Beauty Says: It's finally here! London Fashion Week Sept 14-18...only 5 days! Check out the updates for what's HOT now. Beautyandthesnob has sourced some of the very best ACCESSORIES for you to make any outfit IN this season! From jewllery, to local london designers (support them, they are the real stars, and the real British icons) to make-up.....see how you can update your look now. Also getting you the scoop from LFW at Sommerset House...and a very special insider's special with Vogue Editor Sarah Harris & LV!

LFW Louis Vuitton with Sarah Harris (posted 19/9/12)

On the last day of LFW I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady: Sarah Harris, Features Editor, of VOGUE, at the Louis Vuitton event on Sloane Street. Sarah styled up all the customers and showed them how to re-vamp their wardrobe with some Louis Vuitton Accessories.

Listen up ladies! Sarah suggests scarves for this season. So whether it's big scarves to look cozy or little twillys to tie ribbons around an old bag to make it fresh and is definitely the best accessory of the season.


When I told Sarah about this special page I had dedicated to accessories for LFW....she winked the seal of approval....that accessories is the way to go for that fast fashion update!

Sarah styled me up with a mini fur collar at the event. She says that collars are the best way to re-vamp any jacket or coat, to make it look fresh. Beauty thinks it's SUPER, and it's LV.....what girl in the world wouldn't want to wear this?

And how about this for the piece d'resistance? Or as I would like to call it the piece you can't resistance? Sarah styled me up with a laser cut leather cuff....You can wear with any outfit to give it that edge. For a one stop in cool accessories it has to be Louis Vuitton!

FRONT COVER can transport you to the catwalk with these lips! (posted 17/9/12)

LIPS are a huge fashion accessory that completes any outfit. At LFW LIPS are always a noticed facet to any show: For example at Henry Holland's show models were strutting the catwalk with neutral beige tones....


FRONT COVER is the best in achieving the looks you see on the catwalk. This season they've put out a KISSOGRAM box to help you keep up with every lip trend you've seen at LFW! Loads of Mini Lipsticks + Nude Lipliner + a retractable lip brush + a gold lip pencil, and edible glitter!!! £22

Check out all the shades of lipsticks you can play with and interchange with your outfit & can't get it wrong with Front Cover.....


Beauty Says: Front Cover takes you from FROW (Front Row) straight to the catwalk!

Why not try lining the cupid's bow with the gold pencil to create a new seductive and edgy trend???

Inspired by Jasper Conran's Tropical Delight of a show at LFW??? Try this truly tropical orange lip.....deliciously adding the POP to your wardrobe for SS'13!

Jasper Conran @ LFW- A Pop of the Tropical (posted 17/9/12)

Jasper Conran's show at LFW explodes with a vibrant SPRING of tropical colours. His inspiration for this collection apparantly has come from cowboy boots and good o'l American culture. With neon lighting in the back, barefoot models walk down a green grass catwalk to showcase a collection that could seriously put the POP back into your wardrobe for SS'13!

Nail Rock + Vivienne Westwood @ LFW (posted 17/9/12)

Nail Rock collaborates with Vivienne Westwood's RED LABEL for SS'13...The theme of the show based on Royal themes & outfits of the 1950s. Moon shape original 1950s nails are inspired by Andy Warhol & famous POP ART.....


All I can say is that I'm digging this retro vibe for an update!....this is a trend you must try and sport for Spring! 

DESA's A/W '12 Collection in Collaboration with Graeme Black (posted 17/9/12)

Beauty Says: To be uber fashion forward, a girl needs to wear a bit of leather....


A\W '12 DESA Collection has arrived! This collection is a collaboration with Graeme Black, former Creative Consultant for Ferragamo. Inspired by English Ottoman & Byzatine Cultures it is stimulating & exciting, with rich colours in supple DESA leather....for full collection see


This A/W '12 sees prevelant all over the catwalk of Giambattista & Alexander Wang, Monochrome texture & print with androgynous shapes....


For 35 years, British Brand, Tula is British craftsmanship at its very best! These Doctor shaped bags, in monochrome texture, and woven wool seems like just what the FASHION DOCTOR HAS ORDERED to update your wardrobe this season. Prices are a steal starting at £79 too!

Did you know that wearing Cabbage can be Fashionable???

Snob Says:


I've just discovered Local London Fashion Designer & Tailor Extraordinare that is Henry Hales and his little company SIR PLUS. They make great tailored accessories pieces from cabbage. No silly, not the cabbage from the garden, but the scraps or remnants of bigger pieces of fabric or cloth in fashion is known as cabbage. Don't you also love his branding, how very clever (you know beauty and I love the play on words!) of SIR PLUS...get it??? He uses SURPLUS fabrics!

 I want to know who your tailor is....can you believe this waistcoat was made from Cabbage???

Girls.....a great look for fall....for some Autumn English Countryside Inspiration....loving the andro look....

Hales started a year and a half ago making boxers and cut-offs from surplus fabric he purchased from the tailors and shirt-makers. The boxers were popular, so he moved on to waistcoats next...and then it was t-shirts and other bits...he's not looked back since. This London-based designer sells up and down this country in markets. I first caught him down at the Portobello one Saturday afternoon....


How can anyone else style cabbage up so fabulously?? Catch Henry Hales & Sir Plus online at:

1 London Jewellery Designer, alona + 1 London Local Fashion Designer Peter May = A LOOK TO FALL FOR....

About Alona:


This season it's all about fine jewellery, and what could be more precious than alona. Alona Shelemy is a new London based designer that has already got Heidi Klum amonst others in the fashion know smitten! Her pieces draw inspiration from her middle-eastern and European background, and not only unique but give any outfit that extra beautiful edge!


Each collection is finished in a range of 22kt gold, rose gold and antique silver....Beauty has paired Alona with some Peter May to give Elegance that youthful edge! It's London inspiration at its BEST! For more and where to get alona go

 About Peter May:


Only TWO words can describe the MAY collection season after season: TIMELESS ELEGANCE. How's that for fashion ever after? Local London designer Peter May may be described as a rare jem tucked away just off Portobello Road. (61b Lancaster Road, Notting Hill, W11 1QG to be exact)


Using raw silks, and the finest wool or cotton, May creates a silouette for every and any woman. His designs are versatile, and give classic femine style or lines an alternative edge. Beauty loves MAY for the vast choice in solid colours that contrast from lighter to darker tones as the seasons change; and also for the many ways you can wear one piece, and make it all your own. Wear MAY how you want to wear it, when you want to wear it!


Visit the shops at 61b Lancaster Road, London, W11 1QG  or

 To Kick off London Fashion Week Beauty has styled Alona & MAY to inspire you.....are you FALL-ing for it yet?

From Day to Night Easy Fall/Winter Styling....

Dazzle AUTUMS' classic orange tones....

Add Little Splashes of colour, and add a POP to the season...Frienship bracelets with gold leaf detail add fun and flirty edge!

Beauty & The Snob


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