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I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE SOMETHING THAT IS.....well just amazing....

As I'm travelling from one spot to another in London, I often SPY with my Little EYE....all sorts of things pretty & nice....See what I've spied with my little eye this month....If you want me to find something specific for you, why not write to me to find it? E-mail me at: or tweet me on Twitter: @Beautyandthesno


This Sequined top/sweater was spotted in front of a shop at Notting Hill Gate. Similar to the SUPER COOL styles, of brands like WILDFOX, who are known for this kind of iconic pieces with huge motifs and tons of sequins, this is a STEAL the STYLE find for £25. That is compared to WILDFOX version worn by celebrities that can cost up to £200 a piece!  


They've got other styles as well, but the swan is perhaps one of the most unusal I've seen with the black ruffles for a body....and the sparkly sequined neck and head.....The quality is also amazing- it's also got a good mix of wool fibres in it! 


A Super find to add some pizazz and casual cool to your wardrobe this January. 

The Dolly Mix

Beauty's Awards THE BEST of 2012 her KISS(ES) of APPROVAL!

Beauty and The Snob has had an incredible year with the blog and have met some equally incredible people, come across some awesome products & treatments, and tasted an explosion of flavour in 2012. All in all, they wanted to highlight some of the very BEST of the blog of 2012, so Beauty has decided to give the award of her KISS of Approval of 2012.....1, 2, or we go....

MARCH 2012

Gazelli & Triple Youth @ Urban Retreat BEST NEW BEAUTY BRAND: GAZELLI



March 2012 saw London receive a new National Treasure in Beauty: GAZELLI & their Triple YOUTH range at URBAN Retreat....we're waiting for new  and exciting updates from Gazelli on thier products and treatments for 2013....


Beauty gives GAZELLI 2x her  seal of approval! X X marks this spot! 


Anatomicals 2-in-1 Lip & Hand Balm

This has to be one of the BEST & most convinient inventions ever from quirky beauty brand: ANATOMICALS. 


Beauty loves it so much, and takes it everywhere she travels! She gives this abi fabi product her 3x Seal because she's so IN LOVE with it! Talk about the real GENIE in the bottle! 

April 2012

NUBO-White Diamond Ice Glow

Part 1 of Mask-er-Aid in this issue highlights NUBO’s White Diamond Ice Glow Mask as a feature key product. It’s one of Beauty’s favourites, and has helped to keep her face up! You don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve tried this STELLAR product! It wins of course her 3x Kiss of Approval…

Face-Lace the Ultimate Accessory of 2012

Face-Lace made its debut at Corrie Nielsen & LFW. Genius is not the half of it for this ultimate accessory of 2012! Have you been faced-laced yet?? Beauty gives this very Cool product her 3x kisses….

May 2012

DESA continues our glow...

DESA was indeed a glowing discovery....tucked in Covent Garden, it's a REAL GEM for style & leather....Beauty gives it her one KISS for fashion's BEST!

Nails Inc Nails It!

We've never seen nail designs like this before.....and ones you can do at home. Nails Inc, has HIT IT ON THE NAIL, with their Fishnets magnetic designs...and Beauty gives it also a double whammy.....kiss kiss for Nails Inc, HORRAY!

June 2012

Scream for joy.....cellulite beware of Soap & Glory's SIT TIGHT

1 Kiss for SIT TIGHT by SOAP & GLORY....this magnificient product had has screaming for joy....and our dimpled bottoms & cellulite screaming trying to get away!!!....


Screaming for more of this Eyes Cream! Cold Plasma MD Perricone

Eyes Cream, Eyes Cream we all scream for more Eyes Cream...and none other than STAR PRODUCT: MD Perricone's Cold Plasma for truly deserves a few kisses for saving eyes from late nights....


July 2012

Making our pets the cutest ever-Pet Pyjamas

Pet Pyjamas deserves a kiss of approval for making our pets the cutest they can be...certainly the Chelsea Crowd approves.....mmmmwah! 


The Time Machine that takes your face back.....CACI

This has to be the facial THAT WORKS, and where you saw the results straight away. Impressed by its efficiency, and 5 star surrounding at THE FOUR SEASONS, Beauty definitely gives this her 3 KISSES!


August 2012

Emotional Brillance from LUSH

Emotional Brilliance has to be one of the most innovative and brilliant ideas of make-up of 2012! The people at LUSH are always in tune with our thoughts, sound, mind....and attuning it all to our make-up as well. Indeed deserving the 3 Kisses of HORRAY!


September 2012 we love thee for SUPER Anti-Ageing??


PREVAGE showed us SUPER Anti-Ageing power with their Triple Defense Shield SPF 50. It's brilliant any day, any time of year, and primes your make-up too. Never worry about your skin again, rain or shine! And for that, it deserves 3 lovely kisses! xxx 

October 2012

The Hero Eye Mask

Talk about SUPER HEROS that save the day! This eye mask has that punching power, and convenience all in one eye pack....With Triple Oxygen technology, it get rid of dark circles bar-none, and makes it seem you've slept like sleeping beauty even when you've partied hard! It deserves the French 2 Kiss! 

November 2012

ELEMIS WINS Beauty's 1 + 2 + 3 Kisses for these 3 Anti-Agers!


Oooo la la....ELEMIS WINS all of Beauty's Kisses here....all 1 + 2 + 3 for these 3 Anti-Agers that are well...just simply GORGEOUS!


1. Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser

2. Cellular Recovery Capsules

3. Collagen Marine Night Cream

A Nosy Affair.....with Nad's Nose Wax

Snob found himself a REAL Nose job when he discovered Nad's Nose Wax...probably one of the useful, and needed inventions of Beauty had come this year! It deserves one golden smak of approval.....!


December 2012

Kastur Jewels Be-jewels Beauty for a Kiss

Kastur Jewels Be-jewels Beauty for 1 Kiss this Christmas with their bracelets that liften her outfits. Truly deserves a THANKS for outfit saving! X


OOo La La...Belmacz comes 2nd runner up in all time 2012 Best Lip Product!

Better known for their jewellery, BELMACZ & Julia Muggenburg has been kissed on both cheeks from Beauty for the lip balm/gloss that should be the crowned-jewel of lip products in 2012! A very french SALUT! to our lovely Julia, Belmacz Beauty!


Beauty Awards the last 3 Kisses to Craig Ryan French & Paul & Joe Beaute!



Beauty would like to award her last 3 smacks of 2012, and plant them on Paul & Joe Beaute, and thier Creative Director, Craig Ryan French for the most amazing lipstick application advice & lippies. She's now never without them....and get noticed! 

Beautys' Secrets

January’s NEW Beauty Revolution: DECLEOR’s 5 Piece Anti-Aging Face & Body Collection from QVC (Sponsored Post by QVC)

Beauty Says: For most, January is all about New Year’s resolutions, and de-toxing from the holidays. Personally, I like to wind down from all the recent past excitement, with a few treatments down at the spa!  However, if you did not get spa vouchers for Christmas, this might prove to be a costly expense especially after all of the most recent expenses. Thank goodness, I’ve discovered an absolutely fabulous 5 piece Anti-Aging Face & Body Collection from DECLEOR on QVC-that allows you to spa away at home. Best of all, it will not break the bank for the New Year, and gives instant relief to face, body and mind! I promise this set is so amazing, it will turn into a New Year Beauty Ritual, and that’s a Happy New Year: New You, indeed!



For 30 years, the premium skincare brand, DECLEOR, has led the way with their award-winning aromatherapy products. Starting out, with a small office, and team of aromatherapy experts, they are pioneers, not just in aromatherapy products, but also aromatherapy treatments. Their mandate is to provide their clientele with an intrinsic holistic approach with the purest most potent and most natural ingredients in their products. One of their most famous trademarks is AROMESSENCE, which means that their products promise to be 100% pure, 100% natural, & 100% preservative free.  

At the moment, I’m all over this 5 Piece Anti-Aging Face & Body Collection, from DECLEOR on QVC! Trying to find Anti-Ageing Skincare that doesn’t break the bank while proving to work, or be able to give significant results, can prove to be a difficult feat.

This set ticks all the boxes for me as it-Contains key products for both face & body:

1. Aroma Cleanse: 3 in 1 Hydra-radiance smoothing & cleansing mousse for face, 200ml

2. Aromessence Iris Rejuvenating serum for the face, 5ml

3. Experience De L’Age, Anti-Wrinkle, Firming, Radiance Night Cream, 30ml

4. Aroma Confort, Soothing & Nourishing hand cream & body, 250ml

5. Aroma Cleanse Bath & Shower Gel, 150ml

Did I mention already that this is an extraordinary value for both its quality and quantity? The whole set only costs £63 and is valued at over £100! What ‘s more truly amazing are the smells and the way you feel when you tuck into them.  Strapped a bit till pay day? No worries, you can pay by Easy Pay, or instalments of 2, 3, or 4 months!

When I come home from a long hard day all I want to do is take my make-up off and relax. The cleanser has to be the key highlight in the collection. It takes off all the make-up, including mascara, in one easy step.  You don’t have to worry about toning afterwards either, as it leaves the skin: fresh, squeaky clean, and lifted while being hydrated. Use it worry- free, as it contains NO PARABENS!  I then follow with 3 drops of the Aromessence serum in the palm of my hands.

The secret technique to using it is to breathe in the scent of this gorgeous Iris serum. The breathing in of the aromas help to release any tension and stress from the day.  After 3 deep breaths I apply it in a gentle but firm pressure to key energy points of the face: the neck, the chin, cheeks and just above the brows. Do this, by doing a pressing motion. Follow through then, by warming a pea-sized amount of the night cream, repeating the breathing technique and then apply with sweeping strokes over face and neck.

As for the bath products, they are equally fantastic, as they not just relax you but truly re-align you so that you can enjoy your evening. The shower and bath gel is incredibly creamy, though it is a gel, and not a cream product. The aromas from this product create a harmony of relaxation and revive: grapefruit, basil, thyme, sandalwood and cedarwood. Follow through with the hand and body cream to get cashmere soft skin. This hand & body moisturiser is equally comforting as it contains: vitamin E, coconut oil, meadowfoam oil, and pathenol. The pathenol is exceptionally good to protect and strengthen the skin in cold weather!

Having done this New Year’s ritual, each night, as of recent late, has left me with uninterrupted sleeps at night and a ton of energy in the morning. I find a huge difference in my skin as well, especially in the improved firmness and tone of the cheek area. The skin overall, feels well-balanced, hydrated, and less oily when I wake in the morning.

 It’s not just a New Year’s detox, or resolution for a better you…I would like to call it: A New Year’s: New You: Beauty REVOLUTION!  To get yours, order here now at QVC




 Check out some of these HOT items & websites for your update:

Beauty Says: Hmm….as January hits, so does the sales, but be weary not to invest into past season pieces that will easily date, or make you look like you’ve been left behind in 2012. Why not instead, put some thought into it and INVEST in pieces that are WORTHY for the New Year and season?  The key here is to have less, but a key piece that would give your already uber style an update!

 Rae Jones:


Shoes spécialiste and trend-setter, Racheal Jones has filled-in a significant market with her brand Rae Jones. The shoes are made not only beautiful and wearable, but made in mind to last in terms of quality. More known to be an electic footwear brand, it has reminiscence of past styles, without it being labeled as vintage.At the moment I’m in love with this specific style: THAMES, £249, a worthy candidate and investment for the transition into the SS’13 season. Wear with ankle socks for still slightly colder days….Check out her other styles with key hues (such as electric blue) at Post Mistress, Anthoropologie or online at






 Home-grown and based jewellery brand Gossimarwings, provides an instant update to any piece from top to bottom. It’s a one-stop shop for hand-made, vintage, contemporary accessories. Best of all, it’s whimsical, and tells a quirky fashion story!


At the moment I’m in love with necklace statement pieces that can turn around any old blouse, dress, or jacket! This Rainbow Bib/Necklace for £50 is just perfect to add some be-dazzle sparkle to January blues…




Or this unusual but on-trend wooden skulls necklace, £30, would certainly add an edge to any feminine dress or top and get you Rock’n Roses….



Finally, I’m all over these wooden Angel Statement earrings, £18, too- for that affordable and guiltless January weekend treat….mmm….

Get your New Year STYLING now…with Gossimarwings at:












 Abide Clothing:


If you don’t want to look like you’ve tried too hard, and tend to like comfort, then look no further for your update than Abide Clothing. Known for their ultra-comfort, but ‘kindered spirit’ styles, this brand has a lot to offer in terms of the update department. I would describe this brand as FEMININE meets EDGY.



  At the moment I suggest going to catch some of its fashion spirit, as some of these items in the photos are on sale! (Psst….this lovely silk top in the first picture is only £39!)…..So go on….Get a spiritual update for your wardrobe this January with


In Love With Fashion:


In Love With Fashion offers key trend pieces, like sequined jackets, hotpants, skirts, and much more at an affordable price! (Think along the line of ASOS.) At the moment there is fantastic special on the site where you can get any 3 pieces for £29.99! Celebs like Elen Rivas, Tina O’Brien, Cheska Hull, and Fearne Cotton are fans of this site.



 Check out a few of these pieces that could seriously liven up your wardrobe, like this sequined dress for parties, or this cute blue piece with cotton bud flowers for some power to the office!  So if you’re IN LOVE with fashion you know the website to go to:



At the moment I suggest these great Super Sonic sneakers, that remind me of some cool KEDS I used to wear in the fourth-grade….it’s got some old skool style….Catch them  from £40 an pair at


If you’re looking to inject some comfort and casual style into the wardrobe, may I suggest CCILU? The Japanese casual footwear brand is super light, flexible and comes in some fun colours to brighten up your commute to and from work!



Not into sneakers, or think they might make you mistaken for school-run mum? No worries! CCILU has just launched THE FINLEY MERCER COLLECTION, made from an anti-bacterial material called CCILUCELL. With breathable technology, the same flexibility and fun colours, what’s not to love? I’m calling the blue lagoon pair…it’s mine! £55 at

Eye Brightening, Eye Openers for 2013!

Beauty Says: So the holidays are over now…and you’re back to work. Did you party hard during Christmas and New Years? Need sleep…slumping over now over the desk are we? Shame on you! At least you can fake your perkiness at work with these Eye Brighteners, and look WIDE-eyed and bushy tail…afterall, you want that promotion this year don’t you in 2013? Pay attention and get some Bright Eyes!

Transformulas Eye Lightening: This is a new advanced nano-treatment that is truly BEAUTY without surgery. The eye-lightening serum goes deep into the skin to strengthen capillaries, and minimise couperose and tear sacks. It lightens the complexion around the eyes, and effortlessly diminishes any dark circles or fatigue. Best of all it reduces puffiness fast. So literally, you can use this on the way to work and be rid of any bags by the time you get to the desk. I suggest this product for those looking for a quick, affordable solution to botox, as it goes to restore the collagen structure around the eye area. In an easy pen applicator, it’s a cinch to use anytime, anywhere. Available for £29.95/10ml at

Neroli Firming Illuminate Eye Cream from Super Facialist By Una Brennan: Inspired by Una Brennan’s belief of the importance of DEEP skin hydration, this fragrance-free eye cream, target fine lines, and restore the eyes in the gentlest way. It restores the skin around the delicate eye area through apple-stem cells and Hisbicus extract to increase cell-turnover. Hyaluronic acid, Shea butter and grapeseed oil in it helps to deeply hydrate and moisturise caffeine, aloe vera and cucumber oil helps to de-puff tired eyes. Get some gentle instant relief for those peepers now 15ml/£7.99 at

Elemis Fresh Skin Tired Eyes Soothing Rescue: Ah, good ol’ ELEMIS to the rescue. If you’re young and inexperienced, and have seen tired eyes staring back at you suddenly, don’t panic. It may not be the first signs of ageing, but definitely your tired eyes could use some assistance! This reviving eye gel is formulated to instantly de-puff and sooth sore tired eyes. With Butchers broom, aloe vera and tetrapeptide, this is an effective treatment you can use day or night. Feel free to pop your make-up on straight away in the mornings, or relax with it before bed at night. Either way, it’s come to your rescue! 15ml/£15 at

Thalgo Roll-On Collagene Regard: Mmm…so you’re looking for something that massages while it de-puffs and lightens? Thalgo is the choice for this wonderful little number in a collagen roll-on. Not only does it de-puff and smooth over dark circles and fine lines, but the 3 roller ball tip really goes to drain away any puffiness!  Native Marine Collagen helps to boost cell regeneration while yeast extracts strengthen capillaries around the eye area. A must for those mature skins seeking for something that gives a good result! Available 15ml/£29.50 at

High Potency Eye Lift from MD Perricone: If you want something that works, then look no further than expert in anti-ageing Dr. Perricone. His High Potency Eye Lift contains DMAE, that goes to firm and lift, while Phospholipids go to repair, protect and hydrate the eye area. It is incredibly fast absorbing product, and you can see if work rather fast! I noticed brightness within my tired eyes within 3 days of using it. I would recommend this for more mature skins, and generally those who have advanced in their ageing process. I also recommend it for drier skin types as well. If you think you’ve got stubborn lines, or sagging that won’t go away, I would try this! 15ml/£78




Fake it with Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion:


Not so good at treatments, but want to fake it…..You can always draw attention away from the puffiness or darkness by lightening up with eye primers. One specific one I suggest is Urban Decay’s Eye shadow Primer Potion. They come in a wide variety of colours. I tend to like the pinky gold as it shimmers a bit and gives lift to tired eyes in a natural way.(Almost like giving candle-light to the eye area.) Be sure to extend this primer to the outer area on the side of the eyes as this will give the area more luminescence. Do some Eye Magic this winter: £14.50/11ml in colour: SIN at

GOSH Quattro Eye Shadows for a BRIGHT SS’13!!! (WIN IT!!!/Competition)


WIN IT/GIVEAWAY: Beauty & GOSH will give2 readers a FREE box of either TEMPTING PURPLE or GREEN VALLEY. All you have to do is TWEET! @Beautyandthesno: use #GOSHUKBRIGHTSS13 and tell me which colour of shadow could brighten up your day! Is it TEMPTING PURPLE or GREEN VALLEY??? Competition ends Jan 31st, 2013. You will be notified & your details confirmed for send out Feb 1st. GOOD LUCK!

So I’ve got you interested in BRIGHT EYES have I? from the feature on eyes lightening for the New Year. Update your make-up bag & eyes with GOSH Quattro Eye Shadows from GOSH! They’re a New Year’s STEAL of a deal for £7.99. Choose from Tempting Purple or Green Valley. What I really love about these shadows is the quality for the price. Build it up to go out at night, or wear them soft for work, they’ll give you the oomph you need to plug on through January! Get some oh my GOSH, at


The Edit: Reviews & Other Neat Stuff

Beautys' Abi Fabi Edit

Bamford Hay Barn: Organic Treatments for Soul, Mind and Body Well-Being

Beauty Says: If it’s an organic experience you’re looking for in a treatment then look no further than Bamford, Hay Barn. Brought to us by the famous and well-known food organics range Daylesford Organics, Bamford Hay Barn has been on the go since 2006 with the ethos of making manufacturing natural products in true artisan form. This ethos is, in fact, the passionate convictions of Bamford’s founder, Lady Carole Bamford.

I have to say, that this is the best body treatment I’ve had in a retail format. In fact, it may be compared to a five-star treatment you get at any luxury spa or hotel. For £70 for the hour and a half, and when you can re-deem this money towards Bamford products to take home, this is the best steal I’ve encountered in a while on the market! For those who also like relaxation through yoga and pilates, you would be interested to know that the Bamford Hay Barn in Gloucestshire offers packages of these classes plus treatments on top as well.  


I had the privilege of experiencing first hand one of their full body treatments-a full aromatherapy massage, down at Liberty’s of London, with their trainer and Head therapist, Charmaine. Having had just come home and done an arduous twelve-hour journey on a plane, this treatment was just what I needed to relax and get back in tune for the New Year. Charmaine, gave me a choice in the massage oils: Uplifting and Energizing or Calm and Relaxation. I chose the latter as all I wanted to do was relax and let the stresses of the holidays melt away. She tells me that the geranium and the lavender in the oils used on my body would help soothe and relax my muscles and body. Another interesting point about the oils of Bamford’s products is that they are botanical, which mean that they go deep into the body to work and heal, rather than just scenting or sitting on the surface of the skin like many aromatherapy-type products on the market. Thus, after the treatment I was advised to keep the oils onto my skin for at least 6-12 hours, to let them continue to do their work on my body.

Other key points I must highlight about this brand are:

-  the organic ingredients used are certified by the highest standards of the soil association

- the candles contain paraffin free soya wax

-all the products contain: NO parabens, SLS, artificial colourings, mineral oils and no synthetic fragrances

For young mothers who are concerned about your newborn baby and are looking for something to soothe and care for your child’s delicate skin seriously, consider Bamford! Their baby range includes: Baby cream, Baby Powder, Baby Soap, & Baby Balm.

Best of all the products are not just gentle on your skin, but also gentle on your pocket! Reasonably priced from £16-38, Baby products £10-£28. Bamford products are available at Libertys of London. Special treatments also available, on occasion, with booking at Libertys of London. Or shop online, or enquire about Bamford Hay Barn,


Rainbow Club Presents: The Colour Studio: Shoes to Dye For!

Beauty Says: You know how you’ve got a specific colour or tone to an outfit or dress, and when it comes to the shoes, you’ve got either boring black, or maybe just a similar tone that you’re trying to get away with just before sunset. Well, ladies step aside for The Rainbow Club’s: Colour Studio, a bespoke service that lets you choose the style of shoe and the perfect colour to match! Best yet, it’s all delivered to your door in no time, reasonably affordable, and truly shoes to eer….dye for! 

Here’s my first hand experience of how they do it:


Just before Christmas, I was invited to probably the most fun I’ve ever had at a PR event. About a dozen bloggers showed up to the Rainbow Club’s: Colour Studio, and were shown first- hand how they hand dye and make the bespoke shoes their customers.


I had the chance of chatting up Nikki, in marketing, and Head Designer Diane. Originally a wedding shoe company, Rainbow Club, saw the demand and need for a bespoke service not just to the bride and her bridesmaid, but to all women for all occasions. So they set up their Colour Studios online where you can choose from a wide selection of style of shoe: peep toes, ballerina flats, Swarovski heeled platforms, and many more, and colour them in any tone imaginable.

Top insider info: Head Designer of the shoes, Diane, had previously done work and designing way back in the day with the famous Jimmy Choo! How’s that for serious styling in these shoes?


 The ladies gave some great tips and warned me that although it looks easy to dye the shoes, it’s a feat perhaps best left to their wonders in the studios. The ladies also gave me a top tip to not go over an area once it was covered as it can darken it too much.


 We were all presented with tables of shoes, and cards with formulas on how to mix the dye paints. I took no time to get stuck in and mixed a lovely green colour, and got started. Taking one of the brushes, which look like Peter Rabbit’s cotton tail, I dipped it into the paint and applied it to a pair of satin open toe pumps. The first thing you notice is how far and quickly the dye runs. The dye can also run down to the bottom of the shoe if you’re not steady handed or careful when you get to the seams. In the end, the bloggers did not just colour, the shoes, in all sorts of hues on the tables, but also started to get creative and started making monet-like type designs, and edgy two-toned pairs! Check out the video here of all of us bloggers having fun on the night here:


The shoes start at about £69-£130, and you can choose the colour you want them to be. My tip when choosing the size is to go a size up, as the shoes do not stretch or give much way. You can check it out and order online at:

Snob's YUM YUM Edit

Be a Revolutionary this Winter with Chilli eating at Ba Shan London!



Snob Says: The cold has once again returned after a brief stint over New Year's of mellowing down....Fire up yourself to brace the chills of Winter by chilli eating!


It was once said by, the Chinese Dictator, Chairman Mao, that you cannot be a revolutionary unless you eat chillies! But where in London would you find this kind of food you might ask? Well, look no further than behind Chinatown, and Soho. BA SHAN on 24 Romilly Street, offers authentic Hunanese cuisine from China. Everything has accents of chillies on it from the appetisers to the main courses of meats & seafood.


It not only tastes fantastic, but is extraordinary value, as dishes range within the £10 range. A party of 3 people can have dinner at £60 all inclusive of tea, food, and tips.


I highly recommend the fish with chillies and garlic, as the flavour is mildly hot and delicate-which compliments the fish beautifully in a light soya sauce. Also recommended are the cold cut pork rolls where finely sliced cucumber, and carrots are wrapped with a slice of cold cut. On the top is chunky chilli sauce that is mild but lights up the simple dish. It certainly does get your appetite going! If you like your food consistently warm then why not try one of the mini wok dishes. The dish is constatly on a little fire with candle underneath, and is warm from start to finish. My favourite is the beef brisket with bamboo shoots. A real spicy affair and not for the faint hearted.


Be sure to book a table as even on week days they are rather full....Insiders tip, Ba Shan is also related to Barshu across the road that offers Sichuanese food (a bit more pricey), and Baozi Inn down the road, which offers a wide range of noodle and dumpling dishes for more casual dining. So what are you waiting for? Start a revolutionary with dinner this winter with Ba Shan.


To book or menu viewing go to: BA SHAN

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