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The Question of The Burning Bush: Beauty Visits The Ministry of Waxing

Beauty Says: Despite being a beauty expert and having a rather unhealthy obsession with beauty products, I will confess that I haven’t ever visited a waxing salon to get a bikini wax. To say that I was ‘beating around the bush’ is an understatement. Suddenly I was called upon The Ministry of Waxing to try my first bikini wax. I took up this appointment, only because, I was pretty much given the guarantee that it would not hurt.


Located halfway downSouth Molton Street, The Ministry of Waxing, is not your typical waxing salon. The inner décor reminds me of some places between an industrial factory and the inside of nightclubs past. My beautician ‘Becca’ greeted me with big smiles and was incredibly chatty as she led me downstairs to a labyrinth of rooms.


Becca tells me that their waxes don’t hurt as it is a special formulation, only made for The Ministry of Waxing. She wouldn’t tell me what is in it though (as it’s kind of like the Coca-Cola recipe secret) but says that it is because the wax contains an oil and so the wax sticks to the hair and not the skin and hence, that is why it doesn’t hurt. I can tell you that throughout my treatment I smelled an intense fragrance of chocolate as well. Perhaps the smell of chocolate was another one of their secrets to help create happy endorphins in our systems and feel less anxious thoughout the treatment.


The Ministry of wax has incredibly high standards of hygiene as the beauticians wear gloves and face masks. They wax with precision with just one quick motion and zip so it is pain free. When Becca inspected my ‘uhm bush’ (which is barely there as I am fairly hair free) her first question was: Do you shave the area? My reply was a rather embarrassed….’No, but sometimes I pluck, and that I am generally hair free.’ Her eyebrow then rose when I said this. A voice inside my head then spoke and said: You might as well have told Becca you burned your bush! I then wondered what secrets my burning bush was telling her?!!


With swift motions Becca applied the wax and within 15 min the whole area was finished- pain free! I was not only impressed with the results but did not have any anxiety throughout the treatment. Becca also advised for more hair free types, like myself, a session of IPL would be most beneficial. Hence, I have booked for another appointment for IPL treatment in 6 weeks time…my burning bush adventure continues….


For your high speed, quality and most hygienic experience in the waxing department make your appointment with the Ministry of Wax:

(Areas start from £7 and up to £99)


The Chuan Spa- An Imperial Massage Experience

Beauty Says: There are many times when I am asked for the locations of the ‘best spas’ inLondonand ones that I would recommend for a five star relaxing experience. In the last three years there have been many favourites that have had reviews in the blogzine, including Elemis and various hotels. My most recent find is a gem within the Langham Hotel: The Chuan Spa. 


My experience at The Chuan Spa left me feeling rather imperial. To start, the décor of the spa is as if you had re-entered a royal palace of imperia lChina. The music, throughout the treatment, also reflects this as it is traditional Chinese music that is played. Relaxing to tunes of bamboo flutes I drifted away in, ironically, to a Swedish Massage. Having looked back on it, the inside of the spa reminded me much of the five star hotel- Marco Polo Hotel inHong Kong.


I would say the treatment is absolutely tailored to each individual as I was asked not once but many times about the pressure, and if there were any areas that need special attention. The advice given was also most helpful, and insightful, by the therapist, as to why I was experiencing so much pain throughout the treatment. Still, having said that I came out of the massage revived but headache free and not too tired nor sore either. (Headaches are a sign that the toxins are leaving the body after massage treatments, but are rather unpleasant if you experience them after a treatment. It may also indicate that too much pressure was used during treatment.) I was served a plate of fresh fruit and a delicately fragrant mini pot of Chinese herbal tea after my treatment in the relaxation area which is always an appreciated final touch to any treatment. There are also full facilities, such as pool, steam room, sauna to use afterwards also if you wish that is included with each treatment booked. 

What truly makes this location five star though is not because it is within the hotel, or its unusual décor, but within the treatment and all its surroundings it does transport your inner soul to another world. You feel as if your inner self was taken on a short holiday, was healed, and then brought back to reality; and that within itself is imperial. One of my top recommendations for places to go for treatment and massage in London, book yourself into Chuan Spa today:



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