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Beauty has many many secrets! And she just loves giving you the 4-11 on all of it. There's no detail that she won't tell you about a brand, how to use it, or where to get it! Come along with her for the Beauty Industries most up-to-date secrets! 

Beauty Keeps A Tight ‘British’ Upper Lip with DHC

Beauty has been keeping her lips sealed tight! It’s not what you think though, as she’s not about to burst having kept a secret for someone. She’s been using a most unusual beauty product from DHC: Revitalising Moisture Strips for The Mouth. Sometimes the first signs of aging creep up just at the corners of the mouth or above the lip. For those who are naughty and have been smoking- beware!


These moisture strips act rather similar to eye patches or moisture eye masks. You tape the skinny strip on the upper lip and the wider strip on the chin area. Leave them on for 10-15 min to allow the super moisture into the skin. The key ingredients in the pads include- aloe, olive leaf extract and soybean for super nourishment and banishing of fine lines (an indication of topical dryness). For that ever ‘youthful’ and tight British lip look for DHC’s Revitalising Moisture Strips for The Mouth…£9.50, for 6 sheets in a box at


New Brands Worthy of Noting At FENWICKS

On a recent trip down to Fenwicks, a few new brands caught my little eye, and I had to share them with all of you to note and highlight…


Sachajuan: Internationally acclaimed Swedish hairdressers Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosalind are the brainchild behind Sachajuan (hair care). Having launched their salon in 1997 the pair are considered to be the HOTTEST hairdressers inSweden. Their range of hair care- Sachajuan lauched in 2003 and has had been raved about and showcased in magazine shoots including Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Allure, Amica and GQ magazine. They claim that their secret formula lies in Oceansilk technology- a combination of algae that has healing effects on the hair.


I’ve trailed several products within this range, and I think it is worthy of noting it down for those who are looking for more high performing hair products. I suggest those who colour their hair to definitely give the colour save shampoo and conditioner a go, as it is gentle but effective in that squeaky clean feeling without the feeling of having anything stripped. 

Also both guys and dolls will appreciate special products like the Spray Wax that holds and moulds like wax without getting your fingers sticky. Want to hold it, or style it, just spray and away you go….


Sachajuan products are now found at Fenwicks of Bond St:



Olverum: Hard day at work? Need some sort of respite? Well hop into the bath with some Olverum Bath Oil. This oil works fast to ease aching muscles, and any rheumatic pains. If you’re sick or even have clogged sinuses due to allergies and the like, give this a go as it can get you breathing again. I love it because it releases all the tension and stress of the everyday and puts be right to sleep. I suggest it also for those who have those niggling headaches in the evening after work.


 The secret weapon in Olverum is a combination of eucalyptus, pine, lavender, juniper, rosemary, and other healing oils. Think of it, as your get to bed, feel better in the morning, regime! You won’t know how you got on without it. One handy product to have and keep for those bad days that might occur….Get your own bottle, 100ml £17.95 or 200ml £34.95 also exclusively at

Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

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