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Cocktail Time this weekend? Start with your weekend look with Cocktail Cosmetics(posted May 4, 2012)

Beauty Says: Make-up girlies pay attention! Loads of cool info here to help you look uber beautiful, without the fuss! Here’s my weekend cocktail for the cosmetics 411…

Get this great Boho festival look a la Katy Perry with the Trick or Treat kit from Everyday Minerals. Everyday Minerals is a great brand of mineral make-up to use, because it’s organic and 100 suitable for vegans too! And if that’s not enough they’re also PETA and BUAV approved which means no bunny has worn this make-up ever! Well no bunny but you!

Comprising of three travel eye shadows: Floating Feathers, Mystic Night and Elevate, two eyeliners in: black and weeping willow, and a blush in Bollywood. Junior eye kabuki brush also included in the set. The set is available to purchase for £12 from Cocktail Cosmetics online at:

For those going on a wee road trip get one easy look for the weekend ahead. Look how relaxed Fergie looks here! She’s got the LOVE going in this easy to wear set by Everyday Minerals. Set features a limited editionSpring Berries lip color, mini size Sprung, travel eye shadows in Leaps and Bounds, Dandelions and Postcards. Set is £15 and available at:

Not easy to touch up if you’re travelling this weekend, or if you’re doing la grand tour of venues this weekend? Not a problem. Here’s a solution from Skindinavia Original Make-up that will help you look flawless the whole time! Finishing Spray from Skindinavia extends the wear of your make-up. It won’t slip, melt or crease! Skindinavia’s secret is that they have a patented formula of temperature control technology that does not let your make-up do naughty things! It’s also not bad for the skin, as it’s a vegan product too! Look how cool and collected Michelle Trachtenberg is at Coachella. She’s anything but thinking of her make-up now!

Recommended for normal and combination skin types this nifty (prevent ugly photos of you this weekend ) finishing spray comes in three sizes: 2oz(£13.95), 4oz(£22.95), & 8oz(£28.95). Tip is to get a 2oz for going out, and a 4oz or 8 oz at home. It’s a must have and great investment in the ol’ beauty box! Get it here online:

Relieve, Refresh, and Rejoice from your Long-Weekend Travels with “Yes To Cucumbers” On-The-Go Essential Kits

I find that one of the most annoying things to do is to try to pack essentials for a weekend break. It never works out because it’s inevitable that as women we get paranoid that we will not let another human being see our real faces. We wish that we could just leave cars, trains, or planes after journeys and walk off looking like stunning starlets.

Well, I’m going to let you in on a wee secret of how to look like you’ve quantum leaped from home to destination break. The key is to use skin care that will deeply hydrate, soothe and wake you up. Forget the make-up; all of it. If you’re determined not to let anyone see your eyes sans eye-make-up wear a pair of sunglasses.

A key skincare set, that I’ve just discovered is from the Yes To range: Yes to Cucumbers on-the-go essential kit. Cucumbers are the ultimate for 2 major reasons: 1. They soothe, and 2. They deeply hydrate and help you and your skin retain moisture. Cucumbers are also high and packed full of vitamin A and C-these soothe and soften the skin.

First of all, this little kit is free from parabens, phthalates, and SLS- this means that it’s pretty much as good as saving the cucumber slices from your salad and planning to use them later.

The kit contains, a calming moisturiser(15ml), soothing eye gel(10ml), a pack of 10 soothing facial towelettes, and a mint lip butter. I’m all over the packet of wipes because moisture doesn’t tend to stay on the skin when you’ve just splashed water on the face to freshen up. The moisture goes to your skin in these wipes as they contain aloe vera and green tea. These wipes are also multifunctional: they exfoliate, detoxify, and rejuvenate, all in one! The eye gel is also a life saviour (listen up drivers!) as the aloe vera and sweet almond oil, in it helps to brighten dark circles, and help eliminate puffiness. For that natural glow seal it all in with the calming facial moisturiser, and the lip butter. I guarantee you’ll not just look but feel as cool as a cucumber!

Yes To Cucumber On-The-Go Essential Kit are £14.99 and available



Rain, Rain go away! With Poppy King’s Rain Drops Range (posted April 30)

Boots No.7 Moisture-Rich Crayons

With the recent April showers we’ve been having, it’s hard to keep smiling. Perhaps some bright lip colour and a smiling face is what we need at the moment for a quick pick-me-up. A vintage 1970s advertisement for Boots No. 7 Rain Gels (lip gloss) certainly inspired lipstick extraordinaire, Poppy King, to create a new range of sheer Moisture-Rich Crayons.

No. 7 Poppy King’s Rain Drops Range is a series of slim line crayons which can build colour and definition. The bright pigments produce fantastic bright colours that are easy to wear. They’ve got fantastic names too for the colours which should put a smirk on anyone’s face like Skipping, Dancing, Singing, Playing, and Smiling. Poppy wanted to create a wet finish rather than a shimmery one so that it was bang on trend for the season.

I suggest Poppy’s Rain Drops because they’re not sticky and easy to use. Also, you don’t have to buy a matching lip liner to go with them. You can use it both as a lip liner and then just fill it in. They’re also incredibly rich with moisture, so your lips will not dry out during the day, and I found them rather long wearing. One final bonus is that the sharpener is on the top of the cap, which truly makes this product flawless.


Now go out there! Brave the rain, and defy it: Umbrella? Check! Wellies? Check! Rain drops? Check!

Poppy King’s No. 7 Rain Drop Range is available at selected Boots stores Nationwide or online (£11.50 each) at:




Snail Nails: For Mum’s to be & The Little Princess (posted April 30)

 One of the most frustrating things about trying to treat a girlfriend to a manicure while they’re pregnant is that well, they can’t have one. Well that is until Snail Nails. Snail Nails is the first 100%-safe Nail Polish. Originally developed for children, in 2011, by mum Jeanette Skilivanou, these nail polishes are only made with three ingredients:


  1. Water
  2. Acrylic Polymer
  3. Non Toxic Colourants


These nifty nail polishes also are hypoallergenic, biodegradable and free from preservatives! Yet they can still have a 2 year shelf life. I tried a tiny bottle of this, in Raspberry Pie, a beautiful frosty raspberry sparkly colour, to put it to the test, and found it super easy to use. All you had to do was paint on clean nails as you would with other polishes. To remove, just soak some cotton pads with water, and remove as normal. There are no nasty toxic smells in this nail polish. I think this is a great little gift for any little girl, or expecting mother’s who need a bit of pampering.

For more information or to


Dolly Mix

Skin! Drink this Smoothie: Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel (posted May 22, 2012)

In continuation of celebrating National Vegetarian Week, today, I’m suggesting a fruity alternative: Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel. This exotic cocktail of pineapple and papaya is divine! The natural fruit acids, bromelain in pineapple, and papain in papaya, (or natural AHA’s) goes to gently, but efficiently exfoliate the skin non-abrasively. This is the perfect exfoliating or peeling product for anyone wanting a more gentle option, as it has no granules.

I’ve also found this sensational duo to really help purify, regenerate and give tired skin a lift! The seaweed extracts inside, bladderwrack and porphyridium, are real multi-taskers as well acting as free radical fighters, super moisture sources and skin regenerators.


The texture of it is incredibly smooth and creamy, without being heavy. Simply leave it on (avoiding the eye area) for 10-15 minutes and then remove with a flannel and warm water. You feel that the cheeks, not only have a glow, and feel refreshed, but also instantly feel firmer. A little bit also goes a long way, so there’s no need to put a heavy layer on to see results. This smells so delicious, you’ll want to stick your tongue out and try to taste it!

In celebration of their 10 year anniversary, Elemis is going to launch this beautiful limited edition of the Papaya Enzyme Peel, designed by British designer and artist, Laura Oakes. Even better yet, for every one of these sold, Elemis will be providing children in Africa (Kenya) a 5-in-1 pentavalent vaccine against diseases. Teaming up with SOCO, Elemis will be providing over 50,000 vaccinations to children in need. This limited Edition is available as of JUNE 1, 2012. In the meantime, if you can't wait and just want this NOW! The regular tube is avaiable online.


To get your hands on this heavenly treat(Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel: 50ml; £28.60; Go to:

Whether you eat your Veggies or put them on your Face....Celebrate National Vegetarian Week May21-27 (posted May 18)

You don't have to be vegetarian to celebrate National Vegetarian Week staring on Monday May 21-27. My suggestion is to why not try a couple of vegetarian recipes next week during tea time to participate? There are many fresh vegetables that are now in season such as asparagus.


I'm having a small gathering at my flat this weekend for some of the girls. And one of my dearest friends who will be coming is vegetarian. I'm inspired to make a nibble for her dedicated to National Vegetarian Week: Cream cheese Asparagus rolls. I learned this recipe years ago while making the teas at church. All you have to do is:


Decrust white bread. Spread cream cheese on the bread. Blanch asparagus and roll it into the bread like you're making sushi. Cut them into little pieces. You can sprinkle a bit of black pepper on the top to taste.


There are tons of other ways too that you can get involved. There are competitions, inpirational ideas for schools and community groups besides tons of new recipes that you can try. Go to:

It is known fact that vegetables are a great source of vitamins to beautiful skin. That’s because many vegetables are high in anti-oxidant to help combat free radicals (in light) and aggressors from the environment. Now of course there may still be many of us out there that don’t eat certain vegetables. You might still hide a tomato or carrot in our napkin here and there. What do I suggest you do? –Put it on your face. Seriously, this is no joke.

In celebration of National Vegetarian Week why not try some natural products made with vegetables? A great ambassador of fruit and veg in their products is the YES TO brand. YES TO combines high quality organic fruits and vegetables with the power of 26 minerals and trace elements. Their formulas are either 100% natural or in the over 95percentile, and have been clinically proven to nourish, protect, and improve skin elasticity, age defy, or control break-outs for problem skin.


Yes To Tomatoes Deep Pore Exfoliating Cleanser(£9.99):

If you’ve got blackheads, or are prone to breakouts, you’ll love this cleanser. It contains Lycopene, which is an antioxidant found naturally in the skin of tomatoes. Lycopene is fantastic to help protect the skin from harmful environmental aggressors. Ginger Root & Bisabolol in this product help to reduce redness and soothe any irritations. To get pore unclogged, ground bamboo bits gently exfoiliate to unclog pores and clear blackheads away. I personally, found this product incredibly gentle, and non-evasive. I’m a tomato lover anyway, but if you’d rather not eat one but have clear skin, than go for this. One big bonus is that it’s 97% natural and free from parabens, petroleum and SLS.

YES TO Carrots Exfoliating Body Wash(£10.99):

If you like that tan-glowing look all over the body in time for swimsuit season, then you’ll love this. This exfoliating body wash is rich in Beta-Carotene. Beta-carotene is essential when it comes to protecting the skin. It’s also rich in shea buter, and prevents dehydration. I’ve found this wash great after a long day, or just before going out on the weekend, because it’s so refreshing. It also leaves the skin incredibly soft and smooth. As Bugs Bunny used to say, “What’s up Doc”? I’d say: Up is YES TO Carrots Exfoliating Body Wash. 99% natural and a wash that will definitely give you that boost!


Both YES TO products are available at:

And also at:

Wild,Weird, and Wonderful, comes to London in form of Priceless Wonderground at Southbank

From May 8th-September 30th the Southbank Centre will be a spectacle of entertainment, resembling that of Coney Island, of New York. A 1920s Spiegeltent, will feature some marvels and wonders from around the world in the form of cabaret, circus sideshows and music. Expect some oddities, curiosities, and eccentricities in shows and programs that will delight all tastes and ages.

I’ll be going along to some of these acts, and updating all of you throughout the weeks. Check out some key shows that I’m already looking forward to:

Cantina: From Australia, comes a show and program that is beyond normal circus. The act is described to be glamourous, wicked and sultry, incorporating acrobatics, vaudeville circus, magic and music. In fact, the performance is supposed to be so exhilarating that it can leave your mouth hanging.

Meow Meow: The Times give her 5 stars, and says she’s sensational. An international singer, and modern show girl, she comes to London again after her critically acclaimed West End shows last year.

Boom Boom Club: This show features London’s electric new cabaret stars. It sets at the end of the world, in Davy Jones’ Lock-in, where a rainbow of lost souls gather from all corners to tell tales of times gone by. Time Out says this one’s, “London’s trail-blazing, hell-raising cabaret troupe”.

There are lots more acts such as the Royal Family of Strange People- a collection of true human oddities come together for just 18 shows, performing jaw-dropping stunts, strange behaviour and things you just thought was not humanly possible! Other music acts include avant-garde bands such as Tiger Lillies in Concert, and award-winning cabaret act Bougeois & Maurice….Now don’t say there’s nothing to do in London on the weekend! Watch out for the review posts on the shows of Wonderground from now till September!

For ticket information and sales go to:

Beautys' Secrets

Nuit Etoilee: A Story of Nature's Enchantment

May: New Launch: Annick Goutal

If you like fragrances or perhaps you are trying to find something unusual at the moment, than might I, suggest Annick Goutal. Not many in London know that Annick Goutal has their own boutique on 20 Motcomb Street...

I can only describe my experience there with, Store Manager, Eric Uzunic, as enchanting. As I sat down, I was introduced to a mysterious blue bottle that is going to be their new launch in May. Not only does the sanded dark glass bottle give this fragrance its allure, but also that it does not smell of anything when you first put it on. This is to put you into the zone. You wait for about thirty seconds or so, and then comes bitter orange followed by Siberian pine fir balsam needles. Close your eyes and imagine a vast wilderness landscape during nightfall. The heat of the day is felt through the ground you are laying on, and the trees around seem to be releasing this sigh and beckoning you to dream. Dream and delve in a world of pure fantasie as the French would say. The fragrance speaks to you further with depth as you discover tonka bean nut and peppermint. It is these base notes, within this fragrance that embrace you, and truly ties you to this unusual experience. You almost feel the coolness of the night, its breeze, while the warmthness of day is still beneath you. Quite fittingly, when I awoke from this bijoux fantasie, to discover that it is called Nuit Etoile’e, literally meaning, “Starry Night”.

Eric tells me that Nuit Etoile’e was created by Camille Goutal, daughter of Annick Goutal, and their nose extraordinaire, Isabelle Doyen. Camille apparently, wanted to re-create closeness to nature where one could escape and be connected to it by night. She was taken in a few years back by the film, “Into the Wild”-a story of a young man that was so taken in and humbled by nature that he left his life, to roam free in the vast American wild.

Nuit Etoile’e is no exception to the other fragrances of Annick Goutal. In fact, all of the fragrances evoke closeness to nature or emotion. For example, in the fragrance Sables Sand, the scent of the ever- lasting flower of Corsica is able to transport you there as if you were sitting within a hotel terrace, as Annick Goutal did when she sat there once a upon a time. Another example is how Goutal created the famous Petit Cherie because her daughter Camille was moving out for the first time, and she wanted her daughter to know that whatever the circumstance, she would always be her “Petit Cherie” (little darling). Likewise for an anniversary with her husband, she created for him to show how he was her “Grand Amour” or great love of her life.

Even more appealing is that Eric also tells me that the ethos of Annick Goutal fragrances is that it never follows fashion, and aside from the cost, purity in the fragrance themselves is never compromised. Otherwise, there cannot be a true or ‘honest’ experience within the fragrance themselves.

Quite charmingly, I also discover the story behind the name Annick Goutal. Goutal was a talented piano player but left for London in her teens. In her twenties, she got into modelling, and then much later returned to France. It was her return to France that she met the famous nose and parfumeur, Henn Sorsana, and received seven years of training from him in Antibes, just outside of Grasse.Launching three fragrances in 1977: Folavril, Passion and Eau d’Hadrien, it was Eau d’Hadrien (evoking memories of Emperor Hadrien) that was most received and thus, began her success and legacy on the fragrance front. Tragically in the 1990s she did not survive breast cancer, and died at the age of fifty-three. Annick Goutal left a legacy of twenty-five fragrances and compositions. It is her daughter, Camille Goutal, today that carries on her legacy and creative flair that has made Annick Goutal not just another brand in fragrance, but truly an experience to be treasured.

Nuit Etoile’e for women 100ml £79; for men 100ml £72. Available at the boutique from Mid May 2012 at the Annick Goutal Boutique. For enquiries call 02078232176 or

The Dynamic Duo

The Debate: REAL HERO Product? Moisturiser or Serum?

 Over the years in skincare, I’ve often had to correct a clients’ regime. One main mistake that most make is that they either wear a serum alone, without a moisturizer, or they don’t wear one at all. I’ve also come across many that have had only enough money to invest in one product, and have opted for the cream as it can be seen to have more value than a serum.

The rule of thumb is that serum comes up trumps when it comes to results. The reason behind this is that all serums contain no oil, and is essentially an essence. Therefore, it can deliver key ingredients to the skin faster than creams which can take up to thirty days in an adult’s skin to see results. As we age, cell turnover slows, so that is why it can take up to a month for one to see results in any moisturiser. As I have mentioned, serums are an essence so they will evaporate from the skin unless they are held down with a heavier product: moisturiser. Moisturiser has to be layered over any serum. The common mistake that most people make is that due to its light texture, serum is worn alone under make-up.

My verdict is that serum and moisturiser should be thought more of as a dynamic duo, heroes in beauty if you like, such as Batman and Robin. Serum is Batman as it has the strength, it is fast, and delivers first. Moisturiser is more like Robin, because it’s there to enhance the benefits of serum. After all, we seldom see Robin battle alone without Batman.

I’ve snuffed out some unique serums and creams below that will give you a packing punch back to your skin this season…


Dr.No? No, it’s Dr. Gregory Bays Brown & Re’ Vive’s: Serum Presse & Intensite’ Creme Lustre SPF30

In last month’s issue I had injected an event with Re’ Vive’s VP, Hylton Lea called: The Renewal Workshop. I dropped by during these workshops to speak to Hylton more about the products. Hytlon also has a great analogy of serums and moisturizers. When I asked him to describe the synergy of Re’Vive’s Serum Presse and Intensite’ Crème Lustre, he said, that the Intensite’ Crème Lustre is like a great vitamin milkshake or smoothie that soothes and revitalizes after an intensive workout that is, of course, Serum Presse.

Serum Presse:

Recommended use: 1-2 pumps first before moisturizer in the day


This serum gives the skin “instant gratification”. Now I know your eyes are either rolling or you’re thinking, no it can’t. Just carry on reading before you decide. When you first put on this serum, you can immediately feel it pulling back and lifting the skin. Re’Vive describes it as an immediate shrink-wrap phenomenon. What’s happening is that polysaccharide tensors inside the product act as tiny ‘erector set’ struts pulling the skin back and taught.

Two other key ingredients inside this product truly make it unique and premium on the market. One is the famous EGF (Recombinant Epidermal Growth Factor) molecule. Re’Vive was the first skincare brand to have ever used the EGF molecule in skincare. EGF is also known as the ‘youth molecule’ as it dramatically increases skin cell renewal. It was first founded by Stanley Cohen, and awarded a Nobel Prize in 1986. EGF was first used to treat burn victims, and as a specialist in burn victims, and plastic surgery, Dr. Brown had come across it, and put it into Re’Vive’s products. Re’Vive therefore, has superior science behind its products, and superior results because it is a skincare brand that can offer outstanding results without evasiveness what-so-ever. The second key ingredient in Serum Presse is FGF (Recombinant Fibroblast Growth Factor), which are bioengineered molecules which stimulate collagen synthesis to firm the skin. Fibroblasts inside our skin are what produce collagen. FGF is basically photocopies of fibroblasts to help us make more collagen. More collagen equals more volume in the skin, which means longer youthfulness.  

Intensite’ Crème Lustre SPF 30:

Recommended use: Overlay this moisturizer on top of 1-2 pumps of Serum Presse in the day.

This moisturizer contains IGF (Insulin-Growth Factor) and MPI (Metalloproteinase Inhibitor). IGF is also a bioengineered molecule that promotes elasticity of the skin. MPI is a naturally occurring enzyme that maintains natural firmness and elasticity of the skin. Together this combination in Intensite’ Crème Lustre SPF 30 makes it an ultimate bio firming protein.

Snob’s Verdict: A great combo for those looking for results in their age-defying skincare. I have never used products that go in so quickly, and leave no residue at all. There is no waiting time to put make-up on. As Bonnie Tyler had once sung she needed a hero, well, I think this could really give aging a sucker punch!

Both Serum Presse, 30ml/£190;  and Intensite’ Crème Lustre, 60ml/£235 are available at Liberty of London, Harrods, and SpaceNK. Available online at SpaceNK:

Lights away! Biodroga’s Super Repair + Cell Protection Duo

For those of you who are not familiar with Biodroga, it is a famous institute in Baden, Baden, Germany. It is used widely in spas all over Europe. This super duper pair of Repair + Cell Protection goes to mend and undo where the sun has caused damage.

Recommended Use: One pump of the serum on clean skin and massage in. Follow with a layer of the moisturizer on top. To be used in the day.

Top Tip: If you also use serum at night with a night cream, you will see a better result, as skin rests and regenerates at night.

Biodroga Repair + Cell Protection Facial Serum and Moisturizer SPF 15:


Both of these products contain relatively the same main ingredients to give your skin optimum cellular repair. Containing PhytoCell TEC Alp Rose, Repair Complex and a Peptide Complex, these two go hard at work to activate the skins’ natural repair functions. It is worth considering and knowing that 70% of skin damage or ageing is caused by UV light. This is why it is key to wear a broadband SPF moisturizer or SPF make-up. The PhytoCell TEC Alp Rose in these products was made from the rose leaves found in the Swiss mountains, which are incredibly resistant to UV-light. Within the Repair Complex is Ectoin, which stabilizes the skin’s immune defence and thus, improves the natural protective mechanisms. Finally the Peptide Complex works in synergy with the other two to stimulate collagen.

Snob’s Verdict: If you’re lacking lustre, or have a tired skin, use this duo. With late nights on the computer, both give your skin back the balance. Fight UVA and UVB Full Throttle!

Biodroga Repair + Cell Protection SPF 15, 50ml/£50; and Repair + Cell Protection Facial Serum, £67.20/50ml is available to purchase

Blitz away dull skin with GAZELLI’s TRIPLE YOUTH Ultimate Firming Serum & Intensive Age Repair Cream

Back in my March Issue I wrote about Gazelli at Urban Retreat from Azerbaijan:


The whole Triple Youth range of Gazelli contains one super hero ingredient: White Healing Oil. Dr. Hamzayeva, (developer & owner of the brand) and a team of scientists have adapted an ancient resource of a mysterious healing oil, only found in the Naftalan regions of Azerbaijan. Extracting only its active elements, and having patented the formula, it has the super power for cell renewal, shielding the skin from harmful environmental effects, and feeds nutrients and vitamins deep into the skin. Gazelli’s Triple Youth facial serum acts as a super rescue to dull, slackened skin, by giving it a firm and tight lift. Add a layer of the Intensive Age Repair Cream on top, and not only will you feel a luxurious richness drench the skin, but it can banish away fine lines, and improve the elasticity of the skin too.

Recommended use: Half a pippet of Triple Youth serum both day and night on fresh cleansed skin. Follow –up with a layer of Triple Youth Intensive Age Repair Cream, both day and night.

Snob’s Verdict: Whether you’re sleeping tight at night, or out and about in the day, rest assured this heroic duo is fighting ageing around the clock!

Gazelli’s Triple Youth Intensive Age Repair Cream retails at £57, and Ultimate Firming Serum retails at £62. They are available at Urban Retreat or


For sensitive skins a great serum to use is Dr. Sebagh’s Rose De Vie De’licat. It works three ways: replenishes, calms and heals.

Sensitive Skin: Damsel in Distress

Dr. Sebagh’s Rose De Vie Serum Delicat: The SAVIOUR to Sensitive Skins

Sensitive skins need a hero product all the time because it can be tough to find something that one can use. Dr. Sebagh’s Rose de Vie Serum Delicat might just be that product. While it is light in texture it packs a punch when it comes to being intensely moisturizing and replenishing, while also being calming to all sorts of irritation. One of the key ingredients (ready for this mouthful?) is Dihydroavenanthramide D. Avenanthramides are active components of oat, that can act as an anti-inflammatory or have anti-itch properties. Dihydroavenanthramide D is a synthetic avenanthramide. In this serum, it has these properties:


  • -Anti-itch
  • -Anti-irritant
  • -Anti-histamine


The serum is not just kind to sensitive skins, but for all skin types. It leaves a protective, non-pore clogging, layer that restores suppleness and elasticity too. Of course, being a super hero, it multi-tasks, and also has anti-ageing benefits as well as anti-oxidant benefits to protect, and calm down any redness. This one truly saves the day!

Recommended Use: A third of a pippet, on fresh cleansed skin. Follow-up with moisturizer day and night.

Snob’s Verdict: Sometimes having sensitive skin, really does feel like you’ve been tied down, and you’re screaming help! Someone save me! Hello?! Rose De Vie by Dr. Sebagh will come and save your day! Hip Hip Horray!

Dr. Sebagh’s Rose De Vie Serum Delicat is £129 and available online at:


Ok, so I know some of you might not be entirely convinced of using a serum, and you will still like to think there was an all in one cream out there. If so, then you’ve got to try this…

Soap & Glory- For Daily YOUTH 6-in-1 Superboost Moisture Lotion

For One Product Loyalists

This lotion says that it has PLANT POWER, but it’s no Poison Ivy. It contains patented natural plant stem cell peptides, a skin mood boosting molecular mix, rosa centifolia flower extract and highdration 365. It works to:

  • Maximize moisture levels
  • Firm and tone
  • Soothes stressed skin
  • Encourage new collagen
  • Re-energize tired skin
  • Improve elasticity, and
  • Make fine lines and wrinkles less visible


I have to say that lotion does give you an instant glow and smells incredible with essential oils of orange, grapefruit, lavender and eucaplytus. How’s that for Elasty-girl?


Recommended Use: A couple of pumps morning or evening all over cleansed skin.


Soap & Glory’s For Daily Youth 6-in-1, 50ml/£12 is available online at:

Snob’s Verdict: It’s quick, and makes you look like you’ve been working hard fighting ageing when it’s done it for you in a one action blow!

So now we know all the action that is the dynamic duo of serum and creams, there’s no excuse not to fight the beast, that is: ageing!

Get the Weekend into GEAR 1, 2, & 3 with Nails Inc. New shades and Textures!(posted May 4, 2012)

 A long weekend is a great time to do your nails, as for long as it lasts, there always seems to be a tomorrow. Better yet, if you’re lazy to do them yourself, go get them done as a treat at the salon or nail bar. Here are some new polishes from NAILS INC. that should get your weekend into gear…

  1. Juicy Nails: These new sheer juicy nails could have you juiced up about the weekend ahead. Not only do they come in two cool shades of strawberry and orange, but they smell like strawberry and orange too!

Beauty Says: Why not also go all the way, and decorate them or just one nail into strawberries as well for some extra fun? Look up the tutorial from the Feb issue here:

2. Magnetic Fishnets: Like the original magnetic nail polishes these add even more oomph and va-va-voom to your nails with a fishnet design. Bet you beauties could catch some attention with this! Tip: Be sure to first paint a base coat, then a thin-to-normal coat of the nail polish first. Let dry. Follow with a second thicker layer and apply the magnet straight away for 10-15 seconds. Be sure to set the magnet as close as possible to achieve the fishnets.(The secret is in the magnet, and the pattern is set in there!)

Beauty Says: Not sure how to do it? Watch the video again on my Nail Inc. magnetic tutorial here:

3.Neons : Nails Inc. suggests painting these neon brights a la French manicure with one of their more neutral shades like Porchster Square (a griege shade). I’ve painted two neon colours here together as I think a happy vibe to the start of a FUN weekend ahead!

I'm also loving and getting creative with this green neon....see all the shades available!


Forget Fake Tan, Get GLOWING with DESA’s Summer GLOW SS’12 Collection


  Due to the recent continuous rainfall, I know most of you beauties might be unwilling to let go of your mock necks, macs or willies at the moment. Perhaps most of you are dreaming of being able to wear something that is less constricting to the office or work. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be able to look like the Sex and the City girls in Dubai or New York, and less well, wet dog?

Well, I’ve discovered a tight zipped secret of fashion until now….

DESA, from Istanbul, has been making luxury womenswear and combining craftsmanship, quality and design for over thirty-five years. Their heritage evolved from an extensive line of luxury ready-to-wear, handbags, leather accessories, and shoes for women since 1972. If you’re after a look that has a modern fashion edge, with premium quality and materials, this is it. Best of all, the price point is not scary. (Let’s say, that you could spend the same amounts easily at high street retailers like Hobbs or L.K. Bennett.) The look though is anything but highstreet, but more Sloane ranger.  

 Their new SUMMER GLOW collection, in store, at the moment may put a ray of sunshine and glamour to key staples such as jeans, jumpsuits, or any wrap dress.

I’m loving this pair of peep toe shoes in bright salmon pink/tangerine, and would pair it with any of these clutches:

What amazes me about this brand and collection is how easy it is to glam up what you’ve already got in the closet. Say, if you had jeans, and a suit jacket, you could get any of their silk blouse tops, and a clutch or a pair of DESA peeptoes, and it would pull you together and help you make the statement you’re after. You can pair a pair of booties you might have with any of their leather skirts, and any silk top, or how about one of their leather jackets? The DESA look is all about clean lines, simple shades of colour to create that flawless city look.

Another highlight is their leather bags-oversized, versatile, and so city chic chic. If you’re eyebrow is raised, and you’ve always wanted an IT bag, well need I say more? The A/W’12 collection is even more exciting, as Graeme Black, is the new Creative Director (Those of you who don’t know, Black has formerly designed for Hugo Boss, Armani Black Label, and Salvatore Ferragamo.) Beauty is going to keep you posted, so look out for this exciting collection coming your way in August!

Beauty says: Why not get a DESA piece, and look delicious this season?


These days it may be hard to find ‘true’ or ‘real’ vintage in London. It used to be all over Camden, but since the Camden market had been redeveloped saw the authentic vintage stores and stalls disappear over recent years.

Not too long ago, I discovered REIGN VINTAGE in the heart of Soho, on Berwick Street. Unlike its neighbours Bang Bang, who mainly do consignment, they do some fantastic vintage pieces at incredibly reasonable prices. Please note, they do not buy pieces from anyone. They’re incredibly hush hush on where they’re getting their stock, but guarantee that it’s 100% vintage.

There is more downstairs in the basement as well, which constitutes mainly of 80s retro. There are some wicked finds in this place. I was hooked two weeks on end, and got these two blouses earlier at the start of the season.

I’ve worn this HOT PINK pussy bow blouse numerous times with just leggings, booties, and a jacket. It was an incredible find as I find the pattern for this one unique in leopard print. Best of all, no one has the same blouse! It was a steal at £17.

 I was also taken away by the second blouse because of the unique print, and how the piece crossed over in the front. I get tons of compliments, and comments on the pattern, which resembles a Japanese garden print. (Blouse was £21)

So if you’re looking for some injection into your wardrobe, and want to find something unique, reasonable in quality, and price, head down to REIGN in Soho. The staff are amazing, and most friendly too!

REIGN does vintage pieces, jewellery, and accessories for men and women and is found at: 12 Berwick Street, London, W1F 0PN

ARMERY: Serious Arm Lingerie (posted May 17, 2012)

If you haven’t seen it yet, then let me introduce you to lingerie’s newest edition: Amery. It may sound like gear that was designed for Joan of Arc, but has proved popular as apparently over 75% of us do not like or are not confident with our arms.

Amery was created by the famous, Mary Portas, Queen of Shops, in collaboration with Charnos, a well-known British brand for fashion tights and stockings. It looks like a tube with two holes for you to put your arms through and wears like a shrug. Mary created Amery for women who are concerned about flabby arms or bingo wings. By wearing Amery it allows sleeveless tops, dresses, or short sleeves items of the wardrobe to come back into play.

When I put them on at first, I was not entirely sure that I liked them because besides covering the arms, it didn’t cover anything else much. I noticed that there was very little fabric that covered the underneath the armpit area. This got me thinking to what kind of tops it would suit, as surely it might look a bit odd with some tops. Here’s are Snob’s suggestions of do’s and don’ts:

Snob says:

Armery is great with short sleeve tops like this one here. It makes an incredible contrast with the design of the short sleeve and can make the layered look trendy.

Armery is great with batwing dresses and tops. Depending on the size of the batwing, it can cover more or less of the arms. This is where Amery is great as well as it can add to accent or accessorize the look.

Armery is not HOT with tank tops, camisoles, or slip like tops. I find that because this item contains so little fabric and is only designed essentially for the arms, it is not suited to wear with anything that would show the uncovered or exposed areas. You want to be careful with this as you do not want to look like you’ve not finished dressing yourself!

Still, I think it’s a great idea for those who are not completely arms confident. I find them rather handy, as a layering tool as you don’t have to wear a whole top to layer- making a layered look less bulky.

Armery is available at House of Fraser, £17.50 each in an array of colours and styles:,default,pg.html

Ormonde Woman: A Bottle worth its weight in Luxury

One of the most interesting terms I have seen misused and then used correctly again is the term “luxury”. “Luxury”, connotes the meaning of items being coveted, and or not commonly found. Perfumes or fragrances seem to go hand in hand with the interchanging of the term “luxury”. Corporations in beauty have commercialized an item that once was rare and was a sign of status. This, of course, leads us to which fragrance or fragrance house then, still remains in the category of truly being luxurious?

A little while ago I was sent a Discovery Set from Ormonde Jayne. This led me to make an appointment with the Manager, Monica, of the Pavillion Road branch in Knightsbridge. Monica tells me that Ormonde Jayne’s point of difference is that the twelve fragrances are made the highest percentage of natural oils. Some of the fragrances use 75%-100% natural oils and rarely will they be mixed with molecules or synthetic oils. The brainchild and nose behind the brand, is Linda Jayne Pilkington. Linda, is known for being the first to use unusual oils, like hemlock oil, and so the combination of her fragrances are not commonly found elsewhere. The oils are compounded and matured in Linda’s laboratory in London. All the oils used are also sourced from growers worldwide from Madagascar to Morocco.

The brand got its name from a street that Linda used to live on in London in St. John’s Wood. Jayne of course is Linda’s middle name, and hence Ormonde Jayne.

One of the best points about Ormonde Jayne has to be how they pin point the right fragrance for each individual. Most fragrance houses divide their scents into groups, and you usually sniff series of difference fragrances that are finished products. At Ormonde Jayne, this profiling process is known as Parfum Portrait, and you smell twenty-one raw ingredients, eliminating the ones you do not take to. I was with Monica doing the Parfum Portrait to try to find a fragrance for the holidays. She came to the conclusion after the sniffing and the questions, that three fragrance families suited me: Hesperidic, Balsamic and Woody. I was most attracted by the scent of the two Woody fragrances: Ormonde Man and Ormonde Woman.

Ormonde Woman consists of black hemlock absolute. I am told this ingredient is rarely used in such a luscious quality and quantity. The top notes consists of cardamom, coriander and grass oil. The heart consists of black hemlock, violet and jasmine absolute. At the base it is rich in green and wood with vertiver, cedar wood, amber and sandalwood. The fragrance makes me feel like I’m on holiday in Polynesia or somewhere exotic. For me, at least, Ormonde Jayne, is a fragrance house that encapsulates the term luxury. Being how they create fragrance as a fine art, to using top quality rare essential oils, it is something to be coveted. A bottle worth its weight in luxury.

Ormonde Woman is available in EDP 50ml/ £80; Parfum 50ml/ £184 with gold stopper that can be engraved for an extra £30; Solid Perfume £64; or 4x10ml sprays in Travelling Set £64 at: 192 Pavillion Road, Sloane Square London, SW3 2BF, or online at



Professor A’s TOP SECRET formula: Bubbleology, The Science That is Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is not so much of a new phenomenon in terms of the food and drink world. Made popular in the early 1980s in Taiwan it spread to other South East Asian countries. Obviously with immigration, it eventually spread all over North America and Australia in Chinatowns as well.

Like all major cities worldwide it is popular with students, and youths, and London is no exception. You can find many shops now also here in London serving the cold or hot fruit tea, or milk tea drinks with tapioca (or otherwise known as Boba), fruit jelly (which is really flavoured young coconut pieces), and most recently, popping Boba, where fruit juice is encapsulated in these mini marble like capsules, and pops to release a burst of fruit juice.

None though is as innovative with its branding and marketing as Bubbleology. The company has now won 2011 Marketing and Design Award for, its branding, as Best New Product in the category of new launch. You have to admit that it is indeed a pretty nifty concept to have the staff wear lab coats, which labels them as Bubbleologists. The whole décor of the venue is like a mini science lab, with bright colour liquids flowing in and out of test tubes, and gurgling glass vases. Check out their private staff area that they’ve labelled: TOP SECRET. Their background story is equally as charming as there is ‘Professor A’ that moved to NYC and fell in love with Bubble Tea. When he returned to London he missed his favourite drinks, and then he went on to quench his thirst, and set out on a journey to Taiwan. It was from this journey, that he did extensive research about these drinks, and has now brought authentic Bubble Tea to London.

Professor A's calculations are all over the walls....Is this a solution for thirst? one knows what's behind that TOP SECRET innovations no doubt!

The drinks come in two sizes: Regular at £3.35, and Large at £3.75. You can choose fruit teas hot or cold in flavours such as Mango, Passionfruit, Strawberry, Apple, Ginger, Kumquat, Lychee, or White Peach. In the Milk teas there is: Plain Assam, Plain Jasmin, Taro, Matcha, Coconut, Almond, Vanilla, Honeydew, Papaya and Cocoa. Customise any of the teas with Tapioca, Flavoured jelly, popping boba, also get it with half the ice, no ice, or half the sweetness. Tori at Bubbleology tells me that there’s nothing artificial about the drinks, and that it can be better for you than mixed coffee drinks with only half the calories.

Well, the taste of their White Peach has certainly caught my attention, as I find it generally less sweet than others I’ve had. (Diet Coke, move over!) I also think it is much better value than some of the other Bubble Teas I’ve had so far in London’s Chinatown, averaging at least £3.75-£4 for a regular size cup. I’m told that they’ve been popping all over the planet, from Warsaw Poland, to Dubai in the Middle East. There’ll be a new venue opening up soon in Notting Hill, and one to come soon to Westfields Stratford closer to the summer. There is quite a cult following building up too- I hear Zara Martin’s a fan! Seems Professor A has got this formula right!

Bubbleology is at 49 Rupert St. in Soho London, or at Knightsbridge in side Harvey Nichols, 5th Floor. Join them on Facebook at:


And join them on twitter at:!/bubbleology_UK


See their website:

Gastronomical Market Eats

There’s something about market food and marketing eating that just cannot be compared to going to a restaurant. Perhaps because it beckons to our gluttonous sides, and that they will be another bite around the corner that will make us say, “Ooo, and some of that too!”

I’ve found some new and exciting market eats, that will not only make your mouth water, but also ones for vegetarians and vegans, organic ingredients, and ones that might turn you into a snob the next time you go to regular burger joints, and coffee bars.

Covent Garden offers a food market every Thursday and Saturday from 11am onwards just outside the Piazza. On a wet and miserable Thursday morning, I headed down there to see what new and exciting eats were available.

Covent Garden

Panjaban Authentic Curry Sauces:My first encounter as I entered the market was not selling hot dishes. Gurjeet and his mother Charlie had Panjaban Authentic Curry Sauces for sale. Gurjeet let me taste some of the sauces as he was introducing them. The sauces are incredibly fresh and chunky. You can see the vegetable bits inside them. In fact, they are so fresh, some of them were still warm from being cooked in the morning, and then brought to the market. I bought a bottle of the medium heat to try, and cooked it with some chicken, and served it with nan bread. The taste was just like as if you were sitting inside an Indian Restaurant! The sauces are not only convenient, but also free from preservatives, colours, sugars, powders, glutens, and made with olive oil. Buy from the market(£3.50 a bottle or 2 for £6), or online

Pacata: Pacata serves Thai curry sauces and dishes. Choose from meatballs, prawn katsu, or chicken katsu to layer on your choice of rice, risotto, or spaghetti and finish with Thai green curry, Massaman Curry, or Miso Curry sauce. The girls tell me that Massaman curry is most famous in Thailand, containing flavours of coconut milk, roasted peanuts and cashews, bay leaves, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, cloves and turmeric. They also do burgers, if you don’t fancy rice or noodles. Certainly a Massaman Curry Prawn Katsu burger is more interesting than a McDonald’s! Oh, and by the way, Pacata, is the brand or savory sauce company of the famous Singha Beer. Catch Pacata at the market for £5.50 any dish or combination.  

Old Hall Farm: I’m saving the best for last in this section. Old Hall Farm serves up lamb and steak baguettes, and chibatta rolls at £6 a serving. It is indeed the most tantalising, mouth-watering stall within the market, as the fresh, premium cuts of meat, are being cooked right before your eyes with caramelised onions. I stopped to ask these two tourists of what they thought. They were speechless, and had their mouths pretty full, so you knew that it was wicked. I had the chance to speak to Dermot Cadogan, the man in charge, and he tells me that Old Hall Farm has been a family run farm for 500 years+, and specialise in organic meats. It was not until a couple of years ago, that this changed to rare breeds. The meat though, is just as good, and just as premium. Organic and good wholesome food is Dermot’s passion, and he let me in on another little secret. A project he’s had down the Portobello market called: Portobello’s Premier: The Farmer’s Fine Foods Market…

Farmer’s Fine Foods Market (Portobello’s Premier Food Market): Now listen carefully. Are you listening? This fine foods market is not within Portobello Market. You have to pass just under the bridge, and turn right. There, you will find a separate little foods market, offering some of the most unique and organic market eats in London. The market is open and only available every Saturday and Sunday from 11 am.


For more details check it out at:

This market offers everyone something, whether you’re a foodie, vegetarian, vegan, or organic foods fan….

Naple Pizza Street Food: I started the tasting at Naple Pizza. Rod Eldridge, a former Tandoori chef, makes the most incredible thin crispy base pizzas. The secret is that he deep fries the base. He tells me this is the traditional way pizza is made in Naples. Upon a holiday there, he fell in love with the pizza and noticed that no one was offering this kind of pizza here. Each pizza is made fresh on the spot, and if you love chillies like me, be sure to try his chilli pizza, it has hot sauce, and fresh chilli toppings with pepperoni. It’s one disc that could take you out of this world!

 Sabor Paella: I then moved onto Nino’s Sabor Paella. Nino specialises in Moroccan tajines. These slow cooked stews have the most delicate flavours. Some of them are sweet, and some of them are savory. Nino tells me that he offers sixty-five different recipes all year round. I tasted one with chickens, raisins, and fresh apricots served with a bit of couscous. He always offers other meats like lamb, and always a vegetarian one to please each and every palate. Find him there at the market on the weekends and at the Swiss Cottage Market, NW3 on Wednesday and Fridays.

The Polish Deli London: The Polish Deli offers delicious smoked and cured Polish meats. Their most popular and best selling dish has to be their smoked barbeque sausage with a side of dill potatoes. He tells me that all the recipes are authentic and traditional from Poland. One of the most interesting instant treats I found there had to be the Ostrich pepperoni sticks. The meat is incredibly lean, and resembles any beef pepperoni stick I’ve had. Find The Polish Deli and their treats here at Portobello on the weekends and at Covent Garden Food Market on Thursdays. They also cater!

Old Hatfield Pickle Co.: Chris probably dishes up the most exotic delight at this market. As I approached and greeted him, he offered me a small tasting dish with pieces of hamburger. As I finished the morsel, he asked me what I thought. The taste of the meat was incredibly delicate, and lean, and pleasant. Well, turns out it was Camel. I would have never imagined that Camel would taste so good, and in a burger too. If Camel is not your thing, he also serves Bison or Antelope. His chilli sauces have won top awards all over the world too. And if you’re turning up your nose at his exotic delights, don’t because Chris tells me that it’s incredibly popular selling over 350 burgers a day! And did you know that some of these exotic meats are better for you than any traditional beef burgers?

Mimi’s Cupcakes: Now I know, some of you are going to say at this point, no, not another cupcake stall! Mimi’s cupcakes are sensational and have an incredible point of difference. Their cake mix also has the flavour, so you get more taste sensation. Other cupcakes are usually made with a vanilla base, and an icing that is flavoured. Maria offers over sixty-five recipes. I have to say that some of the flavours are unusual, and not found in other cupcake shops. I was enamoured with her watermelon flavour. Mini cupcakes, £1, Regular size £2. Check out her website

Gastronomica: If cheese is your thing, then you will love Gastronomica. They offer all sorts of cheeses from Italy and beyond. They also offer a hot wrap treat with Buffalo Mozerella, rocket, and Parma Ham. I’m told that it’s not just a normal hot wrap, but an authentic street treat from Italy called Piadinas. I’m also told that they are much lighter than a sandwich, and popular with the ladies! Check out all the branches Gastronomica is during the week in London from Borough Market to Pimlico

Vinn Goute: Vinn Goute is cuisine from Seychell. Seychell is an island within the Indian Ocean, and yes, the place where Wills and Kate honeymooned. They cook up some tasty and unusual treats like fried parrot fish balls, and an amazing goat curry! They also make a unique samosa with tuna fish. I’m told that they like to change the menu from week to week to offer a wide variety from their cuisine. If you’re looking for something different and not something in a bun, try this!

Coffee Hollic: I promise that you will hang your head in shame about going to Starbucks, Costa or Neros once you’ve met the Coffee Hollic that is Sam Arland. Sam, tells me that he was trained by two Brazilian Baristas who has taught him the exquisite craft that is proper coffee making. There is beautiful crema on his Americano. All the coffees are made with pure mineral water, and beans from all around the world. I had the privilege to taste a Peruvian blend. Only proper Macchiattos here, with a strip of foam, no mini lattes who pretend here…

There’s also Old Hall Farm, Falafel, pastries, and sweet treats too. Despite the recent down pour we’ve been having in London, I suggest going down to this market to pick a few treats that will warm you up that might bring sunshine to your face, and your stomach!

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