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Keep your natural Summer Glow with Gazelli’s Perfecting Illuminating Skin Polish

That wonderful fresh summer glow seems to leave rather quickly as the dark dull weather approaches us in the autumn. Keep your skin in that sunny illuminating state with Gazelli’s NEW Perfecting Illuminating Skin Polish.

I have found this to be a rather gentle and not terribly granular polish/scrub for the face. Upon the first use you can see a visible difference to the face-like it has whitened or brightened up. The secret ingredient is rice powder which helps to give the skin this lightening effect naturally.

Sometimes with other polishes, the skin can become dry, and you do have to heavily moisturise afterwards to keep the new skin on the surface protected or else it will become dehydrated quickly. With this particular polish there are little worries if you forget to moisturise as it has an anti-oxidant red grape extract that helps lock in the right moisture levels. As it is part of the Triple Youth range, it is completely anti-ageing, and works on a cellular level (this means it works deep!). I recommend this to anyone who wants to work the skin deep and stimulate skin cell renewal but on a gentle level. Also, if you’re looking for a treatment product that will also help you firm up the skin a bit- this also has you covered. I love using this on Saturday morning, and just popping on some tinted moisturizer on top for that relaxed, fresh look. Gazelli’s Perfecting Illuminating Skin Polish is available for £28/75ml at:


The Dolly Mix

Chocolate Wine....A Treat to brace the Chilly Weather with...


With the chilly weather now approaching...we need to keep warm. I've found a decadent little treat that will make you do that naughty tipple in the evenings....


It may be every girl's dream come true: Chocolate Wine! (Or chocowine should I say) YUM! You can top this on desserts or even make some yummy hot cocktail combinations with this. You can get this at Cartwright Brothers Wine Company at Acklam Village on the Portobello Road on the weekends. See the video below of Richard introducing Cartwright and their famous chocolate wine....Abi Fabi....ladies...


For more info about Cartwright Brothers go

A Blue Ruby Holiday Destination: Matachia Resort: San Pedro, Belize (Caribbean)

Sometimes we can get into a rut when it comes to holiday destinations. It could be that we cannot be bothered to think of where to go. It may be that we go again to Spain or France whenever we can get a quick deal on Last Minute, Easy Jet or the Euro Star. Or perhaps we just get stuck and are not too imaginative beyond cosmopolitan cities like New York, or Hong Kong.

I know quite a few people who have also followed the recent trend of the Maldives either getting married there, or saving for that luxurious blow out holiday.

San Pedro, Belize in the Caribbean is that rare, blue ruby (sounds too good to be true) holiday destination perhaps we are all looking for. The Award-winning Matachica Resort has just had a multi-million dollar redesign, and offer, not only an edgy attitude, but elegance. Its’ exact location is a 15 min local flight away from Belize on an island called Ambergris Caye. For those who don’t know, Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America and situated in the Caribbean off the coast of Central America. Let the white sand beaches, and perhaps the mystery of the ancient Mayans or a 174 mile-long barrier reef tantalise you and take you to true paradise.

Imagine swaying in this hammock at the resort...doing absolutely NOTHING!!!

The Matachica is described to be chic chic while drawing from its natural native island heritage. Short water-taxi rides can take you to San Pedro where there are plenty of shops and restaurants, among lush azure surroundings. There are villas, and casitas that are all air-conditioned with astounding views of the panoramic sea fronts. If you like treatments than you’ll love the Jade Spa (on site) which offers papaya and banana body wraps aside from the more traditional deep tissue massage. It may be described as the perfect holiday-one away from drunken hen-do nights, or tourists looking for a Zara. If you want a peaceful, but decadent holiday alone, or with a loved one, than perhaps you should be saving for this next blue ruby holiday…I know I am…For more information or to book go


Check out the luxurious rooms of the resort...choose also from casitas and villas.....decadence of these white sands is calling....

Beautys' Secrets

For Naturally Angel Soft Hair- A’kin Hair Products

The best way to describe the A’kin range shampoos and conditioners is that they leave your hair squeaky clean, with no residues. You know this immediately from the first wash, because you can see the results as you blow dry. As the hair dries it is silky and soft (even though yes, we have washed it in the hard water of London). The smells of the products are botanical or smell of aromatherapy oils, but they are not overpowering nor leave you smelling like a hippie. Within the range there is a shampoo that is unscented, pH neutral, and targets sensitive or irritated scalps for both children and adults. The Rosemary shampoo subdues frizz and fly away, while my favourite is the Lavender that leaves my angry & unruly beast (that is my hair) heavenly restored to happy moisture levels and calm.

I am sure that most of us have read in some fashion magazines’ beauty section: the beauty myth about how you should change your shampoo and conditioner every now and again because your hair gets used to the products. It is not so much that your hair can get used to the product but that in most shampoos and conditioners, silicones are used, and using it over time, your hair is coated in these silicones. The only reason that a change can make the difference is because the new shampoo and conditioner can perhaps start washing away the silicone coat left by the previous products-but hence, leave new silicones which in time again will leave your hair dull; and you will have to yet change your products again down the road.

I am also a victim of using hair products on the market that contain silicones because like most women, I colour my hair- and have to use products that will give the colour the longest life possible. As my hair dresser Mr. M (a Snob fan by the way) likes to say: “There is no such thing as 2-in-1s with hair….If dilemmas of hair could be solved like that, we would all use Head & Shoulders!”

It was not until I was accidentally sent a package of A’kin shampoos and conditioners that I discovered the joy of cleansing my hair silicone-free and still having brilliant lasting colour, shine, and softness you can only compare to the likes of cashmere or angel fluff(if it existed)!

Akin is an Australian brand that creates certified organic products for face, body & hair. Each product in their ranges contains a blend of the purist botanical active ingredients, and is suitable for vegans too.

Match your conditioner to your shampoo accordingly. I suggest for light conditioning the Jojoba Light Natural Conditioner while for dry and damaged go for the Macadamia & Wheat Protein Treatment. I have also found their hair mask a great saviour (the Ginkgo & Jojoba Intensive Moisture Vitamin Masque). As I have picked up swimming again, I find this helps to protect and restore any stripping from the chlorine of the pool.

You might also be interested to know that none of their products contain SLS, parabens, palm oils, sulphates or chemicals, silicones, propylene glycol, mineral oils, DEA, colourings and they are animal testing free. The proof is in the pudding, as A’kin hair products are not hairy fairy (got that?) and there is no fairy tales about how you must change the products after a couple of months. In fact, it is safe to say, you can live happily ever after with A’kin.

A’kin hair care products from shampoos and conditioners range from £10/240ml; £10.50/225ml or £18.50/500ml. Available at Holland & Barrett, Bentalls, John Bell & Croydon, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic or or

Beauty says: For uber worry-free hair convert to A’kin….it is Aussie natural beauty at its very best! A TRUE 5 STAR product!!!!

The Friend you DON’T want to take to London Fashion Week: Ms. Spottie Dottie


Snob Says: There is one friend you definitely don’t want to take to London Fashion Week. She will cramp your style, and ruin any outfit and her name is Ms. Spottie Dottie. Ms. Spottie Dottie comes at the most in appropriate times and likes to be as HUGE as possible as she’s an attention seeker! With the quick change in weather conditions zap any spots from your face fast! We need to make a HOT impression, not a SPOT impression….

We never adhere to the old rule of not squeezing any spot. I think that we squeeze them because we tend to believe it will get rid of them quicker. Instead, we damage the skin and it takes longer to heal. The key to getting rid of spots fast is to use something that will pull out the infection or help detoxify. While it is true that an oilier skin type may be prone to spots, we can have spots at any age and from different factors as well, be it, hormonal, or just a one off from any imbalance of the skin. If your skin is not that oily, do not use anything that will dry out the skin. Beta-hydroxy acids (BHA’s) are common in any anti-acne or spot treatments because they work by resurfacing the skin from a deep level. However, common BHA’s like salicylic acid can dry out the skin due to the salts in it called salicylates. Of course, when I refer to spots I mean, on occasion, or the ones we usually get in PMS. If you have acne, I recommend you go to your GP/doctor as it you have to find the specific reason for your oily skin or persistent occurrence of acne of the skin.

Here are a few spot treatments I suggest that are less harsh, easy to use, and works fast!

Fast & Gentle: Anatomicals-the hottie tottie is never spotty blitz your zits to bitz face wash

This new face wash from Anatomicals works rather fast on spots that have crept up on the face literally overnight! I had a couple that just appeared on my cheeks one morning, and I used this face wash consistently for a couple of days by washing with warm water. For best results, you will have to wash with this a couple of times throughout the day (I was doing maybe about 3 washes). What I really like about this is that it’s not drying or pulling on the skin at all. Instead, you can see that it detoxifies fast, whether, the spots are surface spots or deeper more hormonal ones. I also recommend the roll-on treatment on top afterwards or throughout the day, as a top up, if you cannot do another wash. There is also a scrub and a shine free moisturizer part of this range. Get them all at £3.99 each at:

Also try the easy peasy no squeezy roll-on for on the go treatment!

Heal it Naturally: Sea Mud- Dead Sea Spa Magik Mud Cleanse: Dead Sea Spa Magik Black Mud Soap

I’m a true believer in old remedies and one of the most famous remedies for spot-free skin is sea mud from the dead sea of the Baltic regions. Celebrity following such as Caprice, Elizabeth Hurley, and Victoria Beckham are also true believers of leading brand Dead Sea Spa Magik because it helps to restore the wellbeing of the skin. Dead Sea Spa Magik is paraben free, fragrance free and is certified as organic by the EEC council regulation No.2029/91. It has soothing ingredients in it as well like Rooibos Leaf extract, linden blossom flower extract, lemon balm leaf extract and has a base of harmonised water. Most importantly, this is not soap as it does not dry out your skin. It is pH balanced and contains no animal fat. It works by removing the impurities of the skin, and healing the affected area. I like using this once a day, whether I have spots or not, as it keeps them away and at bay. Make sure you use rather warm tap water to cleanse at when the pores are opened up it tends to help draw the impurities out more efficiently. You can also use this on your body, and is great for those who are prone to some spots on the back area. The spot treatment in this range is one of the most effective that I have come across so far, as it seems to be more medicinal and works as an antiseptic agent. I also recommend the mud mask once a week for those who are looking for a bit of hydration and trying to get rid of fine lines on the face. Cleansing Mud bar £4/100g; Mud Mask £7/ 75ml; and Spot gel £7/15ml available at Holland & Barrett, John Lewis, Debenhams or

Most moisturising Deep Cleanse to achieve Spot Free Skin: Eve Lom Cleanser

 The Eve Lom cleanser is perhaps one of the most iconic cleansers known on the market. Did you know though, that this balm is not just a cleanser but a fantastic treatment to detoxify, decongest, and exfoliate- meaning that it’s a great treatment for spot free skin?! The secret in this cleanser is clove oil, which is a warming and anti-inflammatory agent. The Eucalyptus oil helps to decongest the pores and promote a radiant glow. If you are rather lazy I do not recommend this product because it has a detailed signature seven step technique of applying and removing this product with a muslin cloth. I suggest this treatment for spot-free skin especially in the winter, when spots can appear due to dehydration or dryness of the weather. Available in 50ml/£40, 100ml/£55 & 200ml £85 (all sizes come with muslin cloth)


Mascara Magic- Best Mascaras NOW!

The mascara has been noted in beauty to be the desert island product, the magic wand, if you will, as it can bring out the eyes and highlight the face like no other. Here are some of Beauty’s new champions…try these for attention at London Fashion Week for those super model eyes!

Bare Minerals: Flawless Definition Waterproof Mascara: Wow this is really an ALL-IN-ONE mascara as it fortifies the lashes as a treatment, protects and conditions, defines, lifts, is paraben-free & long-wearing/last all day-being waterproof! I love this for the gym or pool, and love this for any work day as it works hard as you do. I suggest this also for those who (like me) have oily skin around the eyes, as this tends to not budge or leave you with panda eyes! This is my #1 favourite for A/W’12…don’t leave home without it! Available for £16 at:,default,pd.html?start=2

LUSH: Eyes Right Mascara: This is the mascara for sensitive eyes, or those looking for a rather more natural product. It is in fact, much more natural than any other on the market as it only contains one preservative rather than the normal 4-6 in any other brand on the market. It won’t irritate the eyes, and has nifty ingredients like Carnuaba wax to help set the lashes to that alluring state! It’s also smudge-free, and so compact! I recommend this to those who wear contact lenses, or if you’re looking for fuller lashes but still rather natural and not too over made up! Get it for £12


Soap & Glory: Thick & Fast Mascara: If you like that false lash look then you’ll love this mascara. It has SUPERFILL, in it, which is afalse lash filler, and a No Flake 25 hour technology. I suggest this as a fantastic mascara to go out at night! My lashes are short, and I definitely could see the lengthening effect with this. Get it now at Boots for £10:


To give your mascaras and eyes an EXTRA BOOST- Try Shavata’s Arch-Enhancer: This is a soft pink jumbo pencil that is light-reflecting. You can use this to accentuate the brow arch or over up any re-growth. It also works great as a cheek highlighter too! I find this product also brings out some extra depth to the eyes and make your eyes stand our clearer, giving your new mascara even more mileage! Get it for £9.95 at:

The Edit: Reviews & Other Neat Stuff


Review: ELEMIS Day Spa (Mayfair) Total Face & Body Polish Treatment

As we are trailing towards the end of the summer it seems, for some of us, the holidays we’ve already had are far away and behind us. Maybe we’re looking out the window of our office and day dreaming of escape or a place we can feel like we’re under some coconut trees. Well, look no further than Mayfair, and the Elemis Day Spa.


Elemis have just introduced a new treatment- The Total Face & Body Polish Treatment that will leave you breathless and so relaxed-it is as if you’ve drifted on a dingy to a secluded island. This treatment is rather different because although it’s a full body and face treatment, it is also like a little taster package of different treatments: from hot stone massage to facial to body polish.

I arrived mid-morning, and was greeted by reception, and offered a smoothie while I waited for my therapist. I have to say, that the staff at the Elemis Day Spa, are the friendliest, most polite and most professional that I have come across in the business. The décor of the room is rather homely and not too dark. The bed is heated, and you do not feel cold at any point of this treatment. The treatment commences with a signature welcoming ritual of Elemis called the ‘Welcome Touch’- it is a foot cleansing ritual done with lime infused-mitts and using grounding touches and Reiki Chakra breathing techniques to help you ease into the environment and treatment.


A natural bristle brush is then stroked over the back, legs and arms to create blood circulation and slough off any dead surface skin from the body. This step also helps greatly for the absorption of the oils and products to follow. The next part was one of my favourite steps out of the whole treatment. Japanese Camellia Oil was heated in the hot towel cabinet, and then luxuriously massaged into the body. I think at this point it was the warmth of the oil, and the gentle smell, that helped me release and let go of the any of the previous work weeks, and stress I’ve had. Following the oil the Tranquil Touch Body Polish is applied over the top and a gentle exfoliation of the arms, legs and back occurs. After both back and front of the body has received these steps your whole body is wrapped like a cocoon in warm sheets.

While the body is soaking up the lovely oils, the face receives a pampering facial. Make-up is removed with the Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser using prayer-like movements over the face. Then the Papaya Enzyme peel is applied followed by a mask. I received the Tri-Enzyme Peel to detoxify and resurface the skin as I had previously had a slight or mild breakout on the cheek area. I have to mention that between all these steps mitts and compresses infused with lavender, lime are used on the face. These smells just lift you away gently and you can easily fall asleep.


After showering and drying off, you lay back on the bed to receive a glorious body massage with the Pro-Collagen products for both your face and body. I was also swept away by the massage of the shoulder and décolleté which uses hot stones. For those who have never had a hot stone massage this is a good introduction and great for those looking for circulation and relaxation of tense or tired muscles. The smooth stones are placed in a hot bath to warm up and then applied during the massage. At first you might think they’re too hot, but as they are pressed across and used in massage movements it is pure heaven!


Needless to say, this treatment is five-star all around, and I would recommend this either a picker-upper for yourself, or a fabulous gift to anyone. It is an exceptional gift in terms of a treatment because it tastes all the key elements the ELEMIS Day Spa has to offer. At £85 for 55 minutes it’s cheaper than a flight to Lanzarote, and the fastest way to the mid-week break you’re dreaming of! To book or more information call 020 7499 4995 or email


I cannot live without….PREVAGE-Triple Defense Shield SPF 50!!!!

Beauty Says: I love all beauty products, and it’s rare when I say that I cannot live without one product. Recently, I’ve discovered the super power of PREVAGE-Triple Defense Shield SPF 50, and I haven’t gone anywhere without it. You can see quick results from it, as I have seen my face firm up by using it for just two weeks! You’ve got to get some of this, as this is no ordinary anti-ageing skin care product!

You can use it alone or as the moisturiser underneath your make-up. If you use it with your moisturiser, than use it on top as a primer to your foundation. It transforms any foundation into a super luxurious foundation! This product has idebenone technology which means it helps to support the natural repairing process to the skin. It also protects the skin from oxidative stress aggressors in the environment. Think of an apple that has been cut in half and left out. It darkens and oxidises. This is rather a similar process that happens on a long-term level to the skin when you don’t protect it. With Triple Defense you don’t need to worry that this is happening to your skin. Application is savvy too, as there is control with how much comes out (as long as you turn it off before you use the brush applicator). You don’t need too much at all each time, as it stretches a long way.

This product not only makes the skin feel soft and matte but also corrects spots and any discolouration on the face- making it brighter. This is not one of those products with fake promises, or one that you only see a slight difference- YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE, AND SAY: THIS WORKS! Yippy!!!!!!

Not only is Prevage Triple Defense the bomb but also discover all the other Prevage products from serums to eye creams.....Get some PREVAGE Triple Defense -50ml for £55 now at Peter Jones or John Lewis or at:

Ace of Base: Real Skin Foundations this Autumn

A good base or foundation is often hard to find. For most, it is a matter of having done a make-over at a beauty counter, and by the time you get home to try it on again, you might see the difference in the colour of the base to your real skin. One of the worst offenders for this happening is not necessarily because the girl who sold it to you was being dishonest, but that the lights within the shop are white lights-making any tone look brighter than it actually is. Back in the day, when I used to do a make-over, I would take my customers right to the front doors (where there was natural lighting) with a mirror to be sure that they had found a colour that matched their skin tone. Most beauty consultants will try the colour of foundation on the jaw line or neck area. The chin area is the best place to try the colour as it has the most pigments in terms of skin tone to match the rest of the face. You should always try three similar colours or colours you think might match your face.

Aside from the colour there is also the matter of choosing coverage for the foundation. For everyday I suggest a lighter coverage as it looks more natural. Heavier coverage should be used perhaps for weddings, photos, or a serious night out where you need something that will last and shift less, and where it is more inconvenient to touch up. Another tip is to never wear powder alone on the face as it can be drying, and if you wear powders frequently, be sure you’re moisturising your skin properly and doing weekly treatments, or else the skin will appear old. It’s not that the powder causes the skin to be old- it’s because it’s a dry product, and it also can get into or accentuate any lines you have on the face.

There are now many different formulations of foundations on the market, from all in ones such as BB creams (which also have a primer and skin treatment built in) to light diffusing medium weight ones that give your skin a glow. Keep two key points in mind aside from colour of the foundation to match your skin: 1. Your skin type- does the foundation suit your skin type? 2. The formulation- Is it the formulation for you? (For example if you’re lazy and want to do your make-up fast everyday it is better to buy a BB cream rather than a full coverage foundation that takes longer to put on.

Here are some new products that Beauty has found to help anyone achieve their ACE of Base this Autumn making you look SUPER MODEL PERFECT FOR LONDON FASHION WEEK!

NEW Flawless Foundations:

NAKED Skin by Urban Decay:Urban Decay has recently launched their Naked Skin range. What I really like about this range is that they can match a colour to darker skin tones as well. (I have many friends who have darker skin tones who tell me there are many brands on the market that don’t make a foundation for them.) This foundation feels weightless on the skin and does not get oily at the end of the day. Its formulation is also demi-matte, even though it makes your skin glow and look naturally bright and beautiful- which means it also makes you look fantastic in photos. You can either put a thin layer on to create a natural glow or build it up for a long night out. It is fragrance-free, paraben-free, and oil-free. You might also be interested to know that it has Matrixyl 3000, a powerful anti-ageing agent, that helps lift the skin and give it super elasticity. (This ingredient is only found in premium skin care brands, so it is impressive that it is in this foundation!) It also contains vitamin E which helps not only to fight off ageing but also gives the skin super moisture. Make sure when you use this product you are shaking it well before each use. This is important so that that all the key skincare agents inside are mixed evenly throughout the product. You can use brushes to apply if you want, but I find that using fingers is just as easy and efficient. It takes not time to put it on, and does not need a lot of buffing. It comes in 18 colours at £29 at Debenhams, House of Fraser, or


No Foundation Foundation by Dr. Perricone MD:This product is one of those key gems everyone must have in their handbag! There is no fussing about with primers or any other products to make this look its best. It is so easy to use, and suits everyone no matter your skin tone, as it has no colour! It is best described as a multi-purpose product that gives a natural translucent smooth coverage. Another plus, is that it has SPF 30 in it to protect the skin, so you are worry free about applying other things on to get the SPF. This foundation is unique because unlike heavy, matte finish counterparts which can highlight even the tiniest skin imperfections, this is light-weight, non-irritating, protects and helps correct the skin undertones. It also boosts the moisture levels in the skin throughout the day. Best you don’t have to worry if it looks right on your skin as it has no colour- working only to diminish fine lines, skin discolouration. Mica (a natural mineral) is the secret ingredient in this to blend in and diffuse light, softening the look and away from lines, wrinkles and pores. As with all traditional Perricone products it includes his signature anti-aging ingredients such as DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Zinc oxide & Titanium Dioxide to give extra strength anti-aging benefits! There’s also a No Concealer Concealer to go with this. Not just a cover-up it is best described as a little eraser for any lines around the eyes, and anywhere on the face! This pair might be a bit pricier but worth the investment! No Foundation Foundation is Available at £47/30ml and No Concealer Concealer for £37 at


Best for Oriental Skin-The Perfect Match in Colour!

Paul & Joe Protective Fluid SPF 27:It has to be said that any of the Paul & Joe’s foundation or base products suit oriental skin the best- this is of course, because it was made for that market in mind. It’s a no brainer then, to why it’s a BEST seller in South East Asia-due to the fact, that it matches oriental skin tone down to a tea. No matter what your skin tone (if you are oriental) you will have to keep in mind that there is a yellow tinge or base to your skin. This is probably one of the hardest aspects to finding a base for oriental skin because the yellow in the skin changes or affects the colour to any foundation. With this foundation you can be sure that it will adapt and match your skin tone. I would best describe this foundation as one to use for everyday, for a natural look. It is falls between slightly matte and slightly dewy or giving your face a natural glow. To diffuse more light and give the face a lift, also try the primer. Being oriental, all I can say is that Craig Ryan French (the genius man who created these products) is a hero to making all oriental girls beautiful!!!! Hip Hip Horray! Available for £29 at FENWICK and HARRODS Paul & Joe counters.

BB Creams…..too many….which one???

In the last year, and since the last coverage of BB Creams in the Feb/March issue of Beauty And The Snob, there has been a burst of BB Cream mania on the market. It seems that whichever way you turn, there is another tube of BB Cream that has appeared. One fair question is to probably ask, which one? Or is there a difference between them? In truth there is not a huge difference in what they do-which is to give light coverage, evening out the skin tone, and providing a natural glowy dewy look. I think if you are going to find a BB cream, make sure there is value in what you’re getting

BB Cream by GOSH COSMETICS:I suggest GOSH Cosmetic’s BB Cream simply because it has the qualities and ingredients that more expensive brands would but for the drug store price. It contains Phytosan, which firm the skin, and is water resistant/waterproof. It also contains “colour adapt” which adapts to your skin tone, making it look natural. With SPF 15…there is very little to think about except that you have to have one NOW! Available in 5 shades from Sand to Espresso at £9.99 at Superdrug stores nationwide.

Show Good Face by Soap & Glory:This by far has to be the longest wearing BB Cream ever! It has botanical rejuvenating extracts that helps the skin look flawless, along with cross polymers to help give that smooth silky look. It says it’s more like a foundation + primer, but falls more into the BB cream category. It comes in 6 different shades and seriously shows your GOOD FACE any day of the week! Get one now for £11 at



So there you have it, foundations that will give you the ability to ACE that BASE….no excuses…look fresh faced to welcome the next season….





Restaurant Review: BISTRO 18-Vilnius, Lithuania

Snob says: The BEST steak on the planet is at Bistro 18, in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Bistro 18 has been opened since 2007, and sees their fifth anniversary very shortly this year. Family-owned by Saulius, head chef, and Anne, originally from Dublin, their idea was to have a venue that offered a concentration of a fantastic dining experience. There are two key elements that you will notice if you dine at the Bistro: 1. Is their deep passion and dedication to good food; and 2. Is the attention and care to their service. I would best describe Bistro 18 as non-pretentious, and rather an accessible update venue to dine for two or the whole family. (They are children friendly.) The atmosphere is relaxed, and their staff connect well to all their customers whether they are locals or from abroad. They use the freshest ingredients sourced on a daily basis at the best possible local markets. Trip Advisor not only recommends it but has rated Bistro 18 their award of excellence at four and a half plates out of a possible five.

I recommend this restaurant because they take attention and focus in what they do. Whether you like your steak rare, medium, or well-done it is always tender and juicy. The garnishes are not overtly fancy, but have flair. Take the mash garnish that I had with this steak for example: which was made with Dijon mustard grains for a slight but lovely kick. Any of their other meat dishes are just as nice, such as the lamb cutlets, or the duck-slightly crispy on the outside but incredibly tender and juicy and flavoursome on the inside. Feel like some soup to warm you up? How about a starter of three tasting soups? Nothing says a “welcome” like these three delectable mini soups! The menu also continues to tempt you with an incredibly long wine list and some naughty desserts where you can never say no to. You may find yourself a bit of a gluten, but hey, it’s ok, because if you are there in the winter (where’s there’s plenty of snow) you need that bit of extra insulation.

How do you reward a restaurant that has cooked you an excellent meal? Well for Snob it is not stars or plates, but just one gem-as he considers the best to be gems; and that is indeed what the Bistro is in the heart of Vilnius. Snob guarantees that this is one gem that you will constantly go back for more and more as all their international customers do. So if you go ever walk into Vilnius make sure you walk into Bistro 18. Bistro 18 is located on Stikiliu g. (or Stikiliu Street), Vilnius, Lithuania, or to see more about Bistro 18 go to:

These lamb chops are also a fantastic winter warmer and a sensation at Bistro 18!

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