


For the sun worshippers out there, this is definitely a product to use after sun because contains bifida. Bifida repairs and prevents photo-aging and chronic photo-damage from the sun. It also goes to stimulate and protect the skin’s immune system. Finally it also has encapsulated retinol or vitamin A and a potent vitamin C, both these vitamins give the skin glow, resurface, and retexturizes.


With products as such, I use these as a booster to my regime, up to three times a week, and only once a day. If you use it this way then the product will last longer, and the skin is able to absorb or benefit from the product when need be. (Of course, there is no harm using this product on a daily basis.) Upon using this for a couple of days I could see a visible and definite lift. I tested this product by applying it as a follow-up to my treatment peel and masks. If you use this product this way, you will see a real difference because it gives the skin that kick-start. From then on or during the following weeks, you can just use before any night cream as often as you wish. I could barely contain myself when I also found out that Omorovicza also makes this product in a treatment mask form: Gold Hydralifting Mask, a leave on mask. I’m already saving my pennies to get my hands on this.


Ladies, there is no need to go on a quest or find leprechauns this March for gold. Simply go to and get your own bottle of ‘Golden Night Drops’ for £185 (15% off when you sign up for your first purchase).


Beauty Experts are now Sipping: SKINADE

 Beauty Says: While it is now general knowledge that vitamin or oral skin supplements are as equally, if not more effective, than topical creams, taste and timely effectiveness is always of concern-not to mention also if results last. Way back, I had reported on collagen drinks, and specifically Collagen Gold. While Collagen Gold gave some great results, and I could see it as an injection into my skincare regimen, I was not completely convinced of how long the effects would last. My facialist, recently brought my attention to a product that is rather similar to Collagen Gold. Skinade works on the principles as any of the other collagen drinks except that it contains 7000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen while others only contain 500-1000mg. I’ve experienced a visible difference but have also seen some impressive case studies with this product. Is a wonder that Beauty Experts are now trading their other collagen drinks and sipping Skinade? 


Collagen has been part of the Asian diet for over 10,000 years and shown to be a precious supplement to aid skin, bones, and ligament health. Sources may vary from fish to meat products such as tendons. Today, the beauty industry has transferred this age old knowledge and practice into a more practical way to consume: collagen drinks. Skinade is designed and manufactured in the UK by Bottled Science Ltd. The idea was to improve on collagen or health drinks that already existed in the market-as many were devoid of any real science. Skinade prides themselves on concrete, provable health & beauty benefits. It truly is: Better Skin from Within.


The loss of collagen or the fat within the layers of our epidermis, the skin appears to be wrinkled, shows fine lines or dryness, blemishes or seems thinner. So how does it work? Well quite simply put, the collagen is hydrolysed or broken down into molecules or collagen peptides. These collagen peptides are low in molecular weight meaning they can easily absorbed into the blood stream when ingested. The main difference between Skinade and other collagen drinks is that it is high in vitamin C. It is because it contains 450% of the recommended daily allowance it allows the hydrolysed collagen to be readily absorbed into the bloodstream. Also, each bottle only contains 35 calories, and contains only a trace sugar (almost none); B vitamins: rivoflavin, nacin, and biotin. All the B vitamins contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress (aging). High in omega 3 & 6 these not only are good for the skin, but also good for the brain (they actually moisturise it, and keep you alert).

Skinade claims with their drink 90% of the goodness is absorbed, and transported where it is needed in the skin & body. At first, this was hard to believe, but I have to admit that this claim in fact is true. I saw the results in my hands after my 2 week trial. Often, with many products I am not completely convinced as I trial and use so many different topical and oral products. My hands looked revitalized and plumped to more youthful days. More impressive is that it doesn’t only use 1 type of collagen but 20 types even those which will benefit ligaments, and those that prevent scars and heals and repairs. This is a fabulous product for anyone who had just gone under the knife for any procedures. I have also seen staggering before and after photos of acne patients, cases of eczema, and rosacea. 

At first, I had experienced some mild detoxification during my first 2 days of using this product. I’m told that experiencing a short term ‘Niacin Flush’ (sic) is also normal for 20-60 min. This is just a normal sensitivity to the vitamin B. Of course, I did not experience it as I have a vitamin B deficiency. In fact, because I do have the vitamin B deficiency, I found taking it helped my energy levels greatly. I’ve had raving compliments as of late about the clarity of my skin, and how it has, once again bounced back. You have to take 1 bottle a day, and to see a result it is recommended you have to take it at least from 20-30 days.


 Of course, many who have asked has expected me to recommend something topical and are rather shocked that it is a collagen drink on the market (often thought of as a gimmick) that works. Skinade is skincare’s answer to all beauty to exist inside & out. 

To get your own supply, 20 days £60 at And remember my pretties….it’s our secret!

Beauty's Abi Fabi Edit

Show Pony Parade

 With the coming and going of London Fashion Week the city certainly has seen a ‘Show Pony Parade’. Fashion shows and Fashion Weeks in the world are often misunderstood to be events only for super models or clothes horses. Fashion Weeks are to showcase seasonal trends such as colours, and styles to wear. Of course, many of us find this a bit of a challenge to interpret into everyday fashion or ready to wear be it the office or a special occasion.


I’ve scoured some of the trends highlighted at LFW and also from the fashion weeks in Milan & Paris and translated into my own ‘how to’ prêt a porter. Come with me and get on the carousel of fashion- by the end you could also be a real show pony too!

London Fashion Week:





Top British couture label and global favourite, Burberry has interpreted fall’s top trend, in their Prorsum Collection, to be all about scarves-super long scarves. They’ve revamped classical pieces such as the trench coat, and added a super long silk scarf. It seems that Burberry has thought through the essential health and safety issues of wearing a long scarf (lest it be caught in lifts, doors, etc), and belted the scarf around the coats & dresses.


This look is easy to do and add to pieces you already have. Perhaps you only have to invest into a long printed scarf or a new belt, but choose wisely, as you will want to wear this look not just with your trench coat, but also with maxi dresses and perhaps even longer tunics and trouser ensembles. This trend is so fabulous you will wonder why you never thought of it….

Beauty Update

** To complete this look and keep some of the colours from the prints on the scarf be sure to paint on one of 3 capsule colour polishes in association with The Fashion Innovation Agency. This capsule collection was created alongside three of the best emerging British designers in fashion: David Longshaw, Teatum Jones & Emma Shipley. It pays homage to being truly BRITISH in the whole of your style…£12 each



  The Irish twist, of Orla Kiely, has had ladies prancing around like girls for years here on the British Isles. Her appeal to young and old alike take on a 60s inspiration and allow us to have a forward in fashion with nostalgia. This season’s colour blocking and matching of forest green + coral; blue + classic green is easy to keep up to date. Also seen on her catwalk is her piece d’resistance: the fawn inspired cosy coat. Look for oversized, and teddy bear like materials (super soft) to keep up with Orla’s ponies.

Beauty Update

**To complete this look and make it super sweet- try adding any of the velvet blushers from JAPONESQUE. This is a favourite among celebrities such as Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston & Hilary Duff. Exceptionally lightweight this is a brilliant blusher to blend and build up to create candied looks. It compliments Orla Kiely’s look and could seriously make you 10 years younger! Make sure to apply just below the cheekbone to create a 3-dimentional look. It is one of my trusted favourites, as it brightens up any outfit, and in fact, any dull day during the Autumn or Winter. It is long-lasting, and has mica in it to create the softest light diffusing glow. I recommend shade 3- a peachy pink, £18



The ponies at the Temperly show have been strutting to tones of blue and white. Now, although I think it might resemble some what a pattern on some dishes I have in the cupboard or rather more suited to the Greek Isles, I do in fact, like this trend. Why? Well, because it has an undertone of being pristine, and could really work in the office. Make sure though, that you only stick to either the skirt, or the top being patterned as you do not want to risk looking like the dishes. Also pretty in their collection are gypsy inspired pieces with sheer pieces decorated with multi-coloured embellishments. This is easy to do to any plain pieces you might have at home. Just go to the haberdashery and get some multi-coloured bindings and sew on to create something new for the upcoming season. It could stop other ponies in their tracks to ask you: Now, where did you get that?

Beauty Update

** To complete this look might I suggest some ‘show pony’(sic) lashes? In celebration of the Lunar Year of The Horse, the ever advent garde paper lash makers Paperself has created merry-go-round ponies + balloons + rocking horses. This is a great add on to complete this look inspired by Temperly. The black horses define and ground the blue + white patterns-making them truly decadent. Is there anything more delicious?? It takes ponies to Pegasus levels in fashion + beauty! £12.50 at

Inspirations from Milan Fashion Week


Beauty Says: Oooo Milan, the original fashion capital of the world! Where women take true pride in being the most up to date and ‘fashion’ is not just a word for clothes, but a true sense of style and taste. Milan’s Fashion Week has clued in on a few keys the next season: Knee high boots- think Nancy Sinatra and how her boots were made for walking; fluffy textures-think faux fur, and teddy bear coats; brown has taken over black as the key basic colour-no more miming to winter; sixties silhouettes-follow into Austin Power’s sexy groove; and primary reds- perfect for red lip smiles. With shows like Marni, Gucci, Prada all leading in this direction of these top trends in Milan, let’s take some of their inspiration into our mix next season. To unlock some of Milan’s style and make it your own, be sure to visit Shepherd’s Bush Westfield’s where these brands will be showcasing Milan’s glamorous energy! Visit:



The Wonders of Natural Beauty: The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Tells You the 4-1-1

Beauty Says: It doesn’t seem that there is anything natural about beauty products these days unless you directly pop on olive oil. This point is probably most relevant in anti-aging skincare where one of the top concerns and hot topics is ingredients in creams with silicones. The verdict is still out there of whether silicones have health hazards or adverse effects with prolong use. Experts in beauty, and authors of the Beauty Bible, Sarah Stacey & Josephine Fairley, have the philosophy that they key when finding a product- one should aim for balance. To Stacey & Fairly it’s all about getting into proportion with things, and not scaremongering, and most importantly about ‘positive health’. This dynamic duo have come out with another Beauty Bible to guide us through ‘natural beauty’ products on the market. Although not all may be 100% natural, these products have been tried and tested hundreds if not thousands of times by people, with their verdicts of how well the products sit on their different skin types and what kind of results have been achieved.


Here are some of the highlight products that I have tried and tested as well alongside by copy of The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible, and ones I would recommend to my readers too. Let’s go on the ultimate natural journey….


Dr. Organic’s Rose Otto Body Scrub: The Beauty Bible scores this product 8.29/10. With no synthetics or petrochemicals this product has been described, ‘to be intense in fragrance and as powerful as using a buffer or pumice stone. Definitely beautiful to use and leaves the bath water rosy and milky.’


My experience with this is that it leaves the skin so well moisturised you don’t need to use moisturiser afterwards. I would suggest it as a staple to take on summer holidays to keep skin well nourished after the sun, and smooth! £5.89 at



Aromatherapy Associate’s Instant Firming Serum : The Beauty Bible scores this product 8.25/10-mostly natural with small percentage of synthetics or petrochemicals. This serum has been rated to be, ‘restorative with firmness and radiance while also having long-term age defying powers. It is worth every penny and smells yummy, not girly’.


My recommendation on this serum is that it’s great for dry or drier skin types. I only use it at night after the bath or shower and have found it useful to combat the dehydration of central heating. What I love most about it is that there is a definitive glow in the morning when you wake up-leaving the skin revitalised and nourished. £46 at

Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil: The Beauty Bible rates this product 7.25/10-certified by at least 1 leading organic body/organization. This product is not only affordable but described as being, ‘biodynamic, and solves a cellulite problem. With use it has a toning action and improves not just texture but firmness’.


My verdict on this is that it’s worth the try. For those who go to the gym and feel frustrated with their cellulite this might be the answer! This is a core favourite of many and somewhat performs better, in my opinion, than Bio Oil.  £19.95 at



Lanolips Lip Ointment with Color: The Beauty Bible rates it 8.22/10- with small amounts of synthetics & petrochemicals. It is described as great in, ‘cold weather, and enhances the natural lip shade. The lips feel lush, rich and nourished’.


The number one reason why I love this is because with the added tint this makes the ultimate lippy. It nourishes like a balm should while there is no mess or mirrors with application. If you’re not good with red lipstick I suggest trying the deep red colour (apples) as a solution to your application woes. It also has the most incredible taste and smell, and well, you just feel so good putting it on! £8.16 at

  Organic Glam Nail Polish from Organic Pharmacy: The Beauty Bible rate it 8.29/10- with little synthetics and petrochemicals. It is described as, ‘offering a boredom-defying 36 shades, lasts longs, even for the garden, shiny, glossy, and no top or bottom coat necessary. Lasts exceptionally well, and has a polished look.’


My verdict is that this is a great polish to use for those who are concerned about the adverse effects of application of nail polishes. With most other brands that are natural the shades can be boring. I’ve tried the blue shade in this range and have found it equally pigmented to my normal polish brands. Absolutely Fabulous! £10 at


So with this little taster of The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible and some of my top recommendations from it too I hope you will also find some keepers in the realm of natural beauty. To get your hands on your copy of The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible go to £16.92.



Snob's YUM YUM Edit

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day This Way….

SHAM-ROCK It at HONKY TONK: This St. Patrick’s day why not hop down to Honky Tonk Chelsea, and have so much fun even grumpy leprechauns can’t resist. Saturday the 15th line up is a Sham Rock night with brilliant live music from a band playing Irish Rock tunes. Jam with Jamieson’s Whiskey and marinated ribs and of course, drink lots and lots of Guinness. Celebrating straight throughout Sunday & Monday showcases more live music and Irish Beef Burgers. I say, sounds like the perfect hang-out for this super occasion, but don’t bother looking for the rainbow or the pot of gold, as this is it!

Honky Tonk St Patrick’s Day Celebration
15th-17th March 2014

Honky Tonk Clapham
16A Clapham South Side
Tel: 020 7627 6257
Opening Times: Sunday-Wednesday-12pm-12am
Thursday/Friday/Saturday 12pm-2am

Have a Cow This St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re in the Notting Hill area, then you have to go down to one of its main institutions for fun and party: The Cow for St. Patrick’s Day. This iconic event will spill onto Westbourne Park Road with amazing Irish-inspired entertainment including: a live band, Gaz Mayall and The Trojans known for their classic single ‘Gaelic Ska’ and a genre of Afro-Celtic fusion sounds. The dining room will feature Iris stew, and Guinness and Oysters, sure to get you dancing soon a jig glee! Join the Cow for this incredible line up of celebration:



St Patrick’s Day at The Cow
Monday 17th March – 12pm-12am

The Cow 
89 Westbourne Park Rd, London W2 5QH
Tel: 020 7221 0021


What are you Drinking Mr. Fogg?

Mr. Fogg’s is celebrating for Ireland by parterning with Tallamore Dew Irish Whiskey. Cheer like an Irishman as Mr. Fogg will have celtic muscians, and a talented jig band this side of Limmerick playing all night! In true Irish & Fogg spirit all staff will be costumes, so get your green ribbons, shamrock hats a-ready…..and enjoy the Iris canapés this evening with that golden drop of whiskey….



Monday 17th March 2014
6.01pm –late
Band: 7.01 – 9.31

15 Bruton Lane

Tel: 020 7299 1200
Twitter: @MrFoggLondon


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