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Elemis: Take me to Tahiti.....

Elemis transports you to Tahiti, with thier NEW Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow. The smell of this body scrub is delicious and gives that everlasting prolonged holiday feeling. As it's rich in salts, I found that it's a great anti-inflammatory for the feet. There is so much moisture left on the skin afterwards, I did not have to moisturise. If you like the tastes and smells of coconut, frangipani flowers and hibiscus, you will love this! 


Available now at


Eye Spy

Mini Mees Wears: Junk Food Tees

Eye Spy Says: If you’ve got a little ‘un in your life then you know what it’s like-that they want to be just like you! A top celebrity children spotter told me that about SUPER vintage inspired t-shirt brand: JUNK FOOD Clothing, adored by so many celeb children. Heidi Klum’s daughter, Leni Samuel is often seen sporting some of her pieces with Ugg boots, and so are of course, the Beckham children. With mother’s who have more than fashion sense, these ‘mini me’ are surely onto something.

I think the retro style is great because it shares a sense of your childhood of the 80s with your little one. It evokes questions about Star Wars, Mickey Mouse (Of course, it may also then evoke questions of when you will take them to Disneyland) and awesome Superheroes.

 Whether it’s short or long sleeved t-shirts, or sweatshirts for that not to be imitated ‘COZY’ feel, the quality of JUNK FOOD Clothing is worthy of notation. The feel is super soft, and has that ‘wear it all the time until you literally can’t anymore’ factor. The pieces state: Live in them, and not just it’s another t-shirt with a cute logo. With just the right amount of fading on some pieces, it looks like you handed down a prized or cherished childhood piece to the little’un. I do warn you though…this could get you into conversations about how you wanted to marry Superman, or in my case….Hans Solo form Star Wars! They do adult versions too so you can wear it with your littl’un.

Prices are incredibly reasonable, at about £20 a piece, and new season is now available online at:

Get MINTED in Summer’s heat with BODEN

Beauty Says: Hmm…everyone would love to be minted wouldn’t they? Well you can this weekend with the sale having started this week at

I’ve picked out some of the best pieces here that are a must if you’re going to get minted….green. This colour is perfect for summer because it speaks volumes for sunshine weather. Mint green is hard to get right though, as it is just a tinge blue, but mostly a fairly light green. To really get the sunshine going on mint pieces add yellow, and white to any of your mint green pieces.

The coolest in Boden’s mint pieces are: the Clara dress, a jacquard fabric with a cute retro 50s cutting; and the mint cashmere cardigan sweater for when it cools down in the evenings. I would also suggest getting the Clara dress in white and then wearing it with the mint cardi.

What are you waiting for?? It’s time to get MINTED! Pieces seen here range from £10-£70

A Look Out for Autumn Winter....Pre-Fall 2013


Eye Spy Says: You might think it's a bit too early to be thinking about Autumn/Winter, but look ahead, and plan ahead for your wardrobe. Now is the time, to leave the Summer sales...and save up to invest in some key pieces for the next season. Afterall, our weather here in the UK is mainly cold and damp....invest wisely...and get good wear in what the fashion people sew! Check out some of my pre-fall finds.....

Crumpet Cashmere knows COZY


Nothing says cozy as it starts to get nippy....I'm in love with Crumpet's new season cashmere biker jacket in mint £270. Also comes in a variety of colours to suit your wardrobe & style.


Something to throw on whenever.....for whatever.....a don't think about it....favourite item and staple for A/W'13: Weekend cashmere throw in light grey...also comes in cream & black £275


Be Little Miss Sunshine in this short sleeved cotton lace collar top...pair with navy skirt or reduced to £40! (In the sale section.)

French Connection, Connects you to A/W Essentials:


1 of your 3 staples to look your very best is your jacket/coat. Ease into the new season with French Connection.....These are now available....starting from £97

3D ROCKITS creates Cozy Nails: HOLD MY HAND this Autumn

Nail Rock has just come out with Nail ROCKITS. These sets have a two way pen, one side nail polish, one side crushed velvet and pots of 3D decorations for you to ROCK 'Warm & Cozy' on the nails. 


My suggestion is to only do the ring finger or two fingers on each hand. This makes the crushed velvet stand out more, and noticeable. It is the ultimate go with that cashmere sweater....


Nail Rockits are £10 each at


The Dolly Mix

Brighton- An ABI FABI Beach Weekend of Sunshine & Seafood

Beauty Says: and bothered? Time to cool down then and then nip back for more sunshine and work on that tan! No better location for this on the weeknd than Brighton. Check the Trainline for cheap tickets at £10 return from London. Make sure you get to the platform on time for your escape as I found there can be no seats available....all minds are thinking the same during the season!


When you're down by the seaside, of course, get your ice cream...but another great treat is the lovely seafood stands that are nearby, just beyond the carosel. I've got a mini tub of whelks for £1.50 and scrumptious crab claws for only £3.50! Fear not if you can't get into those crab claws, as there are plenty of rocks on the beach....I've had a good bash at them...Abi Fabi....


Now make sure you bring swimsuit...check...UV protection (I got my SuperGoop!)...check....shades....check.....I'm ready to go again! Are you?? 


Make your weekend ROCK on the pebbled beach at Brighton! 


Forever Rock’n On: Rock Has Lasting Impressions

A picture speaks a thousand words, and in the Rock’n Roll world, it seems that a picture or photograph can not only do that, but also let the music continue to inspire and remind us of historical, and political movements gone by. For some fathers out there who have just turned sixty or are in their sixties, photos of rock icons can bring back a sense of an adrenaline youth and perhaps, renegade days.

I stumbled upon and its pop-up shop accidentally while roaming the Seven Dials on a recent Sunday afternoon. I went in to see the photographs displayed there because I saw some of David Bowie in the window display, and having gone and reviewed the Bowie exhibition at the the V&A, had a new appreciation for photographs of rock icons. was started up by Jill Furmanovsky in 1998 with a collective of 30 classic black and white images to make into an edition of darkroom prints from her own 30 year archive. Furmanovsky was inspired by Magnum picture collective at the time, and the rise of the effects the digital revolution was taking on photography. prides itself on its exceptional print quality and work with rock photographers, and visual artists to bring fans & collectors the captured essence of the music in all its visual glory.

Having grown with live shows both here in London and globally, some of their embossed fine-art prints are widely sought after by collectors as investments. The Pop-Up shop on 46 Monmouth Street will not be there much longer, so pop along to see (& purchase if you wish) a selection of prints on display. Otherwise, you can browse through online, and  choose from hundreds of photographs from Johnny Cash to Elvis to Blur. I think these make a perfect house warming gift, or any celebration gift to any Rock’n Roll aficionado, and makes indeed, the most welcome lasting impression.

For more information, gallery, about the photographers, or to purchase go to



Cirque Du Cabaret at Southbank’s Wonderground is Cheekily Cheerful

Tired of doing the same activities on the weekend? Movies, shopping, markets, eating out….well add some pizzazz to your weekend this season, and get down to London’s Southbank Wonderground! The Wonderground is back at Southbank to add some fun fare entertainment this summer. As it was last year, the delightful garden with the gazebos is back to enjoy lazy summer evening drinks, and the shows are all new and electric!

For those not sure, or who have never been to the Wonderground, it might be good to go see something with a bit of everything as a taster. I recommend the Cirque Du Cabaret as it is cheekily cheerful! Host, Dusty is back at the Spiegeltent, and pumps it full of colourful characters from the ‘Oh, so sweet’- Hoola Boy with his hoola hoops, to the saucy fire breathing girl, to some catchy tunes by Elle and the Pocket Bells! (Be prepared though for some nudity with burlesque dancers.) I felt especially uplifted after this show each bit was equally as entertaining, and fun.  

No two nights though are the same, so this little bag of Dolly Mix is just surprisingly delightful, and not to be missed! There are only 3 shows left this season! Tickets are £17.50 each, and there are tickets for July 19, Sept 20 & 28th.  Get your tickets at

Step Right Up to London’s Best in LIVE ENTERTAINMENT this summer! Only at the Wonderground! 


Beauty's Secrets

Beauty Talks about ‘Lady Killers’: A Super Guide to Wearing High Heels with Carnation Footcare

Beauty Says: Ah, nothing like a pair of high heels to make a girl feel like a million. For short girls, it’s the ultimate confidence booster! But at what price do we pay for wearing high heels to gain a few looks, or get fashion pleasure? For some it may be bunions, corns, calluses, rough or cracked heels to name a few painful woes. Some problems might be long term like damage to feet bones, or embarrassing falls on the street or at events. Well, girls you no longer have to take a beating from ‘Lady Killing’ High Heels anymore, as I’ve discovered super solutions and tips that will keep you calm & walking on… in any pair of heels you like!

Liz Brewer, Etiquette Expert

Liz Brewer, etiquette expert, who has helped celebrities, royalty & international clients, talks about the ‘Pain & Pleasure’ of wearing heels. She says that the main problem of heels is pain and discomfort. Another key problem is not walking in them properly, hence creating embarrassing situations from falling to not walking elegantly.

Top 2 Mistakes of Walking in heels:

When walking in heels, it is important NOT to do: ‘The Shuffler’, or ‘The Duck Bum’. This is when you either drag your feet in a shuffle or stick out your bum to compensate to move in the high heels. Both are extremely inelegant!


Many of us are afraid of walking up and down a flight of stairs, and hence, we tend to take steps slowly one by one-doing ‘The Clumper’ or ‘The Double Stepper’, not to mention also holding on to hand railings for dear life. The secret to walking up and down stairs is to feel the back of each step with your heel, or feel the end of each step with your toe. If you practice and do this, you can hold your head high, and walk on stairs with confidence!


Remember Liz’s 3 Main tips for Walking Well in Heels:



Chin up and glide forward

Stand with posture as this is the best protection from falling


Painful Effects of Wearing Heels

The painful effects of wearing heels can include burning in the balls of the feet, to corns & calluses forming, to rough or cracked heels. Some long term effects can be much more damaging such as permanent damage to the bones of the feet, bunions, or knees. Dr. Tariq Khan, Podiatrist & expert for Carnation Footcare & the NHS, clears up some of the myths about wearing heels, and how to have a long healthy feet life in heels. Here are his tips:


Exercise & Treatments: Exercising the feet after you have been in heels is essential. One of the best exercises to do is to use a pedi roller. This creates blood flow in the feet and helps relax and revive the feet after wearing heels. Carnation Footcare has a great pedi roller that only £5 on their Also another top tip is to relax and soak the feet in a tub of salt water-this takes away inflammation. (You must try this after a night out in heels! There is no pain the next morning, and I promise you will not limp out of bed!) 

Born with Bunions: Many people think they were born with bunions or that bunions are hereditary-this is simply not true. Bunions are the result of wearing heels over a long duration of time. Note, that surgery to remove bunions is not a cure, but merely a short term solution.  

Wear shoes in your size: Do not play that Cinderella game of trying to wear shoes that simply do not fit. If shoes are too big for you, your toes will try to claw onto the shoes-overtime, this creates horrible looking claw-like toes! Always make sure, the shoes are in your size, and that you can walk in them comfortably!


Emergency Product Essentials for the handbag from Carnation Footcare

Beauty Says: If you’re going out in heels always remember to bring a flat pair of shoes with you in your handbag. I’m also suggesting some other nifty essentials that can save you from any discomfort or pain. Don’t suffer in silence (or have wads of tissue in your heels). I’ve got these super feet savers in the bag:

Carnation Footcare Anti-Blister Stick: Simply rub a bit of this around the heel or wherever the shoes are rubbing, and it will stop. It’s not greasy and provides instant relief! Use this and you won’t find blisters forming, or limp home in pain.

Carnation Footcare Bunion Pads: As we walk our bunions might flare up in pain. Pop a bunion pad on to relieve the pressure instantly!

Carnation Footcare Invisible Gel Cushions & Gel Spots: For that burning sensation that rises in the ball of our feet, give it comfort by popping in the shoes some gel cushions. Likewise, you can apply the gel spots to any other areas to protect from sore spots or where shoes have already rubbed. Say, ah in relief, not ah….in pain!

All Carnation Footcare products starting from £3 are available at


Let your Hair reap the Benefits of Vegan Diet from Tara Smith’s Vegan Hair Range

Beauty Says: Did you know that the top six reasons why going vegan would benefit us include: so that hair and skin can completely reap 100% benefits and GLOW! This is rather similar to the idea that celebrity hair stylist, Tara Smith had in mind when she developed her Vegan Hair range. The range takes on the ethos of ‘no nasties’, and contain no toxic ingredients, or harsh chemicals, but still provide optimum results!

Now surely a woman who has styled hair on the set of Sex & The City is good for us right?? Tara Smith has quite the list of celeb following, including the likes of Anna Friel, Lucy Liu, and Orlando Bloom to name a few….ooo we do love Orlando’s locks don’t we? Well, we don’t have to dream of stroking his locks any longer as we can get the same results with Tara at home. I’ve gave a few of her products a trial and I’m rather impressed. My beastie (as you know this is what I call my hair) highly recommends the SHINE ON line within her range. It gives the most brilliant energy-body + shine, which is just the perfect picture of health when it comes to hair. Another top product within the range that’s a must have is the Base Coat Serum which is great for frizz. The weather here has had a hard time making up its mind this season, and this little bottle has been a great trouble shooter for taming the wildness of getting up in the morning and finding a bit more of beastie than I can handle. Just by working a pea sized amount throughout the hair, and then just brushing through, I find this incredibly easy to use, and a bit of a cure for wanting to let your hair down, and not being forced to put it up.

Starting at £5 per bottle at 100ml (You can get all three pieces in the Shine On Tool Kit for £12.50) these won’t break the bank, are perfect for the travel/gym bag…and well simply put, might simply just go to your head! Available now at

Tools of the Trade: Essential Beauty Tools That No Girl Should Be Without

Beauty Says: When it comes to make-up ladies, it’s not just about colour or the quality of the products. The tools that we use to apply the products do in fact make a huge difference and help the efficacy and give the desired or professional results! I’ve highlighted some of the best tools of the trade-tools you should not be without, and give you some of the best tips on how to use them to get optimum results. Check it out! 

The Nail File/Emery Board: So many of you think that there is no girl in the world that doesn’t have a nail filer, and doesn’t know how to use it. Well, besides using it to just file and shape your nails, how else do you use it? And will any nail filer do? I suggest that to get decent results for shaping nails, you have to get a nail file that is sturdy and not flimsy. Elegant Touch does a good one where you can use both sides and get a good grip. My top tip for using this tool is that it’s numero uno to remove sparkly nail polish! After you have removed most of the nail polish, just buff with the nail file to get rid of any stubborn to remove bits! Never file your nail file away in your beauty box! Always have it handy! Elegant Touch £1.89 at

Toe Separators: For the perfect pedicure be sure to get some toe separators on. These are great as they prevent smudging after the paint, but they also make and hold the toes in, so that they are easy to paint! Most would think that simply popping cotton wool or cotton balls between each toe is sufficient, and that investing in this tool is a waste of money-this is not true, as sometimes the cotton can fall out or bits of it will get stuck to your pedicure before it dries, and ruin it before it’s done! Most of them can be found in the pound store or chemists for around £1. Try to get yours, mine is from Elegant Touch at

Detangling Brushes for Hair Wash: I cannot emphasize the importance of this tool in the shower, whether at the pool or at home. This little brush by Denman detangles, and evenly distributes the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask throughout the hair. It’s an essential tool because it also prevents the use of too much product. The result is very different than not using it, and you see the results upon drying your hair. Don’t substitute and use your hair brush or a comb either, as it doesn’t give the same results. I also use mine to give a little massage while shampooing too! They now come in a rainbow of colours…hands off my Deman detangler…get your own! £3.50

Touch Up Brush by Paul & Joe: Now just by looking at the picture of this brush, you’re going to say that this is a lip brush. It’s not just a lip brush! This is the handiest tool for: lip products + concealer + eye make-up on the go! I love this brush because it’s compact, and you can take the product with you without taking carrying too much in your handbag. I love loading this brush for concealer, and eye liner. Due to its unique shape and tip, you can use this brush to apply eyeliner, concealer for undereye or spot coverage, and of course, for lip stick. No girl should be without this, as it really is a lifesaver when you’re going out and don’t want to carry too much….What will you download onto the touch up brush? £12 at Fenwicks of Bond Street, at the Paul & Joe Beaute counter. 

Corn & Callus Shaver: Probably the worst thing for any girl is to wear a beautiful pair of sandals, and to have dry heels showing, or have unsightly corn and calluses. Well, the super tool for that is the corn and callus shaver. There are replacement blades for each use, and incredibly easy and safe to use. I soak my feet in some warm water before I start, and then apply it to the heels as you would do a peeler to a carrot. You will be amazed at the smooth results. Always remember to moisturise well the area that you’ve shaved. It’s a secret weapon that makes all the difference to achieving best step forward in the summer! £3.05 comes with extra blades

Beauty Blender: Now for foundation or base application most of you out there will either use fingers, or brushes to apply. This little number is called a make-up blender. It is a silicon sponge on the outset, but due to its unique shape, you will find that it’s a top tool is a great trouble shooter to reach places like the corners of your nose. It’s handy especially for mousse or heavy textured foundations- as it can give more even and complete coverage to your face.  Kiko does a great and affordable one at £2.90

Beauty's Abi Fabi Edit

Heat Wave gets Hair Raising

Beauty Says: Nothing is more inelegant than hair that looks dirty, limp, or flat in Summer’s heat. The problem with ‘the beast’ (as you know this is how I refer to my hair/bonnet) is that in Summer, it just lies there. A few weeks ago I was inspired and got uber hair ‘up do’ advice from Percy & Reed, KMS, and Batiste. Come with me to get your hair risen….wakey wakey….and there’s jewels at the end too! Check it out…

The best hair to work with is hair that has not been washed for at least a couple of days. This is because it has the oils in it and so there will be no fly away and a better hold for the styles you want to achieve. It is hard to work with limp hair though, so two must have products is dry shampoo & dry conditioner. Two brands that are great in this department is Percy & Reed or Batiste. Percy & Reed also do minis versions and do styling packs that you can take away on holiday when you want to spend more time going out then washing or styling your hair. (Still, we like to look uber fabulous in our holiday pics!)

Batiste dry shampoo offers the widest range of flavours, and suitable options for different hair textures. They also have the most flavours from fruity to florals. Their dry conditioner is super too as it has Argan Oil in it, and leaves the hair not just detangled but full of age fortifying protection from the sun’s heat! 

After spraying the hair with the dry shampoo & conditioner, I run my brush through it several times, and start to part a small section on either side near my temples. I braid these two ends and clip them up ‘HEIDI’ style with grips. Next, I simple put all the rest of the hair in a pony tail, and slip it through my trusty donut. Flip, the rest of the hair to cover the donut, and secure with a long elastic hair band several times. Finally I put a light mist of Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray from Percy & Reed. 

The piece d’resistance is a swarovski crystal ribbon hair band that goes between the Heidi braids from Cadenzza. You can also tie this kind of hair band more Tarzan/Jane or tribal style, to create a more of a festival vibe. The combinations for styles are endless as there are no rules.

My top tip: Braid, twist, and play with it by putting it up not just at the back but on the side, or sideways too. Braiding is a great way to create more hair, and it’s much more neat and tidy if breeze catches the hair via seaside versus teasing.

Get your Hair Raising Tools: Donut starting £1 at pound stores or any chemist (also at Primark) comes in dark to light colours to suit all hair colour and comes in 3 sizes for hair thickness; Batiste dry shampoo & conditioner, available from £2.99 at; Percy & Reed Quintessential Quick Fix Set £24 & Dry Shampoo £12 at; jewel jane head band £66 at


FREEZE! Stop Aging dead in its Tracks with some smooth operators of Freeze 24-7

Beauty Says: Sometimes, I am convinced that while we sleep in the night, miniature goblins come to gather the juice of youth away from our face. Who knows where they take our youthful glow, or collagen to…perhaps to some evil ancient queen that speaks to her mirror.

Well sleep pretty tonight, as you can stop aging, dead in its tracks, with some smooth operators of Freeze 24-7. As always I believe that when you invest in skincare, it should be a core three piece: cream + eye serum + eye cream. Check out these three core pieces from Freeze 24-7 that are worthy of investment for the upcoming Autumn/Winter: 


For those who like a light texture to their moisturiser look no further than Freeze 24-7 Ice Cream Double Scoop. It is so velvety and soft and works hard on wrinkles, and fine lines. Best of all, the effects are all yours to keep long term. The secret weapon is Myoxinol, which helps to relax the muscles. This in turn, helps you to keep looking younger, longer. There’s also Green Tea extract and L. Carnosine, both to help block our UVA & UVB rays to prevent further damage from the environment. My take on this cream is that it does indeed perform, and priced rather accessibly at £65/50ml

Your skin might literally take on Freeze 24-7 Ice Serum as its ‘First Love’ with just one touch. This eye serum is recommended to those who are looking for a brightening effect and those who want to treat hyperpigmentation or dark spots. Its exclusive white strawberry extract works instantly to lighten. I personally do not have any spots, but I’m always up for anything that can brighten the skin and reveal a more radiant appearance. What I noticed about this serum, was that it gave my skin quite good hydration levels. It contains also Matrixyl Synthe 6, a powerful peptide, Resveratrol, which comes from grapes to prevent wrinkles, and Sodium Hyaluronate which goes to hydrate and soothe. Looking at just these three ingredients I can see the value in this product, as these ingredients are often or commonly used in other luxury skincare brands that may charge two or three times for their serums. At £70 a bottle, it’s a good buy.

Finally, the Eycing, is Freeze 24-7 eye cream. Now I have to emphasize that this eye cream is a good investment because it contains Mala’Kite, and Peptide 171. Both of these ingredients are found in top of the line eye creams that will make your eyes water at £170+. It delivers great circulation around the eye area, not to mention massive improvements to those who are looking to iron out the corners that they’ve been trying to hide with a pair of sunglasses. It’s texture is smooth, and for those who work late, or are starting to have computer eyes playing with all their digital toys too much, this is good to have at hand to apply straight afterwards. You see an immediate improvement, which is just the Eycing on the cake isn’t it, because at £70 for 18ml (yes you get 3ml more than any other eye cream on the market) you want to tell me you’re screaming: I want it!

All Freeze 24-7 products are available now at

Fabulous gift-giving is no Fairy-tale….Be inspired to give your next gift from

Beauty Says: We are now seeing a revival of patterns everywhere in fashion, and art in design. Pop colours do not seem to solely satisfy; and wouldn’t it be nice to be able to embrace both the preservation of the past, with retro motifs, while also embracing the future of design? Well, look no further than new concept online retailer: Forlkorique. Folklorique handpicks young artists who create modern day pieces with a folklore fare!

Ina Pabat-Stroe, mastermind behind Folklorique, started it because she was looking towards products that were suitable for the post consumerist era. Attracted to and respectful of old crafting methods, she wanted to share that love and respect for artists who would produce something lovingly by hand. My personal take on it, is that because anything we can get today is more or less mass marketed, the site is rather unique. Folklorique offers fashion and accessory pieces to distinctive pieces for the home- pieces to love for many years to come. This is a fabulous destination to be looking for a gift-something that not everyone has.

 The beauty of all the creations on the site is that each artist, and craft, does indeed come with a tale of its own, and one that is not fairy-tale, but all 100% real, which is now rare. So the next time you’re looking for a gift for a friend, or love one why not drop by and see what may inspire you…

Do Beauty on the Inside and It Shall Show Outside- Review of Top Beauty Capsules

Beauty Says: We know that old adage of ‘Beauty Inside Out’ to be indeed true. There’s no better time than mid-summer to start doing a bit of detox, and inside care to prepare for autumn and maintain beautiful skin-even through the weather change! Whether it’s a bit of detox to give that last bit of weight loss some extra support or it’s simply doing an everyday maintenance I’ve know a good few capsules that could help you achieve GLOWING Beauty! Check it out:

Dove Spa-Strength Within Anti-Wrinkle Supplement: This is my top must try, must buy when it comes to beauty supplements. They are so easy to take, and there are no rules-that is, you can take them whenever you want. Take 3 capsules a day, whether it’s one after each meal or all three at once. I tend to take them in the morning after breakfast. With Omega 3 & Isoflavones, Lycopene, and vitamin E & C these will instantly plump up and out your skin.

Omega 3 is good for moisture, and is a great anti-ager in terms of replenishing fatty acids in the skin. Isoflavones are from soy beans, which contribute to estrogens hormones, much needed, for women to maintain a youthful appearance. The Lycopene, a vitamin that comes from tomato skin, is not only a great protector against harmful environmental aggressors(yes that’s natural sun screen for inside-out), but also can give you a slight natural tanned appearance for a healthy glow.  My advice is to take a 7 day course twice a month to keep the boost up! I saw a visible difference straight away in my skin, and as I was suffering from a round of recent break outs too, I saw fast healing with the spots! They’re also great for anyone who wants to reduce fine lines & wrinkles. I’m loving this little birdie and her secret, are you? £35, 84 capsules


Elemis: Cal-Metab Plus & Deep Drainage Capsules: Now anyone looking for a decent detox product/program look no further than spa experts Elemis. I saw a fast improvement in my energy levels and increase in burn with my swimming sessions when I trailed these for two weeks. Take two each with breakfast. My top tip is to use both the Cal-Metab Plus & Deep Drainage together to see better results. Also, be warned that you may experience a slight breakout of the skin with the Cal-Metab Plus. (Purely because it is incredibly detoxifying!) Another must do is to drink plenty of water while you are taking these, so that your body is able to flush out all the toxins.

The Cal-Metab Plus are great for anyone looking to shed the last few pounds or anyone who has plateaued on losing the weight with regular diet & exercise. They’re also great for anyone looking to kick start a weight loss program. The organic iodine in these capsules are great for balancing the thyroid. The Deep Drainage Capsules work with the Cal-Metab Plus Capsules effectively as they aids the elimination of the toxins, excess fluid in the body, stimulates the colon, and can also improve sallow complexions. I would only recommend these to anyone who does do a regular exercise regime and eats healthy. One of the easiest detox sessions I’ve done ever- that has no adverse affects. Superb! £35, 60 capsules each at

Snob's Yum Yum Edit

Roll with it! YUKI GOMI’s- Beginner’s Guide to Perfect, Simple “Sushi At Home”

Japanese chef, Yuki Gomi, has taught thousands of people the art of Japanese cooking, and how to make their own sushi. She has just come out with her first cook book: Sushi At Home, a comprehensive guide to anyone desiring to perfect sushi making whether for entertaining or those who are tired of eating M&S or Pret versions that simply do not do this traditional Japanese meal justice. 

Do not be fooled that this is another cookery book that simply tells you what ingredients to put into your sushi or just how to roll it. You will be impressed by the detail of her advice on where to buy the freshest fish in London (for your sushi) to safety guidelines of cleaning and preparing the seafood, to how to eat and display it. Yuki also splendidly will surprise you with options and recipes for Soba (or buckwheat noodle) sushi also cooking up your own Koryori (small side dishes) and Soups.

Even if you’re the most advanced cook, and have rolled your own sushi at home for years, you may find a new appreciation for the craft and her tips helpful, or perhaps new recipes such as for pressed sushi you have never tried.

Now available £18.99 at and


Summer Recipe: Cold Beet Root Soup

Snob Says: Lazy summer days....but we can't make anything delicious if we don't huff & puff over a stove, can we? Not necessary in this heat! I've got this great recipe for COLD Beet Soup, that requires no boiling....and it's not just satisfying....but will cool you's that for 2-in-1? 


Cold Beet Soup


2 cooked red beets, peeled and coarsely grated

2 fresh cucumers, finely cut

2 hard boiled eggs

100g (6 tablespoons) sour cream

1L or 4 cups of sour milk or butter milk

1 cup boiled water

8 sprigs of fresh dill, finely chopped

1 cup finely chopped scallion greens

salt to taste


Simply crush the egg yolks with scallion greens & salt. Add cucumer, finely chopped egg whites, sour cream, buttermilk, beets & 1 cup of boiled but chilled water. Mix well. Serve with boiled potatoes if desired to make a fuller meal, and sprinkle dill on top for fresher taste! 



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