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Boxed Sets For Hair & Body-Complete Your Beauty Regime

Tis the season where boxed sets or coffrets will be arriving from all beauty brands just in time for Christmas. These not only make lovely gifts for others, but can be incredible value sets that you might want to invest in to save yourself some money when it comes to buying all the pieces you need to complete your beauty regime. I've discovered as of recent late that I truly love and that has indeed made the difference for my hair and body....

The OMG of O&M-Serious Mane-tenance for Hair



The first statement to make about O&M (Original Mineral) haircare is: OMG! This is pretty much the reaction that most people will have when they use these products for the first time. Why? Well the Austrailian haircare brand is well known for its products being chemical free, paraben free, MIT and Triclosan free and free from any harshness that other products might be to hair. 


I've recently noticed with the change in weather my hair going extremely frizzy and dry and so to get serious mane-tenance for the tresses I looked into some boxed sets from O&M. Before I go into the Hydrate & Conquer set let me tell all of you that it is not easy to find a shampoo and conditioner that both hydrates and locks in the colour of coloured hair. I like to protect my colour for as long as I can- as going to the hairdressers for the colour is not cheap. 


From the first wash you can feel the hydration of this shampoo and conditioner as it gives it the right amounts without feeling sticky or heavy after washing. The secret behind the intensity of quenching dry hair is to correct the damage of the hair. Tasmanian Sea Kelp containing Vitamins A,B,C & E as well as 13 amino acids not only strengthen but also stimulate hair growth. 


The best addition to this box is the little bottle you see in the photo. This little bottle is called Frizzy Logic. It's a shine serum that fights frizz and tames out of control curls. I like to use it before the GHD tongs as it not only protects but also smoothes the finish adding shine and lustre. Style Tip: Apply Frizzy Logic to slightly damp hair before tonging. Once finished, slowly run a fine tooth comb into each curl to create soft subtle sexy waves. Simply....Gorgeous! 


There's also 2 other sets available besides the Hydrate & Conquer and these are: Volume for fine hair (which includes a thickening spray called Atonic thickening spritz) and Maintain for everyday (which includes a detangling spray called KNow Knott). All sets are £65 and are soon available at SpaceNK's just in time for the holiday season. 

Balance From Head To Toe With some Mini Ren



Small is mighty and incredibly powerful when it comes to this particular body set from REN. REN continues to be one of my favourite body brands because their products are free from parabens and sulfates-which means that its gentle on the skin. Furthermore if you are giving this little set to someone you are less conscious if they can use it or not on their skin. This set contains 2x 50 ml body washes. One in Moroccan Rose Otto and the other in Neroli and Grapefruit. I like using the Rose in the evening while the Grapefuit in th emorning. A real stress reliever, te rose has incredible harmonising properties and makes the most luxurious (well deserved) bath at night. It certainly helps me iwth a better nights sleep. I follow up with the matching 50ml body lotion also in the box. This lotion is divine because it gets absorbed quickly. Ever so light and silky soft you can get into your PJ's straight away and drift away to sweet dreams.


In the morning for that continued buzz and wake up call I don't forget the matching Grapefuit and Neroli lotion. It gives the skin and your senses so much energy. This set is truly a great investment for yourself to travel or as a pick me up towards the holiday season. Of course it makes a great gift too...if you can part with it...£16 at John Lewis.  

Autumn Requires Kisses in The Park From Paul & Joe Beaute



Need a bit of vamp up in your make-up bag this Autumn? Well I've spied my little eyes on some new editions from Paul and Joe. This new lipstick case instantly blooms in the most cheery of 'pick me ups!'


Fill that little lipstick case with the new season lipstick colours in Autumn Sun (099) a reflecting orange warm sunlight colour. Or how how about some Kisses in the Park (100)? This is my favourite as the juicy plum colour reminds me of this seasons ripened fruits and berries on decadent cakes and tarts. For those who like a bit of cosiness but not too much then Snuggle up (101) to this warm beige lipstck addition. 



Brows are big now but for those who are a bit lost at what to use- is it powder? Is it pencil? Is it a set? Draw on well-definied brows to frame the shape of your face with these new eyebrow pens. They are liquid and made with an exclusive formula containing Orange Flower Water and Anise Fruit Extract to moisturise and White Lily Extract to prevent skin irritation. These are super easy to use as you just draw along the grain of the hair. It doesn't easily come off lik powder does either so last all day long. For super soft effect for black or darker hair give the grey (01) a go...as it promises to illuminate your brows like you just had then styled by the pros! 



Finally for some serious romance, and to match the crunching Autumn leaves the trio eye colours are back. This sesason the eye shadows are not dull but have an added pigment to them that makes them shimmer. Embrace the season whether you wear it with a smoky eye or a natural  eye...it's sure to be smooth on the eyelids. 

My favouite is shown here-September Song in (103). 

"EYE SPY is simply AWESOME! He can always find you want....he found the sweater I wanted, at the fraction of the price! A Super Shopper is an understatement! -Mrs. T.

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