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Fly In The Right Direction With The Swallows

I remember some years ago I received a little surprise from a friend down under in Austrailia. In the envelope with a hand-written letter was a necklace with a black perspect cut-off swallow. This piece is still one of the most precious costume jewellery I own. I had no idea where my dear friend got it or where/what brand it is from. 


Recently, swallows have flown back into fashion. Designer Hannah Davis has created a whole collection for her brand Wolf & Moon. 


I remember some years ago I received a little surprise from a friend down under in Austrailia. In the envelope with a hand-written letter was a necklace with a black perspect cut-off swallow. This piece is still one of the most precious costume jewellery I own. I had no idea where my dear friend got it or where/what brand it is from. 


Recently, swallows have flown back into fashion. Designer Hannah Davis has created a whole collection for her brand Wolf & Moon. 


For those who don't wear collared shirts, and are more inclined to wear dresses this group of 3 makes a fabulous statement. It resembles the swallows in flight ! £28

This little pin makes a lovely touch to a silk scarf making the perfect all your outfits! £15.

This Valentines...LOVE These Inspirations...

Ariella Dresses- Pop Up Lovingly

I’ve just discovered a new online retailer for occasional dresses- Ariella. This brand is a must go-to for dresses for weddings, cocktail parties, dinners, and memorable occasions like Valentines. Whether you like shorter or longer versions there are plenty of styles, colours, textures and cuts to choose from for the perfect ‘red carpet’ entrance. Many styles on sale range from £50-£90, while other regular priced items start at £70-£400. I find that most of the dresses though, are incredibly accessible and affordable. This site is not like others or like department stores because you can justify the cost, and don’t have to say things like- I’ll make it shorter and wear it again after the wedding or party. From Beverly Knight, to Amanda Holden and many more stars have worn Ariella’s dresses to star-studded events like the BAFTA’s and award ceremonies. So this Valentine’s Day if you’re dressing up to go out…pop up lovingly in Ariella. To check out all the styles and choices go to:

Love A 'New Generation' of Make-Up From KIKO

Face a NEW Generation of Make-up this Spring from Kiko and fall in love all over again wtih a new look for the season. This collection fits perfectly just in time for LFW (fashion week) and all the pastel blues and pinks that will be coming onto the scene.


I'm rather partial to the new masterpiece bronzer which is much softer and lighter. It will not come up too dark but just that right cappucino colour or effect to give cheekbones a much needed glow and touch up. I've layered it here at least 6 times-blending it it, and find it absolutely delightful to use. 



The chubby frosted lip sticks are also fab as they like a crayon but wind up like tradtional lipsticks. With this lipstick there is no funny smell, so it is easy to wear. (£7.50)


I'm also a bit addicted at the moment to wearing the metallic frosted liners, as the bronzy gold give eyes a pop and sparkle for a lift! (£6.90) 


Check out the entire collection now on sale at

Your Head Will Lift To The Heavens!


Ah, how could we ever have lived without it? Dry shampoo, but not it has to be BATISTE! This season Batsite has launched their 'Heavenly Volume' dry shampoo. This has been my favourite so far out of all the choices as it smells like little parma violet candies, and it gives such super volume to bed can go to your head and make you fall dizzy in LOVE with it! 


Perfect for a final spritz before the date on Valentines, or the must-have in the hand-bag at't the perfect partner to great #selfies! 


Find it at BOOTS £2.99

Give Notes From Paris (From Crabtree & Evelyn) This Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up faster than you might think, so don’t delay and start thinking about gifting ideas for that special someone. If you’re into giving something special and rather unique or exclusive in a fragrance, why not consider the two new Hertiage Fragrance launches from Crabtree & Evelyn? Both Black Absinthe Eau de Cologne and Parisian Millefleurs Flower Water, were inspired by the most romantic city in the world-Paris!


Millefleurs Flower Water is perfect for Her, as smells like a thousand flowers in bloom at the same time. (It is of course easier to give a bottle of this.) Containing both fresh, and spicy notes of narcissus, rose, tuberose, and violet, all balanced with greens such as French juniper and cypress, this fragrance is sure to please and make any girl smile.


Black Absinthe for Him, creates the smoothest scent of Artemisia, and fennel flower, as well as the unusual combination of apothecary roots. While it has lively herbal notes, it also contains liquorice and peppery vetiver to make any lady say oh-la-la to her man!


Both £45, and exclusive to

Eye Spy...

Psst...Luxury Shoes At Corso Roma

I've got a 'Serious Shoe' secret to share with all of you who are obsessed by shoes as much as I am: Corso Roma


I stumbled across this site one night trawling through sites trying to find my beloved Coco Rose London webiste to see if they had some specials or a sale on. I then saw an advert for Corso Roma who had Coco Rose London shoes on sale. 


Not only did I find some Coco Rose on Corso Roma, but I found them at a fraction of the price at 15 euros, a pair(usually £80-100 a pair). I didn't pause for a moment, and as ordered my first pair- this lovely dalmation pony hair print pair with trimmings.


In fact, I loved them so much when they arrived I went and ordered the same again to store in the back, and another leopard print pair- all tucked away ready for spring and summer weather. 


The service was super quick too with the shoes coming within a 3 day period or time frame. 



The site also has loads of other styles, should you find it in your size (as please do keep in mind this is an outlet site from Italy).

Take for example this gorgeous shoe boot heel by CHLOE at only 94.50 euros that would make TK MAXX blush....


If you love Marc Jacobs then you might like these I've found for only 137.40 euros! Note, the studs and the sparkle not to mention the style of the shoe- as you can dress them up or down. 

Finally this pair by Jill Sander makes me want to save up and snatch them up before they disappear as they would be the perfect pairing to any summer look....200 euros. 

Find more brands from John Galliano to D&G, to Michael Kors to name a few....So they next time you're not so lucky nor bothered to look for shoes at TK Maxx remember Corso Roma! 

Affordable LUXE- Finery London


Just in time, and as a pre-fashion week fix, I’m going to let you in onto a little secret called the Finery London. This new online fashion brand will give, much loved fashion retailer COS & And Other Stories a run for their money as it is equally as afforadable if not even more. For a limited time, they’ve got a pop-up shop at 35 Monmouth Street at the Seven Dials.


Each collection is designed not just for easy dressing down and up, but also made to fit or match every other piece in their collections. This is rather a fool proof brand- as how many times have you been trying to dress for work, and feel like you’ve got ‘nothing to wear’ because you just can’t make that outfit or that right top to go with that skirt?


The jewellery pieces are a highlight as they’ve got some rather unusual statement pieces like this two-toned armoured ring (£25). For the upcoming Spring I’m also partial to the jumpsuit. Might I suggest to wear it with a white shirt underneath, or a mock neck + chunky necklace to style it up? (£65).


Their system in their pop-up at the moment is hard to resist too as you fill out a card with the number on the item you like, and what size you are. An assistant will then get you all the items on the card, and start your fitting room. With a more personalised shopping approach, what’s not to love? I’m sold, are you? Check it out while you’re in town for #LFW next week or at www.



The Dolly Mix

Get Some Good Oil & Fats On The Inside To GLOW On The Outside

Bare Biology’s Lion Heart

During a recent trip down to Liberty’s of London to an evening event I slipped onto an incredibly good thing: edible oils for the skin. Within the event I’ve discovered Bare Biology’s Lion Heart & Udo’s Choice. Omega 3 oils have been a hit with beauty experts because it literally feeds you inside out-which mean beautiful skin + good health + energy for the mind. In fact, it is found that these good fats or oils lubricate or keep the brain moisturised too for fast thinking throughout the day. Here are a couple of my top suggestions and how to take then from just straight to a few nifty recipes…

This oil is considered the finest that money can buy. Why? Well because it is the first and only British brand with a five-star rating. This rating was given to them by (IFOS) International Fish Oil Standards programme. This means that it has been tested and passed the strictest criterial for purity, cleanliness, stability, freshness and strength while guaranteeing that this the best possible Omega 3 fish oil money can buy. It also is ten times stronger than any other Omega 3 supplements containing 1,995mg EPA and 1.1140 DHA.  


You only need to take a tiny amount of 2.5ml a day with Bare Biology’s Lion Heart Omega 3 oil to see and reap the benefits. Besides helping the skin plump and keep hydrated it also is good for reducing the risk of skin cancer, can reduce internal inflammation, is great for the joints, as well as keep away chronic degenerative diseases.


Bare Biology Lion Heart is only available online at:


Udo’s Choice

I’ve wanted to try Udo’s Choice for a long time, reading lots about it on the internet from time to time. I also often see it in a fridge at The Percy & Reed East Salon where I get my hair done. I’ve heard that Adam Reed swears by it, and says that it fabulous for those looking to keep healthy locks!


At the Libertyevent I got a chance to taste it in a smoothie and chat to the specialist at hand. Like Bare Biology, Udo’s Choice has EFA’s (essential fatty acids) omega 3 and 6 that are vital to keep away dryness, redness, acne, eczema, and psoriasis-like inflammatory skin conditions. They’re so confident that their high- grade-blend works they challenge us to a 6 week challenge to try, and you can get £3 off the next bottle. Visit here to find out more about this


Besides just taking it straight they’ve got some a few nifty recipes too!


Banana Bread Sunshine Toastie


1 tbsp Ultimate Oil Blend

1 Slice w/meal bread

1 Large Banana

Sesame Seeds

Mash banana and spread over wholemeal bread. Sprinkle with sesame seeds. Place under a warm grill and toast until light golden brown. Cool slightly and spread Ultimate Oil Blend evenly over the top. A delicious wake up breakfast! 


Ultimate Beauty Smoothie


2 dsps Ultimate Oil Blend

100ml Orange Juice

1 Banana

100g Strawberries

50g Blueberries

2 tsp Natural Yoghurt

1 Thin Slice Cantaloupe


Slice banana, cantaloupe, and strawberries into small chunks. Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until your desired consistency is reached.


Learn How To Style It & Make Your Own Special Valentine at Kat & Bee’s

Beauty Says: Sometime buying a Valentine gift seems so impersonal because there is a ton of chocolate, soaps, and other knick knacks on the high street. Understandably it can seem all rather impersonal and not as ‘thoughtful’ as intended. Then there’s the situation of singles out there who don’t know what they should do.


Well, Kat & Bee’s workshops could solve both these woes of Valentine’s Day! Starting this month, the jewellery brand will be running a series of intimate workshops from her own studio in East London. Each of these nifty workshops will cover how to make her four signature styled rings.



Learn how to make her signature skull wrapped rings, or wrapped beaded flower rings to give the extra love and effort into your gift. 


It’s fab for an all girls night out, and then drinks, or guys, get together and style your very own Kat & Bee rings for your special ladies….This is one activity not to be missed on the calendar. Workshop fees £90-£100. Get all the details here to sign up now…don’t be late….cupid is waiting:





Beautys' Secrets

Be Reborn With Baby’s Skin- Dermalogica’s Bio Peel Review


Beauty Says: Believe it or not, my skin has had taken a rather heavy toll with all the stress before Christmas, the parties throughout Christmas, and then back to work afterwards. Looking in the mirror in mid-January my skin was looking rather slack, and no matter how many masks I was using every other day, nothing seemed to bring the glow or hydration back. I decided then to reach for an invite that was presented to be before the holidays from Dermalogica and head down to their beauty room atLiberty’s ofLondonfor their famous Bio Peel.


Peels are now one of the most sought after beauty treatments, whether they are done in the comfort of home, or at the salon. Reason number one being, they can quickly treat and correct the skin- from hyperpigmentation to acne as well as of course, improve hydration levels and give clarity and instant radiance. Men sometimes have this treatment to get rid of razor bumps from shaving. There is a caution to this miracle solution or wonder though, as some peels may be too aggressive for certain skin types and sometimes there can be significant downtime in terms of healing or recovery. The real ‘beauty’ in Dermalogica’s Bio Peel is that while it gives a high dosage of efficacy in the treatment it is also rather gentle or non-evasive for all skin types. I’m told by the Dermalogica expert, Leila, who did my treatment on the day that the reason for this is that Dermalogica’s formula is p-H balanced. 





Now I must note, that in order for anyone to have a Bio Peel treatment one must go down to the counter to have a patch test. Once you are in the clear for 24 hours, you are then allowed to make an appointment. I was also told before the treatment to try to keep the skin well-hydrated as this will give me the best results.


As a facial treatment I must also point out that this treatment is not the most relaxing, but it is the type of treatment where results matter over experience. I did not find it unpleasant at any stage, but was not as relaxed as in other facials as there is the aspect of being time aware for each stage of the treatment. Leila asked me in several stages how much the solutions she was putting onto my face was intensifying and how much more I could tolerate. For me, she had originally suggested doing 3 sets of peels- in the end I only did 2. Having had 2 treatments instead of 3 though does not mean that I didn’t get the results as this was just an indication of how much my skin could take that day on that occasion. In fact, when I sat up and looked in the mirror, I was gobsmacked and completely taken over by the natural glow. 


The peel consists of 4 steps: A Prep Solution that degreases the skin and helps the skin to facilitate absolute penetration of the other steps or solutions. Then an Enzyme Active and Acid Active go to work on the skin. It is this step that is re-applied again and again, until maximum tolerance level is reached- meaning that maximum efficacy is reached for the treatment. Finally a De-celerator is applied to neutralise the acids and calm the former steps. The Enzyme Active is a fruit enzyme that comes from pumpkin while the Acid Active comes from lactic (or milk) acids.


I had applied some new make-up and taken photos the next day for another blog post I was doing and noticed that indeed I had a new canvas to work with. The only thing that worried me was that Leila told me after my Bio Peel that I could in fact have flaking or peeling skin 48 hours after treatment. It was not until the next day or third day that I noticed a tiny amount of peeling. I suspect the reason I peeled so little and lightly was because I did go into treatment with well-hydrated skin (that is the secret). 


Before I left I was given a full recommendation of products by Leila as well as a little box or kit full of miniature products that I would have to use in replacement of my skincare. It was important that I use through these products so that there were no reactions. I have continued to use my Dermalogica products now two weeks past my treatment and can see the benefits of this one Bio Peel treatment last. I would suggest it as one of the best valued facials to have with brand in any department store as results are instant, there is no down time. I recommend this treatment as the ‘lifesaver’ or booster for instant baby skin. Be reborn again…..with Bio Peel!


Bio Peel treatment at Dermalogica is £80, 60 min. For more information or to book:

Beauty's Abi Fabi Edit

LFW Presents Ethologie by Jasper Garvida


One of the collections that has left a lasting impression in my mind from this season's LFW is Ethologie by Jasper Garvida. The show was held at the ME London Hotel on a Sunday morning. Models glided pass around the top floor's bar in a collection that put the true meaning in the words 'pret a porter'. 


Fringed and fluffy skirts put a bit of romp and fun into the mix- the little light bulb in my head certainly went on for what to wears for summer weddings, or special parties/ocassions. While short sleeved A-line skirt dresses with chunky necklaces certainly turned me onto a more glamourous everyday what to wear inspirations. 


Jasper Garvida's pieces are not only easy to wear in this collection but all the pieces are accessible by price point. (ranges starts at £200/£300) The concept to Ethologie is that it is a collection 'that provides the antidote that stimulates your desire for well-crafted clothing and accessories'. 


If you've not heard of Garvida before then you will take note that he has dressed some of the most stylish around the world from Florence Welch, to Sofia Coppola, to Elizabeth Hurley just to name a few. His pieces have adorned the page sof VOGUE, i-D Magazine, The Telegraph, and Grazia amongst other fashion publications. 


I know how I feel about's become a new fashion philosophy for about you?

Highlight From LFW Is At The UGG Santuary

As most of us know, LFW can leave many who love fashion a bit crazed and of course this can lead to a bit of exhaustion trying to run from show to show. So where do all those people go to get some focus and a minute to themselves? 


Well for some in the know and those who have the privledge (& private invite) they go to the UGG Sanctuary. I was lucky enough to be invited by a fellow blogger and friend who happened to bring me up after one of the shows. 


The UGG Sanctuary was tucked into a secret location within the ME London Hotel. Upon arrival you know that you have arrived at the right door due to the placemat in front.


Rooms were decorated with loads of sofas + cushions and throws, and beds in front of cosy fireplaces and large wide screen tvs.


The top floor of the Sanctuary had a skyline view far as the eye could see....


There were beauty therapists at the ready to give us manicures and massages for a quick fix recharge too.



My favourite spot was this one amongst all these pillows....just lying back and taking a short nap. DND.....I'm just taking a wink..... x Beauty

Bucket Bags- Hail The Holy Grail of Bags SS’15

Beauty Says: The Bucket Bag has become the ‘IT’ shape or silhouette of the season for SS’15, and just in time for London Fashion Week that is full speed ahead in mid-February.


I’ve owned my own, and a classic by Louis Vuitton, known as the NÖE, since 2008. I not only loved the shape or the security of the bag with the draw string closure, but also the wonderful historical fact about this bag: that is was made for the king ofFranceto carry his champagne during country picnics. Four bottles would stand upright in the four corners of the bag, and a fifth upside down in the middle. The fact that a bag was made for such a function and today being carried by women for their lipsticks etc rather tickled me.


This season the ‘bucket bag’ no matter the colour shape or brand has indeed become the holy grail or symbol of uber style. Here are some of my favourites and highlights that are now in the shops so you don’t have to hunt it down….

Aspinal of London’s take on the bucket bag is rather fun with flair as it comes in a variety of traditional & whimsical colours like this candy pink. I love the final touch on this with the tiny golden padlock (incredibly tasteful), £395 at

For a grown-up twist with the hippy vibe this sleek model of a bucket bag comes from Philip Lim 3.1. I like the feature of the tiny pochette on the inside for all your change and cards to keep them safe. This little number though, could set you back a bit at £700 at

Also available at Monnier Freres is this model by the most popular brand for handbags on the high street now- Michael Kors (MK). Two-toned in colour this leather number is guaranteed to get you through to whatever adventures you might be having…£235

If you love simplicity then no one does this better than American classic J.Crew. I chose this style as the black piping gives that sporty edge to the reserve navy blue. Fabulous to match any outfit day or night, and incredibly accessible £138,

Andotherstories has taken a  summer take on this bag. Think French Rivera, as this bucket bag doubles up in its style by being partially perforated as well (another hit and wonder of SS’15). Grab it before it goes with the sunshine £95,

Finally if you want this bag to triumph and stand out with your outfits, then I would like to suggest this version by Zara in faux croc leather. The faux croc gives the impression of a sturdy exterior that is hard to resist in burgundy…£99 at



Snob's Yum Yum Edit

Ready-To-Drink Cocktails ARE: KING BLOOM


Something’s been brewing down in Hackney namely some new ready to drink cocktails that only requires you to add ice and shake. Coming in convenient individual jars, King Bloom offers superior quality and taste. We all know how painstaking making cocktails can be, and if you don’t have much experience it can be difficult.


 There are three blends; Ladybird-a party blend of Vodka, Raspberry and Kiwi; Tea Party- a classy mix with a dark side-Gin and Peach with a smooth hint of Green Tea; Blizzard-icy cool Vodka, white cranberry and a hint of soft warming cinnamon. How’s that for getting the party started?


I’m loving the idea, as it saves so much time when you’re planning a party. Great for barbeques, picnics in the parks…grab a straw as these cocktails are truly KING….while you can be the Queen….2 pack £10, 12 pack £30 available online or in selected bars and shops now!     

Flip It Over For Pancake Day

Tuesday, Febrauary 17th is pancake day. While I usually only have my traditional pancakes with just butter and syrup I have found new inspiration and ideas from the team at Debenhams. 


At a recent press event in preparation for the day I was shown how to make the french version or crepes. 


One of nifty idea I got was to make savory crepes as you don't have to eat them for breakfast but you can eat them for dinner. Afterall, with Tuesday being a working day, how many of us will have the time to make the pancakes? 


This savory crepe is inspired by casadias and you can fill them with chopped onions, peppers, and tomatoes.


I think to make them a real hit add sour cream on the top or even a naughty bit of guacamole!


I have 'flipped' over to the savory side....sorry strawberries & cream!

And for dessert what else would it be but more pancakes with the naughtiest fillings you can think of from marshmallows, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, nutella, chocolate sauce and lots of whipped cream! 

Whatever you don't forget to have fun with it. What will you be putting into your pancake on Tuesday? 



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