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Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm is the Bomb!

Beauty Says:The first moment I massaged a drop of Elemis’Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm onto my face, I felt like I was transported to the Elemis spa in Mayfair. Primarily, it is the smell of aromatics that awaken your senses. I also felt an incredible immediate calmness wash over me. For those who like oil cleansers or rich creamy textures this Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm offers this and more. Beauty experts have tipped it to be the new ‘hero’, or ‘new instant classic’, while I give my seal of the kiss of approval, and say it’s the new Beauty Bomb! Come with me and find out why….

To celebrate their 10th anniversary of their Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, Elemis took two years to develop and perfect a cleanser, worthy to be part of this world famous anti-aging range. This cleansing balm consists of skin nurturing oils: geranium, lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, ho wood, orange, menthol, clove, wheat germ, oat, starflower and elderberry that has been fused with mimosa and rose wax. Of course, it also includes the key ingredient common in the Pro-Collagen Marine range-Padina Pavonica which boosts the skin’s defences and enhances cell communication. The elderberry oil gives the skin a bounce back, while mimosa and rose flower waxes give the skin elasticity and tone. Often, with many cleansers you may feel a tight or slightly taught feeling as it doesn’t provide enough moisture. Whereas with this cleanser, you will not find that at all, but rather that your skin’s own moisture levels and barrier is maintained. This is due to it having starflower oil- an ingredient that assists the skin in maintaining its optimum metabolism.

Upon application, the balm melts into the face, and transforms into an oil texture, melting away and breaking down make-up. Elemis’ secret is the fusion of the oils and waxes, which can break down micro-particles of make-up, while also at the same time be able to absorb excess sebum too. Therefore, it’s a cleanser for all skin types from dry to combination to even oily complexions.

Director of Product & Development, Noella Gabriel gives her star tip for additional use of this balm: ‘You can use Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm as a treatment mask. Smooth generously over face and neck with dry fingers. Massage to warm the skin and loosen the balm. Leave for 10 minutes, and hold a very warm cleansing cloth over the skin. Practice abdominal breathing while you relax and inhale the exquisite aroma. Gently wipe away.’

So if you’re looking for that treat or that extra something to boost your skincare regime, definitely try this! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it! (And recommend it)  It promises to indulge the skin and senses, and not disappoint. A true five-star product! Get your Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm £39.50 at




Eye Spy has his eye focussed on FLORALS this Spring...and he's sharing with you some incredible flowers popping up NOW...

LAGOM's Chicago Porcelain Pencil Dress adds FLORAL SASS & CLASS



You know SPRING is on its way, as FLORALS are popping up everywhere on the fashion front! What is the best way to wear it? Might I suggest, to keep it simple, classic, and therefore oh so chic….


LAGOMhas just come out with their Chicago Porcelain Pencil Dress. What I like about this floral is that it is not too bright and busy, but grown-up and sophisticated. It’s also a dress you can wear for many occasions, from weddings to any party day or night. The Wedgewood inspired print gives it that classic flair, while the striking red piping gives it that up to date edge. Be quick ladies….you’re not the only one who has their eyes on this! Chicago Porcelain Pencil Dress, £105 & many more great styles at


SPRING finally comes in OH LA LA Orange Flower by Cath Collins


Still no signs of Spring? Longing for a whiff of Spring or its flowers? Perhaps then you will appreciate all of its essence captured in OH LA LA ORANGE FLOWER fragrance. Renowed British perfumer, Cath Collins, from Devon, created this scent based on her inspiration of last summer’s Jubilee celebrations-a state of light heartedness despite the rain. She wanted to capture the mood of delight and for one to day dream of Mediterranean rain on orange blossom. The orange flowers and bergamot are zesty while the grapefruit is subtle and not too bitter. While the jasmine and ylang ylang are heady, they are not too strong, due to the velvety musk softening this combination.


First impressions may be that it is too strong, but let it settle, and you will find the scent clear and exceptionally clean. The real OH LA LA comes from a clear sparkle of a top note of petitgrain that will truly make you float when you wear it. I find this fragrance easy to wear, and feel like I’ve walked straight into a Mediterranean garden. This is a winner to wear this Spring, no matter the weather, as it gives you that happy go-lucky feeling, and that perhaps SPRING is a state of mind over matter…£35.50/50ml and for green note lovers, try the other new fragrance available now: Lily Fandango


Art Deco Florals from

Childhood memories of absoulute feelings of BLISS, when getting into the bath, is what GUNJEOIR means, and inspired Sophia to create her Gunjeoir products. The packaging is decadent, and pretty in art deco style...and the smells of natural florals from neroli to rose and jasmine will take you to floral heaven! A whole host of products available for face, body & more at

The Dolly Mix

Beauty & The Snob’s Top Spring Skin Tip: Make your Own Instant GLOW Mask for a FRESH Face this Spring (A mini DIY Project)

Beauty Says: Does your skin need an instant perk or lift? Not been paid yet, and can’t get that facial or treatment product just the now? No worries! There are a whole host of ingredients in the fridge or cupboards you might have that you can pop on for an instant DIY masque pack. I’m going to teach you to do one that can brighten and lift:


Beauty’s DIY GLOW Masque:

The two key ingredients in this masque are: the lemon juice- which lightens and brightens; and the olive oil- which moisturises the skin. Olive oil has much regeneration power, and restores vitamin E, C & D to the skin which in turn, thus, helps to retain moisture. Oatmeal not only gives the masque consistency but it goes to soften the skin and can calm any irritations. It can also help to clear up problem skins and absorb unwanted oils. Honey is added as it has antibacterial properties, and can give the skin exceptional balance in terms of moisture.

What you need for GLOW MASK:

1 teaspoon Olive Oil +

6 Drops of Fresh Lemon Juice+

½ Cup Cooked Oatmeal +

1 egg White

(Optional, add some crushed lemon thyme for a more aromatic lemon/aromatherapy effect)

Mix all ingredients together until smooth and creamy. WARNING: DO NOT exfoliate the face before putting this masque on as lemon juice will sting your face otherwise! Smooth the mixture onto your face, & relax with it on for 15-20 minutes. Remove with warm water & face towel and follow-up with normal skincare routine. You will be amazed at the softness, and revitalized glow that comes to your skin with this masque. Enjoy! XXX Beauty

Liked My SPRING Beauty Tip?? This post was an entry for a competition worth £375 with TRIA. For your own chance for entry & to win by April 5th go to:


Beautys' Secrets

April Showers pours in May’s Fashion Best

Beauty Says: April showers are now pouring in May’s Fashion’s Best in the form of pretty florals and extreme brights to perk you right up!

 Jovonna London is in the know to add that soft pretty touch for the day-adds just that hint of sunshine to your wardrobe. Pieces from £45-£80 you can’t afford not to…available on or

Matalan is now just popping up with florals which is perfect to keep up to date on a budget! I’m loving the cute swimwear geared towards the next sunny holiday destination, or those cute shorts to pair with an easy-going cream jacket!


Gift-Library is destined to be your next stop for the 1 bag investment this season. I’m rather all over the Milli Millu totes here coming in an array of colours, or if the classic satchel is more your thing why not go for a Sophie Hulme one, in soft calf leather?? Deliciously tempting…from £275

Golden Perfection…Worth its own weight GOLD Skincare

Beauty Says: One of my all time (most decadent) best kept beauty secrets are products which contain GOLD! From as far back as the Egyptians to the Aztecs it is believed that gold has the properties for youth and vitality. Gold is able to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin, and can speed up cellular regeneration and processes. It is also known to be hypoallergenic, can stimulate blood circulation, reduce sunspots and is a powerful anti-oxidant. 


Usually the gold is infused into the serum or cream in a colloidal form-or simply put, water that has gold in it. Of course many would say that it’s just the golden shimmer that reflects off the skin that makes you appear youthful, and that perhaps a ridiculous notion to be putting something so dear onto the face. Well, I’ve found some of the best on the market right now that guarantees fantastic results as they’re also packed with the latest and best technology along with the gold. Worthy of the investment, these hold its own weight, in the world of skincare, and are simply golden perfection…

Nubo Beauty: The Essence Bio-GOLD


The Essence Bio-Gold has now joined the Cell Dynamic range at NUBO Skincare. For those who are not aware, the Cell Dynamic technology of NUBO is renowned, because it converts intrinsic free radicals of the skin into essential oxygen and water inside the cells. In short, it able to turn something that would age the skin, into beneficial properties to do the adverse affect-anti-aging! Smart, is an understatement to say the least to describe this unique line of products.


You can see an immediate tightening effect after just one application of the essence bio-gold (serum). In fact, 89% of people who have used this product have found this to be true. It also contains the peptide: syn-ake which has a botox effect on lines and wrinkles, while the rhodiola increases oxygen of the skin, thus, giving super radiance. The gold in this serum acts like a small charger to the skin, as gold is a metal, and we have electricity in our bodies. This treatment is so well rounded it also has protective properties from oxidative damage such as brown algae complex, vitamin E and Pro-vitamin C. Destined to be the next champion this product takes first place, and GOLD home…I highly recommend this as IT WORKS! £200, 30ml at



PREVAGE: Anti-Aging + Intensive Repair Daily Serum

If you already love PREVAGE products, or want to use a product with gold in it on a daily basis this is it! With all the regular benefits of the PREVAGE line, and of course, the inclusion of the famous idebenone –a most powerful anti-oxidant, it also has arazine, an exclusive molecule that goes to soothe the skin. Within a few applications I saw that the skin was firming, lifting, and tightening up. Over a longer length of time, I could see a more visible glow to the face too! As for gold products, this is probably one that also stretches, and is most economical! One bottle could last 6 months if you’re careful! Steal my GOLD-en secret….£144, 30ml at Peter Jones &

Dr. Sebagh: Platinum GOLD Elixir


Perhaps a more heavy duty investment, at £395, this set of four miniature bottles of platinum gold elixir serum is more of a special or annual boosting treatment- that can reset the skin. Containing 24K gold and platinum this serum uses the latest nano-technology to reach deep into the skin. Dr. Sebagh knows about treating beauty queens, so when developing this product he took to the same lifting, tightening, and firming effect as the Nefertiti Lift- a gold thread lifting effect in the 2nd century BC, named after an Egyptian Queen.


It contains 13 stimulating and active ingredients that give a botox-like effect, and leaves the skin absolutely flawless of lines. The skin is left with a luminescent golden glow that reflects. You can use the set all in one go, but I recommend for those still in their 30-40s to perhaps use this as a seasonal booster, for a month, every 3 months. It will offer a beacon of skin light like no other, a torch of golden hope for all! £395 x 4 bottles 10ml at


Omorovicza: Gold Eye Lift

Talk about golden eye! This Omorovicza Gold Eye Lift is a star product and offers gold’s healing properties and strengthening any damage to the delicate eye area. It has patented technology and delivery systems such as hydro mineral transference, and 3D sequential release which result in bright youthful eyes. This eye product is great for those looking to correct any sun damage they have had or to brighten the overall tone around the eye area.  Beauty gives it her wink but don’t ‘EYE’ hers….she won’t be giving you any, as you will have to get your own! £110 at

BLUE Beauty

 This season, the hue blue has hit winning streaks both in fashion and beauty! Check out these stellar BLUE products that are creating a heat wave of attention, and for good reason…


Dr. Perricone: BLUE PLASMA-Daily No Peel Peel: This is hyped to be, by to beauty experts, the winning product when it comes to peeling products of 2013. It is a non-acidic daily peel for brightening and radiance. The product does three, normally opposing, synergistic actions: first, it goes to peel dead skin, and accelerate cell renewal; second, it goes to extract deep impurities such as build up of pollutants, and lastly goes to hydro-fuse the skin with nutrient-rich water. The best news is that even the most sensitive skins will be able to use this product with no adverse reactions.

There are no signs of skin damage, dryness, flaking, or sensitivity with this product-in fact, no down time. The result is like gaining a brand new skin: with refined pores, and a luxurious radiance, clarity, and smoothness. The secret behind this product is the salmon egg enzyme which is the main agent in achieving the peeling of the dead skin cells. Another main ingredient is the copper, which primarily contributes to its blue colour, and helps to repair and promote a healthy skin condition.


If you’ve always dreamed of that porcelain doll-like skin with that slight hint of blush, but want to use something gentle and something that delivers great results, this is it. Within trials of this product over 87% agreed they had a healthy glow, 92% loved this more than any other chemical peel or exfoliating scrub, and 82% agreed this was the best treatment they’ve ever used. I would have to agree with all of the above, as I’ve also found it to be incredibly hydrating. It is easy to use, as all you have to is properly clean the skin morning or night, and just pop it on underneath any cream. That’s it, it’s that simple. This product makes it easy on those who are afraid or worried they exfoliate too much, or stimulate it too much, and cause breakouts….with truly nothing to lose….how could you not win with blue plasma? £78,

STILA: Smudgestick in Electric/BlueFin/Peacock:STILA has come back to the UK, and one of their Spring highlights is to wear a double line. As seen at the Alexander Wang SS’13 show, the STILA artists were applying a thin black liner at the base of the lashes, and then adding a thicker coloured liner on the top to create a double decker effect, that is feminine and at the same time simply rockn’! Of course, most the most noticed colours were their blues, and none other than a turquoise green blue-ELECTRIC. I love them all, from BlueFin to Peacock, as they are so wearable with jeans, or to brighten up and lift your eyes….STILA takes home best technique and colour when it comes to blue eyes….£13 smudgesticks

Sabonete Claus DECO Aromatico Soaps: Wow, not since Irish Spring perhaps, has a soap been able to make you sing in the shower, until you discover Portuguese centennial brand, Sabonete Claus and their DECO Aromatico Soap. Finely crafted, and oh so decadent these soaps are not just highlighted here for their blue colour, but their gorgeous smell of fresh lime + basil….a guarantee that you won’t be singing the blues in the shower with this one…£22 box of 3 soaps at

H2O+ Face Oasis Set: With each season change, your skin can get rather thirsty. Quench its thirst with a box of these blue treasures, deep from the sea from H2O+. This set includes an cleanser, an eye gel, face serum, and a gel moisturiser, all to give you zen and balance….calm is key when it comes to this blue beauty-full set! £32.50

Penhaligons BLUE BELLS Fragrance: This fragrance apparently is a favourite of the Queen…so how can you argue with that? Incredibly subtle, and soft, this fragrance gives proper British personality, and gives you the feeling like you’re blue blood too….£80, 100ml


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Beautys' Abi Fabi Edit

Forget Falsies and False Promises…Beauty winks at the FULL PROOF in Lash Growth Serums & Mascaras

Beauty Says: Can’t be bothered to fidget about with false lashes on a daily basis? Or perhaps topping up those semi-permanent lashes every fortnight is breaking the piggy bank? Well, ladies, this may be the best news there has been in a while: you can grow your own lashes with growth serums and mascaras. No fake promises here, just daddy long leg lashes! I’m giving you the FULL 411 on how they work, and some of the best in the beauty market now…


How your natural lashes grow:

Before we get into the wonders of growth serums and mascaras let us consider for a minute about our natural lashes, and how they grow. Keratin is what makes up our lashes, as it is what makes up our hair. It takes 7-8 weeks for your lashes to grow and consists of three life cycles in the process: anagen, catagen & tolegen. Anagen is known as the ‘growing phase’ or where 85% of our lashes exist. It is in the catagen or trasitional phase that the hair follicle starts to shrink and the lashes begin to fall. It is probably in this period where we see less density in our lashes. Finally Tolegen is when new lashes begin to grow and push the old lashes to die and fall out. Semi-false lashes are topped up according to the life cycle of the lashes, whereby the individual false lashes are attached to each individual lash, in any of the phases. It is when they start falling out or when you start to see the loss of density in the lashes that you have to go in for top-ups or a replenishment of false lashes.

How do growth serums and mascaras work for longer lashes or brows?

Healthy lashes and brows might be damaged due to daily beauty routines. (Think of when you wipe off your mascara in the evening, or when you might be removing false lashes. ) Any of these processes may weaken, make lashes and brows more brittle or have a thinner appearance.

Peptides are the key to help maintaining a good healthy condition and can rebuild when it comes to skin and hair. Therefore, it is not a surprise that peptides are used as the key ingredient in growth serums and mascaras. As peptides are the building blocks of amino acids, (or what is essential to skin and hair) they go to help make lashes and brows fuller or thicker, and denser. Initially, with any of these growth serums you will notice that after two weeks, of consistent application, the gaps between lashes or brow hairs filled in.

Beauty’s SPLASH OUT & STEAL Growth Serums & Mascaras:


SPLASH OUT & get BEST Results: Growth Serum for Lash & Brow: PREVAGE -Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum

If you’ve got sparse or thinning brows, and want something that helps them to grow back healthier and fuller, PREVAGE-Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum is your solution. In fact, 100% of women who took part in the clinical study of this product,  say they saw visible improvements in their lashes in just two weeks of continued use; and 40% in 4 weeks say that there was definite improvement in thickness, length, density and thickness.  The key to the PREVAGE formula is an exclusive triple peptide complex, blend of pro-vitamin B5 and anti-oxidents.

What I found dramatically different about this particular lash serum was that it made the lashes resilient and stronger while of course, at the same time working on all the other growth factors. I found that within 2 weeks of use, I had much fuller lashes-with all the gaps being filled. When I say filled in, there are many more lashes, and my lash line looks like I’m wearing eyeliner, appearing darker.

 I naturally have incredibly short lashes, and lashes that are barely there. I also found the formula exceptionally gentle, as it did not sting or irritate the eyes at all. For those who wear contact lenses will be glad to know that it is safe and suitable for their use and contains no fragrance or colorants.  I’m waiting for the full 4 weeks to take effect, and for the lashes to be super long as I’ve always desired. I find this particular serum rather concentrated, and depending on how fast your lashes grow on their own, you might only want to use this 2-3 times a week-turnaround time or result are rather quick with this serum.


Indeed a worthy investment and a product that will guarantee you terrific results.Splurge and get some today, £85 .13 fl oz. Available at all Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide and at

STEAL the results with GOSH Cosmetics-Growth Mascara & Growth Serum:

It seems that GOSH Cosmetics has gone to great lengths with their two new products Growth Mascara & Growth Serum. Both products are exceptional value for the visible results they give in just two weeks! At first I was dubious because I had been disappointed by similar products before from the chemists in the past-but I was pleasantly surprised with the quick results I got from GOSH.  As I said, when I tested the PREVAGE serum, my lashes are naturally short, but after using GOSH’s version for two full weeks- they looked fuller, and do indeed look longer, as if I had them filled in at the salon.


The lash serum contains a growth active called SymPeptide XLash which helps lengthen and thicken the lashes, while Follicusan gets it growing at a faster rate. Not only can you use this on the lashes but also on the brows, to get fuller brows in areas were the hair is scarce. Recently I made a mistake waxing my brows and went a bit too far on the inner edge. I’ve been applying the serum to this area, and found much of the hairs there grown back. Available at Superdrug Nationwide £14.99




Not into the serums, and find it difficult to remember to put it on? Fear not, there’s growth Mascara!

Splurge- Growth Mascara by GOSH Cosmetics 


 For those who want to use a product, and know that it’s working hard for you while you have it on, then the Growth Mascara is a must. The small rubber hairs, on the brush, separate, and lengthen each eyelash perfectly.  After two weeks, you will see the same amazing result of longer, fuller lashes, even without use of the mascara, a must pay day treat! GOSH Growth Mascara & Growth Serum are available Nationwide at Superdrug £8.49

STEAL-Growth Mascara 30 Days Extension by KIKO Cosmetics


KIKO Cosmetics has come out with their ingenious version of the lash growing serum built into their 30 Days Extension Daily Treatment Mascara. This mascara contains a K2 pro-growth complex which acts as a concentrated nutritional supplement to the lashes. The complexes that are built into the mascara are assimilated by the structure of your own natural lashes, hence giving optimum results! So for those who like 2-in-1’s or those who like a harder working mascara, this might be it….£7 (At the moment this was written on promotion £3.90) at


Beauty investigates a Beauty regime for everything DOWN UNDER


Beauty Says: We often have a full facial regime, a make-up palette of seasonal colours, or body products to help us relax and de-stress, so why is it when it comes to areas of ‘DOWN UNDER’ we’re not so confident? Ladies, out intimate areas are just as important as any other parts of us! Don’t be embarrassed!  I’ve got some super suggestions due to testing some super Femfresh products.

Femfresh has introduced some up to date technology such as silver care that is found in their ordour control panty liners. Silver has been found to be a big plus when it comes to personal hygiene as it is able to eliminate or have anti-bacterial properties. This is pretty much in short how it works in these Femfresh panty liners. I suggest these as they are hypoallergenic, and breathable! You hardly notice that you’re wearing them at all! Available at Boots and Asda £2.29 for a box of 20.

Our monthly visitor can make us feel unconfident and question if we’re using the right products and create more stress we don’t need. Relax, don’t worry about it at all, and use some of Femfresh Soothing Wash. This wash is great for time of month as it helps to stimulate your natural defences. It has cranberry extract to soothe, and best of all it is soap-free, gentle, pH-balanced, and you can use it all over the body too, as it is super moisturising. Available at Boots and Asda £3.49

Those on the go will like the pocket wipes! The tiny pack fits into the handbag discreetly, provides comfort, cleanses and freshens. Best yet, they’re biodegradable, and flushable! I suggest these when going on short trips, festivals, or anywhere where more frequent showering may not be available!  A super duper solution for interim situations!  Available at Boots and Asda £1.59

So there you have ladies, no need to make a whole song and dance about it or worry. Save time and stress, (for the more important shoe sale) and leave breathing fresh and easy with Femfresh!

Beauty finds the NO DOWN TIME make-up routine that is just Per-fekt!


Beauty Says: There is a NO DOWN TIME make-up routine that’s great for those in a hurry in the mornings to work, for festival dates, or when we just need a quick touch up and no fuss. This wonderful brand of products is well loved by A-listers such as Rihanna, Vanessa Williams, Reese Wetherspoons, and Blake Lively to just a name a few….and it’s such a great product, of course, it’s called: PER-FEKT!

With more than 14 years experience in the development products for top names like YSL, & Bobbi Brown, CEO, and inventor of Per-fekt, Richard Anderson found that the number one frustration for women when it came to using their make-up was: No/Limited Time. Therefore, the core ethos of all Per-fekt products is to highlight and beautify in a snap.

All the products are made in the USA, are free of synthetics, fragrances, dyes, wax, talc, mineral oils and parabens. Best yet, they’re concentrated and not diluted with water. This means two things: one being, of course, a little goes a long way and that the products are economical, but also this means less waste of packaging, and a pro for the environment.


I first came across the Per-fekt products when I introduced their skin perfection gel an issue ago in the Mother’s Day Gift Guide. I was mighty impressed by this gel for the face, as it gently enhances the appearance of your natural skin. It also has a technology in it that naturally adapts to any skin tone, tones down any redness, reduces any enlarged pores, and can absorb excess oil and shine. (Literally, making you look like you were born with porcelain-like skin.) So when discovered that they make a whole range of products from cheek to eyes to lip I had to investigate and find out more.

Oh, The Cheek Of It!- Per-fekt Cheek Perfection Gel: For those who are weary of wearing too much blusher, this is the product for you. The texture of this product is not like any other blusher product be it cheek stain, cream, powder or bronzers, as it is silky soft and blends into the skin with a translucent effect. Looking so natural when it’s on, it’s like you’ve jogged around the block or as if you’ve sat in the sunshine all afternoon and caught a gentle natural glow. It’s not only one of the best non-powder blushers I’ve used, but probably one that has lasted the longest (one can easily last over 6 months) Oh, The Cheek Of It! Eh? £25

Eye(s) are awake with Per-fekt Eye Perfection Gel: You will forget any eye concealers, eye roller ball treatments, or any de-puffing gels, that promises to get rid of or hide dark circles, once you’ve tried this eye perfection gel. Eyes are truly awake, and any imperfections such as fine lines, or darkness, seem to be airbrushed away from the face. I found that it truly lifts the entire face, making all the difference and your whole appearance more youthful. The secret behind it is a light-reflecting tint, and ceramides!Top tip: do not use eye cream before applying this product, and experiencing a slight cooling sensation is normal. £39

It’s not a lipstick, not a lipgloss, not a lip plump…create FULL lips with Per-fekt Lip Perfection Gel: You won’t have to write to Santa again this year and ask him for Marilyn Monroe lips, just ask him for some of this lip gel. First, I have to point out that this product is not sticky at all. It’s texture is light-weight and silky. Once it is absorb it has a smart technology that blends into your natural lip colour. I think this is the best part as it will never not suit you-being a highlighted version (or HD version) of your natural lips. The high definition effect comes from the peptides, and hyaluronic microspheres, creating a three dimensional look. It also slightly plumps while moisturising and protecting the lips. I suggest, colour: ‘Sunset’- a pink coral, that is rather oh so girly….£


Brows growling back at you? Tame them with Per-fekt Brow Perfection Gel:Sometimes between waxes, or threads, our brows can get to that out of control state. Coloring them in or trying to hide them seems to make them worse, what is a girl to do? This gel is great for that meantime solution. It not only tames wild brows, but also fills in and makes thin brows look fuller. Although a gel, the formula does not flake or fade, so use this with confidence! Also great for those who are not experience with drawing in or shaping brows….so easy to use, it’s fool proof! £19.50



So there you have it girls, whether you just one or all of them together, Per-fekt could help you achieve some stellar results, in almost No Time! Love it! Xx Beauty

Canteen's Chocolate Beetroot Cake: So good....there will only be crumbs left!


Snob says: Over Easter I was stuffing my little face with Canteen's Chocolate Beetroot Cake. What I love about this cake is that it's not too sweet as the beetroot in it naturally sweetens it. It's also not too fattening, and watches your waistline, as it's not made with any butter but substitutes with oil. Eat it with Creme Fraiche, or a dollop of clotted cream for that extra heavenly...there will only be crumbs left! 


Here's the Recipe! 



Chocolate Beetroot cake
Recipe from Canteen - Great British Food
Makes a 28 cm cake 

4 eggs
230 g caster sugar
350 g cooked beetroot, peeled
165 ml sunflower oil
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
150 g plain white flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking powder
40 g cocoa powder, plus extra for dusting
200 g white chocolate chunks
butter, for greasing

Preheat the oven to 160 C. Whisk together the eggs and sugar with an electric mixer until pale and thick. In a food processor, blend the beetroot with the oil and vanilla extract until smooth. Sift the flour, salt, baking powder and cocoa powder into a bowl.


Whisk the beetroot into the egg and sugar mix, then gently fold the sifted dry ingredients. Mix in the white chocolate. Butter a 28 cm cake tin with a removable bottom and line the bottom and side with baking parchment.


Pour in the cake mixture and bake for 40 - 50 minutes until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. Allow to cool. When cold, remove the cake from then tin and dust the top with cocoa powder

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