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Beauty has many many secrets! And she just loves giving you the 4-11 on all of it. There's no detail that she won't tell you about a brand, how to use it, or where to get it! Come along with her for the Beauty Industries most up-to-date secrets! 

Sensitive Lashes Gets Illumination With VICHY Liftactiv Serum 10

VICHY Liftactiv Serum 10 is one of my top season’s beauty secrets. Lash serum was a product that was much raved about and saw much coverage last year. With so many different brands launching their own version many were going ‘blind’ trying to find the right one for their lashes. Lashes often take a daily toll with many of us applying and removing eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadows on a daily basis. You may find your lashes grown weak over time and may fall out more or faster if you’re a heavy duty mascara wearer. This is why finding a product that will feed the lashes is so important. May I introduce and suggest VICHY’s Liftactiv Serum 10. The top reason I am suggesting this lash serum is because it contains ceramides-the glue that hold surface skin cells together. With ceramides the lashes are able to actually be fortified and simply put stay stronger.


This serum though is not just for the lashes as it also illuminates and lifts the eye contours and truly makes eyes look younger and healthier. If you ever find yourself tired in the afternoon and have to still go to a meeting or see someone after work do put some of this on and you’ll be amazed by the compliments you will get. (Of course, whether you lie about how much sleep you really are getting is up to you). My tip for putting on this product is to use your fingertips and start from the inner corners on the eyes and swipe across the lashes and eyes outwards. After about three swiping movements slowly change to the regular ring finger circular motion technique and massage the eye product around the orbital bone. You will amazed at how refreshed the eyes look! You’ll have a whole new outlook! Another fab product that won’t break the bank: £24.50

Fight Aging With Age Smart Series from Dermalogica- Beauty Gets Face Mapped!

Beauty Says: No one likes to admit that they are aging-when in fact, we all are no matter our age. I suppose past the two numbers 3-0 most of us do take skincare a bit more seriously. However, how serious is the skincare you are using taking or fighting off age aggressors such as sun spots and fine lines? I’ve been using for the most part for the last fifteen years a concoction of anti-aging skincare from top tier lines or brands. Lately though, I’ve felt that perhaps part of my cocktail are either not giving enough or perhaps have been less effective than in the past. This can often happen, and hence that is why many skincare experts do suggest swapping products from time to time. It’s not so much that the skin stops responding- but that it responds to other changes such as environment, or lifestyle changes (such as stress etc).

As of late, I’ve had a new concern in the skin department as I was suspecting age spots around the eye area. Had my recent love for the sun abroad finally caught up with my face? Never resting with such a pressing issue to do with my skin I found myself having a face mapping session done down at Dermalogica at Liberty of London. Dermalogica is well-known in the industry for their no nonsense approach to skin care that delivers results-full stop.


To my relief, I was told that I was not getting age spots around my eyes, but that I should take some extra care precautions with the Age Smart Series: Super Rich Repair Mosturiser + Ultasmoothing Eye Serum + Multivitamin Power Serum. After using it for about a month I have noticed a certain ‘bounce’ that has come back to the texture of the skin (that I haven’t felt since my twenties). I think this is perhaps down to the Super Rich Repair that contains peptides which encourage collagen production. The acid free complex in this moisturiser also helps skin gain elasticity and a better tone.

Lazy with eye creams? The ultrasmoothing eye serum it is not heavy and will soon become an addiction rather than a chore. With fortifying brown and red algae, and golden chamomile to fight puffiness it truly puts your eyes at rest. There’s a super secret too that is not commonly found in other creams too called the ultacalming complex- this helps to minimize sensitivity. So use this eye product with ease and perfection!

The Multivitamin Power Serum has exactly what it is on the label- a cocktail of vitamin A + C + E that is microencapsulated to decrease fine lines and fight off age spots. With no fragrance and colours or nasties this line of skincare is not only pleasurable to use but you know that it is working hard on all your concerns!


So the next time age is on your mind think smart, think age smart! Products £36.90-£62.20, get mapped and then get your products here:


Kurt Geiger Ltd.

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