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Beauty has many many secrets! And she just loves giving you the 4-11 on all of it. There's no detail that she won't tell you about a brand, how to use it, or where to get it! Come along with her for the Beauty Industries most up-to-date secrets! 

A Brow Above The Rest-Holiday MUA Lesson from CRF & Paul &Joe Beaute

Beauty Says: What is the most important part of your make-up regime? Do you spend more time perfecting your mascara? Or perhaps it's in the foundation base. Maybe it's the sculpting techniques to create a more narrow face? With the holidays now fast ahead, sometimes there simply is no time to waste. So if you find yourself rushing in a cab to a Christmas party and need to do the fastest make-over in the world, might I suggest red lips + highly defined brows? 


Your eyebrow at this moment might be raised at me, as you maybe wondering, why brows can make such a difference. Think about it rationally: Brows frame the entire face! Luckily, I've had a speedy tutorial with Craig Ryan French, MUA & director of Paul & Joe and here's how to make the ultimate statement without the drama....


First of all, no one's eyebrows are symmetrical. You can think of them as sisters, but they are not 'twin' sisters. However, the matching should be in the use of an eyebrow pencil or powder should be an exact match to you own eyebrow colour. I personally, like to use the eyebrow powders from Paul & Joe, but there are also double-sided eyebrow pencils, and eyebrow liners available. What's great about the eyebrow powder is that it gives definition. It does this as the powder looks like real show underneath the hair of the eyebrows! Craig tells me that his formula also contains minimal red pigment, so it's incredibly natural-looking. (SUPER!)   

Start, by remembering Craig's formula: BEAUTY=BALANCE & BALANCE=BEAUTY. Following through with this formula in mind, line up brow and eye. Here's how:


1. The inner edge of the brow should line up with the edge of your nostril. (If it doesn't and it comes up a bit short, this is where you will need to extend it with your brow pencil.)


2. The highest point of the arch of your brow should be at the edge of your iris of your eye. 


3. Next is the arch that comes at the outer corner of your eye. If you use this as the highest point of your arch you will create more sophisticated brows. 


4. Finally the brow should taper off past the outer nostil to the outer edge of the eye. 


*** TIP: Remember if you draw in your brows you will close up your face, remember to lift and draw out- to create a more youthful look! Don't fill them in like colouring. Gently sketch the hairs i nthe direction of growth makes all the difference! Give it a try! All Paul & Joe brow products are available at

Don’t Lose your HEAD-Reach For These Solutions This Holiday Season

Beauty Says: Nothing is more frustrating during the holiday season when you’re indunated with work and preparing for the holiday. It seems that the last thing on your mind is yourself, and before you know it you will find yourself having to go to some party or gathering and you’ve not had your hair done. What do you do? Relax, and be well-prepared with a few little tools I’ve found to trouble-shoot when this happens…

The Percy & Reed App: There is now simply NO excuse to have not booked for the salon, and no one makes it easier than the Percy & Reed app. On a recent visit to Lee at Percy & Reed East, he informed me that they now have an app whereby you can make your booking.  There are also other little features and treats of course, such as offers & news, a direct link to their product shop and appointment slots with each stylist for both West & East salons! This is the most fabulous solution for girls on the go. Oh yes, you’ll thank me when you can flip your well-coifed hair at the party….download FREE in the apple app store under: Percy & Reed London. 

Colour Wow’s Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray: Hands up ladies to those of you who dread washing your hair due to the great lengths you have to go through to do that blow dry; and not to mention who has the time when we have to wrap presents, cook a turkey, and find the time to get ourselves ready. This product WORKS, and does what it says on the label. The first time I used this product I was amazed as it usually takes me at least 20 min to blow dry my hair. With this product it took me 5 min flat. Its secret is a synthetic polymer that closes down and seals the cuticle-keeping much needed moisture and colour inside. (Yes, it is beneficial to those who colour their hair, and will help improve the overall condition too.)  There is also keratin, proteins, and silk amino acids to add strength and gloss. There is no alcohol in it which means it won’t dry out the hair. Simply spray all over towel dried hair and start the engines on that blow dryer! Color Wow also do other nifty products such as root touch up kits you might also find useful and in case of emergencies. Now, if it could do all the other preparations for the holidays that would be what you want for Christmas, isn’t it? £16.50 at all SPACENK stores, and

Nourish & Get Christmas In Your Hair with Batiste Dry Shampoo: Infused with mandarin oils Batiste’s Care & Vitality Dry Shampoo is the life saver you need-not to mention it also gives your hair that extra T-L-C. I love it for its smell which remind me of Christmas too….£3.99







Beauty’s Tips On Saving Your Skin This Winter

Beauty Says: Winter is finally here, and as you can feel the chill your skin will be sure be acting up. This is especially true for those who suffer with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. The worst about ‘winter skin’ is that it can be left flushed, red, and raw from the harsh cold out there. Did you know that it’s not only the wind, or rain out there can affect it, but also central heating, and soggy clothing can all contribute to irritation of the skin.


Luckily, I’ve looked into this in great depth and have some handy tips from consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation Trustee, Dr. Bav Shergill, to keep skin in tip top shape!


Moisturising regularly is not the only key but finding and using an emollient that’s right for you. Be sure to keep the skin moist so that you avoid any cracking or infection

While lamb’s wool is warm in the winter it can be a material that can cause or contribute to irritation of the skin or cause flare-ups. Choose materials wisely when shopping!


Cover and care for all areas where your skin is exposed- a scarf, a hat and gloves are important whilst outside! If you catch the rain be sure dry yourself and do not stay in damp clothing which may cause further irritation or chaffing.

This next tip I agree with 100% as I’ve seen all the difference by changing a body or face cleanser- be sure to avoid harsh, alcohol-based cleansers and soaps, and go easy on the exfoliation as too much will cause the skin to be dry and rob it of hydration


While it’s lovely to heat up after the turmoil of being in the cold outside be sure that you do not crank up the heat too high inside- it can dry you out. This is not only true of the thermostat and central heating but also in the bath! Try to resist taking long hot baths and it can strip too much needed natural oil from the skin!


Finally, as we dry ourselves from shower and bath do not rub, but pat dry. Rubbing vigorously damages skin….be gentle!  

Hair, Skin & Nail Boosters- Winter Skin Tonics

Beauty Says: Of course, no matter how hard we try to take the greatest care we always need some extra T-L-C-. Sometimes our skin needs a ‘boost’ (a Berroca, if you will), to give it a lift, and much needed hydration or nutrients to feed it. I think it’s not just the face, hands or body that needs it but also the hair and nails. Here are some of my favourite products that will not fail you when nothing else seems to work. Give them a try they will give skin, hair & nails an optimum best.

Paul & Joe’s Brightening Lotion: I am a renowned fan of Paul & Joe products- I was especially fond of their moisture mask, but unfortunately since last year this has been discontinued. Since the discontinuation of this fabulous product that always gave my skin that extra boost and surge of moisture needed to make my face look its optimum, I started to search for other options within the range. I came across the Brightening Lotion. My first impression was that it would not do what the mask would do as it looked much like a gel-like toner. No-no-not at all! This liquid-gel is incredibly soothing and healing. The secret weapon is that this is enriched with a herbal essence called ‘Sacifrage Extract’- a rare flowering plant found in shady swamps of Japan. The sacifrage extract has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. There is also arnica extract and Vitamin C that goes to promote circulation and bring brightness back to tired dull winter skin. I rub this on before night moisturiser or after any face mask. I can say that it is one out of the many reasons I am always complimented on my fresh, glowing, and ageless face! It’s a va-va-vroom beauty secret! £24,

Eve Lom’s Moisture Mask: If you feel that your skin has lost bounce and seems a bit dull then your skin is dehydrated. While it is important to find something to quench the thirst you also have to have something that will prevent future moisture loss. This is exactly where Eve Lom’s Moisture Mask triumphs. I like to apply a generous amount and just drench the skin (in a moisture mask if you will) for a good 20 min twice a week. If you’re travelling over the holidays this is a must as it has an advanced moisture complex to help restore moisture levels-improving the skin’s barrier. This really helps prevent future dehydration and increases cellular renewal which means a most radiant complexion! There is also a combination of an aqua complex, sodium hyaluronate, and Vitamin E- all go to promote long-lasting hydration, soothing the skin, and protecting the skin from any environmental damage. I am 100% that everyone would benefit from this product. If you love it while not pass it on to a love one this Christmas too? £65/100ml



Omorovicza Blue Diamond Super Cream: This is one of the greatest decadences of the season! Omorovicza’s Blue Diamond Super Cream has diamond peptides in it to give skin a flawless radiance like no other. It has a youth boosting copper amino-acid compound to increase collagen and elasticity. To keep skin looking healthy this cream gives it an extra dose of oxygen through arabinogalactans-derived from watercress polysaccharides/sugars. I highly recommend this product as the skin not only feels plump and illuminated but you can see the difference from within! If you’re looking for something to turn around your skin instantly 360 degrees give this a try. What I especially like about it too, is that like the rest of Omorovicza’s range, it uses: delivery system Hydro Mineral Transference- meaning it not only delivers the potent ingredients deep into the skin but also has a strength like no other to reverse the signs of aging. This Christmas don’t ask for traditional diamonds…ask for a (pot) of blue diamond…£275,


Nails Inc Nail Kale: Nails are often ignored and not taken care of properly. Too often, we also try to hide the fact that we have bad nail health by hiding it under a couple coats of nail polish. Well, it’s good to know that Nail’s Inc. has the situation covered! The Nail Kale range is supercharged with kale extract-an ingredient known for its high vitamin A, C, & K content. These vitamins help with stimulating advanced keratin product-which means strong, bright healthy nails. It’s a win-win situation with this one as Nail Kale comes in a variety of luxurious colours this season to go with all your party outfits. My favourite and top suggestion is Bruton mews: a dark deep green that gives a lush festive approach to the season! £14,


Dermalogica’s Limited Edition Body Therapy Essential Set: I’m super excited to introduce this season this Body Therapy set as it feels like a cuddle in a box. It’s absolutely all you will need when coming in from wet, mucky winter weather-not to mention also just what the skin needs to get a bounce back from a hard day out. The set contains conditioning bodywash, body hydrating cream and an exfoliating body scrub. The cleanser is exceptional as it contains no soap is acid balanced, and is infused natural oils to prevent over-drying- perfect if the skin has been exposed to central heating! The body cream has lactic and hydroxyl acids to soothe and soften while the exfoliating body scrub lightly foams and is ever so gentle and does not damage skin. If you’re looking for a quality product that indeed performs look no further than this set. Oh, and of course, I’m sure a someone special wouldn’t mind to receive it on Christmas day either….£17.50 (yes that is all it is!) at



Kurt Geiger Ltd.

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