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Hello, my name is Lillian Chan –Gusto, and I am the blogger, author & Editor of Beauty And The Snob blogzine. If you’ve clicked into this section you must be curious to learn more about me and what makes me tick.


About five years ago I started this blog for several reasons. Namely, being a freelance writer I wanted to feature my articles online. I was often asked by my friends for beauty, fashion, travel advice as well as the best places to eat in London. Hence, I decided that I should write it all down somewhere to share it online.


At the same time I also went into business for myself and became an independent brand consultant in marketing & PR: Pop-It! Retail. With all that being said, I’ve written numerous articles for top tier beauty & fashion brands, major events in London, and restaurants both here & abroad. My clients are mainly in the beauty sectors from clinics on Harley Street to well-known makes in global beauty. Some of my clients are in food products while others are into digital apps.  


For nearly the last decade I have been working with premium skincare brands in retail & management. I have worked for trendy brands such as Kiehls 1851, and Erno Laszlo, to beacons of skincare such as La Prairie, Switzerland, and Creme De La Mer. I have done loads of events, launches, training in skin and skincare, and above all that anything to do with anti-ageing.


The blog also has two other voices: Beauty who likes to introduce new things, and Snob who is more critical and snarky. With this blog I strive not to give you boring reviews of products or places, but I hope to create inspiration, share an interesting thought and create a lift in your day. If you like humour and witty, then I am sure you will revisit again and again.... Enjoy! x Lili



About Beauty

Beauty loves to gossip, and she cannot keep a secret to herself. She has to tell everybody! Be sure you'll be hearing it from her first, on the latest in beauty, fashion, food & entertainment & travel. She loves to tell you where to get it now, how to get it, and how to do it. She loves attention, and she knows-the more she talks, the more heads will turn!


She's an enquisitive character that asks plenty of questions in interviews because her favourite number is: 411.

About Snob

Snob is nosy and often has his little head pointed to the sky. He can sniff anything out; from bad smells like nasty perfume, to good smells like the best dishes. He is hard to please, so his voice is always critical, and well, snarky.


He loves luxury, and thinks nothing is good enough, unless it's the very best. If he wiggles, it's not a good sign, but if he's saying: "AHHH", you know you're on his A list.


Beauty & The Snob


My desk is open to your questions, and comments. Want me to blog for you or your products? Please see Policy & Disclaimer page & E-mail me at: lili@beautyandthesnob.com

Snob says: Be warned! Nasty people with nasty comments will not get a reply....you will be snubbed!

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