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Fabulous Trim Pins- You’ll be Bowled Over

Beauty Says: Valentines Day dates are coming up and all of us could use a bit of extra help with the nipping and tucking! I’ve recently discovered these fabulous tights that can make your legs, and thighs appear trimmer and all the while combating cellulite! Impossible? Non, non, non mes amies….check it out:


Tailored by an Italian cosmetic company, Moda Cosmetica, Trim Pins hosiery has micro-encapsulated ingredients that can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Don’t think they’re just another snug pair of tights though, as they contain vitamin E- to protect the skin from toxins, aloe vera- to tone and smooth, ceramides- to restore the barrier of the skin, fatty acids- to provide a source of fuel to the skin and improve penetration of the other ingredients, and caffeine and retinol-to stimulate blood flow and improve collagen synthesis.


The microcapsules within the fibre of the tights (holding all these key ingredients) work actively with movement and pressure. The warmth of your body temperature helps to release the ingredients of the capsules to the skin. The tights not only reduce appearance of cellulite but also cool the skin and reduce the thighs perimeter.


When I first got this to try in the post, I have to admit that I was not convinced. When I put them on they appeared to be like any other pair of tights. As the day went by though, and I started to walk and run about town- I noticed bursts of energy within my legs though out the day. By the end of the day my legs did not feel tired or pain. I also got incredible compliments from people I saw that day saying that my legs looked exceptionally trim and slender. When I took them off in the evening my only concern was whether all the goodness or ingredients would be reduced with washing of the tights?  Well, according to Moda Cosmetica, each pair of tights have capsules that are 2-5 microns in diameter. It takes several million of these capsules to be needed in each cm squared of the fabric. Therefore, the tights can uphold up to 100 washes, before the capsules will reduce to 40% of their original size. I would estimate that 100 washes are about the life of a pair of tights, and hence a worthy investment.


Most impressive is that 67% of people who wore these tights underneath jeans felt less tight in them, and 63% started to see a reduction in orange skin too. I think that most who wear them will feel a definite lightness to their legs. I’ve been bowled over by them and think they’re a knock out and must have of the season.


£12.99 at Boots nationwide, or

Comes in 60 dernier £12.99, or 120 dernier £14.99 (only in black colour) 


This Month I’m addicted to…..

In January there wasn’t much of to look forward to as the New Year was here and gone by the 1st. We’ve waited a whole month, and now around the corner is London Fashion Week and Valentines Day. Every girl should make sure she looks absolutely perfect for both these fabulous occasions! That’s why this month I’m addicted to…Effaclar Duo + by La Roche-Posay.


Effaclar Duo+ by La Roche-Posay marks that spot and zaps it away-not letting the spot mark you! Although I seldom gets spots I did see a few popping out of nowhere. This was probably due to the sudden coldness, and change in weather making my skin a bit more oily than usual. Was I ever glad that I came across Effaclar Duo+ when I did as I had to get rid of this new resident evil on my face fast!


Don’t think thought that I’m (or you) are the only ones who are obsessed with killing this enemy number one-as 1.5 million google searches for ‘spots’ occur on the internet every month. The beauty in Effaclar Duo+ is that it not only works on blemishes, clogged pores and oiliness but also is a product that will improve and correct post scars left behind.


Spots are a bit of a tricky issue as when they first appear there is inflammation. It is the inflammation that causes redness, and the pain often experienced with blemishes. When the blemishes occur the cells surrounding it give it SOS by releasing a stress messenger molecules called cytokines. When this occurs, the distribution of melanin (or skin colour) is interrupted. This is why often, when blemishes are squeezed it can

lead to scarring and difficult to eliminate. 


Effaclar Duo+ secret ingredient is PROCERAD, a patented ceramide that targets the blemish at the phase where first scarring occurs. It also acts on risking excess melanin production and the formation of marks.


I’m absolutely addicted to this product as I’ve tried it out on spots just forming-which literally disappear within a 24-48 hour period, and on older scars left behind weeks ago by the odd spot. These scars have faded rapidly which I though could never happen. Top tip: For those who are in their PMS stage of the month….try it on your chin area (incredibly spot prone). It works wonders, and unclogs it in a snap. Excellent under make-up, just pop it on affected areas after moisturisers. You’ll walk away worry free this month rather like the beauties that are gracing the catwalks now. £13 at


Your Manicurist Might Be Gel-ous

Beauty Says: This Spring your manicurist might be sitting alone filing her own nails and well rather gel-lous! Gel nails are the rage at the moment, and perfect to inject a fresh new look for spring. Unlike the traditional ways of getting gel nails, where the nails have to be dried under a UV light for ages, gel nails can be done in a snap! Simply paint, and dry as you would with any other regular polish. The secret is a plasticiser technology where no UV light is required. Gel nails are also great if you have uneven nail beds as they even out and give the illusion of volume. They’re also great even for the most inexperienced painter to achieve an immaculate at-home manicure with salon effect/finish. 


Here are my at the moment favourites: 


Gel Effect by Nails Inc: Who else but Nails Inc. was the first to launch this trend last season with a few of their classic colours like Porchester Square and Kensington High Street. This season the colours have had a vibrant lift! My favourites are Mayfair Lane, a soft light pink, that is so lady-like-perfect for any Sloanie; and Kensington Passage, a vibrant coral that can easily be transferred to toes to get ready for sandal season. Nails Inc’s Gel Effect is one of my top choices as it is also incredibly hard wearing. It can last up to well over a week! £14,

Model’s Own Hyper Gel Collection: The HyperGel Collection has a high gloss effect. Theirs is enriched with a lotus flower oil which means it is gentle on the nails while being long lasting and chip resistant. There is no streaking and no dragging when you paint this on. You might get carried away & do high gloss dots on top too….£5, limited quantities available at Models Own Bottleshops worldwide or


Tune Into JOULES’ Tunics This SPRING

Beauty Says: When the weather is about to change it’s neither cold nor warm, and hence, the choice of dress can be a pain. Fear not my lovelies, as the perfect pairing for anything to fit the office to weekends away in Britain is the classic tunic. Tunic’s are great, as sleeveless options give you the ease of adjusting your comfort with cardigans or jackets, while sleeved up options give you the ease of wearing pieces like gilets. When it’s cold pair them with leggings, and wear with shoe boots, pumps or flats. When it gets warmer, wear with sandals. These pieces are key for travelling as they give you the option of dressing up or down and let others know you have fashion sense not just style. (No wonder, they were Jackie O’s choice of dress.) This Spring I’ve tuned into great British brand, JOULES for a fine selection of tunics. Not ordinary high street, their styles of tunics will make you blush like an English Rose, and so affordable you could afford not to invest in a few pieces!


Here are my suggestions & Wish List on How To Wear some of the Tunic dresses from JOULES this season, check it out….


The ALEXI Tunic: Perfect for weekends away to great British destinations like Brighton or any of the other Pier points, this dress exhumes: Hello Sailor!  Breton white and navy stripes can be boring and somewhat childish if you wear this piece by itself. Hence, I suggest to give it some oomph with this lovely Bloomsfield silk scarf. Tie around the neck in a bow, or why tie it around as a headband? It definitely gives a more ladylike feel. Now just add 99 flake ice cream & a bit of sunshine to the mix and we’re ready to go to Pier Point for the weekend ahead. And please red lips at the ready! ALEXI DRESS £49.95, Bloomsfield Scarf £34.95 (All JOULES)


ELODIE Woven Tunic: When flowers are in bloom, and birds are chirping we feel Spring has arrived. The Elodie Woven Tunic lets others know that not just Spring has arrived but you have too! Bird prints are hard to get right, but this tunic is fabulous, as the birdies look like they’ve flown in from the British countryside right on the dress. Perfect for a casual lunch, lunch at the pub, I would wear this dress with a bright statement necklace like the Riverton necklace in pink make it really sing. Shoulders must not be cold (or for those who don’t like to show arms) so adding a cardigan is essential. Add an Annie cardigan in powder blue for complete triumph with this outfit. For further effects and to keep up with the theme, might I also suggest some Feather Effects Nail Polish from Nails Inc.? The feather effect nails will give you oos and screams and let your outfit take flight!Elodie Woven Tunic £49.95, Riverton Necklace £29.95 & Annie Cardigan £49.95 (all JOULES); Nails Inc. Feather Effects Nail Polish Set £20 at

AMABEL & CALISTA Tunics: You know how sometimes you wear a piece to the party, or go shopping with the best friend, and they say: ‘Would it be ok, to buy the same dress?’ Well with these two options you can suggest the other dress! The Amabel Tunic has rose floral pattern only across the chest and shoulders-perfect for top more heavy ladies. While the Calista Tunic has Roses blooming everywhere-perfect for those who want to hide a bit of bloat or a tummy. Both are sleeved and hence, with a less casual style be sure to wear it to the office, christenings, weddings or special occasions. Dress these two down with a pair of wellingtons for those April Showers and some coffee, cake and a spot of shopping with your bff. Roses must blush though, so be sure to get it right in the make up with the blusher. My dear friend, Craig Ryan French, once showed a technique of apple cheeks with Paul & Joe’s Face Colour Blusher. Make sure you concentrate on building the colour & blend in the apple of the cheeks to give that authentic flush. Best colour to do this with is Gamine- a mix of super pale pink & rose pink. Bloom beautiful this Spring. Amabel & Calista Tunics £69.95 & £59.95; Blusher refill from Paul & Joe £12.50 at

Thanks for Tuning into my Tunic Tutorial with Joules, what are you waiting for Spring is nearly here, get ready to enjoy those British Destinations in your new outfits! xx 


(Collaborative Post)

Lime Green & Printed Trousers have Sprung Into SS'14

Eye Spy Says: I've spied with my little eye some STELLAR STYLE this season from CARVEN....check it out.... 



Last season it was all about Emerald green, but it looks like its closest relation lime green has sprung into action this SPRING. One of the most beautiful inspiring ways to match this colour has to be CARVEN's electric blue lace over the lime. A super way to welcome and embrace the new season. 320 euros at

This lime KIWI PRINT was prevalent in CARVEN's collection this season. Weather you like to wear it with a pattern as in these shorts & top or in a skirt to pair with block colour cardigans, it surely will give your wardrobe the right ZING!

Think super lady-like perforated skirt is perfect for upcoming weddings, horse-race events, and other garden events. It's a great twist and option away from lace which in skirts or dresses might be dowdy on some. A great investment piece for the season! £420, CARVEN

Bimba & Lola's Printed Trousers-For An Electic Mix

This season I'm also loving the electic mix of printed trousers. Printed trousers are great as they give a fun factor feel or mix-whether you wear them to the office or out on a date/drinks. 


I'm spying on the PARC PRINTS available soon at BIMBA & LOLA.....HOLA! pretty trousers! 130 euros at

Beautys' Secrets

For a ‘Spring’ in your Step this SS’14

Beauty Says: You must be thinking this wee post is about shoes-non, non, non my pretties! This post is dedicated to some things that can make you smile or help lift you this Spring to LOVE. May it give you a bounce to your step….

Crabtree & Evelyn’s English Honey & Peach Intensive Skin Conditioning Collection:Honey has been a key ingredient in age old beauty products and is considered the ‘nectar of the gods’. With so many merits that honey can give to skin (moisture, calming properties to name a few).


My top suggestion in this delicious collection is the Hand Therapy. When you put it on, you just feel: happy, full stop. There’s something in this honey and peach combination that can make anyone feel special, and that everything can be indeed peachy keen! Formulated with shea butter, peach blossom extract, macadamia nut oil and myrrh, it makes your hands so incredibly supple you’ll think they’ve been reborn. May I suggest you get one for the handbag, and one for the desk or for home, as it is seriously a product to not be without this season. 25g £5/ 100 £15.


Now for you multi-taskers out there the All Purpose Balm is small but mighty. It can be used in all areas like the lips, cuticles, or around the face where needed for dry patches. £9/14g.

Finally, if you just can’t give up the honey, and plan to secretly indulge in the evenings, the body is wash is fantastic for bubble baths. Soak or wash all your day’s worries away, and get that ‘SPRING’ back into your step for tomorrow. The scent in this collection is so subtle and beautiful with a light fruity twist it will surely get you noticed. You may have to bat the boys away like pesky bees! 


Available nationwide at all Crabtree & Evelyn stores or at


Did you know that you can BUY IT with LOVE?


This Valentines straight through to Mother’s Day, Crabtree & Evelyn is supporting Breast Cancer Care. Selected products such as Crabtree & Evelyn’s Rosewater & Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed Hand Care Collections will be available to buy where ?1 of each sale in-store & online will go to the charity!




Diptique: Rose Mundi: A Task of True Love


When it comes to Valentines, nothing says it or seals in the occasion quite like roses. Known as ‘Queen of the Flowers’ nobody quite captures the essence that is rose like Diptique. Why you may ask? The secret is that Diptique knows how to reveal this flower’s authenticity. There are many kinds of roses and different variations have to be harvested at different seasons of the year. Take the Damask Rose for example, which is harvested over a three period in May in regions of Isparta inTurkey. The Rose Mundi Collection is a brilliant concoction of Damask Rose, and Rose De Mai. The theme in the fragrance from these two specific types of roses is: a union of essence and fusion. Both roses are picked when they have just bloomed in the early hours of the day. Apparently it is not easy to get either of these flowers to give up their fragrance to make up a bottle. Therefore, like all things that are ‘perfect’ it requires much patience, research, respect and expertise. 


My suggestion from this collection is my all time favourite Diptique product line: candles. There is something that places you in some quaint type of secret garden as the Rose Mundi candle (£42) burns. I like to burn these type of floral scents in the afternoon rather than in the evening, as they tend to lift senses, and burning them at night would make one too buzzy to sleep. To continue the romance, I’m also very much in love and infatuated with the Eau Rose Body Lotion (200ml, £32). The texture has souffle lightness and gets you in the lightest of moods. Use before going out on the weekend to get optimum feel-good factor for the whole of the 48 hours! With so much care, and thought put into one single product in the Rose Mundi line, I think nothing says ‘I LOVE YOU’ this Valentines Day quite like as a gift. True love has arrived, what are you waiting for?? Capture it now, at


The Detox Bunny Bundle

Beauty Says: So you know how when you’re ordering fibre optic internet they’re always trying to get you to go for a ‘bundle’-as it provides a niftier, quicker internet for the lowest price. Well, a detox bundle has just arrived in the beauty department. Yes, there is now a bundle or simple system to detox- staying trim and getting the most radiant GLOW in your skin, fab healthy nails & hair, and so easy to do you won’t know you’re doing it. 



Now before I get into these products, I have to explain why I’ve been looking for such products. I go swimming on a regular basis, and since starting it back up a year ago I’ve had some great results shifting unwanted weight all over. Lately, though, the weight loss has gone into a plateau and no matter how many times I swim in a week, it seems I can’t shift anymore weight. So I decided to look for something that perhaps could help with my condition. 


Surfing the internet, I recently stumbled upon Protein World’s Weight-Loss Collection. Consisting of The Slender Blender, The Fat Melter & Multi Vitamins, this bespoke package is the perfect aid to those who want to achieve some weight loss. How it works is simple:  it goes to boost your fat-burning metabolism, and tones and shapes the muscles. I find it easy to do as it is meal replacement for breakfast in the morning.


The Slender Blend (powder) consists of whey protein, fibre, raspberry ketone, and other nutrients that stops hunger pangs or a sudden drop of energy level. The fibrous protein in this also apparently gives the skin youthful elasticity. The powder comes in chocolate or vanilla flavour. I chose vanilla because it is easier to make any flavours with fruit. All you have to do is combine four (4) scoops of powder with water, milk, fruit juice (you can also just put in fresh fruit) and blend to make a smoothie. My tip is to blend with almond milk as it doesn’t have the fat of cow’s milk while having creaminess to it. Another great option is soy milk or rice milk. I also add some chia seeds, oatmeal, banana or berries to get a proper breakfast. It’s recommended by Protein World to have 2-3 shakes a day- 1 for breakfast, and then another in the evening or just after exercise.


Part 2 in this detox bundle is The Fat Melter. These capsules combine guarana extract + green tea to create a fast-acting mix to speed up metabolism. Important to note, that it not only reduces the fat you digest but also increases the rate your body fat is burned! When you first start the program you take 1 of the Fat Melters in the morning (after the shake) and then one in the afternoon after lunch. It is important that you take them with meals. After the first week of doing this, you step up and take 2 fat melters following the same process.


Finally Part 3: The Multi Vitamins. The Multi Vitamins are essential as it is a one-stop supplement for receiving nutrients that can not only aid weight loss, but also help with immunity to sickness, build strength, lower stress levels, repair muscles and gain recovery from exercise. You can take these once a day in the morning to get optimum results.


The Results: This is what I had experienced in my first week with this program:

During the first few days I noticed that I was indeed detoxing. Usually around 11-ish in the morning I start getting peckish, and thinking about lunch, but when I started the shakes, the hunger pangs stopped. I noticed I had much more energy straight through to lunch time. The 2ndshake around 5 or 6 during my commute home tied me over well into dinner time at 8, and I did not feel the need to snack after dinner either. In the first week I’ve lost about 3 pounds and hope to see a few more pounds in the following weeks, and most of all, it kept off! (At this point, I must emphasize that in order for all this to work, you must be exercising regularly in the week!)


For Glowing Results:


Now for those looking for more of a beauty regime you can go for the GLOW Collection: This is a combination of the Slender Blender with the Luminious & Brillance Capsules. This bundle helps to build strength in hair & nails, tones & shapes muscles and helps you sleep better! The Luminious Capsules have milk thistle which is an ingredient that helps to clear the skin of impurities. In studies, milk thistle has also been proven to prevent hair loss! The Brillance Capsules help aid the eyes. Consisting of lutien (which is very very important for sight, and naturally found in the retina of our eyes) it prevents cataracts later in life. How’s that for wide eyed and bushy tailed?? Both capsules are taken 3 times daily with food/after meals. I think this is a great for those who want to maintain inner health outer beauty, and keep stress levels at bay. Did I also mention that the capsules are packed full of vitamin C and E and other nutrients? (*Note, that it is vital the system has enough vitamin C in order to absorb any other nutrients and minerals.)

I’m feeling the difference and loving my results. To grab your own detox bunny bundle £62 Weight Loss Collection or £64 Glow Collection get to

Welcome Your Valentine with Flowing Locks

Beauty Says: Nothing is more welcoming and more amorous than flowing locks at Valentines. Afterall, we don’t want the beast to bite anyone, as surely this will only make one’s lover run! Relax, as it’s all can be done in a simple step while you’re blow drying with a drop of hair serum. 


Wella SP Luxe Oil: Hair serum is great for those who have unruly hair that just won’t style or tame accordingly. I stumbled upon hair serum by accident as I as once upon a time gifted with a box of Wella’s SP Luxe Oil. I have to admit that I was not interested in it whatsoever when I first got this bottle. I initially thought it would make my hair dragged down and oily. It was not until I went through a dry spell last year with my hair that I remembered the bottle and gave it a go. Just a drop of evenly distributed in the towel dry hair gave the most beautiful blow dry. This particular hair serum has been my hair serum of choice. The secret to Well’a SP Luxe Oil is that they have an transform technology- benefiting inside out while still protecting the natural keratin of the hairs. It also contains ‘liquid gold’ for hair, Argan Oil, and a concoction of almond oil, and jojoba that naturally restores, protects, and moisturises all the while of still leaving hair light and not weighed down. £26.50 at


Hair’s Best Friend by Percy & Reed: Upon my last appointment at Percy & Reed for my cut and blow dry, my stylist Lee, introduced me to their version of hair serum: Totally Intensive Treatment Oil. Lee tells me that you can use this oil/ hair serum in two ways: 1. Use it as a hair wash prep or pre-wash. This oil allows the hair to allow the hair and scalp to accept any goodness from shampoo & conditioner. 2. Use it as a hair serum during blow drying. I prefer using the totally intensive oil as a pre-wash as it is tingly and seems to help my shampoo and conditioner go that extra mile. This oil is sulphate free and contains super goodness from camellia seed oil, macadamia seed oil, carrot seed oil. 


 The oil comes in a set too with a super soft shampoo and condition, making the trio hair’s new best friend. This set/ oil is worth trying, as once you’ve tried it I don’t think anyone will let it go. £32 for the set or £24  50ml on its own at


O&M (Original Mineral) Frizzy Logic: Australian based Original Mineral has landed in the UK. I’m celebrating their arrival with praising their Frizzy Logic Shine Serum. In a recent event at Selfridges, I had my hair styled by one of their professionals who had flown in from New York. My hair was given a polished curl make-over in no time. Most impressive was that the style last for two days and did not go flat or tragic even with a bedtime sleep in between. The Fizzy Logic held onto the style as extreme weather conditions of wind and rain which was evident all weekend. Packed full of cold pressed Argan and Macademia Oil, this hair serum packs a punch with humidity! It also has the most delicious smell like all the O&M products. The key to using this product is to finish the style with it and smooth it all the way to the end of the hair- adding shine and luxurious luster! Available at Selfridges. 


TLC Hair Serums from KIKO Cosmetics:The Hair Serum series from KIKO Cosmetics has a serum to cater to each hair type: damaged & stressed hair, shine reviving, wavy and curly hair, and one to use with straightening hair tools for minimum damage. Kiko’s Absolute Hair Serum is fortified with Omega 3, and go to strengthen the hair fibres while promoting incredible shine. The Absolute is my recommendation to all hair types as anyone can use a shine reviving lift. I also recommend using this product on dry hair rather than wet hair as it performs a bit better this way.


For curly hair there is the Curly Hair serum, or for those who love their straightening irons, try the straight hair serum enriched with rice oil to get straight smoothing power all day long!  £12.90 at

The Edit & Other Neat Stuff

Beauty's Abi Fabi Edit


 Beauty Says: Every fashionista has gone to great lengths at times to have style. We’ve all done it, and often found ourselves stranded because we couldn’t resist and gone broke before end of month because we raided the piggy bank. I understand too that a high street piece just doesn’t replace high fashion’s quality for long-lasting pieces in the wardrobe either. This edit is dedicated to all those who LOVE fashion this Valentine’s Day, but respect their piggy bank too! Check it out…

Orla Kiely Collaborates with CLARKS

One of the most exciting developments this season on the high street fashion scene is the collaboration between Orla Kiely and CLARKS. The capsule collection has the sweetest 60s shapes and styles. It’s also Orla’s first ever shoe collection. The colour combinations are fantastic to match and update the wardrobe. With key colours of SS’14 such as: baby pinks with green, mustard, red, black and cream combinations you just can’t go wrong. I love the fact that the shoes are both platform for easy walking and comfort- one of Clark’s signatures too! The detailing of the sling backs, mary jane straps, and oversized buckles (not to mention also the floral perforations) on these shoes truly make them stunning. I’ll be running to the shop to get my own pair to get my lift this season. I’m debating between the Marianne platforms or the Milly style in navy and cream. Where else in pieces will you find not one but two British based designers? They’ll be exclusive to order online or order to pick up at regional stores, as well as available at Westfields and Central London stores. Love the shoes freely by the way, as the price will be so affordable it’ll knock your socks off! 

An Occasion for Small Knickers-Find them at

Somehow we don’t feel that there is L’amour in the air unless there’s lingerie or as Ms. Bridget Jones puts it: ‘Tiny tiny knickers’. Both Valentine’s Day and London Fashion week is indeed an occasion for this. Whether you are gifted with a set, or buy for yourself a fancy set of lingerie gives every girl confidence both in and outside the bedroom. For an excellent selection this year, might I suggest checking out ? They’ve got it covered in Elle McPherson, La Perla, Agen Provacateur, Ultimo and more. What’s different about is that it’s almost like a comparison site for highstreet and luxury brands style for products. So you can find what you want at the price you want. It’s brilliant! So what are you waiting for? You’ve got to prepare and rise to the occasion don’t you. Go to


And if lingerie isn't your think, but you still want something pretty, why not hint your Valentine to get you some Kat & Bee jewellery? So sweet but with a sophisticated urban edge, it's sure to please anyone. Remember to show your appreciation with a kiss of approval....To see Kat & Bee's full collection go to


Spring’s Sweetheart: Bimba & Lola

Bimba & Lola’s spring collection  will soon hit stores just in time for Fashion Week. I’m truly overjoyed about this collection because I have a thing for raw silks, and there are tons of pieces in this fabulous fabric. Raw silks feel great on the skin while still having enough texture and stiffness to look tailored. They’re a great asset to any wardrobe for the office or for post duty drink occasions. The shorts in this collection are also not too short but hit just at the knees so are great to wear with platforms, and a jacket. Colours are also not too pale pastel but easy to work into any wardrobe to wear with pieces you’ve already got. My tip is to be sure to invest in some of their light gold pieces. The line this season has updated with sweet undertones of cut out in some of the dress pieces and continued paisley-like birdie prints that were injected into last season’s mix. Fresh is an understatement for one of the top boutique brands ‘I LOVE’ of all time! It’s got my fluttering, and will give my style a pulse. For all pieces go to


The Other Fruits and Vegetables are Green with Envy

 I think there’s been a bit of a war in the produce department down at the supermarkets, as it seems most fruit and vegetables have been green with envy. Why? Well, at the moment there’s been a hype in ‘green juice’ or juicing. The benefits of green juicing are abundant. First of all, green plants have the ability to turn sunlight into food or super nutrients. To name of few of the benefits when one consumes green vegetation:


-The chlorophyll in greens can oxygenate the blood;

- It can clean out stored toxins in the body;

-It can cleanse major organs like the liver, lungs (smokers, are you listening?)

- It has also vitamin A & C which can help with the absorption of other minerals we need like calcium from other food we intake


Now that we know the benefits, why juice? Well, it’s rather hard to eat that many green vegetables in the day (very hard to chew them all and extremely filling). It makes sense that we compact it and get a shot of goodness rather bulk into our diet.


My facialist, Tine Hagelquist, is an expert in this area. As an expert in skincare and nutrition she’s always helping people reach their height in beauty. Recently, on a visit, she’s taught me all I need to know about green juicing. Her tip is to make the most of something that is easy to do yourself, and for those who may be lacking vitamins or balance in their diets. Her recipe for her ‘Green Glow’ in a glass is incredibly easy to drink (as it has some secret ingredients to please the palette) and ensures you have power all day long. Note, that she adds chia seeds (great for filling up/or feeling full longer with no calories); some fresh ginger to take any wind that can come from consuming greens; grapefruit & kiwi for a fresh zingy taste & more vitamin C boost; and a varied combination of greens where this is changed each time you juice and you do not want to build any alkaloids in your system. You don’t want too much alkaloids to build up in your system as a build up can impact your muscle functions and digestive functions. To take alkaloids in small quantities and does is completely safe! 


Tine raises to you her ‘Green Glow’ in a Glass (To your Health):




1 Grapefuit             

1 Green Apple

1 Kiwi

1 piece ginger

A medium size head of Broccoli

A fistful of Lettuce greens

A few fistfuls of Spinach greens

A few fistfuls of Kale greens

To get a smoother consistency do re-blend everything in a blender with the chia seeds, and if desired a spoonful of either spirulina, or super green powder supplements. Recommended to drink this in the morning or as a smoothie in the afternoon for that lift of energy! Bottoms up, to a glowing new you! 

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