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La Roche-Posay's Refresher: SeroZinc...the wait is over....

Looking for something to refresh oily, blemish-prone skin? Or maybe, you're just looking for something in general to refresh, uncomfortable skin in balmy weather, while preventing unwanted spots? Well, the wait is over, as La Roche-Posay has finally launched their Serozinc.


Serozinc is a unique mist toner. Although designed for oily, blemish-prone skin, regular skin types or combination skin types can also use this product. It is fantastic to combat shine, grease and has pore tightening benefits. The secret benind this product is that it purifies and soothes the skin with zinc sulphate (0.10%) and sodium chloride (0.75%) in an enriched isotonic formula. Best of all, there is no fragrance in this product. I would best describe it as almost like those Evian face sprays but can do more! If you often have small break-outs due to the change of weather or too much heat, this product can keep blemishes at bay, and give you the uhm...all clear. 


Use this product alongside the Effaclar products I have introduced before and you will have the smoothest skin without any fuss or troubles! Serzince is available at Boots for £8.50. 


Slide Into Summer With Clarks

Beauty Says: The British Summer has so far not been as 'GREAT' as it can be- as the sunshine has been flittering in and out on certain days. This makes it incredibly hard to dress or gage. This is especially true in the shoe department. So what is the solution? 


While most shoe retailers are now pushing their sandals be it flat or heeled, I can't but feel that my toes will be a wee bit cold on days where the weather may turn. This is why I'm rather partial to these chunkier sandals/heels from CLARKS. The best thing about styles like these is that you can wear them with socks + dresses, skirts, or trousers. In terms of style the trend of block sandal + socks will not look naff or out of place but super trendy! 





Simple, chunky heel is what we're after, and this particular style of CLARKS has more than just this feature. The neutral tone is perfect to be matched with any bright or eye catching sock, and can go with just about any outfit. Of course, when it finally warms up you can take the socks off, and still uhm....bare....the heat in a pair of these! Price point is incredibly accessible at £65. 

This style is rather similar to the first style that I've just spoken about and is neutral in colour which is best to go with everything and to let the coloured socks shine. There is more of a strappy effect with this style, so if you like more straps go for this style. The heel is also a bit lower which makes walking in these a simple stride! £55

Now, I love the socks at TABIO because you can find some pretty and interesting patterns and colours here. If you're into the traditional cream consider these for example with the scalloped edge. 

You can see this example of how with longer hems and the heel + sock effect works. Eye catching colours of the socks such as this green is key. 

If a flat style is essential to you then let me introduce you to this t-bar style. With lots of cut-outs again, it has the ability to feature the colours in socks, while being breezy when the socks come off in high summer. There is also something rather whimsical while still being proper enough in this style to wear to the office too! £55

Finally, if you're after a more sophisticated grown up look then no look further than this pair. The neutral nude pink colour gives it the feminine touch, while the more narrow heel makes it perfect from office to date or event. I would not go for too thick of a sock with these as the others, as the heel is not chunky enough to get away with the trend. Instead, consider wearing these with socks that are between a pop sock and regular sock. Perhaps something a bit sheer with a pattern may give this pair a better edge....£65


This Is Not Just A Good Thing...It IS The Best Thing!

Beauty Says: This month I'm addicted to this Argan Oil Nourishing Cleansing Oil by Good Things. Why? Well, unlike most other cleansing oils, that might not have a scent, or a scent I'm not into, this smells of fresh lemons. It awakens the senses that gives the skin the freshest feeling. 


Another point of difference with this cleansing oil is that it replenishes the hydration in the skin, as its base is: argan oil + macadamia oil + sweet almond oil + fatty acids. There are not many oils on the market that can boast of that! If you're got a de-hydrated skin like mine, you'll truly appreciate this and you can turn your skin around overnight with this oil cleanser. 


Now I know many of you may not be partial ot using an oil cleanser in the summer, but listen up as the argan oil in this particular cleanser is rich in anti-oxident properties, which means that it can not only protect your skin from UV, but it also does a super job of detoxifying skin- leaving it clean & clear is an understatement. It also has no parabens or nasties, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The price point is also not bad as it is only £5.99 for a 150ml bottle. It works like all other cleansing oils, whereby you massage it onto dry skin. It will turn to milk when you rinse or add warm water. It instatly melts the most stubbon mascara, and thickest concealers and foundations in an instant. 


I love it so much I am shouting at the roof tops that it's not just a GOOD's THE BEST THING!!! Get yours only now at Boots, or Sainsbury. 


Neutrals Are Not Boring- HOW TO: Rock the NAKED Palette

Neutral eyeshadows are a bit hard to get the hang of, because most of us will think it's rather bland and boring. No matter how hard you blend, it doesn't seem to look interesting as popping colours. Sometimes, we are afraid that perhaps it may also make us look washed out, if we are lighter iin skintone. 


Fear not ladies, there is actually rather quite a lot that you can do with Urban Decay's NAKED palette that is interesting. In fact, you can make it ROCK! This palette is a favourite of Kate Middleton's and we can too make it both lady-like and wear it with more of edge. 


I love this palette for summer as to wear darker or brighter colours for the eyes may be too heavy. We also should adhere to the warmer climate and weather, and be weary of make-up that will run or smudge. Wearing lighter colours on the eyes can not only lift our faces, but also be easier to correct when it starts smudging. Urban Decay suggests pairing the paler eye looks with an eye popping lippie like hot pink, or red or even orange. 


There are a lot of inspirations....just watch their tutorial below. This month, I'm loving it! Get yours now for £38.....

Eye Spy

Thinking Pink...Flamingos

As far as Summer icons go, I have always loved flamingos, as they remind me of summer holidays in San Diego visiting the zoo, and tropical holidays far far away. As the weather has been flip and flopping in different directions I am hoping & thinking of Flamingos which might  bring on the warm weather....


Here are my top picks and hope for warmer days ahead....eye spy with my little eye PINK! 

Kate Spade has just launched their Summer Collection with the PINK FLAMINGO! I'm in love with this sweet t-shirt to wear with jeans for off duty fun, or dress it up with skirt and cardigan for the office....£68




This adorable phone shell certainly makes it's uhm...'case' in stating that I'm talking about SUMMER is on its way! £30 at Kate Spade.







And finally my last and favourite piece from Kate Spade's collection has to be this Pom Pom about walking on the wild side. Wear with plain white dresses, or jackets for when summer's evening breeze hits! £115



If you're having a few friends around for some cocktails, or that BBQ in the garden as you have caught the rays on the weekend (talk about getting lucky) then let these flamingos take a dip into your drinks. Whimsical and promises to be a hit with any crowd... £3.23 at Etsy.




And for those who have a BIRTHDAY in the sure to bring a touch of Summer's Heat with these BRIGHT PINK BIRTHDAY candles....fabulous! 5 in a box, at Top Shop £11.50

The Dolly Mix

A Lesson In Wear To Find It

I often get asked by friends or colleagues "Where did you find that dress?" or "That's amazing what you're wearing, where did you get that, and how much?" As of recent late, during a 3 day hunt for a white summer dress by Self-Portrait, I was inspired to put out this post to all my readers in 'Wear To Find It'.


The best place to find anything now and the fastest, with the view of price comparison is of course, the internet. Here are some of the pro's and con's of some of my favourite websites where coveted fashion pieces are found at the best prices.....  

A Bargain Or Second Hand?

One of the things to ask  yourself when hunting down an item be it a maxi dress or a pair of new shoes is which comes first to you. Is it the price? Does it matter if it is second hand. My general rule of thumb is that for higher end brands sometimes it is worth considering the items even if they are second hand- that is, if they are not worn to a terrible state, and are fairly new. (Or worn once.) 


If it is both a new item you insist upon and at a bargain price outlet sites such as Brand Alley & Secret Sales are your best friends. 

Vestaire Collective

Here, I've added a couple of brands of just DRESSES + BRANDS-Carven, AndOtherStoreis, and Maje. You can see, that prices range whether they are brand new items-such as the Carven dress wtih tags, or if they are discounted- second items such as the Maje dress. Whatever you are looking for, this site is a handy one to have when you are wondering where else you can get it from, if not the stores? 


You can filter and find exactly what you want, from Womenswear (there's also mens and kids), to size, to brands, to price points, to colour to season, to condition and so on. 


Vestaire Collective is a recent top favourite of mine when it comes to considering both or either bargain or second hand. There is a good mix in here of everything from couture fashion to high street, as well as new and second hand, and at the fraction of the original price. 


One excellent feature of this site (and app) is that all the goods that are being sold have been sent into the company to check and are 100% authentic! 


I came across Coggles ages ago when I was looking for some Marc Jacobs items years ago. This site carries a host of top most-wanted name brands from 3.1 Phillip Lim, to Ugg and even Orla Kiely. 


There are always reduced items within each brand towards the bottom, and newer items at the top. They also carry some different colours or variations for the brands that the stores may not neccessarily carry. This is an added plus, when looking for something that not everyone is wearing too. 


For new at a bargain, and when you're not in the mood to make the trip out to the outlets, go to Coggles

An oldie but a goodie is of course, ebay, where you can often find a bargain and the newest or hottest items. 


One good example of this, is when I started to hunt down a Self Portrait Studio dress, I had seen and tried on at Selfridges in my size. This brand has been sold out online, and at Selfriges, so the only other place it was plausible to get it was ebay. 


I was lucky to find the dress in my size and with the option of bidding. Of course, I triumphed and won it at £56 as you can see (a huge savings and bargain from £190 at retail), but sometimes, you are not so lucky with items, and they can be one-offs. I would say, this is one of the limits to ebay items. 

So where else do you find it? Well, there are always stores like TKMAXX, and invites to exclusive samples sales a few times a year. During end of seasons a good way to see if there are any sample sales is to check the adverts in the papers. Aside from these, I always feel that random trips out to the outlet are good ways to find items as well. Whatever the way though, make sure you are buying something that you will get good use of and not buying just for the sake of it....and that is 'wear I find it ladies!'



Another limitation of ebay, and where you have to be mighty careful, is items being replicas or fakes. There are of course, as in my example of the picture, where sellers are 100% honest, and tell you that the item is a replica. More often than not though, they try to hide the fact that their item is a replica and will use words in the title of description as being in the 'same style' or 'inspired style'.



Beautys' Secrets

Wear Summer's GLOW With Eve Lom's Tinted Moisturiser

If you're after that perfect radiant glow to wear in your foundation this summer, than look no further than Eve Lom's Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 15. This is not just your normal light-weight formula when it comes to wanting to wear something less in summer's heat. 


The formula is super hydrating, and keeps the skin feeling plump and refreshed all day. It does not give any greasy residue after all day wear. I usually apply this product just on the bare face without any moisturiser or base underneath it. The texture is creamy (but not heavy) and velvety. As you blend it in, with finger tips, you can see this reflecting sheen in areas like the cheeks. 


The benefits don't just stop there though, as this formula is enriched with vitamin C, E, and has SPF 15 in it to protect radical damage from photo-aging! It also prevents as well as reduces the appearance of age-spots too. I recommend this product as it is a longer wearing tinted moisturiser that does not slide when the weather gets balmy. My top tip to get even longer lasting is to dust a fine layer of powder on the top. The poweder does not interfere with the dewy glow you get from the formula, but makes it lasts just that bit longer to get through the last stretch of the day. 


It truly is: Summer's Glow in a bottle! Well worth the investment, and a can't live without £48 at Eve Lom


The Make Up of Make Up Artists is Forever- Make Up Forever Launches in the UK

Beauty Says: You know that bi-line that Max Factor has in all their ads? “The Make up of make up artists” seems a bit of an understatement when a brand like Make Up Forever exists in the world of beauty. Last week, London saw the launch and come back of Make Up Forever at Debenhams on Oxford Street.


The brand was developed in the 1980s by Dany Sanz, a make up artist & teacher, who wanted to provide artists with high pigmented products when products were limited and not suited for professional use. Today the global brand is well-known and the beacon all professional artists go to when they need products for their kits- be it whether they are using it for models, tv, or film. Make Up Forever also has make up schools all over the world training artists to become professionals in their field.  


I first came across this brand in Canada in the 1990s and was instantly hooked onto their lip and eye palettes. There has not been a brand I’ve used in my career in beauty that carries such strong pigments, and functionality (rather than packaging). For many years I have been harbouring my secret of using this brand and stocking up on small trips out to Paris, or other European and overseas destinations-namely through Sephora stores. 

The highlights of this brand are in their ranges such as the HD range -giving HD definition and finish, and Aqua- a waterproof range first developed for synchronized swimmers. The day after the launch I spent some time down at the new counters at Debenhams with their professionals picking up tips on how to use some of these key products. They tell me that everyone can pick up some make-up lessons and how to do it themselves. There are make up lessons for a daily looks, to focused areas such as lips or eyes to full on sophisticated looks and how to apply false eyelashes. Lessons range from 15-50 min and start at £5-£50.


I highly recommend the HD Microfinish Powder. The pro-artist of Make Up Forever gave me the top tip that to get the most out of the product the powder has to be warmed. The best way to achieve this is to work the face brush right into the powder. £22



Of course, you will also ask what else Make Up Forever can do? Well, a true display of all the incredible possibilities of the products, are showcased in a special photo shoot- done in partnership with professional photographer RANKIN. These images are showcased at the store, and in the video below…check it out….how’s that for a statement without saying a word?


Another product that is a ‘can’t live without’ is the Aqua Rouge- a two step lip colour. First, apply the colour and then seal it in with the top coat to lock it in. The colour won’t budge or transfer and is highly pigmented through the light weight polymer that gives it staying power. This product is a must-have and favourite whilst at the beach as you can swim and sun all day and have that beach perfection look! £13

With so many credentials of 30 years in the making, this multifaceted professional brand is more than just make up. Its presence in 57 countries world-wide pushes the boundaries of creativity and product performance. Make up artists agree: If you are a Pro, this brand is for you….Forever! Check it out in store or now at

This Season's EYE LOVE YOU

Beauty Says: It's the time again...for another highlight of eye creams, but which ones are good for the season? As the weather gets warm, you want to be using the right eye cream, that will leave the eyes fresh and bright, and not heavy or greasy. Here are my picks and why.....



HEALGEL is a no nonesense type of brand when it comes to skincare- it just works-full stop. This all in one helps to diminish the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines. Arnica + madecassoside + powerful peptides are suspended in liposomes to soothe and de-puff in this unique formula. The texture is incredibly lightweight (gel or serum-like, which is great for warmer weather) and makes the most fantastic base for eye make-up. It creates a priming action for the eye make-up and if you are like me, who has oily eye lids, you'll love using this to keep eye liner, and eye shadows in place. 


Aside from top tier skincare companies who make eye gels, I have found this product equally as effective, if not better, and at a cut of the price(only coming in at £32). It saturates the eye area with that deep drink/hydration so its great for after sun whilst on holidays, as well as for those who have exceptionally dry eyes.  


Racinne Delicare Perfection Soothing Eye Serum

If you've got sensitive eyes or in general sensitive skin then you might want to consider Racinne's Delicare perfection Soothing eye serum. Even if you don't particularly have a sensive eyes, but you may suffer from hayfever or allergies this time of year, this product might provide some relief to that irritated eye area. 


The serum is lightweight, and glides on like a dream. It reduces redness, and calms immediately while moisturizes the skin. It has no alcohol, fragrance, or oil. In fact, fans of Racinne have given loads of reviews on this product and a top 5 stars! Many claim its 5-star status for reducing puffiness, and eye bags. I think it's a handy one to have in the handbag or travel bag at all times. Get yours exclusively at FENWICKS of Bond Street. 

Dermalogica Total Eye Care

If you're not often conscious of the fact that UV rays are there all the time, and in fact, aging your skin, then wear this for the eyes and never think of it again. Dermalogica's Total Eye Care, not only has SPF15, but the SPF is a broad spectrum protection. Unlike other eye creams, this one can conceal dark circles. Talk about multi-tasking! How does it do this you might ask, well, it has optical light diffusers to shield the eye area while reflecting darkness off of the area. The texture of this product is not as quite as light as some might like it but gentle massage it in and feel it nourish the skin. It also retexturizes which means it is super for those who have fine lines or a dry skin type. 


A most fabulous partner for summer holidays abroad, and can't live is an eyes-saver!

Comes in at about £39.

Beautys' Abi Fabi Edit

Make Sure You Bag These- Next Season- FW'15Preview Monnier Freres

Vanrycke Paris, a name in jewellery well-known to stars like Rhianna who likes a bit of sparkle on and off stage. The line is subtle, and uses real diamonds in all the pieces. 


The designs are also edgy while still being functional and easy to wear with anything for any ocassion. A highlight of this next collection to come is the ear jacket or ear cuff earrings. They are meant to be worn as a mis-matched pair to another earring of your choice. 


This is a #must-have, #iwantit, #putitonthechristmaswishlist item.



While it's a bit early to be thinking of Christmas (in the sun) the fashion industry always works 'forward' and there has been some tempting showcasing going on with Christmas in July showrooms for the press. 


I've had a sneak peak at what is in store at Monnier Freres for the next season, and there are some treasures worthy of investment....check it out....

While it comes in not cheap due to the diamonds, there are more affordable pieces within the £250-£795 mark like this real gold heart pendant.....Exclusive to Monnier Freres

A sure fire way to know that you got it 100% right in the ONE accessory item this next upcoming season is in a Vanessa Bruno bag. A cult favourite with fashionistas, this next season showcases velvet and two-tone contrasting bags that are sure to grab approval! 



I'm incredibly excited about the exclusive piece like this one that will come up closer to Christmas. Vanessa Bruno's touch seems a bit art deco here....and I'm getting into ideas of decadence during festivities in the last month of the year! 

My little eye spotted SMYTHSON to join Monnier Freres this fall....Get ready for this exciting addition to add some formal British Style in the wardrobe. It's not all stiff upper lip though with this brand, as the bags are coming in a multitude of lively colours....I'm loving the multi-wear aspect of the bag to be city-functional...whether you wear it as a tote, or over the shoulders, or the chest, it's a winner that gets all your work load into work, while being fashionable.


Can you spot the Smythson's amongst the display of bags for the next season.....('s in the the red!)


Create More Light In Your Wardrobe With Sparkles

Beauty Says: If you're not a colour person, and your wardrobe is either pale and neutral, or black and dark, perhaps to create a bit more light into the wardrobe with sparkles is an option. Sparkles are great, if it comes in small doses, or one off statement pieces. On my trip out to Antwerp, I noticed that most of the fashion boutiques there had sparkle embellishment in their collections. From sequined to pearls, to crystal, you could find it everywhere from brands such as LIU JO to more local shops and designers. 


Here are my suggestions on how to wear sequined and sparkle pieces without looking like you're screaming for attention. My lesson on how to give light to your wardrobe with sophistication! 

Invest in a statement T-shirt with sequins to add light to dark denim, or just a pair of leggings for off-duty cool. To dress it up or mkae it more sophisticated add a jacket to the mix. I absolutely love love love LIPS icons as there is something incredibly Rock N' Roll about it....think Rolling Stones....This T-shirt is only £7.94 on ROMWE

Sequined or sparkly jackets can be hit and miss. I think it is best to never wear these types of jackets with skirts or dresses, but rather only trousers, with a pair of heels/ kitten heels to keep things edgy. Add a bustier or tube type of top underneath to give the jacket a less 1980s Dynasty effect and a more Studio54 effect....This example is only £15 at H&M.

If you're going to go for the sparkles up on top make sure there is not too much as it can make one's chest look a bit heavy. That's why it is important to make sure there is only a string or two at the neckline. This also makes it easier to wear it to the office, and not make you look like you're showing up to the Christmas party in JULY! Kate Spade is a great brand to look for these types of tops or cardigan sweaters. Look for pearls + crystals too! From £120, at Kate Spade. 

One of my greatest loves is buying into shoes which have crystal embellishments, as it adds a special spring to the step. In the summer be sure to get some crystal flat sandals to give that Cannes effect to any outfit from weekend + jeans + t-shirt to flowing maxi dress. The go-to brand for this has to be MIU MIU. MIU MIU's crystal heels are fantastic as whether you dress for the office or a party they add the light right to your's that for twinkle toes? From £300 at MIU MIU. 

Snob's Yum Yum Edit

Want Dinner In 10 minutes? Maggi makes that wish come true!

By the time I get home in the evening, the last thing I want to do is cook. This of course, is wishful thinking, as my other half is waiting for his tea. I would call myself a diverse cook and one that has the capabilities to bang or whip something up in no time. Having said that, I've also made mistakes where it was too quick and it did not taste right. 



One of the key things when you have not prepared anything for an evening is marinating meat. If you find yourself in this pickle, give Maggi's So Tender papers a try. I recently discovered these, and find them to be a real lifesaver. All you have to do is bash the chicken a bit and wrap them in the papers. 



The papers are covered in herbs an spices, and there is no need for salt or anything else. Just put the plain chicken into the papers and put on a heated frying pan with no oil. I love the fact that there is also no oil required as it is a much healthier option too. 


Simply cook on each side of the chicken 5 min, and it is ready. I was incredibly surprised how the chicken came out so tender, juicy and flavorsome. I would descirbe it similar to grilled chicken on the barbeque and the results of this surely gives Nando's a run for thier money! 

El Patron Spices Up  Brunch


Is Saturday brunch getting a bit boring? Tired of eating cream cheese + bagels + salmon, or not wanting to see omlettes as you're ready for something with a bit more sunshine? 


Well, you're in El Patron, will be starting their Mexican brunches, every saturday from May 23 onwards, into a bottomless brunch party! The breakfast burritos are set to please with bespoke fillings such as crispy bacon, salsa verde, fried egg, pinto beans, gooey cheese and a secret guacamole sauce. If you're into Churros, then make sure you get the ones severed here with warm chocolate sauce too! Frozen margaritas are readily available at this brunch...what's not to like? 



With loads of props, and a rather fiesta type theme there, be sure to grab a few friends...we'll see you there! 


El Patron Brunch Party
Starts Saturday 23rd May and then every Saturday onwards
1pm – 5pm 
Bottomless frozen margaritas for the first two hours
£25 per head 

El Patron
141 Upper Richmond Road,
Putney, London, 
SW15 2TX
Tel: 020 83966350

F: El Patron London
T & I: @elpatronlondon

Opening Hours: 
Mon-Wed: 5pm – 11pm
Thurs: 5pm – 00.30am
Fri/Sat 12pm-2.30am



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