Get It While IT'S HOT!!!


Give your nails the colour injection it needs for the festivals with MODELS OWN. They've got some of the juiciest NEON shades, most diamond twinkle in thier sparkle polishes, and the sweetest colours in pastels. Some even smell of the fruit flavours to match! 


I'm recommending for festival must haves:  ICE NEONS + CHAMPAGNE + PASTELS


 Littlewoods have a great selection of MODELS OWN polishes. Check out their selection here


My inspiration for Festival Fun are pretty BOHO nails with 3D butterflies & MODELS OWN. To make the nails stand out and shine don't paint them all the same colour. Instead rotate two polarising colours as I've done here with the LILAC DREAM + ORANGE SORBET. 


Next, to add some definiton to the nail,s add the thinnest layer of sparkle. I've used CHAMPAGNE.Sparkle is always great because it makes the manicure last. Chipping and any scratches are not noticeable, and you can freshen any manicure and make it last a day or two longer simply by adding a layer of sparkle! 


Finally use some nail glue and add the 3D accents. Here, I've chosen some pretty butterflies. You can get decals or 3D embellishments just about anywhere. Just have a look on the internet. I suprisingly found a huge box of these 3D butterflies in the pound store. 

Like my BOHO mani? You can win a collection of MODELS OWN polishes from me (x4 bottles) to create your own COLOUR FESTIVAL for nails with MODELS OWN.

Simply tell me where you can get MODELS OWN Nails polishes? The answer is above! E-mail me at: or Tweet me at Beautyandthesno the answer + your details. Winner will be announced next weekend 20/6/13.

Great GATSBY indeed an Extravagant Affair: Beauty’s Tips & Picks on GATSBY

Beauty Says: It’s all about decadence, and extravagance…..and love affairs when it comes to The Great Gatsby. Don’t be shy, as it doesn’t have to take loads of effort nor time..but it needs to sparkle, it needs art deco, and maybe a party to get it started!

From the feminine floral bottles & boxes, to the soft tones, to sparkles, shimmer and red lips that pop, nothing roars the 1920s and GATSBY quite like Paul & Joe Beauté. Here are my top picks to recreate the GATSBY inspired look. Easy for day or night:

Hit the Nail on the head for the GATSBY look with Paul & Joe’s nail enamel in number 34-a silver sparkle polish & 35 a gold sparkle polish. These are not your normal gold or silver glitter polishes. When several layers are painted on your nails they look as they were drenched in gold or silver sands. The effect is not tacky nor too 80s, and best of all as you can create GATSBY decadence with ease. They also work great as the tip to French manicures on coloured nails, or on top of any other colour to give your nails some RICH texture! £12 available at FENWICKS of Bond Street. 

Eyes are key when it comes to achieving this sensational look. I suggest any of the EYE GLOSS DUOs and the waterproof mascara to party right through to early morning. Director of Paul & Joe, Craig Ryan French refers to the eye glosses as “the candle light” to the eyes. They give that dining by candle light look. Simply smooth and blend the two shades one on top of the other out towards the brow bone. My colour suggestion is 01 a combination of gold and copper pink. £16.50 available at FENWICKS of Bond Street.

Their mascara is the only mascara that will not budge, will not run, and be there from dusk till dawn. If the party ends, simply remove with the dual phase eye make-up remover, £19 available at FENWICKS of Bond Street. 

Here’s Director & International Make-up Artist: Craig Ryan French's TOP TIP in his Mascara TRICK from Paul & Joe Beauté:

Use the mascara also as your eyeliner. Take the touch-up brush and apply the mascara on as eyeliner. By doing so you are refocusing the iris of the eye onto the eye. When applying the mascara start at the root of the eyelashes-this will create great volume as 1mm is loads of length to achieving long lash looks. For a “GATSBY CRAZE” use brown waterproof mascara underneath as contrast and for extra pizzazz.  


Finally, if you’ve got nothing to say, and just can’t be bothered to do nails, or eyes, or lips….just spray it on with Blanc fragrance by Paul & Joe. Tones of milk, sweet almonds, sensual white florals, and musk seemingly grapple with each other like the characters of the book. Not to mention the bottle’s art deco design in gold and white illustrates the prosperous “white” of Fitzgerald’s characters….how’s that for emotional scent? £39, available at FENWICKS of Bond Street.

Gatsby takes effect when you do the Charleston in these…

You have to wear pretty dancing shoes to do the Charleston. Even if you don’t know the dance it doesn’t matter, as these will make your tootsies look the part. No one knows this better than DUO boots who custom make the sizes by measuring you. These are guaranteed to fit and be comfy all night long! Whether you like a bit of tassels to jazz things up like these NILA £125 or prefer something more simply sophisticated like these Zuri £110(top)….comes in pretty pinks and blacks to complement any outfit!

Make a statement with your dress to really SHINE

To really shine and be the dame of the night you need a dress that will help you make that statement. Look no further than LAGOM who knows vintage like no one’s business! Their Lisbon dress £105 which comes in three colours: black, blue and red, will help you make all the right moves.

If you’re looking details, and like a bit of beading and sparkly accents then why not look into this with Jovonna London? I’m totally head over heels in love with this long Rachel dress- long and romantic, just a bit see through, but also enough sparkles and plunging neckline. Check out also the black version online as it is stunning! £60 and other dresses at

Make mine a Freeze 24-7 Skin Glacé- a cleanser + mask that gives your skin the cherry on top!

Beauty Says: Sometimes your skin can not decide what it really needs. It wants a detox but might too dry for mud or clay masks, or it might need some a lift-whenever it can’t decide get some Skin Glacé on it. The wonderful people at Freeze 24-7 have made a breakthrough technology in their Skin Glacé-a self-foaming cleanser that doubles up as a mask.

Unlike other foam cleansers that may leave your face squeaky clean but a bit on the dry side, Skin Glacé leaves it well-balanced, lifted and deeply hydrated. I especially love it because it can also unclog pores at the same time as any deep cleansing mask can. It is infused with aloe for optimum hydration and healing properties while the kaolin keeps the skin beautifully clear. Their secret is Bio-Transformed Rice Bran and Hydrolyzed Soy Protein. These two ingredients go purify and detoxify the skin while keeping it hydrated. The smell is not offensive or full of perfumes as it just smells of aloe. It takes the make-up off beautifully, and calms down any redness. I found a bit of a lift in the skin but not a tightened effect.

A little goes a long way with this product, so be sure not to use too much. I would say, a couple of pumps is more than enough for the entire face, and possibly the neck. If you use it as a cleanser, gently massage it on in buffing motions. If you use it as a mask, then layer it on, and wait 30 seconds. The layer you just put on, will then puff up, and become foamy by itself. Make sure you use sponges or a wash cloth to take it off- as you will find that it is creamy or rather rich like any other creamy cleansers.

Super Tip: Shave your legs with it ladies! It leaves the pins super soft, and irresistible to touch! But be careful that a male counterpart doesn’t steal Skin Glacé from you….as he can also use it to shave his face. For men with sensitive skins, it’s a life-saver and due to become the next favourite! Gives the smoothest shave ever and leaves the skin not irritated. Let go of my Skin Glace…’s only for me! The delicious Skin Glacé gives your skin that cherry on top feeling. £40 available at


Want INSTANT Glowing Skin in a FLASH? Elemis Pro-Radiance FLASH BALM to the rescue!

Beauty Says: This is a MUST have and a true HERO product! Elemis Pro-Radiance FLASH BALM gives the skin the most instant glowing effect in an instant. It’s not just a moisturiser but also a primer and a radiance booster. I especially love this product as this season’s new moisturiser because…

It doesn’t create little balls when you start to apply make-up (which is an indication that you’ve put on too much)

It works hard on lines with plenty of ACAI + Purple Orchid = Anti-oxidents to fight age agressors and full on protection!

It doesn’t have a strange glitter or shimmer-instead, it creates instant glow with silk mica (a natural mineral particle) which helps to softens expression lines

It creates the softest smoothest finish instead of an indescribable greasy or too dewy finish to the skin

The FLASH BALM also smells incredibly moorish. Smelling of neroli + bitter orange + lemon mélange it also goes to enhance you into the greatest of moods! My key tip to using it is to apply it in fast sweeping motions all over the face, avoiding the eye area. You can apply make-up straight afterwards with no down time. You will notice there is a flawless set finish to the make-up.

 You won’t believe your eyes: As the glow appears in an instant and lights up the face. How’s that for HERO product? Can’t live without it! £32/50ml


Mavala's mini polishes gives MAXIMUM Brights

These mini polishes from Mavala's Chili & Spice Collection might be micro in size but when it comes to colour pigments and shine they are indeed macro! This is my top of the picks for nail polish must have for the summer season as you will not have to wear another top or base coat with them. The are chip resistant, and I've put them to the test with both mani and pedi- Mani's last well over a week without a chip even when doing dishes without gloves, and pedi's can last up to two weeks! The colours give great accents to all your summer outfits. I highly rate and recommend Mavala of Switzerland because their polishes are 100% free of nasties-so you can use them carefree! My favourite colour at the moment is SAMARKAND-a violet purple that gives some serious tropical vibes.


Great to travel with as you don't have to take all the other top and base coats with you, and the bottles are well within ML limits being only 5ml, £4.50 at


Eye Spy

Styling Troubleshooting 101: Match your shoes with any look with Colour Studio- wkend update 14/6/13

This season one of the looks I've been loving is NEON BRIGHTS. The only thing is as you can see as you get to the end of my outfit-the shoes, the look does not seem to be complete and a bit of a let down. 

The main problem that I've encountered with completing the look is that the shoes need just as much oomph as the outfit. Well I've got a secret weapon at hand for this kind of fashion trouble shooting. In the department of shoes, look no further than COLOUR STUDIO who lets me choose the shape of the shoe + any colour I want them to be. EYE Spy the style: VIVIAN in three luscious NEON colours. I think the orange would especially go to lift my jeans in my look, & compliment the pink jacket without being too matchy. I choose this particular shape as it is flexible for dress up or dress down. Also with any black or navy dress I could wear the neon yellow pair-giving any dark dress or outfit the NEON BRIGHTS edge!


Want your own pair to solve your styling woes?

It's easy! Go to Color Studio at:

Choose from tons of styles for shape of shoe in your size, then choose colour and voila! Fairy God Mother Magic for any outift! Happy Styling! 


Bimba & Lola: LIP SERVICE

Bimba & Lola has these cute enamel lip rings. I love it as it has the detail of the pearls as "the pearly white teeth"....get your now £21 reduced from £30!

Take TEDDY with you everywhere....let him hang out on your nail...

Nail Rock FROU FROU Collection have the sweetest little teddy bears that you can accent your nails with. Take teddy everyhwere with's sure to get a few ooos and ahs...

£7.50 at Selfridges

Believe in Pink.....brighten up your Summer capsule with a PINK Blazer/Jacket

Eye Spy with my little eye….success this season in PINK jackets/blazers. I just invested in a neon number. Whether you choose soft pink + black trim or neon brights, to floral prints, you can't get it wrong. Wear with white maxi dresses, white or sweet pastel jeans/jeggings. Pair with short sleeve blouses for the day.....the combinations are endless. 


Neon brights in pinks are great on tanned skin bringing Miami's vibe.  


 Best choice at the moment is at Dorothy Perkins. Watch out for thier specials weekly to get yours now.


The Dolly Mix

The Sound of Summer: Daniel & The Good Ones- Weekend Update 21/6/13


Beauty Says: You can’t get your garden party or bbq started without a good tune to get that vibe going, but what do you play ? What does summer sound like? Might I suggest Daniel & The Good Ones…

Daniel makes a fusion of Indie/Pop with a slight rootsy undertone. Making music with three other band mates that may only be classified as ‘the good ones’-hence the name of the band. The band cut their first EP BE SWELL  last July in 2012. Their whimsical lyrics and up beat tunes are the perfect combination with sunshine, a drink, and friends.

My favourite tunes from the EP are the cover ‘Be Swell’ and ‘Robin Hood’. Check out the tunes here:




I first came across Daniel & The Good Ones on an evening down at the LUXE in Spitafields. The girls were certainly going a bit ga-ga for the boys, and rightly so, as the music was not just swell but as a band they gel so well- even when they often are missing a piece and play as a three piece rather than four. Did I mention that they are also cute boys?! They play a reasonable sound and croon tunes that remind you of summer, first loves, and swimming by the lake….and I’m digging it…are you? They're working on a new EP so watch out for the launch of that too...#


Follow them on Facebook:


Festival Fun for every Tom, Dick & ehm… Hairy Little Friend!

Here it comes….Festival Time! It doesn’t mean that you can’t take your pets with you and have to leave them at home. My favourite one stop destination for pets: Pets Pyjamas have a new and handy feature on their site: The Pets Pyjamas Neighbourhood. The Neighbourhood lists hotels, pubs & restaurants, pet hotels, training and activities all with filling in the location of where you’re off to! Browse and book, and receive up to 50% off 1000s of places!

Check it out here: You can certainly enjoy festival time and include absolutely every member of the family-that’s Tom, Dick & Hairy….!


Top 10 SuperStar Dogs: These top 10 breeds are the most popular when it comes to choosing a BFF (Best Fury Friend)! Check out their Celebrity owners who just love them to bits! 

Chihuahua + Pixie Geldof

Dachshund + Andy Warhol

Staffordshire Bull Terrier + Paul O’Grady

Jack Russell Terrier + Mariah Carey

Cocker Spaniel + Prince William & Duchess of Cambridge

Labrador Retriever + Drew Barrymore

Greyhound + The Simpsons

Pug + Peter Andre

Yorkshire Terrier + Miranda Kerr

French Bulldog + David & Victoria Beckham

Let poochie join in on the festival dress up! Check out these super festival essentials that are just too adorable to miss out on!


Bandana Collar, £15 each

Neon Collars, £14 each

Mulberry Doggy Rain Mac, £150 each

Union Jack Neckerchief, £15 each


All available at

Beautys' Secrets

Kiko has the weekend covered!- weekend update 7/6/13

Beauty Says: Well there's certainly been a change in the weather, and it's been might warm out there! As temperatures swell sometimes so does your legs. Keep going this weekend, or while on holidays with KIKO Cosmetic's Light Legs Crackling Mousse.


This is a MUST HAVE essential! I walked non-stop yesterday for 5-6 hours and my legs were throbbing and oh so sore. As soon as I got in I applied the light mousse on the legs and felt instant relief! It crackles while you are putting it on, and gives this cool sensation to relieve pain and swelling. Active ingredients of blueberry + liquorice + escine go to work hard while geranium oil goes to soothe and help the muscles relax and restore.  £12.90 at


And talk about sexy pucker up lips! All you have to apply for SUPER fast SUPER Sexy weekend get up & go look is Kiko's Extra Volume Lip Gloss. I highly recommend shade 03! It is the most beautiful shade between light pink & nude- accentuating any lip colour naturally. Just apply this + a pair of shades....forget everything else...and just enjoy the weekend carefree! Also available £ 6.90 at

Monnier Freres got the HOTTEST Shades at the COOLEST Prices! Limited Offer! -weekend update 7/6/13

Monnier Freres has you covered for the COOLEST Shades at the HOTTEST prices. Now for a limited time from 5-11th June enjoy 30%-50% off a selection of sunglasses from Sonia Rykiel, Marc Jacobs, and many more stellar name brands! Don't miss out...Click on the box below to get to the Private sales and start shopping! 

Twinkle Twinkle: Dr. Oliver White Smile: Whitening Wands

A smile is a girl’s best asset when it comes to accessorising any look. If you want to touch up those pearly whites then wave some whitening magic with Dr. Oliver’s White Smile Whitening Wands. They give you superior professional results for everyday use. Dr. Joe Oliver is the renowned dental cosmetic surgeon famed for his success on Tens Years Younger. Afterall, that is why they call him the ‘SMILE’ dentist.

The wands are a 14 day whitening treatment for a younger fresher smile. The secret is the hydrogen peroxide that breaks down the complex molecules that causes staining. I love this aspect as I love drinking coffee and don’t want to give up my one true love for it! The pens have a brush that delivers a gel that you brush on clean dry teeth. Just make sure you don’t eat or drink 30 min afterwards. I tend to like to do this just before bedtime as part of my night teeth care.  They also do a stellar mouth cleanser that protects, prevents staining, tartar build up and gives you the most amazing fresh breath.

Wake up to bright pearly whites….they go with those shoes, and that bag…ooo and that dress….the ultimate pearl accessory! £45 for Dr.Oliver’s White Smile Whitening Wands- 2 wands in a box available at


Dr. Oliver's Smile Whitening Wands are Amanda Holden's secret Simon a run for his money doesn't it? 

Dr. Oliver's STELLAR Mouth Wash in this range is also a must try! available at


Some pretty birdie told me about Birchbox

Beauty Says: For those who are at total lost and don’t know where to start when it comes to beauty don’t despair as famous e-commerce solution Birchbox has landed in the UK. It’s really rather like ‘Beauty’ on training wheels as their method is: try, learn and then buy. Based on a monthly subscription of £10 a month + Packing & Postage, you will get to your door a personalised box filled with a curated selection of make-up, skincare, haircare and lifestyles extras to trial. You can learn and read all about them on the Birchbox site and blog, and when you are ready to commit, go back to Birchbox to buy the products you liked and work for you. There are over 400 global top and niche brands that are part of Birchbox that are available and they’ve already have a following over 300,000 subscribers in the US alone.

I got my first Birchbox last month and it contained: A 20g tin of Kusumi Detox tea, a 15ml tube of Cell Plumping Facial Hydrator by Elemental Herbology, a 3.75ml of OPI Nail polish, a sachet of Doctor DUVE anti-aging & firming eye cream, a 50ml tub of Ballitude body soufflé, and full sized box of enhance luminize skin highlighter all tucked into a lovely mesh bag that you can re-use again for make-up or skincare bits for home, travel or gym.  I estimate that the value of these products are well over £10 and if not closer to £35-40 if you had to purchase them.

My take on it is that it is not just for beauty virgins but also for beauty junkies who want to try out new products. You also get some great offers and discount available at hand on cards inside the box should you like the products you have trailed.

Why not give it a go my pretty birdies? Birchbox is now extending the ‘beauty’ branch at (Subscribe & get started!)




CULT BEAUTY- SUN: Make-up Essentials both you and THE SUN will Worship!

Beauty Says: Theirs is nothing more unattractive then your face and make-up melting in the sun. It is not only not glamorous, but also the most worrying factor when on holidays or at the seaside. Thankfully, I’ve found a couple of key essentials at CULT BEAUTY that will help you avoid this disaster zone….no touch up required-just SUN Kiss Me Perfection!

djv beautenizer djv beautenizer Fiberwig

D.J.V. Beautenizer Fiberwig LX Mascara: This is a No.1 selling, and No.1 hit in terms of mascaras in Japan. Why? Well it’s not just mascara, but a tube of brush-on fibre extensions. It literally looks like a mini hairpiece was put into the lash area, but so natural at the same time it looks like you got the good lash genes.

 Most importantly, it dramatically lengthens, separates, and conditions. I love it, because it avoids wearing false extensions and the staying power is amazing-standing up to smudges all day long. It easily removes with water, but don’t worry about splashes by the beach as you can easily remove and reapply.


Tip: To really get the length on the lashes with this mascara, use the fibres from the tip of the brush to apply to the tip of the lashes, after you’ve applied mascara from root (bottom) up. Also, wiggle the brush from side to side as you are applying on bottom lashes to get best coverage.

 D.J.V. Beautenizer Fiberwig LX Mascara £18 

3 Custom Color Lip & Cheek Stain Poppy

Custom Colour Specialists: Poppy Lip & Cheek Stain: You don’t want to look too made up when going to the beach, but at the same time need to be prepped but pretty. 3 Custom Colour Specialists solution to this old beach make-up problem is their Poppy Lip & Cheek Stain. So easy to use, it will give you that natural sun kissed sweet 17 look. It’s not only fool proof but suits any skin tone or in other words everyone. I suggest the colour Poppy, as it goes best with any tan, giving off that beach babe look.

 Dab on the cheeks, and the lips- this two in one is a holiday essential: it is just 1 piece to take and slip into the back pocket. Perfect! £15 

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Beautys' Abi Fabi Edit

Beauty serves these SUNNY SIDE UP! This Seasons’: SUPER Sun Beauty Essentials

Beauty Says: I’m going to serve you THE BEST essentials this summer to help you look the best. Get ready to get Beach Beautiful girls! I’m serving it all to you SUNNY SIDE UP! 

Doctor T’s Supergoop!Antioxident-Infused Sunscreen Mist with Vitamin C SPF50: This season I rate Doctor T’s Supergoop! Sunscreen Mist to not only be No.1 for protection, but also the best product for holiday. You will be addicted to applying it throughout the day as it has the most incredible smell of fresh cut oranges. What I like most about this is that it hydrates, and doesn’t feel like it’s pulling or drying out your skin like other sunscreen or protecting sprays on the market. It’s also 100% oxybenzone-free, aerosol-free, and parabens and fragrance free too! Don’t just take my word for it, as it’s a Cosmetic Executive Women Indie Beauty Award Winner. It also has impressive strength as it has 80 minutes of water resistance. I love the fresh sheen it leaves on this skin too for sexy sultry look. Easy to carry and apply (to wet or dry skin) with a quick spray, it is ideal for everyone covering and protecting from head to toe. Hello Sunshine….available £18.50 at

Fierce Spirit Collection at KIKO Cosmetics: Talk about turning up the heat in your make-up! KIKO has Essential Bronzers, Sunproof Foundations and BB Creams not to mention some Ready-to-go fluorescent nail wraps that will make you an instant bronzed babe! I love the Essential Bronzer (in shade 200) as it creates excellent balance with my natural tones. The swirled marble shades, within the bronzer, adapts and gives the right glow, while the vanilla scent just takes you away to holiday mode. Be quick to grab it though as it is a limited edition item. £15.90

The Sunproof BB Cream SPF 30 is a notch hotter than other BB creams this season due to it combining protection of SPF 30 and subliminal bronze colour that adapts to your skin tone. It comes in 4 shades, and has this extra smooth texture. Best news of all it doesn’t leave your face greasy and stands up to be long-lasting or long-wearing. £8.90

Ready-To-Go-Fluo Nail Laquer patches come in two sizzling shades: Hot Fluorescent pink or orange. These are easy to apply anywhere with no mess-perfect to pack away on holidays (no how many ml problems, or messy leaks of nail polish in the bag). Best of all they look like you’ve just painted all 3 layers of base, colour & top coat as it’s a 3-in-1 nail strip. Less time on nails, more time for sun! £5.90


Thalgo Huile Sacree Polynesia: This sacred oil takes its inspiration from the shimmering golder islands of Polynesia. I think it’s the perfect after sun product this season-as this dry oil revitalises the skin with hydration and moisture. The subtle golden shimmer and sparkle looks amazing on the décolleté and if you apply it to the legs….no stockings are required (looks like air stockings-an amazing leg shine!) £26/50ml

Paul & Joe Beauté: Summer 2013 Beach Baby Collection: Talk about getting that SUNNY SIDE UP look this season! Paul & Joe is all about sun, surf and global beach resorts at the moment. (Certainly the names will already take you halfway there-from Rio to Maui and Saint-Tropez) Highlight and get pretty beach eyes with Fiji eyeliner and crayon duo.


Beauty’s Top Tip on using Fiji eyeliner & crayon duo: First, line eyes right at base of lashes with brown/mahogany side of the pencil. Then, use pink side right on top, creating a double line. Three, wink at the boys with those beach baby eyes!


 Don’t worry about anything as its beach proof, water proof & sun proof! The surf is also up with their sea spray sensation fragrance featuring a hint of sea & citrus that not only refreshes, but gives sensuality to skin and hair. Finally you are perfectly protected with high UV SPF in their new Pressed Powders that give the most stunning shimmer and radiant glow just like natural beauty of summer sands…..whatever your destination this summer, make sure you stop off at Paul & Joe & The Beach Baby Collection. Fiji eyeliner & crayon duo £22, Pressed Powders £28, & Sea Spray Fragrance £ all available at FENWICKS of Bond Street.  

Cargo’s Blue-Ray High Definition Mattifier (oil free): Don’t worry about melting make-up when temperatures rise whilst on holidays. Cargo created this little number specifically for HD filming. This dual action primer refines pores, smoothes out lines and imperfections and absorbs oil. Standing up to the hottest temperatures, it protects the skin and gives it super moisture with vitamin E. All you have to do is blend, and sit pretty. Is anyone taking your close-up? £19 available at

Dr. Ceuticals Leg Tone & Shimmer: Want those Elizabeth Berkley, Showgirl legs this summer? I’ve got a secret weapon to get those legs with minimal effort! Dr. Ceurticals Leg Tone & Shimmer helps to tone and improve the appearance of cellulite- by using a slimming marine extract to fight unwanted fatty deposits. It also goes to deeply hydrate whilst also firming and toning. I’ve found the best way to get the results from this is to use it religiously over a couple of months after bath or shower as body lotion on the legs. It also makes a great quickie for a night out to get instant legs that dazzle….make sure you put those sexy legs forward this summer £16.99

Rodial’s Brazilian Tan Range: Think Gisele Bundchen when it comes to Brazilian Tan, and look no further than it in an instant with Rodial’s Brazilian Tan range. It gives the most natural golden glow, and you can choose from it being one that build’s up in the daily tan, or for intense go for dark tan. I prefer the sun kissed look so I recommend for fake tan virgins, the Brazilian Tan Light. There’s also Airbrush tan for that airbrush finish, the scrub to get the skin prepared, and Brazilian Tan for the face….the tan will be exotic, and you won’t have to go to Brazil to get it! I’ll keep it our secret! Each piece is £35 in the Brazilian tan range a

Beauty Discovers the Wonderful Power of Clayspray

When it comes to clay masks you might be just thinking of a grey mud substance being slapped on the face in any spa. You might also have the notion that clay masks are only good for oily skin, problem skin, or skin in need of a deep cleansing or unclogging of the pores. Men generally laugh at women with clay masks on-as they say, we’ve got mud all over our face (literally). However, having said that, clay has a real science behind it and is not just one kind that has the power to beautify.

Did you know that there are 7 groups of pure clay or pure clay forms? Kaolin, being the most popular in skincare products, Illite, Smectite, Chlorite, vermiculite, the Lath-form. From these 7 groups there could be more combinations and forms of clay as its minerals and nutrients come from water trapped in mineral structure. The formula of Clayspray is unique as it contains a higher percentage of clay than any other brand on the market. The clay comes from the Irene Mine, within the North-Eastern Iberian peninsula. The deposits in this location were formed around 100 million years ago so its minerals are rich with unique properties-as it has the power not only to remove impurities from the skin but can put back into the skin the nourishment it needs in minerals. Claysprays’ formula also includes something called macromolecular hydrogels. These hydrogels can retain up to 800 times their own weight in water-which means it has super hydrating leverage for the skin! 

Beauty Says: One handy feature of the Clayspray compared to any other clay mask is that it comes in a state of the art packaging: a dual chamber cylinder that mixes the clay and purified water together as it comes out. This means, the mask is always fresh, and active, and never dries out. These clay masks are not just for oily or problem prone skin. In fact, those looking for preventative measures to aging should tuck their skin and hair into these. Yes, I did say hair! Clayspray also does masks for hair and scalp which goes to feed it, encourage circulation and healing.

As for the face masks, might I suggest their Red Clay Mask with Cacao for a lift and glow. Careful though, you might be sticking your tongue out while waiting it to dry to try to get a taste. The smell is incredibly comforting to anyone with a bit of PMS, and has an incredible calming effect. The Pore Refining White Clay mask is great for anyone looking to tighten or minimize their pores and accelerates the cell turnover of the skin. I found the skin incredibly silky soft after removing the masks and none of that tight uncomfortable effect. I also highly rate this product as you don’t break out at all even though it does detoxify the skin. Each 125ml bottle lasts for at least 17 facials, so 1x a week treatment means the bottle will last at least 4 months.

The most effective way to use this product is to use it with the Mountain Spring Water atomisers. First, spray the face with the water, and then apply a thin layer of the clay mask. The water is great for toning the skin after removing the mask as well. My favourite out of the range is the green tea, as it calms the skin and gives it an extra boost of anti-oxidents.

Discover all the power Clayspray can offer £44.50/125ml masks, £17.50/125ml H2OSprays available or now.


Father’s Day Gift Guide: For the No.1 Man in your life….

Beauty Says: This Father’s Day give Dad something to tell him he’s numero uno when it comes to being the MAN in your life. I’ve got a few suggestions that shall certainly make his face light up! 

REN’s Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel: Dad’s in need of the magnificent 7! Thank goodness for REN’s Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel to soothe puffiness, dark circles, and give him some instant relief! 7 active ingredients of fig extract + rose water + arnica extract + Chinese ginseng + Wild Candian Rumex + corn + Zotera Marina go to boost circulation, drain away excess puffiness and give instant comfort. Dad would never say: I want some eye gel….but he will be well pleased on the inside putting it on in the car in secret! £20/15ml only at your M&S:

NUXE’s Men Moisturising Multi-Purpose Gel: He’s a well rounded man, dad, and is needed everywhere and for everything for the family. Give him NUXE Men’s Moisturising Multi-Purpose Gel because it will work just as hard as him! It goes not just to moisturise but energize, mattify, restore and replenish his skin too! The active ingredient is Baobab-also known as the tree of life, a super anti-oxidant-giving Dad’s skin some life back too….but he’ll have to carry on with you, the dog, mum, the garden…..£14/50ml Available only EXCLUSIVELY at

Nip + Man: Turbo Face Wash & Power Workout Fix: Dad is always on TURBO so why shouldn’t his face wash be too to match his super speed? With black quinoa to help nourish and moisturise, and caffeine to give energy, this will give dad the ZING! If Dad likes going to the gym, and working out he needs something to help him wind down and relieve his aching muscles. Give him some Power Workout Fix soothe, revive and refresh….it also saves you from giving him that shoulder massage….He’ll be pleased and won’t say its girly….the bottles do say: NIP + MAN! £5.95, Turbo Face Wash, £9.95 Power Workout Fix

The Wild Geese Whisky Collection: If those other gifts won't light up dad's face, then The Wild Geese Whisky Collection, will surely will! This gourmet gift set includes 3 minatures of : The Single Malt, Rare & Limited 4th Edition Centenial. Wild Geese Whisky has been voted 3 times Best Irish Whisky, and has the smoothest taste as it has been distilled longer. Light and sweet on the palette with a hint of cintrus....Dad will be sipping this in the garden with loads of warmth in his heart!

£18.49 available at 


Snob's YUM YUM Edit

The Weekend is your Oyster at Shaka Zulus- weekend update 7/6/13

Snob Says: This weekend can be your oyster, well at least you can certainly enjoy and live it up at theNEW Oyster & Champagne bar at Shaka Zulus in Camden! Unlike regular establishments that have a trendy bar that merely serves up champagne + oysters on the rocks you can slurp for the shells, Shaka Zulus has upped the anti and created: Oyster infused cocktails that will excite your palette!

I recommend to be DARING and try the SINGLE OYSTER SHOT-compiled of a single oyster, resposado tequila slammer, tabasco sauce, black pepper and lemond juice. It's also a great way for oyster virgins to get into the taste of oysters. Also great for those who may not like  the texture of this seafood delicacy. 

If you're a group of girlies and want to find the new cocktail to drink at the moment....why not get into'Zwelithini'? This cocktail was named after a Zulu King, and has a beautiful bouquet of fruity sensation from cantelope to lemon or citrus, and it's all topped up with the finest Laurent Perrier Brut N.V.....sophistication at its best.

Finally for those who prefer it simple and classic order the finest Fine de Claire oysters from the South of France, but top it with thier special unqiue sauces like Wasabi & Elderflower Dressing, or why not try some seductive Smoked Chili Jelly? Choose from a stunning selection of can see why they've created the Oyster Bar that truly makes your weekend...well...your oyster!


Shaka Zulu-Champagne & Oyster Bar

Stables Market

Chalk Farm Road

Camden NW1 8AB

0203 376 9911 


The Ultimate Burger this season: CHIA CHICKEN BURGERS

Last year I introduced a SUPER Food called Chia Seeds….here’s a little reminder about them, and a very cool recipe Snob has found on how to do Chicken Burgers with them. Check it out!

CHIA Seeds: Otherwise known as Salvia Hispanica this is an ancient Aztec super food. If you’re from North America, like me, you will remember the cheesy commercials for Chia pets in the 80s- this little horse like doll that you water and watch grass-like spouts grow that you can clip and play with. The plant is part of the mint family and is high in omega-3 fatty acids. This is essentially what makes it a super food because omega-3 is fantastic for hydrating the brain, and keeping you alert. The seeds allow 5% of any bread’s products total in matter. This means that it can swell up or make you feel full. Hence, it is a great dieting tool to use, because it makes you feel full and you snack less. It also, provides protein, fats and plenty of fibre!  You will find it interesting to know that ‘Chia’ means oily, and in fact, the word derives from the Mexican word ‘Chiapas’ or meaning ‘chia water’ or ‘chia river’. 


Snob Says: Swimsuit season should not deter you from eating delicious juicy burgers. After all, it wouldn’t be summer if there were no burgers. Luckily I’ve found an incredible recipe by Chef Kate McAloon (chef to celebs including Miranda Kerr & Gwyneth Paltrow) & The Chia Company. Chia is a great for lean meat burgers, such as chicken, because it keeps you fuller longer. It also means super moist burgers as the chia holds onto moisture while it cooks-sans the fat! Try this recipe below and go to for more fabulous recipes that you can make with CHIA from mini quiches, to baked salmon dishes, to naughty brownies!

CHIA CHICKEN BURGERS-Recipe by Chef Kate McAloon & The Chia Co.


½ kilo ground (minced) chicken

½ cup cooked brown rice or quinoa

½ cup grated carrot

½ cup grated zucchini (courgettes)

2 tbsp finely chopped parsley

2-3 tsp black Chia seeds

1 tsp sea salt, pepper (or to taste)

Olive or coconut oil (for cooking)

4 foccacia bread buns

May, ketchup or tomato chutney. Tomatoes, greens and red onion. Cheese Optional.



In a large bowl, mix the chicken, rice, carrot, courgettes, chopped parsley and Chia seeds well, and then form four patties. Heat a large frying pan on medium to medium-high heat, add oil, and cook patties for about 15 min on each side. Reduce heat if browning too quickly. You can also cook on a grill. To serve, cut foccacia bread buns in half and spread a little mayo and ketchup (or tomato chutney) on bread. Place tomatoes, greens, onions, whatever toppings you desire. Serve with salad instead of chips for a healthier option. DELICIOUS! 


Don’t know what to do with the FISH? Nothing FISHY about this….Chia Crusted Salmon adds flair to your palette!

Not good with cooking fish? No worries, you can do this recipe by crusting salmon or even tuna. Easy to do…eat yourself to a more beautiful self!



½ cup finely chopped parsley

1 tsp lemon grated lemon zest (rind)

½ cup black and white chia seeds

1 tsp sea salt and pepper

4 salmon fillets (skin removed)

2 tsp olive oil


Place parsley, lemon zest, Chia seeds, salt and pepper in a blender and blend for 30-60 seconds. Brush the fillets with oil and divide the crust mixture evenly. Sprinkle over the top of each and press down gently to secure. Place the fillets in a baking dish, lined with baking paper and rubbed with 1 tsp oil. Bake in a 180C oven for 6-10 minutes. Then uncover and continue baking for 2-3 minutes or until cooked to your liking. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, if desired and serve with parsley leaves and lemon wedges.  


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