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Smooth Feet At #SchollBeach

For the most beautiful, smooth feet and fastest pedi there is an 'instant' solution: Scholl's Velvet Smooth Express Pedi. This little machine is the talk of the town at the moment with 94% of people who have used it saying that it is gentle yet effective, and does in fact produce visible results! 


I've trialed it this morning in a pedicure at the #SchollBeach (a promo site) at Westfield's (Shepherd's Bush)- an event opened by the ever glamours Abbey Clancy. Abbey knows the -importance of completely looking professional head to toe- with the feet being no exception to the rule of being beautiful. 


The machine is super easy to use and you can hold it any angle you wish to get into all the areas where hard skin or callused skin regions are found. Requiring no pre-soaking all the hard skin is removed and you're only left with the smoothest finish. I'm also in love with the aftercare products such as the Velvet Smooth Intense Serum which has hyrulonic acid + green caviar + Pentavitin (which binds keratin in the skin) in it for super lasting hydration.


This weekend July 18-20 why not have a lie down at #SchollBeach at Westfield's as the promotion is offering free pedicures, and a chance to take advantage of two different special offers and packages on the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi and products! For more info on this fab product go to 

At the Moment I’m addicted To….


Beauty Says: July's Must haves are light weight By Terry, and some savvy sales suggestions.....that will get you ahead of the SALES curve! 

French Rivera Collection By Terry


Terry de Gunzberg of By Terry has launched one ‘cool’ summer collection that keeps you looking flawless in the heat! This collection is 100% water-based and contains correcting micro-prisms that help skin achieve the smoothest of complexions. The waters all come from natural forms of tea and cherry extracts, hence, it’s why Terry likes to call this next generation of cosmetics she’s created ‘smart-touch’ cosmetics.


There’s a liquid cheek stain, a liquid bronzer, lip stains, and an array of aqua stain eye shadows to choose from to create looks that will not melt in the sun. For summer make-up without the hassle or worry this is one of the best collections so far I’ve seen on the market for the season! I’m in love with them because they’re so easy to travel with, and require no tools to put them on (just fingers). The colours are natural and juicy, and can truly bring out any tanned skin tones too.


Get a bite out of the juiciest look now and seem like you’ve just come back from the French Rivera….£22-£36 available now at:


Beauty Says: You know my NO.1 rule for the sales: Don’t buy it just because it’s onSALE! Instead, be sure you are investing in something that will indeed be an asset to the wardrobe. Even if the item is not £20…Here are my top picks in the sales this season at some of my favourite boutiques in London:

Sandros: Every season Sandros does pieces in key signature colours and these never go out of style. They are worthy to wear now in the summer and in the fall or winter with a pair of boots to keep Rockn’! I’m a fan of their electric blue pieces:


£159 reduced from £199- with frill

£130 reduced from £185 w/o

Bimba & Lola: This season I’ve invested in a couple of pieces at Bimba & Lola. One of the most stellar and keeper pieces to wear for every summer are their white pieces. Bringing a more youthful glow to any skin tone white is a key-pper in the summer wardrobe. Also hot on shade white’s trail is red. This red dress can easily transpire to fall or even Christmas party with the right accessories. Cutting and shape is also complimentary to all! 


White- £67 reduced from £112

Red- £77 reduced from £110

Floral £84 reduced from £120

Orla Kiely: Orla Kiely is classic and a no brainer. Dress Orla’s pieces up or down from the office to parties to weddings you can keep wearing it and it will never go out of fashion!


Grey- £179 reduced from £358

Skirt- £114 reduced from £228

Green dr- £164 reduced from £328

Cases that will SUIT You And Your Holiday 

Finding the right suitcase for your travels is not an easy task! With budget airlines now you also have to check that the size of your suitcase fits within the guidelines. Don't run to your local market though to get the cheapest suitcase possible as you want everything to arrive safe and sound. Might I suggest SAMSONITE suitcase and travel luggage pieces-one of the most trusted brands around. 


This 'Lite Locked' for £279 is perfect for light travelling to get enough in for the holidays. I'm loving the electric blue effect. It's been recommended too by Trip Advisor as one of the best suitcases around! Get yours

Want something incredibly easy to carry and all in one? If you can't be bothered with wheeling a suitcase around duffle bags are the next best option for weekend aways, and short trips. These duffle bags pack plenty in and are extremely easy to carry with long strap for the shoulders. The popping fresh aqua colour says: Summer! Perhaps that's why the style is called 'Pop Fresh'...  £79    


Caravelle New York: One To Watch

Eye Spy Says: Trying to find the right time piece can be a bit tricky. The key elements to look for are: functionality, the piece must be classy and timeless, and still be trendy enough to carry through for seasons and years to come. Allow me to introduce to you Carvelle New York by Bulova.


For those of you who don’t know Bulova- they are famous watch makers since 1875. Joseph Bulova left Bohemia, or what is now known as the Czech Republic in 1875 and set up his first shop in New York’s Lower Manhattan. The company has had many successes over, one hundred thirty years, including being the first in 1928 to invent the first clock radio. Under the Bulova mark, they’ve recently launched Caravelle New York, a sister brand, which is incredibly appealing. Caravelle New York is for those who want to wear something that is both interesting in high fashion designs, but at a revolutionary price point. 



I’ve recently had a stroll down the Caravelle catwalk to test one of the models and boy, does my left wrist feel like a STAR!

I love that there are loads of styles to choose from, for both men & women, and many are under the £100 mark. There are some pretty styles with pave crystals, styles in rose gold (much more feminine that just plain gold or silver), and tortoise shell accents as well as black ionic plated chronographs. There are some twisted bracelet styles that remind me of retro 1980’s Gucci styles, as well as the bracelet styles for those who don’t like traditional watch bands. I’ve got mine in rose gold with a pave crystal dial (model: 44L117, £149). There is also a similar model available without the crystal dial, model: 33L115.


 Whether you buy them for yourself or a loved one for birthday or Christmas Caravelle New York is one….to watch


Twinkle, Twinklers from Elkin That Will Send You Over The Moon 

Eye Spy with my little eye something that is a bit 'twinkle twinkle' and something that has me over the moon! Elkin will be bringing out next week on the 9th these two special design necklaces: 'Fly Me To The Moonface & Baby Star.


I think both of these necklaces are fabulous to gift anyone for a birthday within these summer months, or perhaps a special someone who is having a baby? Too often we get gifts just for the baby that wil arrive....but perhaps something like these necklaces could make the mum-to-be feel special and pretty in a ecclectic way.....


The pieces are handcrafted from silver, rose gold and carved out in bone. It's not your ordinary costume jewellery, but true to Elkin's tradition of intricate details and made from 100% love! 


Pre-order and get your hands on a piece now before they fly away....£110 Moonface/£65 Baby Star at

The British Ballerina: Cocorose London 

Eye Spy says: Fashionistas ofLondoncan be proud to point their toes forward in a pair of, not only pretty, but extraordinary, and quintessentially BRITISH ballerina shoe brand: Cocorose London. Started by Janan Leo, with humble beginnings in 2007, Cocorose, began within the markets ofEast London, and now has grown to be retailed in 40 retail boutiques in Europe & Asia. Cocorose London is a label that is home to young designers with innovative concepts and a platform to cult brands such as Liberty of London. 


I first spotted them down the Seven Dials onMercer Streetwithin their Pop-Up shop in The Glassworks (pop-up). What I noticed about them was that they were fold-up ballerinas and that they had intricate details for comfort- namely the small cushions at the heels on the inside. I could tell straight away that this brand was worth noting to all of you, as the price points were accessible while the look and feel is indeed luxurious. 


The label creates two main collections a year to three distinctive styles and two collaborative or capsule styles (one for the Royal Ballet, and the other for Liberty Print Fabrics). Having been the official gift partner to the BAFTA’s since 2010, Cocorose has been deemed by lovers of fashion the ‘modern luxury shoe’; and rightly so as they pride themselves on ‘luxury heritage’ and a made in England initiative.


The Classic Elegance range are foldable ballerina pumps designed with a durable and flexible sole. Each pair has double cushioned insoles, non-slip soles, and a petite heel- great for those on the go and looking for day time elegance! This range also showcases textures in soft leathers, fish skin and pony hairs, so there is always something in this range to complete the trend or look at the moment. The diffusion range are rather similar to the classic elegance in being also a foldable ballerina, but instead of leathers made from fabrics. Both though come with a case and bag to hold the shoes, and store in bag, car glove compartment, or suitcase.


Lastly, although the third range, The Luxury Heritage range, though is not a foldable, it is worth noting, as this collection revives the heritage and craftsmanship that goes into making English Women’s shoes. Fabrics used in this collection include Liberty London fabrics, and exhumes ultimate elegance (think sloanie pony or Kate Middleton!)  Be sure to catch the capsule or limited edition styles too, as they’ve been inspired by the ballerinas at the Royal ballet. From nude leathers to more eye catching themes such asAlicein wonderland (I love the white rabbit) be sure to leap forward for your pair! I’ve already walked a mile in mine and can tell you that there is no pain what-so-ever and everything to gain in Cocorose London’s shoes!


 Cocorose London shoes are available from £45-£130, average price £80 at


Their pop-up shop within Glassworks’ pop-up shop on Mercer Street, Covent Gardens at the Seven Dials is open until September 1, 2014.

Don't Be THE BAG Lady! Choose One Right Bag For Next Season From Monnier Freres

On a busy afternoon on the tube platform at Green Park out to Knightsbridge, I found myself standing next to a lady that was carrying three bags at once. Not only did she look a bit ridiculous but she also looked disorganised. Right arm carried a large travel Louis Vuitton duffle (a 45 Keepall, I assumed to be) and then left arms hung two other bags: a Longchamp Le Pilage in Medium size with short handles, and then can you believe it, a St. Laurent tote. My initital thoughts were that:


a) it looked rather awful as it seemd she couldn't decide which bag to wear; 

b) she was disorganised and couldn't fit everything and the kitchen sink in one of the bags so she had to take 3;

c) and finally, it was an interesting choices between her bags of styles and colours as they varied so greatly from more classy tote, to travel to casual


Nevertheless, I was tempted to lean over to her and say one name to get her clued up: Monnier Freres. One of my favourite destinations for handbags as you know, is indeed the Monnier Freres website. The next season pleases all palettes and fashion trends. For instance fun and pop culture is represented  with the likes of Anya Hindmarch's bags which looks like boxes of cornflakes and soaps, and pieces from Mochino that makes fast food look classy with their version of Mc Donald bags.


If you like more classical but still trendy why not go with the new colours of the Phillip Lim 3.1 bags? Or even more printed and updated versions of classics like the Sophie Hulme clutch.


There are fun and limited pieces too coming for the Christmas season and winter in Vanessa Bruno's leopard printed totes for sassy girls to keep it all together, and fun gifts such as a pair of gloves that have been embossed with opposite wording for uber fashion style.


Whatever you choose, my advice is keep it to a minimum please and don't be a bag lady! There is such a thing as an 'IT' bag and that is to just carry one at a time....


For all the styles mentioned and to see Monnier Freres latest (bags Anya Hindmarch £1350 Tony The Tiger style; £470 Mochino M bag with chain, £295.50 Sophie Hulme bag, Kenzo scarf £185) all at


The Dolly Mix

Festival Inspirations- The IDAHO @ DUO MOOD BOARD

Beauty's Secrets

Eve Lom’s SPF 50+ Has You Completely Covered

Confused about SPF for the face? Should it be in your make-up, and if it is are you covered? What factor is enough? 25?, 35? 50? We often receive mixed signals and advice about SPF and when and where to wear it. As a rule of thumb: SPF should be worn 365 days of the year-rain or shine. A minimum of SPF 25+ should be worn on less sunny days whether it is in your moisturiser, on top of your moisturiser or in your make-up. For those sunnier days throughout summer it is recommended that one can wear up to a SPF 50+. This of course, is dependent on the climate of where you live or where you go abroad on holiday.


If you’re super lazy like me, and can’t be bothered to wear a million layers of creams and make-up then might I suggest Eve Lom’s newest addition: Daily Protection SPF 50. This formula checks all the adverse affects of the sun: sun spots, wrinkles, and damage to name a few. It checks all the right boxes in both a moisturiser and a SPF as it brightens, has super anti-aging properties, contains vitamin C & E, and free from nasty PABA’s, parabens and fragrance.


I love the way it lifts the face and gives a natural glow and youthful radiance. I find that it’s most fabulous for summer weather as it is oil free and instantly absorbs into the skin. It literally disappears and is not only super soft but gives the skin a hydrating drink at the same time. It sits beautifully underneath make-up, but the highlight of this product is that you can dust powder on top or just bronzer for lighter make-up days (for instance at the beach).


A multi-tasker, it also contains lactic acid so it exfoiliates away debris and keep the skin congestion free. This is pretty nifty as we can’t take too many products away with us while on holidays, so it’s fabulous when we don’t have to worry about clogged pores. One of my primary concerns, with the sun, is the loss of collagen to the skin, and it is reassuring to know that this product contains paracress flower extract and niacinamide-which helps to lift, firm and rebuild collagen within the skin.  


How often do you find a summer moisturiser that can have you fully covered, and let you enjoy the weather or holiday stress free? Ever dynamic and forward the new generation of Eve Lom products like this one do have you covered! Get yours £70


Ouchies From The Sun? The Healing Power of After Sun Products


Beauty Says: Sun’s out! Bright and beautiful, and too often at this time of year there are just features covering SPF, and tanning products. We seldom think of the after care to spending a day in the sun. Sometimes no matter how careful we are, at the beach, in the park, or abroad on holiday, we can get a bit of burn or ouchies afterwards. Thankfully, I’ve sussed out the healing power of after sun products and have given you a shortlist of the very best to heal any damage fast and get you out there again! Check it out….

Hapton Sun’s: Aloe Hydrating Aloe Continuous Mist Aftersun: For those who don’t like messy creams this after sun is ideal as it is a mist format. Containing aloe vera to calm, and vitamin E to heal, it also contains refreshing menthol to cool to the skin straight away. This product goes to instantly bring down any inflammation immediately, and provide relief from sunburn. It smells lovely but not heavily fragranced too! £25 at

Dermalogica’s After Sun: This is one of my favourite after sun treatments as it is not a cream, not oil, but something in between- a balm. The texture is super light-weight and it has no artificial fragrance or colourings. It contains lavender, and aloe to calm and cool, while allantoin and clove goes to heal over exposed skin fast. For something that is no fuss and works, try this! (Top tip: Great as a double up treatment on holidays to sooth skin or areas after waxing treatments too.)  £29.50 at

Ultra Sun After Sun: If you want something that is less oily or oil free in an after sun then this is it. Not only does it cool and calm sunburnt skin, but it also encourages the skin to heal itself too. Think of it kind of as an after sun that continues working even after hours. I suggest this one for the holidays as it soaks in instantly and good for the whole family! £17 at

Therapie’s Cherish Skin Repair Serum: Although an oil based after sun, Therapie’s Cherish Skin Repair Serum is great because it helps with stretch marks too! Containing argan oil, raspberry seed oil, carrot tissue & broccoli seed it goes to work fast to soothe painful skin that has been damaged. This one is also safe for pregnant women to use and has the most anti-oxidents. £44 at

Beauty's Abi Fabi Edit

Beauty TURNS Up The Temperatures This July And Styles It With THE PROS

Beauty Says: From month to month I feature the latest beauty products telling you all the ins and outs. These pretty new gems make it on my pages and you oogle at them, but are you using them to the best of their ability? This month I talk to three experts in make-up, hair and skincare: Craig Ryan French, Director of Paul & Joe Beaute, Adam Reed, Director of Percy & Reed Hair Salons, and Dr. John Luc Sebagh, of Dr. Sebagh to get Pro tips and advice to help you truly look your best with the products you love!  

Compliment Your Face: Pro Tips & How To’s With Craig Ryan French & Paul & Joe Beaute

It is important to know how to wear your make-up and it all comes down to technique. Craig Ryan French has returned this season to help us revisit some of the more classical and basic products such as foundation to less thought of products such as the eye brow pencil. His techniques have literally lifted years off my face find out what it can do for yours!

Foundation: Do you put your foundation on with your fingers? A sponge? Or a brush? Craig Ryan says that you should always put on your foundation with a brush. The main reason the foundation brush is the tool of choice is because it gives an even coverage and the foundation actually stays on the face and not on the tool. Sponges apparently drink most of the product up and very little actually is absorbed by the skin while fingers leave a streaky finish. Craig Ryan tells me that when he looks at most faces at random he sees where foundation is needed and did not make it to parts of the face such as the cheeks and forehead areas. If you do a test on a mirror you will see the difference of what a foundation brush will do versus a sponge or fingers. Have a look:


TOP TIP: Try applying what is left over on the brush to the ears. This is a top tip for bridal make-up in photography, as it covers up red ears when we get anxious in photos!

Highlighting & Contouring: As we age we don’t like how we appear in photos as we feel things are going south. For all those who share this problem, Craig Ryan suggests highlighting as an essential to the make-up regime. Start by highlighting the centre of the forehead, and follow through to the bridge of the nose. Next, go highlight the apples of the cheeks and a bit on either side of the jaw line. What happens when you do this is that you highlight all the points where light hits the face. Therefore, you have created an illusion of a firming and lifting effect for the face too!


For those who want to minimize a wider face go for contouring with a bronzer. Start at the temples and make a ‘C’ shape from the temples to the cheekbone area. This technique minimizes and brings the face in. (Craig suggests Paul & Joe No. 10 to use as a perfect bronzing shade.)


Top Tip: When applying highlighter always apply in a downward motion as this equals a firming effect- you will be able to lift years from the face!    





Raise your Brows: Drawing your brows right can lift years from the face. Craig Ryan tells me that the number one mistake most women make is drawing their brows in with a wide curved motion. When you do this it limits the face rather than accentuating it. The number one rule is the rule of 3. The distance from the tip of the nose to the start of the white of the eyes, distance from the tip of the nose the arch of the brows and the also the end of the brow. Once you have established the 3 points start drawing the brow only until you reach the arch of your brow. Make sure you accentuate and that the arch is visible. With the other side of the pencil sketch lightly.


Note& Top Tip: The technique is to SKETCH, as this recreates the effects of the little hairs.


You will be surprised by the result and how the face has instantly lifted! Always choose a colour that is the colour that is the same as the fullest part of your brow. For blondes try a blue green pencil. It will give the most natural look.  

This season’s candy…..This season’s update in the Paul & Joe Beaute Diary is Ice Cream parlour pretty! There are delicious choices in this nail colour range. Craig Ryan always says how important nails are to the whole beauty look, as it doesn’t matter if your face is pretty as grimy nails can ruin a look not to mention impressions. Make sure your nails are at their optimum best. I’ve been wearing ‘Figue’ for day and Indigo Blues for a blue jeans effect in recent weeks and I love it!

Summer Hair at Percy & Reed

Beauty Says: My most recent pre-holiday investment was getting a new hairstyle at Percy & Reed East that would be easy to maintain in summer’s heat. Instead of buying another new dress in the sales or getting one too many swimsuits do consider spending the money on your hair instead.

Upon discussing a picture of one of Kristin Dunst’s hairstyles, with my regular stylist, Lee Boone of Percy & Reed East, he tells me that it would be impossible to cut it as so. The reason is because Kirstin’s hair is thin, and mine is thick, and to achieve this he would have to chop into my hair like the Amazon forest. However, Lee assured me that we could indeed base my new style on something similar in style and one that I could easily do myself with the curling wand at home. For me, taking off half my hair was a no brainer, but I have always been weary of taking off too much as shorter styles do not suit my more rounded face. This is why Lee reassures me that a longer bob style would suit me more.


I have to say that not only was I pleased with the result, but that indeed it is super easy for me to do the big sections with my curling wand to re-create this curly messy look; and never before have I had so many compliments from friends and family on a new cut. I’m always glad for my stylist’s advice as he’s honest-‘Lee’ the best when it comes to what can and cannot be done!  What’s your verdict of my new style?



Pro-Advice by Adam Reed of Percy & Reed:


Inspired by yet another fabulous experience at Percy & Reed I get some Summer Hair Tips from Adam Reed himself that will help you stay looking hot without breaking a sweat! Try out Adam’s tips for sultry hair with minimal effort:



Braids are a great summer look.  Put a braid into damp hair during the day, shake it out for the evening and use Percy & Reed Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish to smooth any fly-aways.  Finally, head scarves are a great hair accessory and they protect the hair from the sun.


On holiday a quick and easy way to create natural waves and transform hair into a chignon style for the evening, is to apply Percy & Reed Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational No Oil Oil for thick hair in the morning on wet hair, then loosely braid hair in one section at the back.  This will protect the hair in the heat and prevent it from frizzing in the humid heat.  At the end of the day release the hair from the braid and apply a pea sized amount of Percy & Reed Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish to smooth the hair.  This will create a soft, natural wave which can be pinned up into a chignon or left down.


One of the biggest problems with hair colour in the summer is caused by swimming. The chlorine can cause blonde tones to go green. To prevent this you should use a shampoo and conditioner designed to combat it. Before you go into a pool or the sea, drench your hair with tap (or bottled) water. If there is a shower on the beach or by the pool use that. Your hair can only absorb so much liquid and this will act as an invisible barrier, minimizing the amount of other liquid, such as pool or sea water, that can penetrate the hair. When in the pool, protect your hair from chlorine by tightly braiding the hair. This will stop the chlorine attacking the majority of your hair, plus it looks great when you take it out.


To help you stay cool in the heat when you have long hair, simply pull all your hair back to the base of your neck into a ponytail then twist the ponytail and lift the end of it up to your crown. Then using a 'Goody' up pin (available from Boots) secure in place. This will give you a simple but great-looking pleat that will easily keep the hair away from your neck. Lightly spritz with hairspray to help with humidity.


Dry Shampoos are life savers for holidays. If your hair gets a little sweaty from the heat simply spray Percy & Reed's No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo into the roots and shake out. This will leave your hair feeling and smelling fresh and clean. If you have a fringe, Dry shampoo is an absolute must, as fringes always get oily when you get hot.

Book your next hair appointment now at


No Nonsense In Your Skincare with Dr. J.L. Sebagh

Dr. J.L. Sebagh, is not only a well known top cosmetic surgeon, but a serious advocate of effective and avant garde skincare. This is why when it comes to his own line he has taken out a lot of time to research and give it, not only the best ingredients, such as multiple peptides, but the most forward technology. I recently had a one-on one chat with Dr. Sebagh to find out what kind of skincare can halt the ‘tick tock’ on the face.


Basic 3: Deal with The Everyday Toll: Dr. Sebagh’s secret for all women of all ages is to first address and fight the daily aggressors to the skin. In a city like London it’s pollution that is enemy number one. Therefore he suggests 3 key products from his range to use on a daily basis to keep the skin looking and feeling healthy at all times:


Break Out Foaming Cleanser: To have a cleanser that works hard and deep into the skin is a must. So Dr. Sebagh suggests one that will get away the grime and any excess sebum. (Other formulations for other skin types also available.)

Deep Exfoliating Mask: Exfoliating on a daily basis is important to keep the skin at optimum best. The Deep Exfoliating Mask is great for this because it not only achieves a radiant and polished look at all times but it also has vitamin C in it and fights pigmentation. (Sensitive formula also available for sensitive skin types.)

Skin Perfecting Mask: Cleanse pores, and give the skin a brightening boost to keep it youthful. This mask is great for that Hollywood A-lister look-Everyday!

Dr. Sebagh does not boast of his skincare purely because it is his own brand. He takes great pride in telling me that his formulations have efficacy due to the high science and technology behind it. To prove his statement he tells me a story about a lady who had gone in to see him and told him she only uses Vaseline on her face. His response was that the oil (petroleum) found in Vaseline is good for the face because oil is major contributor to good skin. However, he points out the quality or grade of oil that is petroleum versus other oils. He wants us to take note that high grade oils found in serums, such as his Signature Serum, have efficacy on the skin, due to its high grade, plus the latest biotechnology which can increase DNA life span & boost energy of skin cells.

(Signature Serum exclusively found in Harrods)



For upcoming facials with Dr. Sebagh at Liberty contact Vivian on 0207 734 1234



Snob's Yum Yum Edit

Let Me SHORYU The Ramen

Snob Says: While Beauty has been sales shopping again, I opted for a more satisfying activity of eating one of my favourite dishes, ramen, at one of Central London’s hottest venues.


From the team of The Japanese Centre, SHORYU RAMEN has been making waves in London since its initial arrival in 2012. Having been recommended in the Michelin Guide 2014 SHORYU has been getting some stellar attention, and for good reason. They specialise in Hataka Tonkotsu Ramen which is thick rich white pork soup with thin handmade straight noodles. The soup take 12+ hours of slow cooking in a rolling boil- you can see this is authentic through their open kitchen in all their establishments.


Upon visiting their newest location of Shoryu tuck into Canaby Street’s Kingly Court, first impressions definitely gave feelings of authenticity. The décor is made out to be like traditional noodle bars in Japan with stools surrounding a bar and open kitchen area, and hawker style sharing tables. One of the key features is also the staff bang a drum when customers come through the door-a traditional way of indicating there are customers at the door. The staff greeted us politely, and was more than helpful, when making decisions when it was time for us to order with loads of suggestions. We opted for Vegetarian Gyoza’s and Tempura Soft Shell Crab Tempura for starters, a glass of passion fruit flavoured beer which came with a sake bomber, and Karaka Tantan Tonkotsu & Fire & Ice Salmon Tsukemen.


 The highlight dishes that made our palettes tingle and packed the most punch were the Tempura Soft Shell Crab and the Fire & Ice Salmon Tsukemen. Soft shell crab is seasonal dish and only available in the months when crabs change their shell. Shoryu captures the essence of this beautiful and rare ingredient by encasing it in a chiffon layer of tempura batter that melts into the mouth. I would highly recommend the Fire & Ice Salmon Tsukemen this summer’s must eat dish as it not only comforts those who find it hard to eat in warmer conditions but also it has rustic notes from the Isle of Ewe hot smoked salmon. One precaution to take when ordering at SHORYU is that your eyes will be able to eat more than your stomach. The noodles are incredibly filling. So be prepared to order dishes to share among a few people. Otherwise, opt out for smaller dishes such as their Yakitori (BBQ) grill dishes. For those who also prefer al fresco dining, the new Carnaby location also has centre court tables for you to keep enjoying the sunshine. Who needs spaghetti now for their date?  SHORYU your darling the ramen…..


 Make sure to book a table at this season’s must have eat treat!  (especially on weekends) at


A Juicy Idea!

Original inspiration for this fruit juice recipe came off a card of a pear- that my friend, graphic artist, Wojtek, made for me on Facebook. I loved the card he made for me so much I asked him to create and share his favourite fresh juice recipe- for juicing.


Wojtek suggests for the perfect summer refresher: pear + white grapes + blueberries. Top it up with carbonated water for a refreshing fizz too. Not only pretty in colour this juice quenches your thirst, and is ‘grape’ for you too…..


Love Wojtek’s designs? Why not ask him to come up with your next illustrations for business or event at

Original inspiration for this fruit juice recipe came off a card of a pear- that my friend, graphic artist, Wojtek, made for me on Facebook. I loved the card he made for me so much I asked him to create and share his favourite fresh juice recipe- for juicing.


Wojtek suggests for the perfect summer refresher: pear + white grapes + blueberries. Top it up with carbonated water for a refreshing fizz too. Not only pretty in colour this juice quenches your thirst, and is ‘grape’ for you too…..


Love Wojtek’s designs? Why not ask him to come up with your next illustrations for business or event at

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