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Effortless Beuti

Raise your hand if you’re not into a full beauty or skincare regime? Many of us are indeed, guilty of not being able to keep up with a full range of products morning and night with our busy and stressful schedules. If you fall within this category of ‘no time’ to fuss over your face the best solution to this problem is to find a product that will blanket cover all your needs.


A face oil may be the best solution for this as it not only nourishes and moisturises but also heals a mountain of skin flaws including inflammations and imperfections. Beauti Skincare is a good example of just this kind of product. I hear that Rita Ora, Emma Watson, Iggy Aalea, and kate Middleton has got it to help them look flawless!

Primarily a night-time oil it is packed with a blend of 14 plant-based oils, including Caribbean coral extract- great as a anti-inflammatory to neutralise the enzyme responsible for skin ageing. There’s also sandalwood nut kernel oil to help prevent collagen and elastin breakdown. I’ve trailed this product over a few days and I can say that it certainly has instantly brought back the balance in terms of hydration and tone to the skin. I love massaging it in while I watch TV before bed and making sure I’m covered for some rest assured beuti-sleep!


This product is also great during the day if you want to work it in and touch up with just a lippy and mascara for an off-duty glow. It sits beautifully underneath make-up (incredibly fast absorbing), but be sure to work in the product well and not use too much of it, otherwise your foundation/base may slide a bit. It smells fantastic and seems to aid the mind to rest when you fall asleep. So if you’re looking for 1 super star skincare product at under £50 (sells for £42 for 30ml) this is Beuti-ful! Available at Look Fantastic.com


Skin gets Lift This Spring with DHC Beauty Lift

Spring is almost here,  and that means change of season which in turn, means change in skin and what it needs. This season, I've got my little eye on a full range of products from DHC called Beauty Lift (soon to hit the shelves March 1st at John Bells & Croydon, BeautyMART, Top Shop, Selfridges, Fenick and Bentalls to name a few). Not only lightweight in texture this formula is a refreshing antidote to any other leaving other anti-ageing ranges far behind. 


First up in the series is the Beauty Lift Lotion (£34). This is not only soothing and hydrating, but a toner that has Ceramide-3. Yes! which means that it will plump up the skin, improve elasticity nad help minimise expression lines. I pat this toner on rather than just wipe to reap 100% benefits from this product! 



The serum or Beauty Lift Essence (£35) is a delight to use as it silky and soft on the skin. It features advanced botanicals and peptides which means it's working hard has a booster to the skin. It's a great prep for make-up as well as moisturiser as it reduces all the fine lines on the skin first! 



I prefer the Beauty Lift Milk (£34) to the moisturiser only because I love lightweight formulas more. This is the perfect texture for spring skin as it is not heavy and gets absorbed quickly into the skin. At first when you put it on it feels a bit tacky, but once absorbed (less than a minute) skin is soft and fine lines are minimised. You can actually feel and see the skin instantly looking more lifted too! 





Last but not least is the Beauty Lift Cream £41) which is perfect as a night cream if you are opting for the milk for day use. Of course you can use the cream both day and night if your skin is on the drier side. As you massage the cream into the skin you can feel the skin being nourished and again, fine lines disappearing as well as feeling the skin being lifted/plumped out! 


Lift off this spring with DHC....yippeee xoxo


The Beauty Edit

A Juicy Skin Secret Called Energie De Vie


Want to know a juicy secret skincare product that I came across accidentally? Energie De Vie by Lancome is not a serum or a moisturiser, but as the UK's first LIQUID MOISTURISER! It can give the hydration like a cream, but has the concentration of a serum with serum's light texture. Not only is this product exciting because of its texture but it can be 58% more hydrating than regular products on the market. 


I came across this product by sheer accident as I was sent a trial box that came in some capsules. At first when i received them I was a bit dubious thinking that it was another serum or booster product. Boy, was I wrong. When I read up on it and used it for 7 days in a row, I could feel bounce and a definite rosy glow come back into my cheeks. I was even more surprised to find out that a bottle of this at Lancome counters was only £28! It since then, has become one of my favourite products to use this season. This product has goji berries, lemon balm, and gentian root extract which are all energizing ingredients with high anti-oxidating properties- which means it can help the skin detox and fuel it full of energy. 


I've never used a product quite like this before as when it leaves your skin looking you went to bed super early even when you don't. I've found with any imperfections or blemishes, it heals them fast too! With it being absorbed super fast into the skin upon application it makes the perfect base for make-up. There is no cracking or flaking when it comes to your foundation/powders and make them last super long during the day. Of course if just finding out about it weren't juicy enough I found out there's also a sleep mask, & wake-up (plumping lotion), in this series....Get in on my juicy secret now at your nearest Lancome now!  

Spring-y Skin-Get The Bounce Back!  

I often talk about skin (my favourite subject indeed!) and how it also changes with the seasons. These in-between times during the year can be tricky and cause all sorts of problems such as unwanted unsightly spots to sudden severe dryness or oiliness. 


One of the most recent problems I've noticed in my own skin is a bit of slackness and greyish appearance. In short, I felt I looked rather stressed, a bit dull or grey, and swore that it was not as firm as it was or could be. As a beauty fanatic I quickly went to some of my best known brands to seek what was the newest and latest to get that SPRING-Y feeling back into my skin this season. 


Among all my favourites from super duper anti-aging lines to more accessible lines I have opted and will suggest in this feature: NUBO, Dermalogica, Kiehls, Rodial and finally (a I can't live without it) sonic facial cleansing tool by Sensio Spa. I'm covering masks to creams, to oils here too and specifying what is great in areas like eyes for night-time. So let's not delay and get started as this is a full skincare lesson you'll want to note. Alas, for my face is ready to brave Spring season and looks forward to Summer is yours? 

    The Hot Tool: Sensio Spa's Sonic Facial Cleanser

So let's talk dirty shall we? London is probably one of the worst cities in the world (aside from China) for pollution that can compromise the look of your skin. That's why when it comes to cleansing it is of utmost importance to clear away all debris so in order to let it shine! Skincare tools for cleansing have been predominant in the market since 2000. 


There are now many on the market including ones from brands such as Clinique (launched in 2014) to Olay which only costs about £25 to one of the originals and beckons- Clarisonic. I was given my first Clarisonic Mia, by a dear friend, as a thank you gift a few years ago, and haven't looked back since to hands-only washing my face. I find that the results are far superior and the feel and texture of the skin is much softer, smoother. Another added benefit of using these tools is that once cleansing has been completed, the skin takes in more of other skin care products such as serums, masks and moisturisers. 


So when I first got the Sensio Spa Sonic Facial Cleanser in the post my first thought was that it was no different than my Clarisonic Mia- Boy! Was I wrong! This handset was different from the offset because it came with three different heads: One for microdermabrasion, one for gentle cleansing and one for regular strength cleansing. The thing I like about it most is also that it has a built in timer and beeps every 10 seconds indicating to you to move to another area of the face. Once you have done your two cheeks, your chin (and labial area), and the forehead the machine turns itself off. Another plus, is that it has two speeds. Press one for regular strength and press twice for super strength or deep cleansing! 


After having used the Sonic Facial Cleanser for several weeks I can feel that the grey or dullness from stress and dryness has left. The muscles underneath also feel a bit tighter as it can be described like a mini work out for the face everyday. It's a great investment as well as it only costs a mere £65. Keep this in mind as a great gift to give for occasions like birthdays, Mother's Day and Christmas! To say that this is one HOT tool is an understatement!    


Feed Your Skin With Rodial's Stemcell Superfood

We hear so much these days about feeding your body with Superfoods such as walnuts, Acai, and wheat germ, but what about your skin? There are very few brands out there that will do what it says on the package and at a decent accessible market price. That's why Rodial is best when it comes to checking all these boxes. I went to them first thing to inquire about their Stemcell Superfoods Range to find out if it could make a visible difference to my skin by feeding it with this. 


First up, is the cleanser which can also be used in a dual fashion as a mask. Although this cleanser seems heavy or rich in texture it is in fact rather light. You can truly feel the deep hydration with a cooling sensation too when you use it. It's great for calming of the skin and regulating any tightness if it becomes dry or balancing it out if it becomes too oily. If you think that all it does it doesn't stop there-as it is also an active exfoliator with a muslin cloth provided for take-off. The rose stem-cells in it promote skin vitality while the rose hip ensures elasticity. It generously moisturises with marula oil which is rich in vitamins and omega oils, oh and did I mention the coconut oils which give the skin that oh la la clarity! 


It removes make-up beautifully and brings back the essence of a cleansing ritual you want to do every night of the week. At £32 for a 200ml pot it's actually amazing value for this pot of miracle for the skin....say AH.....

For skin that lacks vitality or needs restoration I suggest the Superfood Facial oil. It can work as a serum (use before moisturiser) or use it as a treatment oil to be massaged into the skin for a boost, and instant hydration and glow. This oil is rich in anti-oxidents such as moega 3, 6 & 9, vitamins B5, A & C, & E. I have to at this point also let all of you know that it sits superb underneath make-up and in fact, helps foundations last longer throughout the day. If you're not good with using this type of product or don't know where to fit it into your skincare regime don't worry. I like to massage this in while watching TV before bed and use it as a treatment product. I've reaped and felt the benefits from this as my skin feels bouncier after truly nourished. If you want to see that 'IT WORKED' difference this is a product to go for. 


Now for all those who think a lip balm is a lip balm is a lip balm....I can tell you that this is not. This is one to have for your make-up bag at all times as it not only moisturises, but also protects with SPF 15. It tingles a bit when you put it on, and as you might have already guessed, yes, it plumps the lips too. Personally, I am rather specific when it comes to the flavour of my lip balms. Too fruity, and I feel like it's a bit too synthetic, not fruity enough I feel no oomph. Well, this is unique in the sense that it is rose flavoured...think turkish delights! We can now clap feverishly for it being a superfood lip revamper....Yeah! At £17 it might be a bit steep but is leaps and bounds beyond chapstick! 


NuBo's Eye Focus Night

When skin is already not at its best what can make it all the worst when you wake up is puffy tired eyes. That's I always seek out a more premium brand for my eye care and make sure that this does not happen. Although never dry or with fine lines my eyes were indeed tired, & a bit dark this season. I've learnt that with aging a sad but true fact is that less circulation occurs and weakened blood vessel walls in this delicate area means puffy eyes will appear sooner or later. 


NuBo's Eye Focus Night is a fabulous solution to this problem as it improves microcirculation at night- which means you wake up with bright eyes and no puffiness. I was indeed impressed with the results upon using it first time, as I could see a huge difference in the area the next morning. The darkness had gone (wiping away all aging essentially) and the area seemed smoother and tighter. For those of you who know about lyphatic drainage when you go to facials, this is when the therapist presses on certain areas and points to get the toxins and fluids away from areas like the eyes. This little bottle of eye cream can be thought of as 'a little bottle of lymphatic drainage' that happens overnight. It is a bit pricey though at £180 but perhaps worth the investment as a tiny drop goes a long way for both eye areas. I would say if careful you could make it last 9 months. 


So the next time you have eye concerns at night reach for this! 


Dermalogica Rescues Skin With Charcoal Masque


Charcoal is at the moment 'the key' ingredient in healthcare bar none. Known for its super detoxifying capabilities it is many beauty products on the market from juices, to detox drink shots to you guessed it-skincare. I was super excited to be at the launch of Dermalogica's Charcoal Rescue Masque a few weeks ago just before Easter. Now, for those who think this dark mask is just another deep pore cleanser think again. 


First of all, unlike other deep pore cleansing masks this does not dry out the skin. I use this at least once a week or whenever I feel the skin is lackluster as a quick pic-me-up. It cn calm redness and improve the texture. The first time I used this I was truly hooked as the skin felt as smooth as an egg! Containing activated Binchotan Charcoal it draws out impurities, sebum and toxins. If you're looking for something that detoxifies the skin try this. It doesn't stop there though as it contains sulfur-which is the key to giving the skin a brighter appearance as well as act as an anti-inflammatory. This is also great for those who suffer from acne, wants to calm rosacea, eczema and sebaceous dermatitis. There is lactic acid, mandelic acid, and phytic acid in this product-which helps to increase cellular turnover and collagen production too. Finally, Chilian Wild Mint clarifies skin and refines pores. Although we can't make our pores goes away, this ingredient can make them smaller or less noticeable. At £38 this is one to have handy at all times. I suggest of course to take on holidays with you and feel less guilt of making a mess at the hotel. If you're doing it at home, a key tip is to wash off in the shower-much more manageable!


Get this into your skincare regime for instant glow, boost, and deep cleanse!  

Kiehls has Iris Extract Activating Essence at your Rescue! 


I've always been into super treatment products, so when the assistant at KIEHLS introduced me to this I was a bit dubious. My first thought, was: '"Why is she selling me second toner?" This is in fact, not a second toner, but can be thought of more as a treatment product that makes an instant difference to the face. It should be used a few times a week, but can be used daily too to get rid of all the deep debris and toxins in the skin. 


You use this after you already have used your toner, and will be pleasantly surprised to find more stuck to the pad when you wipe this over! Made with Florentina Root Extract it deeply nourishes the skin and delivers super anti-aging benefits. It also contains Lipo Hydroxy Acid (LHA) to not only replenish the skin but smooth out fine lines. Take note that this ingredient truly exfoliates! (So if you're bad with exfoliation or lazy to do it, then this is the product for you.)


At £36 a bottle it's a steal to make your skin instantly bright!


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