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Beauty's found SITES that EXCITE!

Bored of the same old sites to shop on? Can’t find what you want on ASOS? Beauty has found some new shopping sites that excite! She’s giving you the 411 on some of the newest and best places to order a new coat, get some extraordinary accessories, or a place you can find that gift for that hard to buy someone.  Check it out:

Kelly Ewing:

28 year old Kelly Ewing is an up and rising fashion star in the North. Born in Glasgow but raised in Leeds, Kelly’s designs have captivated the Northern Fashion hemisphere. I find her designs rather timeless, and fitting for any body shape there is plenty of draping. Some of her key masterpieces this season include these delicious coats-wear dressed up for the party season, or down with a pair of jeans, but however you wear it, don’t forget the heels! Simply Gorgeous! Coats £180-£200

Sew Lomax:

At Sew Lomax, you can find some witty, beautifully embellished, and hand- finished wash bags, make-up bags or purses. Each canvas bag is treated with scotch guard, so you can clean them easy breezy with just a wipe. Maker & designer, Emma, ethically source the fabrics that are use; and each bag is finished by hand with some TLC stitches. The bags have that little extra touch, to say that they were handled with care-and a gift worth giving that indeed says LOVE. Ranges from £22-£45. You can also have a design put onto any of the bags bespoke! Order

Kastur Jewels:

If you’re looking jewellery that is unusual, and something with some real gold or gem accents look no further than Kastur Jewels. They’ve got a good range and selection of middle-eastern-esque styles with a vintage-like feel. This season, I suggest a bangle or bracelet from Kastur Jewels. Makes a great little gift for someone special or a little gift or treat for you to brighten up any outfit. Bangles range from £45-£60

Monnier Freres:

French brothers Guillaume & Jean Monnier believe that luxury accessories should last a lifetime and be timeless. Their mission with their website is to bring the best product in the best manner possible to their clientele. On the outset you might think that this is just another luxury site with handbags, purses, or belts. On closer inspection you will find that it’s an incredible mecca for selection in terms of luxury accessories. If you’re leaving London for the Alps or somewhere snowy then be inspired to get this fury chapka from Monnier Freres…..or how about a new pair of CHANEL sunglasses?? And is that Chloe bag on the list??? Afterall, like Monnier Freres says: “ Beauty is a promise of happiness”….Indeed it is….Check

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Book Review

The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible: A Book you may never be able to put down

This year’s Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible is yet another success, not only to authors Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey, but to the women who have read it and continued their fight to look youthful and at their best. First, let me say that this is not another self-help book, or one that tells you to buy this or buy that from cosmetic lines at no end.  The advice in this book is also not just the opinion of the two journalists Fairley and Stacey, but documented by trials of real women and tens of thousands of products each year! 

What makes it such a complete work, in terms of tackling the subject of ageing, is that it covers not only areas where a beauty product exists. It also covers all the whys and what kind of exercise & diet can keep us younger, cuts and colour of hair, and anything slightly, such as bunions to lines on hands that can make us appear aged to others. I would describe it as also being a guide to keeping well.

Aside from each section covering the award-winners of the year, in specific, beauty product categories, such as mascaras to foundations to creams & serums, I also love how you will find anecdotes from Fairley and Stacey on the side and their extra tips and advice. For example, they both tell us on page 127 that they always have hand cream in their handbags, and that late-night slathering is the best time to allow them to work overnight. Jo’s favourite is Balance Me Super Moisturising, and Sarah’s favourite is Lanolips Rose Balm for hand & nails. They also tell us what the testers loved: Yes to Carrots Feel the C Pampering Hand & Nail Spa (an award winner this year!)

I’m a beauty junkie, as you all know, and have been part of the industry myself, for more than a decade, I was never surprised myself, when I was consulting customers in the past, how little people actually knew about beauty rituals and how they didn’t practice many themselves. They would buy the expensive products, but still did not look the way they wanted, because they were not practicing any other beauty rituals than slapping cream on their face.

The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible is great to tackle this point, as it is easy to understand, and do so many of these beauty rituals-from natural face-lift massages to simply changing the type of shoes you wear or the height to prevent bunions later on in life.  I guess what I’m trying to say, is that Jo and Sarah make it so easy and simple in this book for us to pick up these tips and rituals to engrain into and make part of our daily lives. Best of all, these little rituals matter, as they help us, to stay healthier, and more importantly look better, and feel better within ourselves.

Some highlights of the book that stood out for me were Bust Beauty, Photos, Teeth and The Supergreens Facelift Diet. The Supergreens Facelift Diet is a must try, and makes so much difference not only to your face, but also how you feel so much more vital and alive inside!

This book is a great reference to have at home, and great to go back to from time to time to get new inspiration or a lift in your already set regimes. I think it makes a great book for mum for Christmas too, without it being offensive or saying that she needs it. I think that for those who have read any part of it, you can definitely see the difference of at least 10 years or more if you try even a handful of the tips, and advice. I warn you ladies: This book is so good, and addictive you may never put it down!  Get your copy now £15.99 at

Beautys' Secrets

BELMACZ: Visionary Extraordinaire

When Beauty went to the Belmacz event in Mayfair last month she posted on her Facebook page:

Just had the divine pleasure of meeting Julia Muggenburg, what a visionary! Deeply inspired by her Belmacz space: art, beauty & jewllery-sublime!”


See why BELMACZ is not just beautiful, but why it is inspirational….

In 2002, BELMACZ launched onto the jewelry scene, as a line that was not only known for its exclusive one-off pieces, but a line that is truly avant-garde, and stood apart as individual works of art. Creator, and artist, Julia Muggenburg, is from Dusseldorf, Germany, and came to London to study at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. She coined the name BELMACZ from the masculine in French for Beauty: BEL; and added MAXIMUS which means greatest in Latin. The “CZ” on the end was given to the name so that it would have an Eastern European slant. Muggenburg, also coined this name in subtle references to Suzanne Belperron-a well-known daring master jeweler  Muggenburg’s pieces may be best described as empowering, and each piece seemingly carries a soul, and adds character to each different individual who wears them. Whether they are a pair of earrings, a ring or a necklace, each are made with 18 karat gold and some of which are adorned by diamonds, rubies, or other precious stones.


Julia does not consider BELMACZ to be a shop, but more of a conceptual space-a conceptual space where one can connect. The space is extraordinary, as it evokes emotions within you all around, from the jewelry to the beauty products, to the art work which Julia has sourced and showcases from other artists or peers.

Approaching the Christmas season, a few years back, Julia made some one-off lip balms for her closest friends with 24 ct real gold flakes inside of them as gifts.  Upon receiving one of these creations, it was a high-end fashion editor friend, who suggested that Julia should create a line of beauty to add to the BELMACZ collection. From there, BELMACZ Beauty was born, with a single creation: HALO. Thus, named connoting that if worn, it is as if you wear a HALO of beauty, a natural light or accent if you will on the say this is beautiful would be an understatement!


 BELMACZ Beauty is not another cosmetic line, as it runs closely alongside the concept of the jewelry adorning or accenting the face-it should be considered like so: an accessory or natural accent for the face. Now, let me say that I love this concept because in this day and age, women wear too much make-up, and tend to hide themselves and their beauty to the world. Ironically, they think by doing so, they are beautifying themselves which is simply, not true and rather quite the opposite.


For my fashionistas and beauty junkies, you will appreciate that each piece was created with inspiration and homage to some of Fashions’ greats. Take the “Magenta” gold leaf lip balm for example, a dark electric purple was created in homage to Yves Saint Laurent and some of his past collections that used this colour as a theme. Within the lips of the boxes, there are quotations to describe the names, and where inspiration came from in its creation. I find this refreshing, and unlike other beauty brands that try to be rather pretentious about their inspiration (for example too often quoting someone like Marilyn Monroe), these quotations come from pure romantic literature such as Virginia Woolf and Keats.  I mean, can we really contest the honesty of the Romantics, and that era?


Found on the lip of the HALO box: “Life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning”-Virginia Woolf


The Beauty line consists of lip balms or glosses, creamy eye shadows, and powder puffs. There are many ways you can wear the products from using HALO on the lips to mixing it in to your moisturizer as a highlighter for the cheeks. The smell and taste from the lip balms are neither too subtle nor overpowering. The texture is best described as emollient and like wearing a cashmere veil on the lips. 


The BELMACZ Beauty pieces starts at £28, but before you think or say that it’s just another gimmicky lip balm consider it not be a product of beauty, but something that lets the story of the true YOU unfold… Get BELMACZ Beauty at:


DUO BOOTS: Cinderella’s Boot-Maker

Listen up ladies, as this is one of my best secrets in terms of fashion: DUO BOOTS.

Before I tell you all the ins and outs of DUO, let’s go to the root of the problem: calves. Probably one of the top 10 complaints from women all over the world is that they would love to wear or buy that long pair of leather boots, but most often than not, trying on that pair of gorgeous boots will make you feel like the ugly step-sister instead of Cinderella. Long boots are most women’s enemy number uno, as different calf widths are not considered when making them. You can imagine that a “standard model” is measured, and voila, their standard pair of long boots is made. The reality is that there is a wide range of widths in REAL WOMEN CALVES! Let’s not leave out the smaller calves too, because when they try on a pair of long boots, they may be too big and leave them flapping in the wind….hmm…not complimentary either.

In 1974, Red and Muffy Maltby, offered Italian-made shoes in Bath. For over twenty-five years their brand DUO, made an incredibly reputation for quality and choice in terms of boots and shoes. It was not until 2003, that they made themselves, rather famous globally for offering tailored made boots. Yes, you heard me right. DUO BOOTS measure each person’s calves, and then custom-make the style of boots of your choice. Now anyone can wear the boots they want to, and have them fit-instead of having a fit that they don’t!

 I first discovered DUO BOOTS by mistake, when they first opened a store in the centre of Edinburgh in 2007. The craftsmanship on each pair of their boots or shoes is amazing too. Each pair in fact, passes through thirty pair of hands, before they are finished. My favourite style, and the boots I’ve got, is The Florence, which are like a riding boot. This season sees textured variations too, like Amora, with incredible croc-like effect, short boots like The Novello, in animal print, and cute shoe-boots like The Swanson. If you like ballet pumps or flat shoes for comfort, check out the amazing colours and textures of The Ralston, and Tierney. Of course comfort and wear is also key, and I’m not just saying it, but have surveyed other loyal customers in the shop, and we all say, how much we love them because the shoes last, and for the incredibly comfort of being able to wear them all day with no pain or problems.


So if it’s a pair of boots short or long you’re going to invest in with some of your Christmas money this season, make sure you check out DUO Boots with shops all over London. They do world-wide delivery and service as well(not to mention that they have won awards for this), and have a great website that teaches you all the ins and outs of measuring yourself to order! Go to: I consider them Cinderella’s boot-maker-a true tale of how the shoe fits, you’re the princess, and there is happily-ever after in the land of boots!



What is in a Christmas present? Is it hope? Is it a cheeky chuckle? Will it delight you? Beauty has some gifts that are sure to please big and and all....

Bling It On this Christmas with Nails Inc. Sets:

Whether you wear it yourself or give it as a Christmas gift to you BBF, Bling It All On with Nails Inc.! Check out the two sets that sparkle & bring cheer, and Concrete that give some serious strength to your manicure….

Bling It On with Feathers £20:This set gives a dramatic effect of embellished feather like particles. In life it looks and almost resembles a feather like-weave-very life-like and 3D effect. Set includes mini pots of the feather embellishments, a mini bottle of Porchester Square, and a mini bottle of top coat and the brush. You can really be the Pretty Polly this Christmas….tweet it my little birds, tweet it! Get it now at:

Bling It On with Leather & Skulls £19: This set allows you to do a 3D manicure from home. The new leather polish goes on smooth, but dries into a leather-like effect. I was surprised by once the manicure had dried it looked like little pieced of leather wrapped around my nails. The little crystal skulls are not only sweet but sinful! (Comes in Silver or Gold, and polishes comes in a selection of black, nude or red.) Don’t be nice this Christmas…be a little bit naughty….Get it now at:

CONCRETE £12:If you like BOLD accents then look no further than the new CONCRETE range. These 4 polishes (red, colbalt blue, nude & lime) create a concrete texture.  Get a new edge to your manicure with CONCRETE at

Don’t you just LOVE it, when someone has given you a book for Christmas? A book you will have to read at some point to tell them all about it….once you’ve read it! Well, ROCK mini book sets require no reading. Each book has pages of nail wraps, lips wraps, eye wraps & tattoos…’s a book to tell back to thy giver: It’s the only book, where I got so many lovely compliments this Christmas. Get NAIL ROCK £9.99 & other ROCK sets/books at:

 It’s the still the small that is great at Christmas!

There’s a whole lot of magic in a small gift at Christmas. After all, it’s the little things that matter! Soap & Glory has just the set to give this Christmas in their SMALL WONDERS gift set. This set is a collection of small famous favourites: Hand Food, Clean On Me Shower Gel, The Righteous Butter Body Butter & Scrub of your life. There’s also a decadent pink shower puff in there to get the party going…Get your Wonder gal SMALL WONDERS this Christmas £ 10 at:

 Sparkle Me! 


There’s no magic in the air until we see some sparkle. Urban Decay’s Christmas palates are ideal for that wee holiday traveller who wants to look her best while visiting everyone! 6 Shades of sparkly, daring & edgy shadows and a miniature lip gloss £25. Or for those who want to inspire someone to get a fresh new look, there’s also build your own palates £14. Each box can hold 4/6 shadows of your choice! (Box comes with 1 shadow inside to start) Get some UR sparkle

The Gift of CALM


You can sing “HALLEILJUAH” from the roof tops, or have your loved one to, by giving the gift of calm. Does that exist? Indeed it does….ESPA’s Little Box of Calm is a duo of 15 ml Restorative Body Oil + 15 ml Restorative Bath Oil….Containing Frankincense, Myrrh, a truly wise gift to calm down from the insanities of prepping for the holidays! I suggest giving it to mum for all her efforts with the lunch/dinner; £12.50

Me Time


Me Time is essential, since you've worked so hard to get Christmas ready for everyone else! No one knows this better than Seaweed masters VOYA of Ireland! Soothe & hydrate your skin with Me Time, a pro-collagen seaweed extract moisturiser full of anti-oxidents! A multi-award winner & favourite of the promises to give back the gift of time.... £51at:


Beauty kicks ECZEMA & PSORIASIS to the curb with her secret Weapons from ELEMIS


Beauty has been suffering with eczema and psoriasis this winter, and scratching is not considered to be an elegant trait! She’s kicked them to planet MARS with her two secret weapons from ELEMIS. If you suffer from either check out Beauty’s solution for itch free calm skin, in time to show all arms and legs for the party season!

Probably the worst condition of eczema and psoriasis is the itch that it creates when it flares up. Sure, doctors will advise you not to scratch or to bathe in cool water. This is neither comforting nor makes the itch stop. I’ve tried E45, and all sorts of ointments to stop the itching but none have seemed to help. Apparently steroid creams help to stop the itch and inflammation, but did you know that they thin out the skin, with constant use?


Not born, with neither eczema nor psoriasis, these conditions seem to have crept up on me slowly, over time, with the use of the water in London. I suspected this when the first signs appeared on my shins about two years ago. Over time it has spread to under my arms, on my forearms, and recently my neck. When it had reached my neck, and I was walking around looking like I had been bitten by vampires, I have had enough! Upon an event hosted by ELEMIS, recently, I was speaking about the condition on my neck in conversation. The staff at ELEMIS suggested that I use the Milk Bath or Milk Shower Cream. They told me that these two products have a special milk protein base, alongside vitamins and amino acids. This formulation reinforces the skin’s acid mantle and moisture balance-or in other words, by balancing the acid in the skin, it stops the itch. I was also told that there are professional salons that use this product as a pre-wash for clients who suffer from eczema in the scalp.

Well, let me tell you, I was prepared to try anything at this point to get rid of the blotchiness, the dryness not to mention the terrible itch! I was surprised that upon first use, the itching had stopped. I directly applied the milk shower cream to the patch on my neck, and the patch literally disappeared overnight. Best of all, there were no shadows-sometimes, even when eczema goes, it can leave a nasty shadow or patch, because the skin had been damaged from all the scratching.

Although not specifically recommended or used for eczema, I also found ELEMIS’ Aching Muscle Super Soak a winner in helping with my terrible skin conditions. The Muscle Super Soak is usually recommended for after sport use, or when you need uplift. It is also recommended for those with poor circulation, arthritis, rheumatism or joint pain. It has this deep heat feeling to it and recharges you when you put a few capfuls in the bath. I found it to also soften my skin, and help stop the itchiness. It was then that I looked at the ingredients: birch, juniper, clove, alpine lavender, wild thyme, blue chamomile and sea salt. Well it’s no wonder then as the sea salt and clove help inflammation, and the lavender, thyme & chamomile goes to soothe and calm the skin.

To say that I am a happy bunny now is an understatement! Give this a try today to stop the terrible two…that is Eczema & Psoriasis!!!! ELEMIS Aching Muscle Super Soak 400ml/£34.50 or Milk Bath 400ml/ £42



The Edit: Reviews And Other Neat Stuff

Beautys' Abi Fabi Edit

Ding! Beauty gets some STELLAR Lip Service from Craig Ryan-French & Paul & Joe Beaute

Beauty has had a make-over and some serious lip service (let’s not forget she’s a pair of lips) from the one and only, Craig Ryan-French, International Creative Director, of Paul & Joe Beaute, this season. She’s loving her new BOLD & vibrant look and she can’t wait to share the JOYS of wearing lipstick with you…

First, let’s consider a bit of history to lipstick and how it arose to be a beauty staple and a beauty icon. Lipsticks were first worn in World War I, as women wanted to grab the attention of the opposite sex. When you consider, that during the First World War, the ratio of men to women was 7:1, you can see why it was so important to wear lipstick.


Now some of you may be wincing, or biting your bottom lip, when I mention LIPSTICKS, because we are a lip gloss generation. You might also now be thinking of other words of phrases to go with lipstick, such as, mumsy, dry lips, or too mature. While it is true that lipsticks take a lot more commitment they also make more of an impact-not only to your face, but also your personality. It is interesting most of us conceive lip gloss as safe, while lipsticks are daunting, because it means you are no longer girl but a woman.  

 Check out Craig’s top tips for a HOT lip:

1. Start by carefully evaluating the shape of your lip. Do you have thin lips, uneven lips, undefined lips, full lips or uneven coloured lips?

2.   Take a lip pencil to even out and balance the shape of your lips. For example, if you have a full bottom lips draw the line a half millimetre inside the vermillion (that’s your natural lip line). You would do the opposite and the same if you had thin lips by drawing a half millimetre outside of the vermillion. This creates the illusion of either a thinner or fuller lip. For undefined lips, draw your first point at the ‘cupid’s bow’ to emphasize the ‘M’ shape or peak of the upper lip.

3.      If you’ve got a fuller bottom lip, like Beauty’s, make sure you dab a bit of concealer on the edge of the vermillion. This helps with the illusion of minimizing the natural size.

4.   Once you have lined the lips and created a balance to the shape of your lips, fill in the lips with the pencil. Make sure that you stretch your lips as this gives the smoothest and most even coverage.

5.      Choosing the right shade of lipstick has to do with your eyes. The shade should make your eyes POP. For example, if you have brown eyes and more yellow tones in your skin, you should use colours that consist of more blues tones. Never match your shade of lipstick with your nails, as that 80s outfit match to nails to lips can leave you looking dated.

6.      Apply the lipstick directly from the bullet, as it gives more pigments than using a lip brush. Tilt your head slightly and start applying the lipstick from side to side. This technique is key, to the application process because it gives a full even coverage and actually plumps out the lips. It also prevents that flat look, and lifts this key feature in the face, making you appear more youthful.

7.      If you make any mistakes while applying the liner or the lipstick, simply remove with a cotton bud, but make sure that you are swiping towards the inside of the lip. This technique prevents any staining on the outside of the lip or your skin.

1.       Finally, finish with gloss, if desired. A tip for full lips is to just apply a dab of lip gloss at the centre of the top and bottom lip. This technique gives shine, while at the same time does not emphasize the size of the lip. (Remember, balance is key!)

Craig Ryan also shared with Beauty: Paul & Joe’s incredible lipstick collection. Paul & Joe have three formulas of lipsticks: sheer- for the lipstick virgin, natural- for the lipstick aware & opaque-for the lipstick QUEENS. No matter what the formulation though, all the lippies have loads of moisture, as a lip balm would to keep the lips in optimum condition.


All the lipsticks are sold as re-fills and may be set in a self-select case. I’m in LOVE with this case as it has a French retro feel to it. For those who want to experiment with REDS, but might be virgins in this area, Craig suggests the shade, “First Kiss” from the sheer formulation. This shade gives the lips that gentle glow as you would get from that blushing FIRST KISS. If you know that RED agrees with your colouring, and would like to try something slightly different and new, Craig suggests, “La Vie En Rose” from the natural formulation. This shade has serious depth without it being too dark. Finally, for the LIPSTICK QUEENS out there who are BOLD & BEAUTIFUL, Craig suggests, “Silk Stockings” from the opaque formulation.  “Silk Stockings” gives you that 1940s super sexy vixen look, and let’s your lips do all the talking!



  So ladies, what’s it going to be this season? Are you going to be girl or ALL WOMAN? Gloss or Lipstick? Beauty’s loving her new looks and can’t get enough of her lippies thanks to Craig Ryan- French and Paul & Joe. To get some Paul & Joe go Lipsticks £12, lipstick cases £5.

Beauty’s Eyes gets Angel-ED up ready for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, I’m thinking of how to look super glamorous, but with little fuss, and little time at all. One of my weakest points when it comes doing my make-up can be my eyes. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1. I have oily eyes or eye lids, thus, any eye make-up from mascaras to liners to shadows may create panda eyes within hours 2. My lashes are short, and the only way to extend them is to wear falsies, but I’m a bit clumsy with the glue and it takes me forever to get the two sides even.

Thank HEAVENS I’ve discovered ANGEL EYES, semi-permanent lash extensions! I went along to the Bioux Medi-Spa around the corner from Sloane Square, to have these put in a week ago. They last up to 90 days, and there’s no fuss with any eye make-up. They look incredibly natural, but also at the same time look like I’ve applied two coats of mascara onto my lashes. There’s no need for eye liner either, as they frame the eyes so well, it looks like you’ve worn a slick of eye liner too!

When I got into the Bijoux Medi-Spa, my technician, Melissa, was incredibly friendly and answered all my questions and concerns before we started. She let me choose from two types of lashes; one being more natural, and the other longer in length, and more glamorous. I decided to go for the more natural looking ones as it was my first time of ever having this type of procedure done. I then lay on the bed, and she began by popping on some eye pads onto my eyes. At first, it felt incredibly strange and my eyes were a bit uncomfortable, but your eyes soon get used to it and the discomfort stops. Melissa then tells me that the whole process of putting the lashes on will take 1.5 hours. Melissa glues each individual angel lash, onto one of my lashes. She only chooses shorter or medium length lashes to glue them on, as longer lashes, mean they are more mature, and soon they will fall out. As she finishes, she tells me to wait for the glue to dry for several minutes and to sit up before opening my eyes. There is a slight stinging sensation if the glue is not completely dry. Luckily, for me, it was all dry and I felt no sting from any of the fumes from the glue.

A nifty fact that Melissa tells me is that each of our eyes has about 75 lashes each; and that it takes 90 days or so for all of them to fall out in a cycle. The glue that Angel Eyes uses for the procedures has a special patent, as they are one of the few companies that use a black glue, but also the only one that shrink wraps around the lash-meaning that it is secure and tight. You wait until all of the lashes fall out in the set, or get in-fills every three weeks or so. At first, before I had ever done them, I was not so sure. Once I had them in though, I don’t think I could ever live without them!

They are not hard to care for, but be sure to follow these few simple rules:

Don’t use any oil-based eye-make-up or face-make-up removers. These oil-based products will remove the lashes.

Don’t rub down as normally would to remove make-up, but wipe across.


You can swim with them, or wet them as you cleanse. (I’ve test drove them in the swimming pool, and so far so good!) Angel Eyes eye lashes are the only lashes that have been test driven in dramatic weather conditions. They last in high temperatures of 40 degrees C, and -30 degrees C. They also can confidently survive 80mph winds!  Believe me, they are well-worth investing into. I’m definitely keeping my Angel Eyes, and taking care of them by having them filled in a few weeks time.

Angel Eyes Semi-Permanent lashes: £60-£100 (lasts up to 2 months with care & infills); Angel Eyes Temporary Lashes £35-£60 (lasts 2 weeks) Get some Angel Eyes this Christmas….it will give you wings!

In London, Angel Eyes can be booked for at Bioux Medi-Spa: or call 020 7730 0765

Brooks & Brooks: A 5 Star Salon that will go to your head

Brooks & Brooks, in Holborn, is not your average London city salon. Started eleven years ago by Jamie and Sally Brooks, the salon has won three times for London Hairdresser of the year. Having had successful careers at Trevor Sorbie, both Sally & Jamie, now not only run the salon, but run a hairdressing school, and have created catwalk looks for the like of Alexander McQueen, Clements Ribiero, and Hussein Chalayan.

I had the pleasure of meeting, and having my hair cut, washed and blow-dried by Chantelle, Head of Education and Development of the salon. The salon not only looked every inch, luxurious, but the service, and extra-care and attention was phenomenal. There was a lovely pressure point massage of the scalp in the shampoo, and with each step Chantelle was doing, she explained why it was necessary for my type of hair.

One of my pet peeves, since I was five, (seriously) when I walked out of salons and would look into mirrors or shop windows I passed, was not to want to look at myself again. It is at this point, I know if the cut was good or bad. A good cut should make you squeal with joy, and make you Narcissus for the day- peering through anything you can see your own reflection in. A bad cut on the other hand, will make you run home as quickly as you can- trying to fix the un-do-able, by clipping, tying up, or wearing a hat!  By the time I left the salon, I knew that Brooks & Brooks was a winner! I couldn’t stop checking myself out in the window shops, I passed. In particular, I liked the cut because it was also easy for me to maintain.

For five star hair styling, cuts, and service go to Brooks & Brooks….it will seriously go to your head!



Snob's Yum Yum Edit

Why wait until January? DETOX between Christmas & New Year & Stay Healthy with ADUNA!

The Baobab fruit has been a health and beauty benefiter of African women for centuries. The tree from where the fruit grows, or comes from, is known as ‘The tree of life’-it named so because whenever there is rainfall in Africa the tree holds the water in the trunk; and when there is drought or food is scarce the fruit of the tree provides a nutrient dense fruit that is good all year around.

As soon as the Holiday season is over, and January arrives, we will no doubt turn ourselves (not new leaves) over and say: I need a detox-this seems to be inevitable. Why wait though, until we feel rather bloated, from over-eating and drinking to do what is good for our bodies? Thankfully, Beauty comes up trumps, and she’s a few paces ahead, and will keep Snob on track this year with ADUNA, Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder. Snob has turned into a real detox bunny already!

There are no plantations, as such, that grow these trees or fruit, because ever tree is a community-owned and wild-harvested. ADUNA is currently working directly with producers in Africa to ensure fair trade, and help millions of rural households.


The ADUNA company has made a powder to drink or health supplement from this amazing whole food. It is 100% natural, as it was only dried, had the seeds removed, and sieved. But what is it good for? Well, Baobab is rich and extremely high in antioxidant. In fact, it contains twice the antioxidants per gram of goji berries, blueberries and pomegranates combined.  It also means that it’s great for the skin, and for the overall, benefit of your health. It is an excellent source of vitamin c, thiamine, potassium, calcium and B6. It is also rich in fibre.

There are no plantations, as such, that grow these trees or fruit, because ever tree is a community-owned and wild-harvested. ADUNA is currently working directly with producers in Africa to ensure fair trade, and help millions of rural households.

I have trialed ADUNA, within a smoothie, each morning, for a week. I have to say that the taste is pleasant and kind of tastes in a way like caramel. I felt more alert and awake, and found that it helped with the calming down of my eczema on several parts of my body. With late nights working, I have had recent inflamed gums, and also found that taking this supplement helped bring the inflammation down.  The sticks were easy to use, as any other powdered supplement. You can sprinkle it over cereal, or put it into yoghurt too. I noticed that it really helped get rid of any toxins in my body, and thus, I felt more energetic.  I would recommend this as a constant energiser and detox product throughout seasons such as, Christmas.  Get a pack of 30x 4.5g stick packs £24.99 from their website and try it for yourself…Snob promises you won’t roll over past this Christmas but be full of energy & delight!

Get Out of the COLD and into the Warmth of Africa: SHAKA ZULU, Camden

The Aduna launch event was held at SHAKA ZULUS in the Stables, Camden. This little gem is a massive venue that serves up dishes HOT from South Africa! It has entertainment, dancing, and club too. You can host parties (no excuses, maybe try a new get together spot this Christmas) or gatherings, and is perfect for those who love cocktails, as they have an extensive lists of drinks to choose from. The venue won 2011 Prestige COOL venue of the year, and certainly gives you that African vibe from its carved statues, to wild life feel. Find out what’s on at Shaka Zulus, or what’s on offer, or to book:

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