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Be Reborn With Baby’s Skin- Dermalogica’s Bio Peel Review

Beauty Says: Believe it or not, my skin has had taken a rather heavy toll with all the stress before Christmas, the parties throughout Christmas, and then back to work afterwards. Looking in the mirror in mid-January my skin was looking rather slack, and no matter how many masks I was using every other day, nothing seemed to bring the glow or hydration back. I decided then to reach for an invite that was presented to be before the holidays from Dermalogica and head down to their beauty room atLiberty’s ofLondonfor their famous Bio Peel.


Peels are now one of the most sought after beauty treatments, whether they are done in the comfort of home, or at the salon. Reason number one being, they can quickly treat and correct the skin- from hyperpigmentation to acne as well as of course, improve hydration levels and give clarity and instant radiance. Men sometimes have this treatment to get rid of razor bumps from shaving. There is a caution to this miracle solution or wonder though, as some peels may be too aggressive for certain skin types and sometimes there can be significant downtime in terms of healing or recovery. The real ‘beauty’ in Dermalogica’s Bio Peel is that while it gives a high dosage of efficacy in the treatment it is also rather gentle or non-evasive for all skin types. I’m told by the Dermalogica expert, Leila, who did my treatment on the day that the reason for this is that Dermalogica’s formula is p-H balanced. 

Now I must note, that in order for anyone to have a Bio Peel treatment one must go down to the counter to have a patch test. Once you are in the clear for 24 hours, you are then allowed to make an appointment. I was also told before the treatment to try to keep the skin well-hydrated as this will give me the best results.


As a facial treatment I must also point out that this treatment is not the most relaxing, but it is the type of treatment where results matter over experience. I did not find it unpleasant at any stage, but was not as relaxed as in other facials as there is the aspect of being time aware for each stage of the treatment. Leila asked me in several stages how much the solutions she was putting onto my face was intensifying and how much more I could tolerate. For me, she had originally suggested doing 3 sets of peels- in the end I only did 2. Having had 2 treatments instead of 3 though does not mean that I didn’t get the results as this was just an indication of how much my skin could take that day on that occasion. In fact, when I sat up and looked in the mirror, I was gobsmacked and completely taken over by the natural glow. 

The peel consists of 4 steps: A Prep Solution that degreases the skin and helps the skin to facilitate absolute penetration of the other steps or solutions. Then an Enzyme Active and Acid Active go to work on the skin. It is this step that is re-applied again and again, until maximum tolerance level is reached- meaning that maximum efficacy is reached for the treatment. Finally a De-celerator is applied to neutralise the acids and calm the former steps. The Enzyme Active is a fruit enzyme that comes from pumpkin while the Acid Active comes from lactic (or milk) acids.


I had applied some new make-up and taken photos the next day for another blog post I was doing and noticed that indeed I had a new canvas to work with. The only thing that worried me was that Leila told me after my Bio Peel that I could in fact have flaking or peeling skin 48 hours after treatment. It was not until the next day or third day that I noticed a tiny amount of peeling. I suspect the reason I peeled so little and lightly was because I did go into treatment with well-hydrated skin (that is the secret). 

Before I left I was given a full recommendation of products by Leila as well as a little box or kit full of miniature products that I would have to use in replacement of my skincare. It was important that I use through these products so that there were no reactions. I have continued to use my Dermalogica products now two weeks past my treatment and can see the benefits of this one Bio Peel treatment last. I would suggest it as one of the best valued facials to have with brand in any department store as results are instant, there is no down time. I recommend this treatment as the ‘lifesaver’ or booster for instant baby skin. Be reborn again…..with Bio Peel!


Bio Peel treatment at Dermalogica is £80, 60 min. For more information or to book:

Kurt Geiger Ltd.

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