Spotted at LFROW! Mollie King @ Jean-Pierre Braganza

Looking mighty radiant and smiley, Mollie King, was spotted in FROW at LFW at the Braganza show wearing this Dotty Dot Top, £42, and Cropped White Trousers, £79. I’m sure Mollie has a lot to smile about as the outfit looks crisp for the SS’13 season, without being fussy…..perfect! www.frenchconnection.com

SS'13 Colours are BOLD to get you BEAUTIFUL!

Lips are RED.....EYES are Blue....

The RED lip continues to be a huge fashion statement this SS’13 season as seen on the runway with the likes of shows like Felder Felder & Conran. Don’t know what to wear when you get up, or when you go out? Feel like you have nothing to wear? Don’t fret, just pop on something plain and simple, but make sure you make your mark anywhere with that RED lip!

Deep BLUE EYES.....from now till MIDNIGHT only with Belmacz Beauty


One of the key features this season is to wear your eye make-up deep and blue. I’m a huge fan of all hues of blues (especially darker shades) in eye pencils and shadows, but none has championed this SS’13 update to the eyes better than Belmacz Beauty’s MIDNIGHT. Multi-functional, as a liner, to create flirty flicks, or blend it as a shadow to create deep set eyes-it is a show stopping jewel for the face. It contains 24K gold flecks that melt decadently into the skin, and gives your face that natural GLOW like no other. Inspired by the eternally mysterious Greta Garbo-MIDNIGHT has brought back a classic Hollywood glamour to SS’13.


   Key Tips: It doesn’t matter whether you wear MIDNIGHT during the day or night. This shade is so multi-functional it is one of those products that can literally take you from day to MIDNIGHT! For more almond shaped eyes wear it as a thicker liner with a flick. For deep set eyes blend tiny amounts gently with finger tips and shadow brush, until you get the depth you desire.  Add a touch of GLAMOUR this SS’13 with:  MIDNIGHT!  LAUNCHES IN MARCH at www.belmaczbeauty.com


Fancy those Lashes!


As Spring approaches one of the BEST outfit updates are false lashes. I’ve just discovered Paperself lashes, which are made from paper. Sometimes I don’t like putting false lashes on as they can poke you in the eye.  Paperself makes them in an array of laser design paper cut outs- accenting the eyes. My suggestion for Paperself lashes is to cut them short and just put them on the far corners of the eyes to create a flirty flick. My favourite at the moment are the polka dot bows…so sweet! Get some Paperself to update your style: www.paperself.com

Update with GOLD Accents, Accessories or key pieces like these....

This SS’13 make sure you’re updating your accessories with something GOLD. This season it seems to complete the look and give any outfit an edge. And nobody knows this better than Beyonce Knowles, as she was spotted wearing GOLD Nail ROCK. These GOLD Nail Rocks are the easiest and fastest way to inject this update. My favourite? Definitely just the pure GOLD wraps, and coming in second the dragon/snake like patterns in Gold & Black….get your fingers on this pulse now: www.nailrock.com


Golden Nails not your thing? Too bold? That’s alright…Beauty has found some other bits that might inspire your GOLDEN update this season….


How about this cute gold weave puffa skirt…perfect for flirty shorter heights with bronzed legs-it’s sure to add some sunshine to your look! Spotted at Forever21: www.forever21.com

Green: The Key to Fashion Envy

Any shade of green is now the key to Fashion Envy this season. If you make that injection into the wardrobe of green make sure you only go two ways about it: Go FULL fledge BOLD, or Super Soft with minty hues.


Does Your Cellulite Love your Shorts Shorts??


Here’s a Super Tip & Heads up if you’re planning to wear shorts this Spring/Summer ’13: ETAT PUR to get rid of unsightly cellulite on your legs, thighs, and buttocks. Make sure your pins are looking their best and ready for those SWEET shorts! Etat Pur Caffeine pure Active is an extract from green coffee beans and has the Super power of 5000mg with each application. Caffeine helps reduce, and reshape any cellulite regardless of your diet. With a IN-SKIN delivery system, allowing deep penetration into the deepest layers of the skin Etat Pur stimulates fat elimination, glucose transport & lipogenesis= Super Sexy pins ready for Short Skirts, Shorts….here we come…. 


My verdict? One of the most effective and fast working cellulite products I’ve used! To get your hands on Etat Pur & Sexy Pins go to: www.etatpur.co.uk

Red & Purple Hues AW'13


Of course SS’13 at LFW is really ALL about AW’13….and although it’s still more than 6 months away, here’s some of the key features to invest and inject for the AW’13 season:


As seen on the Jasper Conran Runway, there were BOLD hues of Reds, purples, pinks and oranges. What’s great about these colours is that they’re in the same family, so you can easily match any of these shades with each other.Top note: Make sure your tone of red is darker rather than lighter or a true red. I’m rather inspired by the contrasting tights & dresses & hats….how about you?

Leather Me Up Scotty!



Leather can be a tricky material to wear. For those who don’t have the figure it can be tight and uncomfortable and for those who do, you have to wear it right or risk looking like a motorbike assassin. Thankfully, the updated way to wear leather is to wear only accented pieces. Look for leather sleeves, or leather lapels and collars on jackets or coats. Leather leggings or Leather hugging trousers are also a great update to soft cashmere sweaters for Autumn. Make sure you wear it with a pair of mid or high heels and not with flats, as seen at Felder Felder at LFW.  Also, why do two super looks in one and make it super HOT: Pair any leather accent in that maroon deep RED HUE. Leather me up!

Stuck on Old School Flower Prints & Hues?


So you like the wear a bit of floral in the Spring, and without it, you feel bare? Hmm…depending on who wears florals, sometimes you risk being mumsy. Make sure your floral update is more graphic and not just botanical pretty. Louise Amstrup made her bouquet of a debut at New York Fashion Week this season & teamed up with Nail Rock to bring this floral accent to the forefront. I tip this to be the top floral update of the season! Get some Nail Rock:www.nailrock.com

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