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DareTake Selfies without A Filter-Truth About Dermalogica's HydraBlur #nofilternoproblem

Raise your hand if you've been the culprit of making it a habit to filter your selfies. I think since the invention of filters and considering how easy it is to 'ah-hem' to erase unforgiving aspects of ourselves (be it, a blemish, wrinkle, or some weight) it is not surprising that we all use filters to present the best photo of ourselves. Do any of you out there dare to not use a filter for instagram or Facebook? Well, the good people at Dermalogica (skincare) dare us to with their new HydraBlur Primer- which is indeed in its existence is a good truth! 




I've put this product to the test and shown all of you how effective this product is. I was first sent this kit some time ago with my name printed on it. To my surprise the kit only contained one single product- The HydraBlue Primer. 






This second picture is after the application of HydraBlur. I was mighty impressed how much the tone to my skin improved. Notice the warmth of the tone of the skin and how much smoother already the surface of the skin has become before application of any base at all. 


The secret behind the product is that it has H2ORelease- a complex that releases moisture throughout the day, Abssinian Seed Oil- to smooth the skin texture & tone without clogging pores, Mattifiers- to reduce oily sheen & to create a soft-focus blurred effect, Mushroom Extract- to reduce pores visibility & size (super important!) Micro-encapsulated tint- to release and provide neutral coverage to any skin tone & Wu-Zhu-Yu- sn ingridient from fruit extract that gives skin a glowing radiance like no other. 



And finally in this third photo I've put on the rest of my base + eye liner + blusher + bronzer as usual. #NoFilterNoProblem indeed! In fact, I was so quick to share my new discovery and findings I shared instantly on Instagram! A tube lasts a long while as a little goes a long way. This product stretches far with a tiny drop on either cheek, and forehead per application. 


Will you take the challenge? Dermalogica double dares you! £38 per tube 22ml


A Little Beauty T-L-C Please! 



Ever wonder how stars like Gwenth manage to keep it all up 27/4? What do they use throughout the day to get that little bit of T-L-C and keep looking 'that good' around the clock? Well, here are those handy helpers...you can't live without and you must keep to yourself! Ssshhh....



This little eye stick is proof that 'good things come in small packages'! Embryolisse dubbed, the french face-lift in a bottle makes this litle tube of wonder called Radiant Eye. It is in fact, a MUA secret product. It not only cools and refreshes the eye area but also helps with puffiness, dark circles and smoothes out the contours. I absolutely love this product because it is the quickest pick-me up during the day when you start to get sore tired computer eyes. Simply pop some of this on and you are instantly refreshed. It sits beautifully under make-up- apply before concealers and it stays put all day. I would dubb this the modern miracle for eyes....£20.50 available Boots, Fenwicks, Feel Unique Cult Beauty and Liberty of London to name a few.... 



Now, while hairstylists will says 'treat your tresses' what do we do for our nails? We girls often commit the crime of just painting on another layer of nail polish to hide sickly nails. Well, never again, as Nails Inc. has some extra cuddles for city girl nails that have taken a beating on computer keyboards during the day. 


Introducing Overnight Detox Mask (Green bottle), this is truly super food for the nails. It contains green tea, acai and spirulina. This product is great for nails that are prone to weakening, and damage. It works like a mask overnight. Simply pop it on and massage into the nails. Leave it on overnight. In the morning wash it off and see the  hydrated difference. What's even more wonderful is that the nails smell of a soft green tea fragrance too. I have tried and tested this product, as I noticed during a polish change one night that my nails had turned colour and were looking rather brittle. I used this product and the next morning was relieved to see revivied nails....Keep Calm...And Carry On With Overnight Detox Mask from Nails Inc! £15 at Nailsinc.com



For those who find it hard to grow the nails and who have brittle nails and suffer from breakage there's also Marcha Powered-Nail Grow. The product is gel based and you massage it into the nail bed twice a week. Infused with powerful chlorophyll it revitalises the kerain of the nails. It also contains microbeads of vitamin A & E (they burst when you massage the product in) for extra hydration. How's that for superfood? Feed the nails and care for your hard working hands! £15 at Nailsinc.com




Want to bring your tresses back to life instantly? Feel the deep need for a change in shampoo. Well you're in luck, as I'm about to introduce Sachajuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo. It has ocean silk technology- which translate to giving your hair not only structure but also volume nad strength from the inside out! A little goes a long way to leaving your hair shiny and strong. The first time I used this product, I loved it, as it resembles clarity shampoos. This brand is also paraben free and oh, did I mention that it smells amazing....like the fresh ocean breeze....£18 available at Cult Beauty and Net-a-Porter. 


What's better than the Ocean Mist Shampoo? The Ocean Mist Conditioner of course! I love this conditioner because it doesn't weight the hair down. My secret is to leave it in for a few minutes and use it as a mask. Rinse out and put your comb through it to detangle. Your hair will feel not only hydrated but light as a feather....how's that for a lift? £20 at Net-A-Porter & Cult Beauty. 

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