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Crabtree Captivates Every Beginning in a Bottle of Heritage

Beauty Says:  At the heart of every fragrance there are key ingredients/notes/smells. That is why as an homage to celebrate their forty years in tradition of fragrances, Crabtree & Evelyn, has launched a limited edition Heritage Collection. The collection contains three Flower Waters and four Eau de Colognes. The romance of fragrance is that it tells an intricate story-about the person who wears it. This is not only embraced within finished fragrances but within each separate ingredient in it. Rather fittingly, Crabtree has allowed their most famous scents to tell their family’s story. Within Crabtree’s fragrance archives are scents such as Spanish neroli, Italian bergamot, and Scilian lemon-drawing on the company’s legacy in fragrance; while beautiful botanicals represent the more classical side of the brand and told through the Flower Waters.


It seems that fragrance now is all too complicated or replicated of better known scents that already exist. There is something nostalgically charming about wearing any of these scents that are so collectable. Better, yet, you won’t smell like the next person or seem like you’re advertising for some brand of fragrance. I think there has to be a craft to wearing fragrance-a ‘je ne sais quoi’ if you like. It should be mysterious, yet be crystal clear to recognise the notes. Fragrance also says a lot about the individual who wears it, and seems to add an accent on each person’s aura. 


The Heritage Collection exhumes ‘class’ and somehow although a bit oldie worldly can pull off unique & quirky. The Eau de Cologne Collection includes the choices of: Sevillian Neroli- reminiscent of the ancient trees & signature scent of Seville (simply exquisite with a hint of cloves!);  Old Windsor- gives prescence of powerful kings & queens gone past and kept regal with hints of verbena, sandalwood & English lavender; Hugary Water-is a tonic that represents Budapest’s royalty allowing the legacy to continue through notes of pink pepper, cypress & geranium, the twist is in the spearmint!; finally Neapolitan Bergamot is not just orange, but will remind you of embraces of the breeze with warmth of ginger & thyme. 


The Floral Waters are not shrinking violets either as for example the Floretine Freezia contains amber to give it a boldness. I’m in favour of the Venetian Violet as it sparkles with hints of lychee, raspberry & peach-there is something extraordinarily fun about it. If you’ve always wanted to wear Jasmine, but were afraid to smell too old for your age, go ahead and try out the Old World Jasmine, as it has sparkling citrus in it that gives it a more youthful lift!


Here only for a limited time (and only here until they’re all gone) the fragrances are available at Crabtree & Evelyn stores for £45 each at 100ml. If asked about what is that smell you’re wearing…you can tell them it’s something that’s been in the family for years & only made for the family (Crabree & Evelyn’s that is!)

Be on the FRONT COVER this Season!

With the recent coming and going of not only London Fashion Week, but New York, Paris & Milan, metallic fabrics have graced the catwalk at the likes of Christian Dior, DVF, Burberry, Viktor & Rolf, and Marc Jacobs to name a few. I think you’ll all agree that to match make-up that goes with such outfits can be a bit tricky-as you try not to risk looking too dated or 1980s and yet you do not want to be washed out either by the shimmer of the fabric/piece you wear. As Christmas approaches, we all like to be able to add a bit of glitter to the season. Thankfully, to really shine, and be guided 100% fool-proof to metallic stardom, FRONT COVER has launched the Metallics Collection.

The set is complete with 3 shimmer eye shadows in gold, pink and pewter + a double ended brush for blending + a pewter eye pencil (favourite no.1 as it’s not severe as black, and lifts the eyes) + cheek brush + springy cream blusher (no.2 favourite as since the discontinuation of Guerlain’s bubble blush there hasn’t been anything quite like it until now) + bronze nail polish + 2 lipsticks in a pink and a copper. The springy cream blusher is smooth in formulation and gives the cheeks that pinched look-it has a dewy effect quite rather like fresh English roses rather than sparkly. I find this rather refreshing and important for the look as often the mistake is made in trying to pair sparkly fabrics with sparkles in the blusher-which can make the look too over the top and dated. The finish is also not tacky but soft while still being dewy looking. (That’s pretty amazing!)

 I seldom wear eye shadows, but when I do I think it’s important for them to have a light finish as they can start feeling heavy on the eyes throughout wear. There’s a beautiful opulent finish to them that makes them easy to wear even for those like me who tend to shy away from shadows. Finally, the lipsticks are creamy and have a staying power which is important when you go out, as you would like to spend more time enjoying yourself than worrying about applying more lipstick on again.


I’ve put it to the test, and since all FRONT COVER sets gives you hands on advice & how to instructions to re-create the looks, I think my picture says a thousand words. What do you think? Grace the FRONT COVER yourself £19.50 at


This Month I’m Addicted To….

RACINNE Ultimate Youth Power Mask: Hold on to your cheeks gals, and let out an excited scream as Korean skincare extraordinaire, Racinne, will launch the Ultimate Youth Power Mask in Oct. I’m all over it, as it is cellular activated, inhibits collagen production, gets rid of fine lines, lifts, gets rid of dark spots, hydrates, and hydra peptides in it re-educate your cells to repair themselves. Best yet, at £33, my face can be in PRIME condition, and leaves me plenty of pennies to buy other treats on payday! I highly recommend this (tried & tested), as it has such a high performance on the skin it can be compared to others on the market at £100+. You won’t regret it! Available from October £33, at

Eye Spy

Play Retro Cool Again: Bailey Nelson has Landed in the U.K.!

Fancy retro frames for the eyes, but don’t necessarily want to pay the ridiculous prices of some luxury brands? If truth be known, the trend for aviators seem to now be overdone, and no longer cool, but a bit of yesterday’s story (yes, please let’s leave it there for another 20 years at least, to let them be cool again).


Well, eye spy is all over the landing of Australian optical brand: Bailey Nelson in the U.K. It’s a bit of stylish sensibility at £98 a pair. Not only pretty, and not only for those who wear glasses, as they also have sunglasses with polarised lenses! Hooray! Don’t raise your eyebrow and wonder about this brand, as they are one with lots of tradition and strive to create the highest of inspiration. With names for thier glasses like Tolstoy, Atticus, and Huxley (names of great authors)-if they sound so smart, they certainly will make you look it too! Their philosophy to the craft is: timeless style & design in the finest tradition…delicious…that sounds good to me…now play the 50s, 60s, 70s…all over again….

Lagom Is Pretty In Pink

Eye Spy Says: 



Every girl loves pink, but you can risk it not being grown up or right for your colouring. I’ve spied with my little eye, some pretty good pinks in LAGOM’s collection that will leave you blushing! If you’ve got a darker tone, opt to wear some bright pinks, while leaving those who are paler to wear baby pinks. Not into pinks, but would like to try? Perhaps only wear a bit of pink in the mix as LAGOM’s Andalucia dress (£120) not only has pink in it, but gives the illusion of a slimmer silhouette/smaller chest. Might I also suggest the Bellagio Dress from LAGOM that only has outlines of pink, giving the dress a bit of pizzazz and quirkiness…better yet, it’s only £60 and no one will be wearing the same dress as it’s not a high street standard number….(Psst! Wear pink in October to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness too!)


Dresses available at

The Dolly Mix

Beauty spends ‘FACE’ time with Gun Nowak

Beauty Says: I’ve had the opportunity during FENWICK’s of Bond St. Beauty Week (Sept 30th-Oct 5th) to spend real ‘FACE’ time with owner of FACE STOCKHOLM, Gun Nowak.  


I was especially taken in by Gun’s positive attitude and humility when it comes to talking about her brand (and estimated $50 million global business) in terms of development of the products. On several occasions she referred to instances where she would listen to others from her daughter (and business partner) to others involved within her business to her customer base regarding the choice of colours for products. She’s no push-over though, as she is focused on telling her development team what each product needs. For instance, she insists that they create a non-smelly/non-fragranced lipstick. Horray! You tell them Gun!


It is clear that her passion still lies in the engagement with the customer, and creating something that would suit everyone’s needs-whether it be to complete fashion looks or for the everyday multi-rolled woman. She understands that ‘time’ is a luxury and hence, she emphasizes that her products (whether you use one or many) are intended to help you look good with ease. This perhaps, is especially true to cases of young mothers, whose time to spend on doing their make-up, of 20 minutes, has been reduced to less than a minute.     


Although she had been talking to other beauty journalists for well over an hour, she continued with great enthusiasm during our session, in speaking about, and engaging me with the products. We spoke about bases, and where good foundation comes from: Skincare. FACE STOCKHOLM, as you already know, is one of my top picks at FENWICKS, for their Penzyme-Marine Enzyme Icelandic Solution. Not only does this little miracle in a bottle target redness, but I’m now also told it’s a fantastic healer for sunburns, and a saviour for those who travel on long haul flights. Also take note, that FACE STOCKHOLM does two great lightweight formulas of day (‘heal’) and night (‘restore’) moisturisers-that are packed full of anti-aging goodness from a multi-peptide complex to anti-oxidents. All of the skincare contain ‘Alp Rose’ which is not only a great healer, but help with any environmental stresses on the skin. If that weren’t enough, there’s also a grapefruit stem cell extract that helps with supreme protection of UV exposure. Those still not convinced, will be, as none of FACE STOCKHOLM’s products contain parabens and chemical colorants. 


I am ecstatic to tell all of you that FACE STOCKHOLM has brought out, a BB cream SPF 30, in a compact version too! It blends and adapts to your skin tone, and feels hydrated on the skin-without leaving residue or oiliness as others can.  Worthy of noting, is an important point of difference of this BB Cream: it gives a more complete and better coverage than other BB creams on the market. The finish is soft and natural with a texture like a whipped mousse. I’m incredibly appreciative that it has come in a compact form, as it is easier to travel with and is less messy to use.


   So what’s Guns’ take on the future of the colour wheel of make-up? Well, she predicts that matte textures maybe due to come back soon in lipsticks. One thing is for sure: She leads in the beauty world through the example of: Beauty comes from within! I’m digging the refreshingly honest, and yet traditionally ‘avant-garde’ philosophy of FACE STOCKHOLM, are you?  

Get your FACE on with all FACE STOCKHOLM’s fabulous products exclusively now at FENWICKS of Bond Street! 


Be Aware, and do the TLC

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To help everyone be more aware of this disease that affects more than 50,000 people each year in the U.K. alone, Beauty has a great tip to get you on your toes and to take preventive measures! The numbers are also rising, to what will be estimated to 60,000 people a year by 2030. That is why, more than ever it is important to do all we can to support the breakthrough for a cure.

Rarely do most people think that breast cancer can and will affect men. After all, we don’t tend to think of men as having breasts do we? Well, men might not have more prominent versions such as their female counter parts, but they do have breasts! Over 400 men are diagnosed a year to have breast cancer and it is indeed very real! The following is a case study of a man named Andrew who found out he had breast cancer:    


In November 2009, Andrew hit his chest on a car door whilst opening it. Later that month, he noticed a slight lump to the right of the nipple – this was hard and sore. He visited the doctors in December but they said it was just bruising and swelling following the accident. In January, the lump was still just as hard and sore, so he saw another doctor who referred him to a breast clinic. After tests it was diagnosed as breast cancer. Andrew had a full mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy and, luckily, he is now on the road to recovery.


Andrew struggled to find information and support that was aimed at male breast cancer patients and hopes to change this.  He advises any man that finds a lump or who spots anything unusual about their nipple to get this checked out.


Beauty urges everyone to get into some T-L-C!


Beauty urges all of you to always be aware and check yourself from time to time for signs and symptoms. Simply do the following:


TOUCH your breasts. Can you feel anything unusual?

LOOK for changes. Is there any change in shape or texture?

CHECK anything unusual with your doctor



 This is why, everyone should have awareness of this cancer, how to stop it in its tracks, and together try to stop it completely. During this month loads of companies produce limited editions where proceeds go to cancer research. There are of course, more ways to help and get involved. There are many women who have joined studies and become participants in finding the causes, those that become a TLC ambassadors.


If you love to bake, check out and get details from Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s website to see how you can do a bake-off to help!


Remember, it affects everyone whether you get cancer or not. It could be a loved one, or a friend, or someone at work. 


Here are some products this month that will be featured in shops and website to get you inspired. Look out for these!

Nails Inc wants you to paint your pinkie pink with their ‘pinkie pink’ nail polish. Every ?1 of the sales of this polish goes to be donated to the Breast Cancer Campaign.  With any creative ways you can think of painting your nails with this pot you can tweet and spread the word @nailsinc @BCCampaign#pinkiepink. Get yours £11 at

GLAMGLOW mud mask has a sexy mud mask to help support the ladies in pink. 25% of the proceeds will directly go to Breast Cancer Breakthrough! Now, you have to get the mask on to get cracking…£49.99 order at

Elemis has this great Think Pink Beauty Heroes to get you started! With Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 15ml, Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm 15ml, Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm 20g & Pro-Collagen Lift & Bust Cream 15ml, this set will surely help the pink heroes carry on their trek to cure cancer! £36.50 at

Beautys' Secrets

Simply Pürfect: Pür Minerals is Minerals Make-up for Grown Ups

Beauty Says: I’ve personally never been a huge fan of mineral make-up for several reasons. One, it is generally loose and messy, and two, I’m not always convinced of the effects it may have on the skin in the long term(as in I feel the powders dry out and age the skin). I’ve recently discovered Pur Minerals make-up and I’m becoming quite a fan of it-mainly because it combines the finest ingredients + the latest skincare technology. As you all know, I a huge advocator of anything that will first and foremost benefit the skin!


Pür Minerals, is an American based make-up brand (inAtlanta,Georgia), that are not only pioneers, but truly champions when it comes to being an extraordinary mineral make-up line. Why? Well because it has no harsh dyes, petroleum-based oils, fragrances, fillers or pigments. Not only that, but it contains Ceretin Complex-make-up’s first proven anti-aging technology. The key is the correlation that you see, when you remove the make-up daily and see a difference in the condition of your skin.


I spent some time with the brand’s training and development manager from Atlanta, Lynette, whilst she was inLondon. Lynette tells me that what’s sets Pür Minerals apart from other mineral make-up brands is that it is a more grown-up version if you like due to its anti-aging skin benefits: it’s not messy, but always in a compact, there’s a shade to compliment every skin tone, and as there are more complete complimentary kits (take note, the starter kit is great) that allows you to do your whole face in 60 seconds flat. Even better, it is completely fool- proof & flawless! I’ve tried and tested the 4-in-1 pressed mineral powder and amazed that it does not leave that caked on dry powder finish. Instead, it’s rather soft and gives the skin a natural luminance/glow. Tip, do get a starter kit if you’ve never tried their products before, as it is a great way to try all the products together with primer, bronzer, concealer, and mascara. The primer smells gorgeous of roses, and I promise you will be addicted to it as it feels so soft on the skin. I’ve worn the make-up from morning at 8am, and it has lasted all day, and no oily patches in my t-zone at 6pm. 


The bronzer or Mineral Glow accentuates your face rather than darken it too much. This happens a lot if you’re not good with your make-up, so again it’s rather fool proof. Simply use the flathead top brush (the same as you’ve used for the powder make-up) and buff gently around the cheeks, a bit on the forehead, and the chin. 

I’ve also been taken over by their super advanced mascaras. The Big Blink mascara has argan oil in it, to give extra moisture to the lashes, and keep them in optimum condition. And for those who don’t like to use just one mascara, but want something that will be a bit more versatile, then you’ll love the Duo Ego mascara-where with a click, the wand will transform into another to give more length. The Duo Ego seriously gives both ‘oooo’ and ‘ahhh’ when you flutter your lashes out there. 

For Christmas, yes the season will be upon us before you know it, they’ve got some great sets. Whether you put it on the wish list or on the give list, I suggest the Bare It All set: A 4 piece collection with blusher, highlighting duo, black precision eye liner and a lippy in natural.

It’s not a wonder why Pür Minerals are known as ‘The Complexion Authority’, as I’m considering this the most ‘simply pürfect’ mineral make-up. Compacts £24, Mineral Glow(bronzer £19.50), mascaras £15 all exclusively in the U.K.only at M&S!


Nails get Personnel at Nails Inc.


Beauty Says: Nails have been given a voice and not by just screaming out colour and gloss. No. Nails Inc. have just come out with the Monogram Manicure letting your fingers do all the talking! Stickers with letters from the alphabet can be put on top of colour to add oomph! There’s always seems to have been something personal about nail colour, as it is of course, a self preference, or match making with an outfit. Now it seems, they have much more personality with the ability to literally, speak their mind. Of course, the combinations are endless, and I can think of numerous scenarios where it would be appropriate.


No.1: At a party where you don’t know anyone. Spell your name, well if you can make it fit or abbreviate it to.


No.2: How many times at work have you been asked by collegues to do them favours? Now you don’t have to feel bad for saying N-O. Just put Y-E-S on one hand, and N-O on the other, and then just point to the paperwork and smile.


No.3: Spell out statements like: OMG! ABFAB! LOVE + HATE….


Of course, be weary to keep it tasteful ladies, and leave the naughty best left unsaid! In my experience with it, it’s an incredible ice breaker, and attention grabber. Whenever I’ve had them on there have been plenty of people asking me about it on the train. Create a new conversation now with Nails Inc. Monogram Manicure sets, comes with 2 mini polishes in cool grey & deep plum (4ml) and 1 caviar top coat (4ml) with 4 sheets of monogram nail letters in white & black, £20 at

Also Delicious at Nails Inc….



Autumn Winter Collection

Also delicious are the new Autumn Winter Collection-4 full size bottles worth £44 only at £25! I’m in love with the yummy caramel colour: Oxford Street, a rich toffee, good enough to eat!



Now don’t scream when I tell you this, but Nails Inc. have come out with a GEL polish that paints like a regular polish, that requires no lights, and gives you the same uber effects of the expensive manicure done professionally. The secret behind it is that it has a placticiser technology allowing it to give the same results without the UV lights. It now only comes in 4 of Nails Inc. top colours: Bond Street(purple), Kensington High Street (deep red), St James St.(Fire engine red) and Porchester Square(soft nude). It is my season MUST HAVE! £14 at


Beauty's Abi Fabi Edit

Beauty & The Beast visits Percy & Reed East

Beauty Says: Here we go again, another posting about Beastie (my hair) and his salon adventures. In the last year it’s been tales at various salons-to no avail Beastie is not convinced he has found ‘THE ONE’ residential stylist as of yet. He was rather moody as we approached the East End branch (in Spitafields) of Percy & Reed for a hair cut. When he saw the board outside the doors: Most Wanted, Best Salon Experience, Winner-he rears over and roars, everyone boasts of that, but can they really tame me? I roll my eyes and roll him in too- in desperate hope that the stylist at Percy & Reed would be able to cut Beastie down to size!


Aesthetically, the salon has a more urban d?cor with lots of east end personality. Rather different than a more polished look of the original west end salon near Oxford Circus. The heritage building used to be an old tomato & banana producer, and still hold some of those vibes. I’m told when I did ask about the d?cor that all the plants and books belong to and came from the homes of Adam Reed & Paul Percival-giving the whole salon that ‘at home’ presence.  


Lee, the stylist was laid back in greeting me and made me feel at easy straight away. I made a point in telling Lee that I did not want the hair to be curled at the end with tongs as I want to see the shape of the cut. He agreed, and advised that I should always get the hair styled as I would wear it on a regular basis. We also spoke of future colour options. As my hair is so dark, I should never try to lighten it with colour but only a tint or toning it up.


Another interesting feature of the salon is their unique colour match lighting system. You sit in a chair and different coloured boards are put up to your neck and face. The lights above are then controlled (through an ipad) to tone up or down- showing all the right tones and shades that would suit your skin tone. The service is free, but be sure to ask in advance when you book your appointment in advance. Allergy skin patch tests are always also done to be sure that no one reacts before any colouring sessions.


So what is Percy & Reed best known for? Well besides jetting around the world styling up the famous for A-list events, Paul Percival is known for endorsing simple & clean lines, while Adam Reed endorses perfectionism-no detail is too big, small or ambitious! I think that Percy & Reed’s ethos really comes through down to their team members too, as Lee covers similar ground with me in my session with him. Although he speaks to me about how I would wear my hair every day, he also encourages me not to be afraid of playing and experimenting. Lee suggests watching some of the YOUTUBE styling videos of Percy & Reed, and offers to help me or guide me in any of the styles I’m interested the next time I’m in. I love it, as the salon’s approach, to things seem rather no nonsense, and hands on. I don’t feel lost at the end, not pressured or talked up in purchasing extras/products either. In fact, most hear about Percy & Reed’s salon from first being introduced through the products. Speaking of which, that brings me back full circle, as I was first introduced to it by my facialist; and when she spoke of hair colour woes as of recent late, my advice were 3 words: Percy & Reed! (Of course I immediately told her of my amazing first experience with Lee, and now she’s booking in too to get her colour corrected) Ah, good news does spread fast doesn’t it?


So Beasts’ final verdict was that with indeed one of the best first time salon experiences in London, he’s found ‘THE ONE’ in Percy & Reed, & of course, Stylist Lee Boone. Hair it ends….happily ever after…


To book Percy & Reed West: Call 0207 637 4634 or email:

To book Percy & Reed East: Call 0207 078 0780 or email:



My favourite product from Percy & Reed is the Dry Shampoo. Why? Because it has a widget inside that when shaken & sprayed onto the hair-no white marks are left behind! It adds volume and gives the hair incredible texture too. Horray! Warning:It’s addictive! £12/100ml bottle.

The newest addition to the range is ‘Eau My Goodness’-Shine & Fragrance Spray. As fresh as English roses just cut the spray adds shine/gloss & refreshens- the sweetest pick me up for hair! £22/100ml

 Available at Percy & Reed salons and

Fool Proof Red Lips that allows you to PAINT THE TOWN RED

Beauty Says: So there’s been a lot of reviews, and in recent editions of The Stylist there had been beauty reviews and how to tutorials on the red lip. It seems that the red lip has become a staple trend in beauty. I think there are several reasons for its popularity. Besides being the original colour of lipsticks from the beginning of make-up time, it’s also a universal shade that looks good on anyone, not to mention the glamour behind it. I don’t know if any of you have also read in beauty editorials in fashion magazines that in the wake of fashion week this A/W the smudged red lip has also become a hit.


Now there are several tricky conditions to achieving the red lip. First, it seems to be a shade where you need to line the lips-otherwise it might look messy. Of course, if you’re trying to pass a messy red lip as it was seen on the catwalk then I think you must look to what outfit you’re wearing, or the time of day you’re wearing it. I’m not entirely sure, bosses would approve of that one in the boardroom, or you might be mistaken for having smooched someone in the photocopying room.


I’ve always found that tinted glosses are the best at achieving a fool-proof red bitten lip. I first discovered this years ago at the KIELHLS counter with their version. Tinted glosses are also the easiest way to achieve the look without the hassle of liners or worrying that there is feathering or imperfections. Vaseline have just come out with their third limited edition of tinted coloured lip balms/glosses in light of the popularity of past versions of Creme Brule and Pink Bubbly Editions. ‘Paint The Town Red Lip Tint’ has a spicy berry flavour and gives your lips rich moisture with the petroleum jelly (famous to Vaseline products) and a hint of rouge instantly. I suggest just dabbing it on with your finger-it is the no mess, no frills way to achieve the red lip fool proof! And at £3.49 it won’t break the bank or leave you full of regrets of buying another red lipstick. It really does what it says on the tin: Let you paint the town red!


Snob's YUM YUM Edit

I want to Board The Polar Express!

Snob Says: No, the Polar Express is not just a children’s legend that you saw in a movie with Tom Hanks as the train conductor. In fact, it has landed in London every Tuesday each month until the end of winter as a collaboration between Speakeasy Bar Barts & boutique, 80s style club Maggie’s in Chelsea. The first Tuesday will start on Oct 8th. The journey will start at Barts from 6pm onwards where guests will be welcomed ‘All Aboard the Uncle Barts Polar Express’ by a Polar Express Ticket Conductor. Visitors will enjoy Hot Reyka Icelandic Vodka Hot Chocolates, and be able to listen to tall tales of his artic adventures! If that doesn’t get you steamed up, then surely digging into Bars infamous fancy dress box will, where you can dress up as penguins, in wacky winter wear, and costumes! Then you are led to the ornate winter garden for a bite to eat from a warming grill before a pot of Artic Ice Fishing.


The adventure doesn’t stop here though as those who want to ride the train late will catch an Artic snowmobile to Maggie’s where they can be transported literally to a Lake Placid Winter Olympics. Guest will be greeted with warm mulled wine, and handed ski passes before they are taken downstairs to a club which has been transformed into a winter wonderland of vistas and snowy peaks! There will be clubbing competitions between those sporting retro ski wear. How’s that for a bit of adventure…and you said there was nothing to do in London at night….

To gain entry/tickets contact Barts/Maggies for some Winter Wonderland Magic!


BARTS - All Aboard the Uncle Barts Polar Express
From 6pm
Somewhere on Sloane Avenue
T: 020 7581 3355
T: @BartsLondon

MAGGIE’S - Lake Placid Winter Olympics
From 11pm – late
329 Fulham Road, 
SW10 9QL
Tel: 020 7352 8512
Twitter : 


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