Get It While It's HOT!!!

Take It Off This Summer With OPI's Glitter Off Course!

No Time For Facials? Get The Oxygen Blast From Elizabeth Arden


Beauty says: We're all pressed for time these days with our hectic schedules and this can only mean detriment to our skin in a city (London) known for its high pollution and dehydration levels. While we know that facials are essential to to good skin health not many of us are graced with the luxury of having the time to have them as often as we like.


Well, let me let you in on a little secret of a pre-event treatment that the stars can't get enough of and is available at a fraction of the cost to you at the Elizabeth Arden counter: The 15 min Oxygen Blast Facial. This facial is beloved my A-listers such as Victoria Beckam, Kim Kardashion, Sienna Miller, Madonna, and Jessica Biel, to name a few- giving the most amazing dewy fresh glow before a major red carpet event.


The facial only takes 15 min to do, and gives a concentrated perfect dose of oxygen deep into the cellular layers of the skin. The facial costs only £15 and is reedeemable against any product at Elizabeth Arden counters across the country!    


I've had my perfect shot during the Christmas in July event of Debenhams last week. It was done over my make-up (and never distrubed it). I was most impressed as the skin immediately looked clear and perfect.The skin felt smooth and soft and I could see the instant revitalization in it. In fact, the last time I received this kind of result and felt this good coming out of a facail was a microdermabrasion that lasted 1.5 hours and one that would cost £125! 


I was told by the lovely consultant, Sam, that there was a secret 'in-house' serum only used exclusively by the Red Door spa that was being air-sprayed into the skin. The treatment is also available as a longer treatment to those who have more time with the usual cleanse and massage too. 


So there is simply no excuse for not having 'the time' for facials! Walk-ins are welcome, so the next time you're pushed for time but want to look 100% at an after work event or date remember this #HOTBEAUTYTIP! Book or enquire at any Elizabeth Arden counter now. 


I love glitter nail polish, but with the same passion hate the process of taking it off. Foils and soaking take too long not to mention can be a drag. At one point I had resorted to taking off glitter nail polish by using my nail file, but discovered that I would inevitably damage my nails in the long run. This is why for the longest time, my collection of sparkly glitter nail polishes have been just sitting on the shelf- an archive of beauty and how nails should shine. 


About six months ago I discovered that O.P.I. made a natural base coat that was peelable called 'Glitter Off'. I had told several friends about it when they too complained about the removal of glitter nail polishes, but had never tried or tested it myself. About a week ago I had this deep desire to paint my bottle of Camo by Alexa of Nails Inc- a wild sparkle of golds and greens sequins. So I headed to search for the O.P.I. base coat on ebay. I found a bottle, plus postage, for about £9. 


When it arrived I was excited to use it straight away. Perhaps I was too keen, as I painted the first layer too thick, and I had made a sticky mess, before even painting the sparkles on top.My logic was that if was something peelable it should be a thick layer. This is wrong. The smell of this product also rather like school glue, and the same white colour with a nail polish consistency. When I had finally cleaned it all off and started again, I searched for reviews on the product and found that you should paint just a think layer, let it dry completely, and then paint the sparkles on top. I also found that indeed the base of this is rather like my childhood Elmer's school glue and hence the smell. There was even a video on YOUTUBE that one person made of how you can make a similar product to this yourself (although, I wouldn't bother as it is not the same and we could once again end up in a sticky fingers situation.)


After 3 days I was finally bored of the sparkles and started to peel off the polish. I was amazed at how easy the sparkles just clicked off-rather like when you remove adhesive nails. This is a must-have product and secret beauty weapon! Get yours at OPIUK 

Regenerate From The A Day At the Beach With HealGel Body

My favourite beauty product of the summer is aftersun. The reason is because when you're so hot and bothered in the summer months, there is nothing like solutions to the face or body that will cool, soothe and make it more comfortable. This year I've discovered HealGel's Body moisturiser. It is not just a moisturiser as it is rather multi-functional- you can use it as moisturiser after shower or bath, as an after sun, or put it on patches that are especially dry. There is also arnica in it so if you find yourself a bit bruised rub it in and light bruising will disappear. 


In the summer as I live inside open sandals, I have found this product most excellent for my heels that dry out with my out and about everyday. This formula is not sticky, and takes no time to dry. I would describe it more of a serum texture but do the mighty job of quenching skin's thirst in these drier months! Absolutely, the most impressive and fabulous body product! Give it a try £39.50. 


Bask In GLO & RAY

It is now 'High Summer', and with that thought perhaps your make-up needs a bit of refreshing. I've just discovered that gals can bask in make-up by newbie brand 'Glo & Ray'. I first saw this at a showroom at one of the Christmas in July events, and was pretty excited to get back to the desk and report it to you all. Why? Well, it seems like a brand that will definitely do well with a younger crowd of girls. I think this brand could potentially do well on sites like don't be surprised if it ends up at a major retailer like that. Just remember, I was the first one to tell you about it. 


The brand is bases itself on its name. Glo standing for gentle luminance, while Ray standing for a vibrant beam of light. All the make-up gives that sheer dewy shine and glow- that is a so natural beauty and perfect in high summer heat. It actually reminds me a lot of other well-known make-up lines like NARS, but at a fraction of the price point. 


Be sure to check out their mascara as I've tried and tested it and the tiny brush and bristles make all the difference in defining the lashes and not clumping them. £10.50




One of my favourite pieces and one that immediately got my attention was the Luna Maroon blusher in 501 (NUAGE). It reminds me of NARS' orgasm but best of all comes with its own little brush applicator right in the box! £11


The Fluid Foundation is as easy to use as any BB or CC cream, and is light as a feather! The texture reminds me of other BB and CC creams on the market, but gives a fuller coverage without the weight! At £23 who can argue with that? 


Glo & Ray at the moment is exclusively only available online at


Eye Spy

A Sneak Peak at #ChristmasinJuly

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There is such a thing as Christmas in July. Well, as far as PR is concerned. During the high summer months, there are many companies who start to show case what is in store for the holiday season for the end of the year. Here's a sneaky peak at some gems that have been eyed! 


Crabtree & Evelyn are better known for their hand creams and bath and body treats when it comes to gifting, but did you know that they made delightful foodie goodies too? Their food range-from teas, to cakes, and other confectionary treats are all handmade in the UK and free from any nasties. (Another reason to enjoy them with less guilt!)


At their recent #Christmasinjuly event I've noted their adorable 6 inch Christmas cake in a tin. This treat reminds me of growing up abroad and my grandparents sending a Christmas cake each year. Whether you pop one of these open after the feast....or while huddled next to the's a sure winner! 

Last year I discovered Crabtree & Evelyn's fudge treats and could not stop myself until I had finished the tin! They are in fact, so delicious I think they need to put label warning signs on their boxes: WARNING: MOORISH!


This year, fudge is back in action in the form of flavours such as clotted cream, and salted caramel. Who wouldn't want that for Christmas?? 


Nothing though is like the traditional warmth and glow from a fragrant candle. I think special and seasonal candles do tend to beckon us towards cheer and encourage that 'holiday spirit'. This Sugar & Spice candle is a sure way to bring back those wonderful Christmas memories or make new ones too. The limited edition candles come in regular size or home size, and come in Winsor Forest fragrance too!  Great things do in fact, come in smaller packages, and speaking of which this year Crabtree & Evelyn have introduced ornament tins. Filled with hand creams or sweet treats, these can be put back on the tree too. My idea? Take the treats, and refill with a message for each loved one to open on Christmas Day! 


So when you get a bit lost during the Christmas buzz and rush, remember this post, as you will find delight and ease with gifting at Crabtree & Evelyn! 


Gift giving can sometimes be a serious chore, and hence that is why I often think that giving gifts that are fun and whimsical can be inspiring. At the Debenham's #Christmasinjuly event I have eyed these POP culture handbags by Henry Holland. Don't think these to be too immature for any lady to wear, as the holidays season, and these handbags are sure to bring every child inside us out!


Lace dresses or layered lace styled dresses are key in next season's fahion palette. If you're into your fashion you will know this to be synonymous with brands like Sandros, Maje and Self Portrait. 


I spotted this electric blue lace dress in action at the Debenham's event- it seriously made my head turn! Only one thought to follow....Debenhams knows its fashion and will give the other brands a run for their money this Christmas! 


I think one of the loveliest gifts a girl can get is a hat for Chirstmas. Now, I'm not talking about those wooley versions, or ones your mum or gran used to knit for snowball fights. No. To impress, and make a statement in your gift giving this season remember that Debenhams has an incredible selection of hats that lets the fashionista in your life know you L-O-V-E.....her and that you're giving indeed a 'fashionable gift'. 

Sweet Sales Success

Have you had 'Sweet Sales Success' this season in the sales? I've often given tips each season on the best buys and what to look for in the sales. To all those out there in the sales it is important not to be tempted by just the low prices, but ask yourself these key questions:


Can I wear it again in the following season?

How practical is this for the weather here?

Will I get good wear out of it?  


Once you have mastered these questions while out shopping you too can have that satisfying success of bagging indeed a 'deal'. Sometimes it is not necessarily the lowest price point (for example £20) that defines a deal. Sometimes it may be something that you will get wear out of for most of the year, and if you can see that and divide that by the many months that you will wear it.....the delight of knowing that looking that good can come cheaper than a cup of Starbucks might make you giggle! Here are some items in the sales recently at my favourite shops that I've eyed up and ones you might want to consider too....


The reason I love Kate Spade pieces so much is because they truly don't go out of style...or season for that matter. Take this stripped shirt dress. It is practical for the office while being stylishly casual enough. Wear heels with it, sandals in the summer on cooler evenings, or chelsea boots, or rain boots in the fall. On duty? No problem, throw a blazer/jacket on the top. Off duty? lounge in it at the park with a picnic. I love the drop waist on this too as it is incredibly flattering for all shapes while the shirt fabric pulls any body shape in for a more polished look. At more than half price £125, the dress will get wear through all the season....I know I didn't have to think's mine...forever....



Whether you call them gum boots, wellies, plastic boots, these are a must-have in mostly cloudy, mostly wet cities like London. This should be a staple in every girl's wardrobe on this island. I have found in the past long tradiitonal wellies like HUNTERS to be a bit tricky to wear-especially if you have larger calves. Therefore, the best option is to find a shorter style like this one from Bimba & Lola. They made these in a range of colours every season, and when they go on sale, they're more than sweet at £19. I won't go without them and consider them one of the best buys of the season! 



Believe it or not, if you are considering buying a winter coat in summer than you're a true sales pro. Why? Well, because you are indeed looking ahead, and saving yourself more than just a bit the next season when the winter coats have arrived and within a range between £200-£500. 


The best place to look for a winter coat in summer are outlets. Most will be looking at the summer sale items and not into the heavy winter coats that make them feel warmer in the heat. This wool coat is half price at £249 in the Jaeger Outlet online, and comes also in red. I'm considering this in prep for colder days that may be on the way in a matter of weeks....



Whimsical or patterned tops can last through all seasons as you may wear them throughout with a good motif. This Paul & Joe Sister cat patterned top is a good example of this. I know many girls out there that can't pass up a sweet kitty cat and and icon like this never dates. Dress it up with a collared top underneath for the office or wear with jeans on the weekend. You can't really go ASOS



Finally, a bit of sparkle never dates either, and little charms like these are great treats for yourself or someone else all year around. Drop in for my favourite 'gum drop' earrings in a huge range of colours and can't go KATE SPADE




The Dolly Mix

Drink No Evil- Karma Cola Brings Back The Good

Cola, the classic drink, be it Coke, or any other brand, is a drink with a feel-good factor. Maybe it is the fizz, or that particular medicinal taste, or the huge amounts of sugar, whatever it is, we love it! Unfortunately, health experts such as dentists (in particular) and doctors will tell us that it is not good for us and contributes to a string of health problems including obesity, bad teeth and diabetes to name a few. 


It's been on trend for a while now that local companies are making brands of cola that 'natural' or come from natural sugars. In fact, it's been so popular and taking such a big chunk of the cola market, Coca-Cola launched Coca-Cola Life in 2013. Surely, if a giant corporation can feel the competition it's worth taking another look at this fizzy favourite of ours. 


Karma Cola, from Africa, is now taking Cola by storm in the market of natural colas as it is also all about fair trade. When they first started their company there was no such thing as the Fairtrade cola nut. They had to set up the Karma Cola Foundation to make sure people who grow the cola get something back from those who drink it. In fact, every bottle of Karma Cola sold goes to the Boma and Tiwai communities. They help send children to school, build bridges and rehabilitate cola plantations too. 


While they use sugar in thier drinks they claim that they use the best and purest most natural kind. They not only make cola, but also lemonade, ginger ale, but don't want people to know then for a taste or a label. No. Instead they want to be knwon as the most ethical label in Fairtrade.


On that note, I'll drink to that....Karma Cola is available at Waitrose.

Beautys' Secrets

Melissa- Shoe Staple and Fashion's Rubber Duckie

A fashion staple, and something never to be without, when you live in the U.K. or anywhere where it precipitates (rains) more than 80% of the year is the all mighty: welly or rain boot. 


In recent years, I have preferred the shorter version of the classic as they are easier to wear and manoeuvre in when I'm out and about town. Not to mention, they are also much more fashionable and complimentary to wear with dresses or skirts for the office. The go-to-brand of choice to go for these boots and who has the most choice in colours and styles is of course, Melissa. 


For those of you who are not familiar with Melissa as a brand it is the pioneer or original jelly/plastic shoes brand from Brazil. They're profile is legendary as they work with top designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld, and Gareth Pugh to name a few. 


Another staple that I cannot live without is of course, ballerina shoes or flats. The only issue I have with the shoes is that they do not stand up to the rainy weather we get in London!


So just the other day, a thought entered my mind while it had been raining this summer: What if, I could have my ballerinas in the form of a jelly shoe? It would certainly, be the ultimate solution to my fashion woe. While out and about town, and seeing clients, it is sometimes awkward to be wearing short wellies in the city. So I went to the new flagship store for Melissa in Covent Garden to check it out. 


Lo and behold, I not only found the shoes, but I found them with the pretty ballerina ribbons too! I got the pair in gold because as they get worn through, any surface scratches will show less with this speckled gold style. The ribbons are removable, so I can wear them just as regular plain ballerina flats in the city. Perfect! And while the sales are still on, I got them at a steal at only £29. Melissa aren't just good for the rainy weather though, as they make sandals and heels too which are perfect for beach or a solution to fancy dress/parties. 



Melissa also do the most whimsical and fun designs for children. I got this rhino baby blue pair for my niece Olivia too as she lives in rainy Vancouver, Canada. I've heard down the fashion 4-1-1- that next season they're coming out with children wellies with cute rubber duckies!


So the next time you buy shoes, remember this staple...especially if and hwen you live in a rainy city....onwards rubber duckies!  


Skin Thirsty? All HAIL Skin Boosters!


Beauty Says: During summer's heat it is difficult, if not, almost impossible to retain moisture and hydration levels in the skin. Primarily, due to all the sweating that occurs our skin loses it's balance. What can occur may be unwanted blemishes, clogged pores, and fine lines that could appear from nowhere! I've been finding that using my normal serum, and moisturise to be insufficient. Even hydration masks done on a daily basis may not help. So what do we do? What do we reach out for? 


A beauty secret of the Far East, in countries such as Japan and Korea, are skin boosters. They are also known as super serums and are incredibly effective to parched thirsty skin. They also are classified as special treatments, so their timely injection into the skin regime, during high heat or high summer, is necessary to maintain a beautiful complexion.


Here are my top picks for skin boosters from low price point to high.....  



Japanese skincare and make-up experts DHC have an array of skin boosters to choose from. Whether you want to fight blemishes, fine lines, or purely put the hydration back to rejuvenate the skin- they've got it. This season I opted for the extra concentrate skin boosters because they also contain collagen. Not only do they smooth out the fine lines (mainly due to dryness) but also give the smoothest of complexions. They pride themselves behind the science and in a study of those who used this product 92.5% of subjects noticed a difference in their skin within 5 days!


I have been using this product for a good part of 2 weeks and I have to say that it has been a lifesaver. This treatment is especially good for those who do not have time to do skin masks or scrubs. Make-up goes on smoother, and you tend to use less because the skin is so deeply hydrated. You get five mini bottles in a box and each bottle lasts for about 5-7 days. Use as you would with a serum-before the moisturiser. I have also found that when I put my moisturiser on the top it stretches further than with just serum. You will be amazed how soft and plump the skin feels, but overall, the price point will astound you if the performance already does as it comes in at £34. How can you not indulge your skin with this? 




If you want to go to a name you can definitely trust then it has to be Dermalogica. After all, the brand knows what skin needs- they pride on building their brand on this ethos! I would say their Skin Hydrating Booster is best for skin that is naturally dry. Of course, it would suit all skin types but if your skin peels due to dryness give this a go. The reason it works so well is due to its key ingredients- hyrulonic acid, pathenol, glycolipids, and algae extract. All these ingredients work on soothing and infusing the skin back with moisture it needs. I find also with this product your skin will not drink it unless you need it, so put on a little at a time. If can feel it already absorbed layer on another thing layer. The moisture with this product is impressive because it not only lasts 1 day but up to 3 days to a week! Of course, those who are aware of nasties in skincare can rest assured as there is no fragrance, perfumes or parabens in Dermalogica's products. I would say the price point of this product is medium but worth the investment as you will be taken over by its performance and hail it to be your 999 for any skin emergencies! 

Last but not least is the HOLY GRAIL of skincare La Prairie's Cellular Power Infusion. When this first came out I was sceptical because it came to replace another classic skin treatment they used to have called Caviar Ampoules. However, as always, I quickly took to the wonders these little bottles could do. 


The Cellular Power Infusion claim to reactivate your skin's energy- mainly by detoxifying the skin and supporting skin cell renewal. Now this product is unique because the ingridients in it are fresh as it comes. Each vial has to be activated and once you click them and activate them you have to use them and finish them. You cannot leave the vials and go back to using them as they will not work otherwise. The ingridients in this are rather of course not 'as natural' as others, however, the guarantee is in the cellular complex which is found in all of La Prairie's product lines- 100 nutrients and minerals that go deep to feed the skin. There are 4 vials that should be used over a course of a month. 


I think it's an indulgence worth exploring....but if your bank manager won't authorise the loan for this maybe leave it until you reach a certain age....(psst..comes in at £338)


Glow After Dark With Urban Decay's Summer Collection

Glow in the summer is pretty easy when it is light out. We girl's like to keep it neutral and natural with a bit of BB cream and lip gloss, but what happens after dark? You can keep the 'glow' going with Urban Decay's summer collection. These pieces are more than just colour and can make things less sticky too....check it out....



First up is Ultimate Ozone-Multipurpose Primer Pencil- I've been using this pencil non-stop this summer as it prevents feathering of lipstick and lipgloss. I was most impressed the first time I used it alongside one of the boldest lipglosses in the collection and there was no a smear or bleed in sight! A can't live without and most nifty tool to have in your make-up bag! £ 15




The Revolution High-Color Lipgloss has been one of the most anticipated piece of make-up prior to its launch. It does in fact does more than 'lip service', with its bold colours, high shine, sparkles and long lasting power. My favourite in the collection is Big Bang- a high pigmented fuschia with loads of fine sparkle. It reminds of the Wizard of Oz, but a bit more naughty! The special feature of this gloss is the flat applicator so that you can have it all covered in just 1 coat! £15. 



I am most excited to introduce the AfterGlow 8- Hour- Powder Blush. This blush gives the perfect natural flush effect. You cannot make a mistake with this product as the texture of this product is incredibly lightweight. There are no streaks when you put this on. My favouite is the colour VIDEO as it doubles up as a bronzer/blusher and i don't have to put on 2 products but just the one! £19. 

The Edit: Reviews & Other Neat Stuff

Beautys' Abi Fabi Edit

A Facial Worth It's Weight In Diamonds-Cristina Coelho's Bespoke Microdermabrasion 

Microdermabrasion is not a new treatment and has been popular among those who want to get rid of scarring or other common skin problems such as clogged pores or congested skin. Traditionally, I have not recommended it as a treatment to those who ask about it because the process is no different than taking a mini sandblaster to the face. Thus, it can do more damage than good. The main reason being is that a hand piece distributes a mist of fine exfoliating crystals to the face and then vacuums it back up, along with the dead skin, that has been removed. 


This is why traditionally, I have only suggested to those who ask about this treatment, to try at home versions by REVIVE or Dr. Brandt- for more professional results with still the safety of a product that you can use at home. 


As of recent late my skin has had more than a few problems, and in fact, a few I just couldn't handle on my own. Clogged pores, constant congestion ( I should start charging it) and a few scars left from unwanted unsightly visitors during my monthly left me with no choice but in search of an expert that will take them on at full speed! For problems as such, I would not take my skin to anyone, but a bespoke facialist, and therefore, someone like Cristina Coelho of Wimpole Street. 


Cristina Coelho has had vast experience within the industry and formerly worked with luxury champions such as Chantecaille. What I especially like about Cristina is that she uses some of the most advanced technology on the market for her treatments such as CACI & ENVIRON. When she does a facial for you she does it for you and only based on what your skin needs now. Also, her facials will give you more anti-aging benefits without any evasiness. 


When I discussed my skin woes to Cristina, she suggested that I try her microdermabrasion which can deliver excellent results but was extra gentle on the skin. She explains, that the difference in what she does is due to the fact that she uses CACI to do orbital microdermabrasion. The hand piece rotates at different speeds and rotates on an elliptical axis. Therefore it is much more controlled and will not take too much skin off all at once. 


The process felt no different than a hand-held cleansing machine like Clarisonic (yes, it was that gentle). Even before the hydratone mask went on I could feel all the mini bumps disappear from my chin and nose areas. Following the buff, a hydratone mask is put on top. This mask is infused with loads of moisture and the ingridients of this are pushed in my the electrical currents of the CACI machine. 


The results? I have to say truly speak for themselves. My skin bounced back in no time, and was so soft and smooth it can be compared to a porcelain dolls'. I was most pleased with the scars on the cheek which disappeared within 3 days after treatment too! Cristina's top tip for aftercare of this treatment is to put in lots of 'goodies' or nourishing products afterwards to allow the skin to re-cooperate and regenerate. 


I love a smooth operation...and I plan to do my regular rounds of this treatment every 3 months...Cristina Coelho's Microdermabrasion is a won't regret it! £95/hour. For more of Cristina's treatments visit

It's Time to 'LASH' Out & Here's The # Code FFL


Beauty Says: When it comes to my eye lashes let's say I belong to that category of 'coming up short'. Definitely not one of my best assets I struggle with the enhancement of this area. For years, I've been using plumping mascara, XXL....I've done the re-growth formulas and they work, but somehow I don't continue with the treatments and I'm back to square one. 


False lashes are an entity I leave for special occasions as sometimes I don't like the way they sit and I'm always aware of the glue- I can always feel it. Is there hope for the ladies like myself who have short lashes, or those who have sparse lashes? 

Not too long ago I had introduced Code VLM- The Volumising Lengthening Mascara. Recently they've really 'lashed' out and allowing us short lashed girls to do the same with a new product called Code FFL- Forget Fake Lashes. The key features of this product is that this lash plumper can make short lashes show-stopping, thin lashes full and plump and again the product is paraben-free and not tested on animals. 


I've given it a whirl and I have to admit that my lashes were fuller and upgraded in an instant. It lengthens in appearance. Compared to false lashes though it gives a much more natural look if this is what you are after. Also, compared to others in the market I would say it definitely gives the competition a run for their money. The one factor I do especially like about it is that I do not feel any product sitting on my lashes like the others. There are no clumps, no cracking or flaking, an the touch of them is still real- which is soft to the touch. 

To get the full results though from this product you have to go as close to the roots as possible and wriggle the brush back and forth a few times. The secret is to rull the brush from root to tip and to let it dry for about 30 seconds before you apply the mascara and build it up. Look at the difference in the before and after photos here. 


So if you're tired of applying falsies and want something a bit more 'real' and a quicker solution remember the CODE # FFL....£18 now available at Harvey Nichols, QVC, an BeautyMART. 


What Snob Ate On The Weekend

New Snack Love: #SweetPotatoCrisps

What Snob Ate: London is that kind of city where you can find a food market in the middle of a busy buzzing district. Namely, of course, I am referring to the Patridge Saturday Food Market down at Sloane Square. On this weekend visit I have met a new vendor: McLauchlan's Sweet Potato Crisps. His little stall caught my eye as it was no bigger than his tiny trolley where he fries the sweet potato crisps fresh by the batch. 


McLachlan sells the sweet potato crisps for £3 a box and flavours them on the spot: allowing you to choose from a variety of flavours such as salt + pepper, paprika, and herbs or a combination.  



What Snob's Taste Buds said: Now if you're a fan of moorish snacks and love the combination of sweet + salty then you'll love sweet potato crisps. They tend not to be as nearly as crunchy as potato crisps due to a higher sugar content in them. They're a really good alternative if you're tired of eating the same old crisps, and want something different. I love them and think that McLauchlan's is out of this world as he makes them fresh on the spot which can't be beat! I opted for the classical salt and pepper flavour, and when I bit into my first chip it sent me to a new snack orbit and back. 


Thumbs Up: He's given me a loyalty he'll be seeing me again next week...and the week I'll be up for a free box in no time! 


Find McLaughlan's #SweetPotatoCrisps @ThatCrispGuy (on Instagram & Twitter) and on Saturday at Patridge Saturday Market at Sloane Square. It's what I ate this weekend.....


This Oil Will Make You Go Nuts!

What Snob Ate: Another amazing discovery that contributed to what I ate this weekend from the Partridge Market was Kentish Cobnut Oil. Cobnut is a variation or variety of the Hazelnut. Each August in Kent these cobnuts are hand-picked and harvested to make oil at Hurstwood Farm. You can dip breads, make salads and use this oil the same way you do with olive oil. It is incredibly light in texture and is great on vegetables desserts and sweets.


What Snob's taste buds said: I'm told that the oil is cholesterol-free and is great source of vitamin B and E and contains linoleic acid-which is vital for healthy growth and development. It can be used an an essential oil to treat skin conditions and anti-ageing properties too. The oil has that fragrant aroma that you get from biting into a hazelnut and a distinctive sweetness that is almost floral. I took my bottle home and immediately cooked up a cold meze style salad with aubergines and sweet red peppers. The cobnut oil gave the dish some extra pizzazz that can now be the secret in this recipe....


Thumbs Up: At £12 a bottle or £6 for the half size this makes a great addition and alternative to all the regular dishes of the week. It makes a great gift for baskets and Christmas too...remember to put it on the list as it is a sure delight! 








Summer's Fish To Dish- Gravad Lax Recipe

Want to cook a summer treat, but don't want to slave in the kitchen for it? One of classic & all time favourites is making and serving my own gravad lax. Whether you serve it with scrambled eggs + toast for brunch on a Sunday or serve it at your summer parties as an appetizer it is sure to make you shine! 


I usually buy fresh Atlantic salmon (2 fillets) or Sainsbury's lightly smoked flavour salmon. 


How To Make It:


Crush a handful of coriander seeds + add to

3 (soup) spoonfuls of salt + 

1 (soup) spoonful of crushed black pepper+ 

1 (soup) spoonful of sugar


Place the 2 fillets on 2 sheets of overlapping plastic food wrap. Cover the salmon with the ingredients. Place fresh dill and fennel leaves on top. Bind tightly in the wrap and leave it in a bowl for at least a day. 


When you take it out, wash it under a running tap. Slice thinly and place on a plate. Marinate in lemon juice, capers, and fresh dill again for 30 min before eating. 

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