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Beauty has many many secrets! And she just loves giving you the 4-11 on all of it. There's no detail that she won't tell you about a brand, how to use it, or where to get it! Come along with her for the Beauty Industries most up-to-date secrets! 

The Art To Conceal With ‘Amazing Concealer’

Beauty Says: The need to conceal with concealer can be a bit of an irony when too often concealer is seen and not so much incognito….not to mention unsightly blemishes that can become more prominent- when the point was that they should be unnoticed. There is a trade secret though in this department: Amazing Concealer. Amazing Concealer is a full coverage, water-proof concealer that can hide anything from dark circles to blemishes for the most natural look. What I love about it is that it is a highly pigmented formula that feels weightless when you wear it. You hardly notice it’s there.

My main problem when it comes to concealer application is that I face oily eye lids. The point of course of applying concealer to this area is to keep the eye make-up on, but it is inevitable that instead of keeping my eye make-up on it seems to make it slide further into the hours of the afternoon. The first time I used the Amazing Concealers I couldn’t believe my eyes as my eye make-up stayed put all day long. What was even more extraordinary was that the colour match is so perfect it can only be described as seamless. For blemishes or any other imperfections like broken capillaries think of it as a magic eraser for the face. The secret is in the high pigmented formula that is richly concentrated.

My top tip with this product is in the application. As it is so rich and thick only pin point amounts are needed per application. Dot the concealer in the area that you want to apply it to with a concealing brush and then use your fingers to pat into the skin. Patting it in, with just your fingers, is the best method of application as it magically disappears, and the area is concealed. There is a perfect shade for everyone and anyone with 20 shades to choose from. (You may have to mix two shades to get your exact match.) This product is magical so refrain yourself from over excitement or saying too many times: ‘It’s AMAZING!’ Yes I know it is…..I told you so myself about the true art of concealing with this ‘Amazing Concealer’…truly the best I have ever used. It is the ‘hat trick’ in a tube! Get yours only at M&S, 15ml £29.50



Autumn’s Skin Program

Beauty Says: Pollution is enemy number one in a congested city likeLondon. This is also true of it being skin’s arch enemy-causing pre-mature aging, blemishes, and unhealthy looking surfaces. Make-up doesn’t help the situation as it can clog pores in the mix and if we don’t cleanse right skin goes down a bit of a downward spiral. This season I’ve got a few suggestions to getting it just right through gentle cleansing…


La Roche-Posay: Effaclar Purifying Gel Cleanser

A while back I told of my obsession with a little tube of miracle called Effaclar Duo by La Roche-Posay. To my delight at a recent Christmas in July event I’ve spotted a full Anti-Blemish set due to come out for the Christmas season. This set includes a purifying gel cleanser, a tube of Effaclar Duo, and a clarifying toner! It certainly got my suspicions going and so I went to find and try the purifying gel cleanser.


La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Purifying Gel Cleanser is incredibly gentle. It contains zinc pidolate, an ingredient that reduces excess sebum. Also containing thermal spring water it has the ability to cool and calm the skin. I’ve found that by using this cleanser there is no need to exfoliate. I can tell you that it is a little bottle of ‘guarantee’ that there will be no signs of blemishes. The suds that form are soft and gentle while there is no soap, parabens, nor oil in the product. It is also non-comedogenic or not pore clogging. I’ve tried and tested it alongside my clarisonic mio and love that extra deep clean feeling. The skin is left moisturised and well-balanced-not tight or dry-which is a key indication that this is a top and most fabulous foam cleanser.


Give it a try……as great skin comes from great cleansing! £11, purifying gel cleanser, £32.50 Anti-Blemish Trio at

La Prairie Cellular Mineral Face Exfoliator

You could not imagine my excitement to discover that La PrairieSwitzerlandhad come out with a new face exfoliator. Their new Mineral Face Exfoliator not only helps the skin to absorb the benefits of other treatments but it is also a gentle solubilising system that can dissolve make-up and preserve the skin’s lipid content- which means it can keep it soft! At first I was not sure about the mineral particles in this product as they seemed a bit chunky or big. However, having said that once on the skin they do melt and give it the most vigorous (while still be gentle) scrub. The idea behind having the minerals is that they are enriched with iron-rich hematite, tourmaline which can not only slough off dead skin but encourage an incredible vital glow. There is also rose centifolia (the 100 petal rose) that provides a veil of moisture. I’ve found that due to the rose centifolia my skin has had a rosy blush about it that is essential to natural beauty. The product smells divine, and you can see a slight iridescent sheen through it. The skin feels well balanced, and deeply hydrated after use. My top tip is to use a toner following this product, as for some skin types it can feel a bit oily as it is rich. Another tip is to use this in small amounts and do not over do it- use only maximum twice a week.


The most beautiful rose popping up this Autumn for Fashion Week! £86, 100ml

Sensibio H2O

Finally those who like the most gentle cleanse and those with sensitive skin will truly appreciate the power of Sensibio H2O. This micellular solution has the strength of even removing water-proof make-up and yet be gentle enough for sensitive skin types. It’s great for removing eye make-up and take with you where there is no water (such as festival or road trips). The cleanser is a 3-in-1 and no toner is necessary afterwards. Simply, pop onto cotton wool and wipe away any grime and dirt. I especially took to this product because with others I don’t like that slight sticky residue that is left behind-with this there is none! It comes in little baby bottles for the handbag  or for travels and in large pump sizes as well for the home. I have another girlfriend who swears by it as her desert island product. It leaves the skin refreshed and healthy looking….no wonder every 6 seconds there is a bottle sold in the world. Get yours now £4.50-£18.50 at



Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

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