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Eve Lom’s SPF 50+ Has You Completely Covered

Confused about SPF for the face? Should it be in your make-up, and if it is are you covered? What factor is enough? 25?, 35? 50? We often receive mixed signals and advice about SPF and when and where to wear it. As a rule of thumb: SPF should be worn 365 days of the year-rain or shine. A minimum of SPF 25+ should be worn on less sunny days whether it is in your moisturiser, on top of your moisturiser or in your make-up. For those sunnier days throughout summer it is recommended that one can wear up to a SPF 50+. This of course, is dependent on the climate of where you live or where you go abroad on holiday.


If you’re super lazy like me, and can’t be bothered to wear a million layers of creams and make-up then might I suggest Eve Lom’s newest addition: Daily Protection SPF 50. This formula checks all the adverse affects of the sun: sun spots, wrinkles, and damage to name a few. It checks all the right boxes in both a moisturiser and a SPF as it brightens, has super anti-aging properties, contains vitamin C & E, and free from nasty PABA’s, parabens and fragrance.


I love the way it lifts the face and gives a natural glow and youthful radiance. I find that it’s most fabulous for summer weather as it is oil free and instantly absorbs into the skin. It literally disappears and is not only super soft but gives the skin a hydrating drink at the same time. It sits beautifully underneath make-up, but the highlight of this product is that you can dust powder on top or just bronzer for lighter make-up days (for instance at the beach).


A multi-tasker, it also contains lactic acid so it exfoiliates away debris and keep the skin congestion free. This is pretty nifty as we can’t take too many products away with us while on holidays, so it’s fabulous when we don’t have to worry about clogged pores. One of my primary concerns, with the sun, is the loss of collagen to the skin, and it is reassuring to know that this product contains paracress flower extract and niacinamide-which helps to lift, firm and rebuild collagen within the skin.  


How often do you find a summer moisturiser that can have you fully covered, and let you enjoy the weather or holiday stress free? Ever dynamic and forward the new generation of Eve Lom products like this one do have you covered! Get yours £70


Ouchies From The Sun? The Healing Power of After Sun Products

Beauty Says: Sun’s out! Bright and beautiful, and too often at this time of year there are just features covering SPF, and tanning products. We seldom think of the after care to spending a day in the sun. Sometimes no matter how careful we are, at the beach, in the park, or abroad on holiday, we can get a bit of burn or ouchies afterwards. Thankfully, I’ve sussed out the healing power of after sun products and have given you a shortlist of the very best to heal any damage fast and get you out there again! Check it out….

Hapton Sun’s: Aloe Hydrating Aloe Continuous Mist Aftersun: For those who don’t like messy creams this after sun is ideal as it is a mist format. Containing aloe vera to calm, and vitamin E to heal, it also contains refreshing menthol to cool to the skin straight away. This product goes to instantly bring down any inflammation immediately, and provide relief from sunburn. It smells lovely but not heavily fragranced too! £25 at


Dermalogica’s After Sun: This is one of my favourite after sun treatments as it is not a cream, not oil, but something in between- a balm. The texture is super light-weight and it has no artificial fragrance or colourings. It contains lavender, and aloe to calm and cool, while allantoin and clove goes to heal over exposed skin fast. For something that is no fuss and works, try this! (Top tip: Great as a double up treatment on holidays to sooth skin or areas after waxing treatments too.)  £29.50 at

Ultra Sun After Sun: If you want something that is less oily or oil free in an after sun then this is it. Not only does it cool and calm sunburnt skin, but it also encourages the skin to heal itself too. Think of it kind of as an after sun that continues working even after hours. I suggest this one for the holidays as it soaks in instantly and good for the whole family! £17 at

Therapie’s Cherish Skin Repair Serum: Although an oil based after sun, Therapie’s Cherish Skin Repair Serum is great because it helps with stretch marks too! Containing argan oil, raspberry seed oil, carrot tissue & broccoli seed it goes to work fast to soothe painful skin that has been damaged. This one is also safe for pregnant women to use and has the most anti-oxidents. £44 at

Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

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