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Sale Shopping: Some Savvy Tips From Beauty (posted 15/6/12)

This week sees the lift off ofTHE SALESon the high streets. While it may be hard to get away from the temptation of picking up a bargain, beware of buying things you may not wear or not get a chance to wear! Here are some top tips and suggestions from Beauty to be Sale Shopping Savvy:

  1. Have a look at what is your wardrobe first before you even go out shopping. Do you have a ton of skirts, jeans, or tops? Always check to see what you’ve got and what you’ve not got. Keep this in mind when you are shopping, as it helps you to stop piling in the wardrobe what you’ve already got a lot of.
  2. Accessories are good investments during sale times. You can always use a belt, scarf, necklace, a new purse, clutch or handbag to liven up outfits. (They also make great stowaways, as presents for Christmas!)
  3. Besides the fact that we’ve not had too much of summer here in the UK, it tends not be too warm here for the most part of the year. Investing in shorts or skimpy tops is not generally a good idea unless you know you will be going on holiday in Spain. Best kind of pieces to look out for are ones you can wear all year round to get the best value: cardigan sweaters, some simple dresses that you can wear to the office, a white shirt, or some trousers.

I've just invested in this piece from COS. It's great to wear from day to night, and also right into the fall. Dress it down with ballerina flats, or dress it up with heels, ankle boots. Acessorise with chunky statement bracelets, necklaces...Wear to the office or meetings with a jacket, or dress it down with a cardigan...the possibilities endless! WORTH THE INVESTMENT! STEAL!

4. Speaking of weather, as it rains here quite a lot, key pieces to invest in if you see them on sale are: wellington boots, rain macs, or a fancy umbrella.


5.Going to online sites, to check out and compare prices is key. You may find some better deals online because online retailers have less overheads. (Check any beauty sites for candles, or home fragrance as stowaway gifts for Christmas as well! )

CULT BEAUTY is a great site to visit for some of the best prices from Skincare products like REN, Aromatherapy Associates, to make-up like DUWOP....there are so many brands to choose from. Best of all they always have some deals on minimum orders, where you can get some extra pieces....CHECK IT OUT!

6.Always go sale shopping alone, and not with friends. You don’t want anyone to know how little you paid. It’s your secret….

7.Think of next season when you shop in sales. Can you wear it through to next season? The key to doing this is to buy simple cuttings, and designs, and materials that are appropriate for the next season’s weather.

8.Bold colour pieces are great to invest in to get an injection of BRIGHT into your wardrobe.

9.You know you’ve done well, if you have left over money from your budget at the end of the shopping trip. Go on, treat yourself to a nice dinner! You’re officially a super sale shopper now!

10. The GOLDEN RULE: Don't buy it for the sake of it being cheaper than what it was. Key question to ask yourself is: Will you use it? Will you really wear it???

This Bird Print Skirt from Oasis is perfect for a bit of colour injection. It adds to your wardrobe. Wear with a navy jacket, a white shirt, a red cardigan sweater....A good investment to wear straight through to the fall, when you can wear it some mock necks in neutral, reds or navy....



 Beauty Says: Ooo la you would like to make a statement this summer would you? Want a bit of glam, and rock star appeal......look no further than these STELLAR shade by Swarovski.....



Act like you're the jet setter with these super shades that will truly go to your head!

Acid Brights-Bridget E£344


Perfect for Festivals and lounging around!

Elaborate Arms- Brilliant £365


Want a bit of bling, and something not many have? Look no further than these beauties!

Summer Whites- Bling £245


Cool down with these super white shades.

Rhianna HITS SUMMER HIGH NOTE with Republic!

Barbadian RHIANNA is enjoying the summer heat in this cool combo by REPUBLIC.


 Fringe on bikini is so festival; £22

 Soul Cal hat is hitting all the right notes of summer!; £12


Both available at:

The Dolly Mix

CANTINA: A Sweet and Savory Treat

Most of us probably had our first circus experience, full of clowns that have scared us for life, or remember the head of a man inside a tiger or lions jaw. Circus is no longer about a ring master and acts that simply could not thrill beyond a group of five year old children. Today’s circus has seemingly been taken over by aerial and acrobatics. Think: Cirque de Soleil, or Circus Oz. Circus is now also very much about expression of social movements and escapist fantasy.

CANTINA, at the Priceless London Wonderground, at Southbank London this season, promises more than you just being entertained. The spigeltent spectacular includes acts with woman walking all over man, nudidity and humour, apache dancing that thrills, music, songs and dance that remind us of more simplistic times BAAASWI (Before Apple And Anything Starting with ‘I’). Set in the 1920s era it brings back a sense of reality and surrealism-just when you think you’ve seen it before, it throws curve balls all the way to the final act and close.

An ensemble piece of six, it was first presented as part of the 2010 Brisbane Festival in Australia. Since then, it has travelled all over the world from European countries such as, Germany and The Netherlands, to Columbia. The deliciously dark moments are sugar coated by more traditional circus appeal, such as the ukulele music, and vice-versa. Chelsea McGuffin, masters the 4 inch heel so well, Choo should be commissioned to make her a piece. (Perhaps Supermodels, that fly on runways, should take a page out of her book, or join her production company Lady Torpedo to get a few lessons.) Mozes main act, on a rope from the top of the spigeltent leaves you and him hanging to nothing, while Henna Kaikula’s rag doll movements looks so painful at times, you just want to cuddle her like Raggedy Ann and make it all better. Demasson’s voice is vintage gold, and his fairground music, Blue Drag, and originality, may bring out another you from another time and dimension. Finally, David Carberry and Daniel Catlow’s performances truly should earn them a dynamic acrobatic duo that ties the whole act together tight! (If you’ve read any cheeky snobby reviews about this show on the internet, then take it that those people must have been scared by clowns or may have a bit of a D.H. Lawrence complex? )

This show is a must see and I would say is not suitable for the little’uns. Why would you want to bring the munchkins anyway, when you can watch this naughty treat, and sip Pims?


Cheap seating starts at £10-15; Stall seating at £15-£25; Posh seating at £15-£35; Ringside from £25-£50 and Booths E£125-£170. Beauty and the Snob were allocated POSH seats-The most SPECTCULAR SEATS in rows 2-4.


Get your fix today….afterall you might decide you want to run away with the circus…


For more information, VIP Packages, and Bookings call 0207 307 8480 or book your tickets now at:

Beautys' Secrets

The Make-up POW WOW with Craig Ryan French: Paul & Joe Beaute

 Craig Ryan French is a breath of fresh air when it comes to make-up and artistry. His approach is non-precious, and he has a creative flair that he presents as down to earth. Ryan French is the Artistic Director and Global Make-up Arist of Paul & Joe Beaute. Although travelling all the around the world, he prefers to call Toronto, home. (You can see why I already like him, as he’s a Canadian like moi.) I had the pleasure of meeting him and seeing him in action at the Summer presentation of The MidSummer’s Nights Dream Collection 2012.


On a warm early evening, I arrived at The Paul and Joe Boutique on Sloane Street, and Craig greets me with friendly enthusiasm. Craig sits on the floor and gathers us all around a large glass coffee table, encouraging us to get up close and personal in his “make-up pow-wow.” (And let me tell you did Craig and the make-up do the ‘pow’, while we all said ‘wow’.) He tells us that the whole collection from start to finish is all about convenience. As gold, silver, copper and a bit of sparkle always seem to illuminate any summer collection in fashion and beauty, he created this range to not only include these, but to allow women to re-create these trends with sultry-ease. The inspiration and theme of MidSummer Night Dream is of course, after Shakespeare’s play, but to also encapsulate a feeling of the never ending magical summer. The first product to be presented is the Shimmering Body Lotion: A green apple sparkling body salve that can instantly sooth away summer heat on contact. Craig’s top tip with this product to make it go just that bit more is to put it in the fridge before putting it on.

We then cover the Limited Edition Self Select Eye Colours: Creamy texture shadows that look moon-like and iridescently pearl-like, but when put over a dark (black) liner becomes intense colours that pop. My favourite has to be Moon Beam (003) that appears to be golden white, but can turn into an intense metallic green over the black liner.

The oo-ing and ah-ing starts to be heard in every corner of the room when the nail enamels were presented. One of the favourites of all the bloggers is Pixie, a striking silver holographic sparkle that creates an intense depth and dimension. As you all know, I love creating new bespoke manicures, and I was already working away of creating when I saw this at the back of my mind…

My favourite product in the collection has to be the apple green sparkle lip gloss: Fairie Kisses (002). It is such a genius lipgloss because the green in it, as an opposite colour to your lips, enhances the colour into a soft natural pinky red, that compliments your natural complexion. It is not a tacky nor sticky lipgloss and passes the fish pucker test! I would recommend this as a MUST HAVE of the season!!!

When he starts doing his demo, which he would like to call the “English Rose”, on our lovely Margie Featherby from Dowal-Walker PR, he emphasizes the importance of skincare. Hurrah! (You all know he’s No. 1 in my books!) This range of skin care has to be the less fussy I’ve seen in a while. It only consists of a cleansing milk, a serum and moisturising lotion. They all go to protect, treat, and soothe, and are packed full of vitamins A, C, and P. P? you say, yes, P. Vitamin P is found in extracts of grapefruits, hawthorn, rosehip and hamansu. By the way, all the products are made in Japan, where the world’s most beautiful skin and ladies are found. Special attention should be paid attention to their treatment serum that contains honey, glycerine, hyaluronic acid, and rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The texture is so nourishing yet not heavy nor sticky. I have used it for some time now, and I’m afraid it’s become a major staple in my regime now.    

Margie was absolutely glowing and ravishing after her mini-make-over with Craig. Notice her rosy apple cheeks….aww….isn’t she the cutest, and sweetest English Rose ever???

To keep your make-up going all day long, Craig introduces the blotting papers to take the shine, but leave the glow. The most interesting thing in particular about these papers is that they contain hanif, a fibre that the Egyptians used to use in mummification to absorb oil. How’s that for make-up mileage?

Before we knew it, an hour and a half had flown by and we had to say our good-byes to Craig until next season. I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us, can you?

Paul & Joe Treat Serum £28, Midsummer Night Dream: Shimmering Body Lotion £24, Lipgloss Fairie Kisses £15,Nail Enamel Pixie £10.50; All Available at: Harrods, Knightsbridge, Fenwicks, New Bond Street or ASOS online at:


Beach Body Perfect: Body Products that are guaranteed to ROCK EVERY BODY!

So it may be a Brighton weekend with ice cream, sand and fun, but you may be afraid to completely expose everything, especially the cellulite on your legs, or your real pasty self. No worries! Between Beauty and The Snob, they both have some stellar cool suggestions to make you Queen of destination: Summer!

The Real Knitty Gritty: Enemy No. 1, Cellulite Legs

No girl will admit at any age, that they have cellulite. It happens to the best of us. That orange-peel like appearance and dimpling is a bit of a bummer and can even get ourselves: afraid of our own legs! You can’t ever be rid of it, but you can make it less noticeable, smoother, and tighter in a cinch within hours of going down to the beach.

Beauty Says:Soap & Glory’s SIT TIGHT INTENSE XS is a God-send and HERO when it comes to fighting the lumps and bumps down under! It contains super slimming ingredients: caffeine and xymenynic acid to detoxify(drain puffiness) and improve elasticity. Red pepper and ginger extracts (low irritation) gets the blood flowing, while the CIRCU-360 massage applicator helps to stimulate circulation and promote body contouring. Roll it anywhere you see flab or bumps. The more you roll the better with this product. You will feel it working, when you sit down and feel a slight heat sensation between and to the back of the thighs. I felt it working instantly, and could see a noticeable difference within a couple of weeks. Don’t be afraid of your own legs silly girl, get help from Soap & Glory NOW! After all, they’re so sure it works, they’re calling it: An impressive anti-dimple arsenal…..

Get your dimple weapon (SIT TIGHT INTENSE XS) £16.50, 125ml at Boots:


Or at Soap & Glory’s Website:

Smooth Operator: Enemy No.2, Dry, Flaky, Dull Skin

Snob Says:So you’ve been sitting in mock necks all winter and spring, and you thought: NO BODY is going to see what’s underneath….well, the sun has come out and now it’s time to get out the goods, and you don’t know what to do??? Help you? I think you need more than that! Thankfully Bliss has a life- saver to throw you. This combo will make you to look like you’re a smooth operator…

 Bliss’ Hot Salt Scrub is self-heating, muscle-easing, warming heaven! The sea salts exfoliates while the rosemary and eucalyptus goes to soothe your soul. Use on dry skin in the shower and buff your thighs, shoulders, arms and legs in a circular motion and just rinse with warm water. The salt grains dissolve instantly with contact of water, so there are no gritty bits left on the skin.

This intense blue scrub is just OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! You'll get lost in it like the BLUE LAGOON....HEAVENLY!

Follow up after the scrub with a delicious layer of Bliss’ Blood Orange + White pepper Body Butter. Sodium hyaluronate locks and seals in the moisture as well as vitamin E to make your skin feel like velvet. Best of all this little number is paraben free. It’s original counter part the Lemon Butter, won Elle’s 2010 Beauty Awards.

Bliss Spa’s Blood Orange + White Pepper Body Butter is £20.50/200ml; and Hot Salt Scrub is £28.60/340g; both available

White as a sheet: Enemy No.3, No Healthy Glow

Snob Says:Even if you get on your hands and knees now, or think of going to a tanning bed, it might be too late to perfect that tan to look healthy and sexy. Those prepared are glistening on the sandy whites while you’re just well….white! Legend says, there is ‘the Holy Grail for the deathly pale’- an instant and self tanning mousse by tanatomicals (Anatomicals).

Anatomicals are so tongue and cheek about this product that on the bottle they welcome you to the Church of Bronztology, where priests wear Speedos…and the pews have been replaced by sun loungers. Worship God: George Hamilon…..Brilliant!


There are other tanatomical products available:

get a tan without look like your gran-body and face instant-tan: £6.99 (125ml)

me tarzan. you jane. we cheaters-instant spray tan in a can: £6.99 (150ml)

because only bacon should be streaky-natural looking tan cream: £6.99 (125ml)

the holy grail for the deathly pale-self-tan mousse: £6.99 (150ml)

 All available at larger Superdrugs nationwide or online at Also have a look at their website full of cheeky banter about self-tanning! 

Beauty’s Inside Scoop: Another fantastic treat from anatomical is the beauty nutter’s body butter in orange flower and amber! It’s scent is so summery, and beautiful it will make heads turn (to you) at the beach. Watch out for those boys boys boys! Available at ASOS, £5.00/200ml:

Stress: Enemy No.5, Unwind! The holidays are here…

Beauty Says:So a lot has changed at work in the past year with all the ups and downs. Since Jill left her job you’ve had to do it too, and you’re always finding you’re catching your own tail a la desk. Now that the holidays are here, your body doesn’t want to come out to play, and you’re majorly stressed out! Thankfully there are helpful agents like Aromatherapy Associates who have the wisdom and essential oils. Think of them as body fairies! Their De-Stress Muscle Bath and Shower Oil and De-Stress Muscle Gel will help you get work miles and miles away! Soak away the paperwork and spreadsheets in the muscle bath with key oils: lavender, easing stiffness and tightness; ginger and black pepper, warming and creating circulation; rosemary, purify and clarify all your thoughts; and coconut to soften and smooth the skin. Just add a capful to a hot bath, or add a few drops to the area of discomfort before showering.

The De-stress muscle gel is absolute heaven for tierd legs. I don’t know how many times I’ve used this after shopping trips, or long days out! If you work on your feet all day, this is sympathy in a bottle! With the same key ingredients as the bath oil it also helps those who’ve been doing summer marathons or sports. Apply to any muscles that ache.

Both aromatherapy associates De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil (55ml, £37) and De-Stress Muscle Gel (150ml £21.00) is available

Chapped Lips: Enemy No.4, No Summer Kisses

Beauty Says:There will be no summer lovin’ or summer nights like, in grease between Sandy & Danny, for you unless you get those lips kissable! And don’t even think of reaching for the chapstick or anything in a strawberry flavour…..that’s so passé! Instead get some Lemonaid Lip Aid with organic lemon oil from Lanolips. It’s ultra rich and creamy and the citric acid acts as a natural exfoliator for the dead skin. It’s super tingly, and with 70% ultra medical grade lanolin, this little number offers high gloss, hydration and a hint of sparkly shimmer. You might have to set up your own lemon-aid kissing booth this summer charging the boys 50p a pop! Tee hee!

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid 12,5g from £9.18 is available at


And at Boots stores nationwide:


 So beauty and the snob seem to have set you on the straight and narrow. No excuses then…go and get summer fresh, and enjoy the beach. You might be so happy with your new body…you might want to find other beach alternatives which require NO SUITS….naughty you!


A Little Bottle of YOUTH: PURE Collagen GOLD- Drinkable Collagen for Beautiful Skin(posted 15/6/12)

A while back, I was sent a 30 day supply of Collagen GOLD drinks. These 50ml bottles claim to fame is that they will help your face restore its collagen levels, and help bring back some silkiness and smoothness to the skin. Too good to be true?

Collagen drinks are not entirely new in terms of the anti-aging skincare market. They began to be popular around 2007 in Southeast Asia, and take in a whopping couple billion pounds a year! The trend is still growing all around the world, and promises to turn around one’s skin into skin that is soft as a baby’s within thirty days.

The difference of Collagen GOLD is that it works from within. It does not work just on the surface, as creams or fillers. It has the power to work one hundred times more powerful than collagen pills. The structure of our skin is formed by 70% of collagen. Over time, we lost collagen, and therefore, our skin starts to wrinkle and sag. Collagen GOLD works by supporting the levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid from within. In fact, it goes straight to the blood and into the dermal layer, the innermost layer, of the skin to give back, or support the collagen and elastin found in this layer. The peptides from the hydrolysed collagen are absorbed by the small intestines, and enter the bloodstream. The collagen that is used in this product is taken from fish. There are also no preservatives or artificial colours in this product.

Each bottle has 5,000mg of hydrolysed collagen, borage oil, hyaluronic acid and vitamins C, E, and B6. So while giving collagen back to the face, it also is a fantastic health supplement that gives you energy and vitality. The two GOLDEN promise is as follows:

  1. Increased collagen synthesis
  2. Increased hyaluronic acid synthesis


Having used superior Anti-aging skincare since the age of twenty-five, my collagen levels are pretty good. However, having said, that I have noticed that since I turned thirty, it has started to decrease ever so slightly. I was keen to give this a try and put it to the test. Upon drinking my first bottle, I felt like Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her: Bottoms Up!


The taste of the drink is a bit tangy, and citrus like. I will not lie, as there is a slight fishy smell from the bottle, but there is no taste of fish at all. The liquid is smooth, and not thick. The best suggested way to take them is to drink them before breakfast. I had kept a diary throughout my trial.


Within just 7 days, I could see my cheeks being firmer and lifted. There was definitely a glow and hydration throughout the cheek area. I also felt a bit more energy throughout the day, and not tired by mid-afternoon. As it was during my time of month, there are always some little breakouts on my face. During this week, of starting to take the Collagen Gold, I could see that it had healed all my breakouts too.


After 14 days of taking I could see and feel a real difference. The skin seemed to bounce back as it did when I was in my twenties. The face was also less greasy or oily in the mornings when I woke up. My skin also felt softer, brighter and toned in appearance.


My opinion is that they are great to do every quarter for 30 days as a boost, and upkeep for the skin. It is definitely worth investing into as part of your skincare regime! Collagen Gold is available in packs of 10 bottles for £35.99 at Boots:


I promise you will not be disappointed by this little bottle of Youth Juice!


The Edit: Reviews and Other Neat Stuff- Beautys' Abi Fabi Edit

What? Swimsuit Season is already HERE??-Skinny Minnie Moi

Oh dear, what a fright, swimsuit season is already here. You’ve probably been too busy at work to realise with all the late nights you’re doing. Maybe despite doing Zumba a couple of times a week it’s still not enough to shed the last pounds to look RED HOT in that bikini…

Fear not! Here are some fantastic health food supplement secrets to get you shifting the last couple of pounds….

Chia Seeds:Otherwise known as Salvia Hispanica this is an ancient Aztec super food. If you’re from North America, like me, you will remember the cheesy commercials for Chia pets in the 80s- this little horse like doll that you water and watch grass-like spouts grow that you can clip and play with. The plant is part of the mint family and is high in omega-3 fatty acids. This is essentially what makes it a super food because omega-3 is fantastic for hydrating the brain, and keeping you alert. The seeds allow 5% of any bread’s products total in matter. This means that it can swell up or make you feel full. Hence, it is a great dieting tool to use, because it makes you feel full and you snack less. It also, provides protein, fats and plenty of fibre! You will find it interesting to know that ‘Chia’ means oily, and in fact, the word derives from the Mexican word ‘Chiapas’ or meaning ‘chia water’ or ‘chia river’.

To use them you can put a couple of teaspoons in porridge or cereals, or anything you like really. They don’t swell up like the way rice does when it cooks. Instead, a gel like formation starts to form around the seeds when it is put into water or liquids. I suggest that the best way to take them is in juice or a smoothie in the morning. I found quick and amazing results after using them every day for just one week. I would say I had lost around 5-10 pounds fast! I then follow through each week by only taking it a couple times a week. This is a must try! I get them at Holland and Barrett and I get their own brand versus the organic as a 100g bag only costs £1.99, and last me for well over a month. You can find them anywhere in health food stores global.

Chromium:Chromium is a trace mineral, and is essential to the metabolism of carbohydrates. It is widely used as a key ingredient in weight loss products. You can naturally find chromium in foods like oysters, liver, broccoli, potatoes and mushrooms. How it basically works is it helps to reduce your cravings for sugar. There is another Chromium product called Chromium Picolinate. Chromium Picolinate helps to reduce glucose cravings. One can have a deficiency of chromium in the body if they do too much strenuous exercise. So if you’re trying to shift the last weight and just keep going at it, and nothing is happening, taking some chromium might help. Other benefits of this little dietary wonder is that it helps to control fat and cholesterol levels, prevent high blood pressure, help in proper metabolism of macronutrients, and protect DNA and RNA.

You can get these at Holland & Barrett again for £3.99 for 50 or £7.19 for 100. Go

Acai Berry: This little number is widely known because of Oprah Winfrey and of course, Dr. Nicholas Perricone. It is again an Aztec super food from the Amazon. The tree that the fruit comes from looks like a palm tree, and the fruits are no bigger than grapes. The taste is like berries and chocolate. It is high in anti-oxidents, essential fatty acids, and amino acids. This is what essentially helps to burn the fat. There are versions of acai that has added digestive properties too like peppermint and green tea. With these added, the fat not only burns, but is flushed out! Acai Cleanse is found at Holland & Barrett (1000mg) 90 capsules for £19.99.

 Spirulina(as a meal replacement):Spirulina is known to be the first food on the planet. It is a blue green algae that is incredibly high in anti-oxidents. Some claim, that it helps cancer patients after chemo, or those under HIV treatments. It is incredibly high in iron, and surprise surprise, is another super food from the Aztecs. (God, bless the Aztecs!) Spirulina is made up of 60% protein, and also consists high contents of vitamin B12. I have found it to give me loads of energy, and make me alert throughout the day. I use it in a pineapple smoothie in the powder form. Add 1 teaspoon and blend with the juice and banana. Use the powder version as it will get into the bloodstream faster. If you use this smoothie as a meal replacement, you may find that this little tip or trick might help you shift those few pounds! Not only, that, but it’s a great age-defying key ingredient for the skin too! Yippy Skippy! Available at Holland & Barrett 110g (7000mg) £ 13.99.

Tips for the summer: If you like drinking cold beverages or drinks BEWARE! There can be loads of sugar in these drinks no matter if they are natural juices or not. My tip is drink just plain tea with ice. Some best recommendations are Earl Grey and Green Tea. If you must sweeten it, then do so with just a small spoon of honey. Green tea especially helps you to burn the fat after meals and have loads of anti-oxidents too!


Eyes Cream, Eyes Cream, We All Scream for Eyes Cream!

It is a known fact that the first signs of aging tends to happen around the eye area. No wonder so many of us are worried about the eye area when it comes to aging. Our eyes work hard for us every waking hour of our day. In fact, we blink 12 times per minute-that’s 8640 blinks on average in a day! They take even more strain as we sit at least eight hours in front of computers, for those who work in front of one, and are exposed to free radicals in the light, and other ageing agents such as air conditioning in the summer and central heating in the winter.

Over the years I have found many clients commit the following no-no’s when it comes to eye creams:

-They wear too much. The correct dosage is a drop the size of a rice grain distributed between both areas of the eyes.

- They apply the eye cream too closely to the eyes. The correct application is to apply only on the orbital bone area as the skin around the area will absorb the product up, and as close as possible, to your eyes. Otherwise, applying it closer than the orbital bone, the eye cream will make it into the eye and cause irritations. Most, accuse the use of a new eye cream to not be suited to them. Instead, they don’t realize that they have committed this crime.

- They use the wrong pressure, techniques, and fingers to apply the product. This may cause more damage than good, no matter the efficacy of the product used. Remember, that the skin around your eye area is 3 times thinner than that of your face. Be gentle, and don’t pull!

My expert advice about eye creams, eye gels or any eye product for that matter is this:

-         Eye gels are only good for puffiness, and work more efficiently if you apply them in the night rather than day. They will reduce the puffiness while you sleep and you will wake up with fresh, de-puffed eyes. Key ingredients in eye gels, such as caffeine, help to restrict the blood vessels, thus, helping to de-puff and get rid of dark circles in that area.

-         Eye creams should be applied both day and night. For the day, try to find one with SPF in it. Use only a seed of a rice grain and distribute it between the ring fingers of both hands. Equally distribute the eye cream in tiny dots all over the orbital bone area before massaging in with the ring fingers in a circular motion. (It is important to use the ring fingers, or 4th digit, as this gives the most gentle and right pressure without causing further pulling.)

-         It is important when trying to find the right eye product to use, to first determine, what you need. Do not use a product you do not need. For example, you may like a light texture, and opt for an eye gel, but your concerns have nothing to do with puffiness but with fine lines. Then it is better to use an eye cream that has hyaluronic acid that would help with the lines rather than to use a gel that will do nothing for it.

-         Do not drink water before going to bed, as water retention tends to cause puffy eyes in the morning.

-         Make sure to wear sunglasses to protect the eye area.


I have a few suggestions here below for some specific concerns from lines, dryness to firming. Here’s to finding the right eye cream that will have you screaming because you’ve found the right product that works for you!

A few concerns: Dark circles, fine lines, SPF:


Now, let’s clarify the issue of dark circles. Dark circles may be caused by a whole host of reasons from lack of sleep to not enough oxygen or water in your system to it just being genetic. Generally, if you’ve had darkness around your eyes since a young age, it is likely it is down to genetics. There is very little you can do about the darkness, other than perhaps using an eye brightener or concealer to help make the area less visible.


Fine lines are usually down to dehydration or dryness. If you rehydrate the area the fine lines will disappear. If you are concerned about fine lines deepening, and becoming more permanent wrinkles, then SPF in your day eye product is important as it can be a shield against the free radicals that cause wrinkles.


My suggestion to target all three of these concerns is Liz Earle’s Daily Eye Repair with SPF 10. This eye cream goes to help keep the eye area nourished and smooth. Containing natural active ingredients: Echinacea, borage oil and natural Vitamin E it works hard to reduce the appearance of fine lines not only around the eyes, but also around the mouth and forehead. (Yes, you can apply in these other areas as well.) The combination of Echinacea and borage oil is superior age-defying combination because while Echinacea acts as an anti-inflammatory and soothes, the borage oil is high in omega-3 and goes to deeply moisturise. This eye cream is also high in beta-carotene and natural Vitamin E to help protect this delicate area. It also contains light-reflective particles to instantly conceal and brighten dark-circles and eye shadows. The texture of this eye cream is incredibly light-weight and it smells slightly orangey. A fantastic product for those looking for something to cover almost all the bases of eye concerns. Even more fabulous is that it won’t break the bank at £14.25/10ml. Liz Earle’s Daily Eye Repair, SPF10, is available at John Lewis stores, Fenwick, Bond Street, QVC, or at:



Multiple Concerns: Fine lines, puffiness, dark circles, redness, loss of hydration, elasticity, and brightness:


If you have multiple concerns then you need a product that has a proven delivery system as well as core key ingredients to help you correct the damage that has already been done around the eye area. Neuropeptide technology is one delivery system that helps rebuild or undo some of the damage that has been done upon skin. Peptides are basically the building blocks of amino acid. Neuropeptides are multiple building blocks, therefore, it can also help to revive dull lifeless skin, reduce dark circles, and fine lines, reduce sagging, and improve cell metabolism and blood circulation.


For multiple concerns, I suggest Dr. Perricone’s Cold Plasma Eye. This eye cream may get you screaming for more and pure joy! Although richer in texture, it is incredibly emollient (or smooth). It wears as an excellent base under eye make-up, and you don’t get oily or greasy eyes, which gets your eye make-up shifting. With neuropeptide technology it makes dull eyes radiant and vibrant. Containing Vitamin C Ester, it addresses the loss of elasticity and helps brightens the eye area. Best news yet, is that although it has incredible strength to correct all these signs of ageing it is free from parabens, silicones, sulphates, phthalates, and synthetic dies. I found this eye cream incredibly soothing for sore and tired eyes as it has a cooling effect, being absorbed quickly. This multi-tasker is well-worth its weight in investing into at £78/15 ml and is available to purchase at:


Firming: Caviar, The eyes most luxurious treat


Many often get it wrong when it comes to firming of the eye area. On various occasions I’ve had clients bring back a firming eye product to me and tell me that it didn’t work. The first question I always ask is: ”What were your expectations?” The answer that follows is often that they felt they didn’t see results because the area was still wrinkled, or that it was still puffy. Do you see where I’m going with this? Firming eye products are only for firming, and for areas that appear to be sagging. The firming product should be able to give the area a lift, or a lifting effect that will make the eye area appear more youthful. One of the best known key ingredients in skincare for firming is caviar.


Caviar is known to be rich in Vitamin A, D, B1, B2, and B6. It is also full of amino acids such as glycine, histidine, and lysine. These vitamins and amino acids help to intensify the process of the skin cells, and slow down ageing, mainly by moisturising. If you think of it, caviar, are actually eggs of fish, and so their extracts contain a source of vitamins, nucleic acids, phospholipids and proteins. These are all key elements to cell regeneration. Researchers of caviar that due to its construction, caviar has a cell format similar to human skin. Therefore, caviar products can deliver exceptional results to sagging tired looking skin, and turn it around by intensively firming, and moisturising.


There are many eye products that now use caviar in their eye firming treatments. Of course, those of you who know me know my one and only true love, La Prairie, comes up trumps for top caviar products.


For caviar virgins, and those, who do not possess an American Express Centurion card, I’ve discovered CAVIAR of Switzerland’s: Intensive Eye Cream. This eye cream of course, contains caviar extract, as well as reseveratrol, collagen synthesis-stimulating peptides, hyaluronic acid, and superoxide dismutase. Reseveratrol is otherwise known as the fountain of youth, and is naturally found within the skin of grapes. All you need to know is that it is a super strong protector when it comes to the skin. Superoxide Dismutase (orSOD) are enxymes that defend the skin or skin cells that are exposed to oxygen. Our own skin contains SOD, but by topically applying more SOD this helps to supplement the skin as well as protect it from further damaging or ageing. The collagen synthesis-stimulating peptide, does what it says: it goes to stimulate our skin to make more peptides, or building blocks of amino acids or essentially collagen. Finally the hyaluronic acid goes to restore volume, tone, and elasticity.


Of course, for all my panda bears out there, you’ll be wondering if you could use this product. The answer is yes. This caviar eye cream also diminishes dark circles, so go for it! It has a beautiful silky light-weight texture. It will surely make your eyes open up! Let’s be kind, and call this a bit of affordable luxury at £98.50. It is available to purchase

Beauty Says:Any caviar facial product is like investing in cashmere in the winter. Divine!

Starlight Xpress Manicure with Nails Inc. Nail Jewellery

Nails Inc. had a competition going for all of us bloggers at a recent event: To create a video on Youtube for either Nails Jewellery or Nails Fishnet. I chose the Nails Jewellery, and invented a manicure I would like to call: Starlight Xpress.


To learn how to do it, watch my video by clicking on the box below! Enjoy!

Romantic Chiffon Eyes- Update your Smokey Eyes with Front Cover’s The Baked Powder Collection(posted 15/6/12)

The smokey eye may be trendy and a classic look for going out, but it is tricky to do and to wear for some. I should know this because I have those almond shape Chinese eyes with no epicanthic fold. This means that when I try to do the smokey eye thing, it is almost always without fail I look like someone has punched me and given me black eyes. I’m also not a make-up pro, and I’m lazy when it comes to doing my make-up. I have to admit that I don’t give the same care and attention to make-up as I do to my skincare regimen.

One great solution I’ve found is Front Cover’s The Bake Powder Collection. This kit is a real saviour as it not only includes the tools and some beautiful colours to work with to create an updated smokey eye look, but also the tutorial is included as a step by step with photos. Most important to me though is that the formulations have no animal derivatives and that they contain no parabens.

The make-up box includes 18 baked powder and cheek shades, shadowline eyeliner, and brushes. You turn the eyeshadow powders into an eyeliner by swirling the shadowline onto the powder bubbles and voila, you’ve instantly got eyeliner. It also intensifies the colour of the shadows! Make-up artist Leanne Shaw shows you how to do the looks step by step inside the cover of the box.

 So I gave it a go here trying the “Double Line” look:

First, I cover the entire lid with a mauve shade called balloon with the wide end of the eye shadow brush. I follow up by sweeping some of the eye and cheek colour to give it an even glow. After completely blending in, I use the other end of the brush, the mini blender end, to create a soft line with the sparkly Black Hole shadow.

Next, I swirl the shadowliner over the purple shade Dotty, to create a short of paste, and pick it up with the shadowliner tip brush to apply just above the soft line that I have already created with Black Hole. The tip is to gently press it in and slowly blend it in with the mini blender end of the brush. I complete the look with black mascara.

I could not believe how easy it was to achieve this updated look of the smokey eye, and in such pretty lace theme colours. I suggest wearing these pretty powder pinks, greys, blues and greens with lace theme jackets or romantic peplum jackets with soft colours like this one with the peach lapel from Dorothy Perkins. Get your hands on this set, The Baked Powder Collection £18, and others for nails, lips and face.

But be quick! Their record selling time of the a/w Style Queen Kit, flew off the shelf at the rate of 23 sets per minute! Get it here NOW!:

Beauty says: Truly one of the best kits that get you the catwalk look….Makes it look like an artist fussed over you for hours for that Front Cover photo shoot!

Review And Other Neat Stuff- Snob's YUM YUM EDIT

sCreAMinG for ICE CREAM (PART 1)

The heat has got the best of you now, and you need to cool down. What do you do? Scream for Ice Cream of course!


 I'll be updating with different parts finding some of the most nifty flavours and places to have this traditional summer treat.



Only one shop in London, in the Covent Garden Piazza, The Icecreamists is well known for thier boutique ice cream, and most famous for thier human breast milk ice cream. Josefine, the manager tells me that all the milk comes from one woman, who's been run through series of tests, and the treat is only seasonal or limited.


With twelve flavours to choose from it's a must go to destination as the treat captures the sexy side of this naughty treat. Josefine's favourite and recommended flavour is popcorn. It's sweet, but absolutely takes you to fairs and carnivals. My favourite has to be the vanilla, where you can taste a hint of baileys at the top of you palette as the cream melts away.

Sexy Staff are here to serve you your ice cream:


2 scoops £4.95 in a cone

3 scoops £5.95 in a cone

3 sccops in a tub £6.95


Cones: Choose from normal regualr waffle cones or carbonated black cones to make it dark and delicious!

Check out the new treats in store(COMING SOON): Ice GUN lollies.....guess what they're made from? Absinthe! So needs to be kept locked under lock and key!

Looks like just decoration? Wrong! These bags are filled with Absinthe and a dose is issued out for an ice cream sundae and then set on fire! How's that for HOT (ice) cream?

GELATORINO  (just off of Wellington Street) on 2, Russell Street, in Covent Garden is an authentic Italian gelato house.


Featuring more than 40 flavours, but not more than 16 flavours at one time, it is melt in your mouth magic!


Marta let me taste all the flavours. One of my favourites is BUNET, a chocolate, amaretti, rhum and coffee pudding.


Another must try is ZABAGLIONE, which is Marsala egg cream....if you like eggs, it almost resembles a non-alcholic advocat.


Best of all they have melted gianduja chocolate ON TAP! And Godiva thought they were the only ones at Harrods.....I'm afraid not! Top your cones and sundaes with a bit of this and you'll be smitten forever!


Also try their sorbets, in loads of flavours from raspberry, mango, pear, passion fruit and more!

Vietnamese Prawn Salad Rice Paper Wraps

With the weather warming up sometimes it's difficult to cook and eat meals.

I thought that many of you would like to get some inspiring ideas for easy cooking this summer. So I'm going to write down for you all, a few good recipes throughout these next few months!


One of my favourite recipes is to make these Vietnamnese Prawn Sald Rice Paper Rolls or Wraps.


You will need:


-Cucumber (sliced or shredded)

-Spring onion (chopped, or shredded)

-White Rice Noodle (boil in hot water for 3-5 min, and then run through hot water)

- Sheets of Rice paper

-Tiger Prawns each halved in the middle




Soak two sheets of rice paper together in a pan of cold water for 30-45 seconds.


Put the sheets onto a board, and start filling with all the ingridients. Roll and wrap. Lay on top of a piece of little gem lettuce if you like to prevent them from sticking to the plate.

I also like dipping these in sweet chilli sauce. You can dip in peanut sauces, or hoisin sauce that you can get form any chinese supermarket.



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