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This Season’s Greatest Beauty Accents

This Season’s Greatest Beauty Accents are to do with sparkles, bold colours and anything that will add some serious urban edge to your look/outfit. Think: 80s but with a bit of an urban twist. ROCK this way with Beauty this A/W ’13…

Do not disagree with The Fashion Decree- wkend update 20/9/13 for LFW’13

Beauty Says: You know that the Fashion Police is out this week all over London to make sure that everyone is looking on top form at London Fashion Week (LFW)! However, it’s not just what you look like that matters, but how you carry it all or off. That’s why I’m going to tell you the secret of fashionistas: Atkinson’s: The Fashion Decree fragrance. Since the 19th century when King George IV first caught a whiff of Atikinson’s cologne they’ve been the official perfumer to the Royal courts of England. (And not to exaggerate, but literally on the spot!) For more than 200 years Atkinson’s has bedazzled the fashionista’s of the 19th century and beyond such as the lovely Sarah Bernhardt. Nothing welcomes the new season’s styles such as the stylishness of ‘The Fashion Decree’. The scent summons silk brocades (take note, as I’ve told you in other posts already that brocade is big this season!) which at one point was all the rage with Queen Victoria herself!

The scent smells like ‘luxury’ in its own right with patchouli, rose, pink peppercorns, and Chinese Magnolia. What hits me about this fragrance is that it is extremely crisp-the freshness can only be described as like taking in fresh air. It is not heady and all that remains is a gentle scent or reminder of the florals in it. Each time you wear it you will feels as though you were wearing a new piece of clothing for the first time-it is that amazing!


I know you will not disagree with me that there indeed is fashion scents in The Fashion Decree! 100ml EDT £95.00 or exclusively at Harrods. 


Model’s Own Fireworks & Velvet Goth Collections

Model’s Own has moved two steps forward this season with their two newest collections of polishes: Fireworks, a tinstle-like multi-faceted collection & Velvet Goth, a dense gel-like sparkle collection. For those who like a dark polish during the winter months I suggest the Velvet Goth, as it has an inky feel when you paint it on. Be sure to add an extra layer of top coat and it magically transforms into something that resembles a professional gel manicure. The bottles look especially decadent as they have fuzzy velvet tops!

If you like texture and like to add more fun factor into your look then I suggest the Fireworks collection. I personally think that colour: ‘Banger’ -a cerulean blue and bright purple toned textured sparkles, and silver dots adds pizzazz to any outfit. Model’s: Own the look of the season!  £5 each at


The Power of 3-Pur Minerals Trio shadows

That’s right, the eye shadow box with 3 shades are back, and giving more power to your A/W look than ever! Pur Minerals have a wide variety of Trio shadows now available. They’re not just super blendable, but also good for your skin as well. I find them great for two reasons: one, they’re super soft, two, the colours are natural while buildable for nightwear too. Just build on top of what you’ve already got on in the day to get a night look. Best of all, you can’t make any mistakes with any box as it all goes together….the hard part is only deciding how many boxes you’ll have this season! £19.50 each at

Be as CHEEKY as possible this Season with the TINTED SCULPTING BALM

The statement in beauty this season is cheek colour, so dare to be as CHEEKY, as possible. Who knows this better than Sarah Mcnamara, and her Miricle Skin Transformer Tinted Sculpting Balm. I’ve tried it out in Coral Bronze and I’m addicted to how easy, radiant, and youthful my cheeks look. I don’t have to use a bronzer and blusher, but just the one-step. The formula also boasts of doubling up as having anti-aging benefits- being infused with contouring benefits! It has become the apple of my beauty bag this season….a must have item, £12.50 in fresh rose and coral bronze available at Selfridges.

Bambi Lashes come alive with Paperself Lashes: Deer Butterfly Collection

A/W fashion’s most coveted print, and most girlie fairy-tale put to print this season is: BAMBI. Who could possible translate this trend into beauty and make the fairy-tale come true other than Paperself Lashes! Paperself have outdone themselves this season, and you can too, with Deer Butterfly lashes. They are so cute, as the lashes are cut outs of deer heads, deer horns, plus feminine butterflies! I suggest accenting just the corners for a gentle effect(snip a third off to make minis for corners)…it is the loveliest statement in beauty this season! £ 12.50


Watch the Paperself video on how to apply Deer Butterfly lashes….simply divine! 



Eye Spy Dreams of a Cool Christmas ahead....(weekend post 20/9/13)

Eye Spy is not in the mood at the moment to work through dreary rainy days of September. He's opted to day dream of a cool Christmas and here he's dreamt of the perfect Christmas outfit.


Perhaps he's been inspired at London Fashion Week, and all the A/W looks....whatever it is....he knows this Christmas outfit has all the elements for the festive season....(Pst:It's what Eye Spy wants for Christmas!)


He's loving this look because all the pieces can be used again in so many other combinations for more looks for more festivites! Each piece makes it's own statement like snowflakes that fall at this time of year. Why not take on some of his early inspiration and drop a piece or two in your wardrobe for later? 

Too often we dress in dark colours of Winter, and that's boring! To be noticed, and be the belle of the party our first impression (as we walk through any door) lasts with this unforgettable blue wool coat at Jaeger. It's cocoon shape and 3/4 sleeves is not just on trend now but classic! 

As the season is all about sparkles and glistening, this jacquard skirt by SugarHill Boutique hits all the right notes! The shimmering blues and greys are so pretty and the shape suits just about everyone and says: party! Don't be fooled though, as when worn with Duo's golden cap toed heels it's all feminine, but worn with baroque booties the skirt becomes more edgy for femme fatale effects!

Not too girly, but with a bit of movement is the key for a blouse to match that amazing skirt. Boden'sstaple blouse that will go right with anything in the Spring too! Leave the top button or two undone to add scarves for different looks, or necklaces to complete the outfit! 

Nothing finishes this outfit off like some romantic winter jewels. Quirky and ever so delicate Bimba & Lola's Magic Mirror Collection reflects immaculate taste and style. I suggest wearing the ring on your index finger to give more lasting impressions as you sip your drinks, or for indicating to that special someone it's time to get under the mistletoe....right here! 

You can’t go wrong with these GOLDEN KEYS to UNLOCK the Ultimate A/W Wardrobe:This Way To Heaven

Eye Spy Says: 



Scarves that are light as a feather, and evoke so much aesthetic appeal could only mean that they came from above. Yes, ladies, the fashion Gods have heard our prayers for A/W’s must have accessory: scarves! The concept of this new brand, THIS WAY TO HEAVEN, was created by two like-minded people who met at the Chelsea Arts Club. The scarves could be worn as a scarf, a sarong, or a wrap dress and makes the ultimate travelling accessory. Its creators Trevor Myles and Christopher Coleman works with London based and global artists to create the most tantalising prints. Each season will see new work by each artist featured on the site. Talk about must have accessory….move over Liberty of London heh?

£150 at To  enter the shop go to:

Forget Me Not Jewellery

Beauty Says: Jewellery needn’t be sparkly to get you noticed these days. Check it out…



You will find Jessica De Lotz’ quirky jewellery exclusively at Fortnum & Masons of London. Jessica is known for her wax seal pendants and necklaces that are hand finished, in polished gold. There’s nothing evil about her EYE pieces as they are made from vintage dolls and blink. Aren’t they the sweetest and most unusual? Jessica’s pieces evoke a personal stories that are collectible and that will become cherished heirlooms. Daisy Lowe, Helena Bonham Carter, and Paloma Faith are fans, are you? For more information on her pieces go to


Wool Crepe Sucrette, Si Vous Plait!

Eye Spy Says: You know that taste of French crepes dusted with powder sugar is just delightful in the Autumn! What could describe exactly that same feeling but for the wardrobe but wool crepe-and no one does it quite like British brand- GOAT FASHION. Wool crepe is perfect for this season’s weather of neither too warm nor too cold. If you accessorize any dress made from this material it look more classy, while if you dress it down, say with a pair of open toed shoes/sandals, it will look relaxed with sophistication.  GOAT FASHION is a staple favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, and who knows plush + style + comfort more than her royal highness?

This season’s colour palette has brought to the forefront colours such as emerald green, cerelean blue, and pale almost white blues. GOAT’s dress edit sees their Pandora Dress vivid and vivacious in an Emerald Green tone. I suggest wearing this straight from office in heels, and then changing into a pointed toe leopard print ballet shoe at night. For that pretty but smart mock-neck affect go for their Sabine style in Lagoon, an almost cerulean blue. Finally, the Sylvie dress in ice blue, is a brilliant choice where one can wear light tones in winter without  looking they were left in last season. I love the Sylvie dress for its military style buttons. No jacket required style, means you can dress this number down with Chelsea boots and truly style A/W with ease. Dresses £395 at

Sweet Sweet SugarHill Boutique & Pop on Trend with PoppyLux

SugarHill Boutique has added some super texture to the wardrobe palette in the form of brocade. Add a piece of brocade to your wardrobe for that super luxe feel. I’ll be investing in a skirt as a must have of the season. Make sure you don’t wear heavy pieces on top if you’re wearing brocade as it can make you look too heavy. Pair a brocade skirt with a light blouse top or make the top super simple such as a plain coloured mock neck sweater. Remember sleek or light silhouettes on the top with brocade princess! Available now at

SugarHill’s sister brand PoppyLux will not be done by its sibling so it’ll pop you onto the season’s trend of embellishments for an added cool edge to the wardrobe. Best thing about wearing these kind of pieces is that no extra jewellery or accessories required. I love all the pieces with the sweet neckline embellishments. If you’re wearing a top or dress with embellishments make sure boots are simple, and bags are simple to really get the statement seen! Available at


The Dolly Mix

For those who LOVE shoes…A Must See Spectacular Exhibition at Westfields London LFW'13-wkend update 20/9/13

Beauty Says: Ever wonder, why shoes fascinate and make women go so crazy for them? Well there might not be a definitive answer to that question, but one thing is for sure, there’s an exhibition at Westfield’s, on this delight for those who savour them! Westfield London (West End) has collaborated with Northampton Museum and Art Gallery to create: ‘My Favourite Shoe’. The exhibition showcases leading designers from and around the U.K. You’ll find the exhibition in The Village from Sept 11-29.

Did you know that, Northampton was the shoemaking capital of England and still is today? In fact, shoes are the main attraction there, and the place holds so much heritage and recognition for something that protects are feet and make them look oh, so pretty! 

At the exhibition you will can explore all about vintage shoes, contemporary designers, and see how design process are made, and where inspiration comes from. There are special showcases of designers in the UK:Atalanta Weller, Camilla Skovgaard, Joanne Stoker, Mr. Hare and Sophie Cox. So for those who don’t want to push and shove at London Fashion Week, but want to get something more than soak up the rain while waiting for shows, why not get true fashion 101 here? Best of all, it's free....Put it into a must do for the weekend! Enjoy!

New Art Canvas are not the pits of Modern Art

For Isamaya Ffrench, a British interdisciplinary artist, modern art is not the pits, but very much is at the top of her game. She has come up smelling fresh & floral in her new campaign with Vaseline and their new female deodorant range. To create the new visuals Ffrench used women’s armpits as her canvases. Apparently Ffrench created these works with Vaseline to draw attention to an area of the body that is usually hidden away-ultimately, celebrating the female form in its own right. Each underarm is decorated to become a work of art in its own right.


At the launch evening I had the pleasure of briefly meeting with Ffrench who tells me that she often works with major brands in collaborations. For this project her inspiration simply came from the nature of the body part: underarm + the connotations it brings and how it interacts with a product such as deodorant. The works look so real they look like someone took photos of models-where in fact it was all hand painted.  I personally was especially attracted to the aloe painting as it is vivid and vibrant! Ffrench is part of a new age of artists who are using body parts as their canvas.    

Who could think armpits could come up that pretty, let alone come out literally smelling of roses, aloe, and be so appealing in the form of modernity?

For more information on Isamaya Ffrench and her work go to Vaseline deodorants are available at

Beautys' Secrets

Nails Inc. Bares all at London Fashion Week-wkend 20/9/13 updates

Nails Inc. has yet again stepped up their game in making our nails the most fashionable at London Fashion Week. Nails Inc's top trend for SS'14 is to BARE IT ALL!


Seen alongside JW Anderson's next season collection-it's all about being minimal, feminine & textured-that's why nails are matte, with a bare finish!


At the Matthew Willamson show the collection represents the now more grown up jet-setter. Again nails on models prevailed a soft, with nudes and uber sophisticatiallon.


Finally for a even the baddest girls out there at the PREEN show it was all about fresh glowing nudes. How to? Nails Inc advises using all the basics to achieve: Glass Nail file + Vit E Oil pen + Caviar Base Coat + Caviar hand cream....fashionably fabulous!


Beauty tells you about all that is ‘UNTOLD’ by Elizabeth Arden

Beauty Says: Everyone knows how much I love beauty, and there’s very little I don’t tell you about. That is why I’m going tell you all about ‘UNTOLD’ by Elizabeth Arden. The fragrance and faceted bottle represents all the untold stories or facets of the woman who wears it. It is a story about a woman who thrives on her life’s journey, and has yet to reveal her inner secrets, ambitions…and all her other little stories will be told and discovered over time. The nose behind the fragrance is Clement Gavarry, IFF (International Flavours & Fragrances Inc.) perfumer. Gavarry, has had an impressive number of winning fragrances: Chloe Collection, Lovely by SJP & Prada by Prada to name a few.


Untold opens with Pink Pepper infused with Bergamot while fruity accents of Blackcurrent and Pear add a playful joyful spirit. There’s a hint of Egyptian Jasmine and Gardenia petals in the mid notes that adds softness. Finally all is held down with base notes of Sandalwood and Patchouli to give sensuality and hypnosis. I find this new fragrance incredibly easy to wear, and not mature as you might think it would be. I should think it would be a great one to wear to work, and to business meetings as it is a clean and clear. It is also not a heady floral fragrance-which is uber important as this can cause headaches! Perhaps a rather fitting new add-on for Autumn Winter as it gives a delightful lightness to the dreary weather ahead. The twist is also in the design of the bottle, where each facet represents all the unknown entities of each individual who wears it.


Is there anything that I haven’t told you about it? Oh yes, the price: £85, £60 & £42 for 100ml, 50ml & 30ml available at all Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide. Get everyone discovering all your untold stories now…

Beauty’s most coveted Beauty Secret this Season: Summer’s Seashells are top Winter’s Warmer: Lava Shells

Beauty has picked up some seashells, and not by the seashore, but from Lava Shells. She’s doing the most comforting at home massages! Created by Clare and Alison last year Lava Shells have taken the U.K.’s top spa’s by storm for re-creating the effects of a hot stone massage within the comfort of your own home. The entrepreneurs’ brilliant idea was snapped up by Dragon’s Den’s, Ducan Bannatyne, and have since been featured throughout Bannatyne Spas; as well as the Manadarin Oriental, Imagine Spa, The Galgorm Spa among many others up and down the country. Don’t take my word for it that it’s a must have item as the shells are also coveted by celebrities such as Tulisa, JLS, Alexandra Burke and The Saturdays!


The basic idea behind it is a ceramic shell that is filled with a sachet containing natural minerals. Then, a saline solution is added to create an endothermic reaction-which heats the shell for over an hour. The shell is great for deep tissue tension relief in muscles in the back and just about everywhere on the body. Up until now the shells have only been available as a featured treatment in spas, but are now available to purchase in kits for you to do it for yourself or a love one at home! 

The shells now come in a cute NEW Lava Shells Home Care Kit which include:

-          One ceramic lava shell

-          A bottle of Basic Elements pure botanical Exotic massage oil

-          4 lava charges and activators, which eat the shell for up to one hour

-          Instructions on how to activate


I’ve found the shells easy to use, and easy to clean-there is no mess, and it never over heats. Bottom line, it is fool proof, and safe to use. There is a step by step guide on all the areas of the shell such as the hinge, the surface and the edge. The hinge is great for kneading, friction strokes, and deep work, while the surface is great for gliding or effleurage movements. The edge is best used for cross-fibre work, dragging, or pulling. I tested my shell after a long day of walking and standing, and used it mainly on my legs. I was impressed and delighted- as I love a good hot stone massage and relish it on my legs when I can get one! After about 30 min of ‘leg work’ I started to experiment and use the shell on my shoulders, and moved it along the neck. From there, I was addicted and started using it on my temples, my head, and well let’s say I was taken over by the effects of my new beauty toy!



My top tip for using the shell is that it’s a great relief for PMS, and gives great comfort to a sore tummy too during time of month. The botanical oil is simply divine and has an exotic scent reminiscent of summer holidays (think coconut and warm tropical breezes).


Best of all, the company uses genuine tiger clam shells, which have been collected from food waste product in the Phillippines. The shells are sand polished and are now a part of a substantial business of the local people there. The Lava Shell company: Share Beauty Secrets donate month to SOS children’s charity to help support orphanages abroad too! So don’t just pick up seashells by the seashore anymore….get a Lava Shell and fall in love with the art of at home/deep tissue/hot stone massage every night!


Kits retail at £35 with 4 charging packs included, refill charging packs £25 without shell at

Liz Earle is the Beacon to BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL

Ah, the quest for bright & beautiful is no longer an epic journey-especially when most of us simply cannot find the time. We want quick and simple solutions to look like we’ve been slaving away at making ourselves look gorgeous. No one knows this more than Liz Earle, and her simple one-step solutions not only fit the bill but also our purses. Come this way towards Liz’s three beacons of Bright and Beautiful…



Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

After 17 years, Liz still only makes one cleanser. Why? Well, simply because it’s the most efficient with the most skin benefits. This cleanser has won over 80 beauty awards and is highly esteemed by beauty experts and journalists alike. It’s got the power too, as it works in two phases: first, it goes to deep cleanse and get rid of all stubborn make-up like mascara and bases, and then it goes to polish and exfoliate-revealing radiant skin! I love the balance it gives as it’s not too oily but gives just the right amount of nourishment. The skin never feels tight or pulled. Always use the hot cloth with this cleanser, as it is essential to helping the exfoliating process. I suggest this for those who don’t want to use another product for exfoliation during the week or for those who don’t like granular products on the face. With the refreshing scent of eucalyptus and softness of cocoa butter- it’s one of the greatest comforts to the long days coming up in the year. £14.25 100ml starter pack at

Liz Earle’s Brightening Mask

Don’t have the luxury of time or money for facials?  Liz’s Brightening Mask will get your skin to the top of the game in the speed of light. Packed with natural revitalising ingredients like aloe vera, white clay, toning witch hazel, camphor, almond, and green mineral oil, it’ll leave your skin so smooth you’d think you were reborn. An extra added tip to making the most out of Liz’s products, add a pump of this mask with a pump of the hot polish cleanser to give your skin serious energy and a kickstart/boost. I always like the skin looking bright and flawless, but the truth is that I don’t always have the time for all the lotions and potions. I especially like Liz’s Brightening Mask because it gives an surge of energy and it’s fuss free to use: simply pop it on, wait 5-10 min and take off with the hot cloth. Great for after sun as well, tried and tested! An instant relief! £14.25, 50ml starter kit or £13.50, 50ml at

 Liz Earle’s Deep Cleansing Mask

First and foremost, although most of Liz Earle’s products are for most skin types, this product is not for sensitive skins. This purifying mask is best for oily prone or t-zone combination skin types. It has green kaolin clay to absorb the impurities from the skin and has aloe vera, manuka honey and refreshing geranium and rose to refresh. What I like most about this mask is that it doesn’t leave your skin dry or pulling, and you don’t get any break-outs afterwards. There are a lot of deep cleansing masks out there that might overdo the cleaning process and leave your skin dehydrated, and hence, your skin produces more oil to rebalance. This is when break outs appear-but not with this! In fact, it work exceptionally well on getting rid of spots and problem prone areas. I suggest using it on just oilier areas to gain optimum benefits for the entire face. £14 + 2 sponges at


Batiste serves hair A/W on a Fish Plait

When you can’t make your head beautiful in the morning might I suggest making it into a tail-a fish tail that is. I’ve had so many requests this summer to show everyone how to make the fish plait. Many tell me that it’s impossible or that they find it super difficult to do it for themselves versus on someone else. This is simply not true. Luckily for all of you I’ve had the help of illustrator Debra Parkinson and my favourite dry shampoo brand: Batiste.

Step 1: Get your hair in a side pony tail and secure with an elastic band. The secret is to use those plastic mini ones and I’ll tell you why on the last step!

Step 2: Divide the pony tail into two even sections. Remember to spray both section evenly with Batiste Dry Shampoo and conditioner to give it added texture and to begin working the hair with ease.

Step 3: Take a small section of hair off 1 big section and take it or add it across to the other section. Do the same to the other side, and keep repeating this action until you get to the bottom, and secure with other elastic. Another tip or option is that if your hair is thick enough and texturized enough back comb the end and you don’t even have to use an elastic!

Step 4: Get a pair of scissors and snip away the elastic at the top to create that relaxed fish tail look. Voila! Fish Plait served up for A/W best hair solution! 

The Edit: Reviews & Other Neat Stuff

Beauty's Abi Fabi Edit

Timeless & Effortless : Accessories from Royal Selangor (Wkend update 20/9/13 LFW’13

Beauty Says: Timeless & effortless is what we’re looking for when we’re looking for accessories to wear everyday and with any outfit or for more boardroom purposes. Pewter jewellery accents are just perfect for this. As pewter can make anything- it has endless possibilities. No one knows this better than Royal Selangor who champions pewter in the luxury market. For those not in the know, this fourth-generation family business is well known global for its artisan craftsmanship-with 255 skilled craftsmen and a 40-strong in house design team. Since 1885, they are well-recognised globally for their customised designs, and therefore, to no surprise have previously been commissioned by the likes of LVMH to produce champagne accessories for Dom Perignon, Krug & Veuve. 

Just in time for London Fashion Week might I suggest Royal Selangor’s pendants? They’re not just so affordable but exhume uber class and sophistication. I find that there is a lovely fluidity in all these pieces and seemingly represents strength to those who wear them. I would most definitely pair some of Royal Selangor pieces with Christopher Kane’s SS’14 teardrop cut out pieces or more fluid silk pieces.

For those looking for upcoming Christmas gifts- make them your new destination- as Royal Selangor does so much more than jewellery. It also is a great brand to bookmark for other occasions that are hard to buy for such as someone’s graduation. Take note, as pewter has real possibilities. Pieces start around £30-£50 at


Coat, Shoes & Handbag: The 3 Pillars to any Wardrobe

Beauty Says: So your mum may have lied to you about a few things in the past, but one thing’s for sure, her advice about investing into three main pieces for your wardrobe: coat, shoes & handbag, was not wrong nor did she lead you astray. If you think about it sensibly, it is in fact true that most of the winter or through the cold months all people see is what you wear on the outside-and it does matter! Luckily for you, I’ve got some stellar suggestions just in time for Fashion Week. No. 1 rule: These three pieces are always worth the investment for everything else we can buy vintage, wait for it to go on sale, and can indeed, live without it! 

No.1: The Coat

When buying a coat always get a size that will not feel snug, but give a bit of space for bulkier sweaters that you will be wearing into the season as it gets colder. It is worth considering buying two coats: 1 for play and weekends, and 1 for work and business. If you’re taller get something longer, while if you lack height then get something shorter to elongate your silhouette. Swing coats and boxy 80s silhouettes are back for this season, but if you’re afraid to look big in them, don’t follow the trend. Instead, opt for something that fits your physique and compliments you rather than makes you look like you stole an army jacket off a soldier during the war. Last but not least, consider colour and not always black, browns, or neutrals and if you like to glam it up, add a fur embellishment be it a scarf, a collar, or vest as it is in store for the season with many brands….



No one knows about winter chills more than New Yorkers. That’s why GANT is a great go to for coats this A/W. More importantly, New Yorkers also understand that just because it is cold does not mean lack of style. GANT’s A/W coats cover a wide range of silhouettes from key trends such as oversized cocoon shapes with fluffy collars to traditional long camel wool to a trusty trench. I would say price points are fair in price with a range of £300 or so. Check it out at

French Connection

Talk about pretty in pink. Coats are indeed a staple, but does not mean that they have to be boring and just plain black or brown in colour. Dare to be girly, and make a statement with your no.1 piece in pink this season. This piece ticks all the boxes this season: cocoon shape, pink but not too bright, wool, deep pockets….glorious! Need I say more? £175 at


Bimba & Lola

No Winter is complete with a coat ready to brave snow and none is more functional + luxurious than fur. Bimba & Lola’s collection start at £990-£1900. Expect nothing but blue fox, rabbit & leather in the mix….not for vegetarians! The most delicious piece in the wardrobe this winter….winter warmer is indeed an understatement!

Really Wild

Don’t be fooled by the name of the brand ‘Really Wild’ as it’s more super luxurious. Made from the highest quality fibres, Really Wild makes timeless styles that you will cherish forever. This season I’m in love with their Juniper Coat in pink check. For more a more urban edge opt for their Bond Jacket-a bomber in black with the coolest side zip. Get ready to invest though as prices start at £400-£700…worth every penny!

No.2: The Shoes

One main concern when shopping for shoes: In this country, you must consider rain, rain, rain. Of course, we cannot live out of willies either. Make sure your shoes are of something comfortable to wear, where walking a distance won’t make you stop or cry in pain. My top tip for shoes A/W season is the can’t live without: CHELSEA BOOTS! They look great with anything, and can make any outfit come alive, and edgy. Check out my suggestions this season….


 DUO Boots

I’ve written about DUO Boots before and praised them for their ‘made to measure’ aspect-any one no matter the size can buy those long sexy winter boots! This season Duo’s highlights are in two new colours: purple & emerald suede booties & shoes. My favourite in their A/W collection are the Costello Chelsea boots in black-they resemble serious CHLOE style…with the sweetest rivets covering the back heels of the shoes. So comfortable to wear, I’ll be living in mine this season….For those who like heels they do a version of that same style in a high heel called Labelle. Costello £140, Labelle £135


Love Chelsea boots? This season CLARKS, yes CLARKS have outdone themselves with a wide selection of Chelsea boots. I’m so excited I can’t contain myself! Give any outfit that edge….walk in no pain, and gain all looks of envy down every street….£69.99

Bimba & Lola

Whatever your style, Bimba & Lola has you covered head to toe this season. I’m highlighting their super tri-colour flat that is HOT this season with the pointed toe. Their copper version of the ballet flat gives a real bite to any wardrobe, and their Chelsea boots in soft chocolate suede or in black leather gives any outfit the finishing touch it deserves! Always reasonable in price as well, it is one of my top choices for the ‘Where did you get that?’ effect….Pointed ballet flats £120, copper ballet flats £110, Chelsea boots £110 & £175


No. 3: The Handbag

Whether you call it the ‘IT’ bag, or the only bag you use on an everyday basis, the handbag finishes off any look whatever the season. One rule, we’re not necessarily following mum on is to have the shoe and bag matching! My best advice for handbags is that you get something which is of decent size, not too big nor small, always leather or a waterproof textile, and can carry all your essentials and then some. It is not necessary to ever get anything that could hold the kitchen sink. Also, when you’re thinking of size of handbag, this must be in proportion to your height and weight. Smaller girls look silly with big bags, as they look like they’re going to the market, and bigger girls should not carry small bags, as it gives off the effect that they are bigger than they really are. Always get something in staple colours like black, browns, or navy. If you’re adventurous or like statement pieces go for red or yellow or season’s trend colour. Make sure that clasps are understated, and there are not too many bells or whistles on the bag either, as you want to be more lady & the bag than bag lady if you know what I mean! I suggest these bags this season…can you handle it? 

Monnier Freres

As IT bags are no more, the choice is up to you, and with so many personalities, where else do you go but the mecca of this must have of 3 pieces but Monnier Freres? This season leopard print is big so if you’re going for bold statements have it in the bag with this site’s super choices.

Bimba & Lola

Function & Style is key to Bimba & Lola when it comes to bags. This season I’m loving their remake of the drawstring number in a true red suede. For those who love over the shoulder or straps that go over the chest there are so many to choose from you’ll be standing in a candy store. Attention to details are key….check out those super clasps on the bags…every click you open and close this season will make heads turn….from £50-£185


Totes are always key in the city and this season I’ve found Clark’s TRADE POINT TOTE in black the sleekest! How can you say no to that craftsmanship, leather, shoulder strap that turns it into two styles and at £70 it’ll be your friend for life this season.


Snob's YUM YUM Edit

Honky Tonk Chelsea Celebrates 1st Birthday & Honky Tonk Clapham On The Way...

The party keeps on rockin' at Honky Tonk Chelsea as they see thier 1st Birthday! Opened last year as London's answer to an all American flavour of juicy burgers, authentic hot wings, and bourbon. Honky Tonk is letting the good times roll right into Clapham with the opening of Honky Tonk Clapham September 18th! What do I love about this restaurant? I would have to say the HOT WINGS! It is so hard to find exactly the same kind of hot wings that you get in the U.S. at any other restaurants. So moorish.....they might make you fly a little....


Known for thier great service, cocktails and live can't get closer to the same American feel unless you were there! I'm checking out Honky Tonk Clapham later this month...will I see you there? 

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